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Spirit Mind Vs. Physical Mind (Unification Thought)

The Unification Thought
Spirit Mind Vs. Physical Mind 
By YuliUTS / 2006 / Unification Psychology
What is the difference between the mind and the brain? The brain is part of our Physical Mind, which works like a radio receiver to our spirit. But our physical mind is not limited to the brain alone. It includes also the information field around the body. Memories are stored in every cell of our body and in the field around us. We are talking about a quantum field, but it is still physical energy, so it is part of our physical mind. This external-earthly mind is the center governing our body. Read, DNA - Antenna to the Spirit

The physical mind corresponds to the brain and the human instincts. It is the complex unity of the sungsang of every cell of your body. It is mainly concerned with our individual survival; food, sleep and sex. Our Physical Mind is temporal and limited, while our Spirit Mind is eternal and unlimited of time and space. We may compare their relationship with a transmitter (spirit mind) and a radio receiver (physical mind), perceiving the functions of the spiritual mind; intellect, emotion and will. 

How our spirit governs the body? Our spirit body is governed by its mind - spiritual mind. The spirit mind is in constant give and takes with the physical mind. Its center is the Heart (the impulse to give and receive love). If our spirit is mature, the physical mind naturally follows its commands. But if the spirit is immature, the physical mind can reverse dominion. The spirit gets imprisoned. In this state, man is limited on more animal level of existence and his evil mind is in action.

The Brain as a Radio Receiver 

The Left and Right parts of the brain work differently. By switching them off, researchers found:

1. Left part of the brain is connected to the physical, while the Right part is connected to the spiritual (thinking, feeling..)
2. Left see the details, the specifics. The Right see the whole picture, from a higher viewpoint.
3. Left see the differences, so it can lead to contradictions. The Right sees what's in common. It sees the unity.

In a way, this research shows that the two hemispheres of the brain are actually connecting the spiritual mind and the physical mind. Only when both work in proper harmony, as subject (Right) and object (Left), everything works properly.

Intellect, Emotions and Will are functions of our spiritual mind, not the physical one. Yet, the brain has counterparts of the intellect, emotion and will function, but on the physical-material level.

For example, the brain can create physical, neurological connections, that imitate the logic of a material computer. The Brain can also produce the chemistry provocking certain emotional states of the body. The Brain has also a Will part. These are the automatic habits acquired through repetition. Read, How the Brain Works

3 Parts of the Brain (I, E, W)
We find 3 parts of the brain corresponding to them:

- Intellectual brain (Analytical), 
- Emotional brain (Chemical), 
- Will brain (Automatic). 

These 3 parts are to resonate with the Intellect, Emotion and Will of our spirit mind. When that happens we naturally start resonating with the Heart of God. Read more..

How we develop our Spirit

The Divine Principle is clear, our spirit grows when we get vitality elements (good actions) and life elements (connect to God's truth and love, through reading and prayer).

Our spirit is to mature and grow through its life in the body. In childhood, the physical mind is the context, where the spirit develops. Even love is learned, starting with physical intimacy and physical instincts. But love is not to stay limited to the physical. Read, Frequency of Growth

The relationship between the two minds is that of subject and object. Our spirit mind has to mature as a proper subject. Only then our physical mind can function properly, in its natural position as an object. Read, The Real Meaning of Mind and Body Unity

As The Divine Principle explains, the real essence of Mind and Body unity is to restore the dominion of the Spiritual Mind over the Physical Mind. This happens by either calming the brain down or by empowering your spirit up.

(1) Spirit Mind see God's view and knows God's Heart
(2) Spirit Mind is the Subject leading the Physical Mind
(3) Physical Mind is to learn and accept the Spirit Mind's view
(4) Physical Mind multiplies the Spirit Mind way, coming from God

The problem

Because of the Fall our physical mind became subject and our spiritual mind got imprisoned, incapable to express and grow. Thus we lost our spiritual sensitivity to God and the truth.
The problem comes from the immaturity of our spirit. The physical mind was left as a subject. Thus spirit mind could not grow and develop.

Our Original Mind is expressed when the spirit mind is Subject over the physical mind. When that order is reversed, the Evil Mind is expressed. Automatically we become chanel for the evil spirit world to work.

The limitations of the physical mind:

(1) Ph.M. cannot see God's view - it cannot feel God's Heart
(2) Ph.M. was to be Object to the Sp.M (Is out of its proper position)
(3) Ph.M reversed dominion over the Sp.M
(4) Ph.M. multiplies evil, propagating Satan's philosophy

Read more, The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM. Physical Mind's nature is the reason for the 4 Fallen Natures.

(1) Unable to see God's view - it cannot feel God's Heart
(2) Leaving its proper position
(3) Reversing dominion
(4) Multiplying evil

For this reason, physical mind type people (Cain-type) always end up with Humanistic ideology. That's why humanism is, in fact, an ideological excuse for the 4 fallen natures:

Main aims of Humanism (expressed in their Humanist Manifesto):

(1) Denying God as a center (Rebelling against any center and authority)
(2) Promoting extreme individualism (Attacking the universal values of good and evil)
(3) Destroying the family (As old-fashioned, while replacing it with homosexuality and cohabitation)
(4) Promoting free sex culture (Claiming any form of sex should be ok - incest, pedophilia etc.)

No matter how good from the humanistic perspective a person is, he will always be a channel for the evil spiritual world, he will always be misled by his physical mind to reverse dominion on many levels because he will never be able to see and follow God's viewpoint when led by his physical mind.

The Purpose of Restoration

History of restoration was to restore that Subject-Object relationship in the human mind:

We Lost the Freedom of our Original Mind

How Satan control our bodies? - through our lineage! Each cell of our body is connected with the memories of our ancestors. Satan uses many evil angels to induce our ancestors with lies and false promises. Under Satan's command, they invade the body and influence thoughts and feelings against God's will.

20 to 30 thoughts come in our mind each minute, from 20-30 spirits, including Satan. Our Spirit Mind is in constant communication with numerous spirits in the spirit world. Our Physical Mind catches some of them, like thoughts. Focusing on particular thoughts will give common base with this these particular spirit. 

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