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Secular Humanism: Dangerous Philosophy With an Ancient Origin

Secular Humanism:
Secularism, Humanism - Dangerous Modern Philosophy With an Ancient Origin

by David Treybig

"Secular Humanism is an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th... This insidious philosophy is at the heart and core of the cultural war.

One of today's most influential philosophies is that of modern humanism. Humanist way of thinking is having a profound influence upon modern nations and peoples. Humanist philosophy is at the heart and core of the cultural war taking place within the United States and many other Western nations. 

Although proponents of modern humanism point to a resurgence of interest and support in the last century, the underlying principles of humanism are really quite ancient.

Secular Humanism is the most dangerous religion (sect, cult) in the World today

Homor does a excellent job of describing the dangers of Humanism. He is absolutely right in saying that Humanism is the most dangerous religion in America.

Years ago Duncan Homor warned us about the threat of secular humanism to freedom. It is a pity that almost no one listened. Now our country is almost destroyed morally, educationally, and spiritually.

What is interesting about humanism is that it is the exact opposite of Christianity. Humanism is a religion based on pure atheism. Whatever Christianity says is right, Humanism says is wrong. Humanism is the pure evil. Unfortunately, it is also highly organized into political action groups with well defined purposes and goals. All other religions lie somewhere in between Humanism and Christianity.

Modern Humanism Defined

What Is Humanism? After summarizing literary humanism, Renaissance humanism, cultural humanism, philosophical humanism and Christian humanism, Edwords comes to modern humanism, the broad philosophy consisting of both secular humanism and religious humanism.

The most dangerous religion of today: HUMANISM-RELATIVISM
Jesus guided me...
"Modern Humanism, also called Naturalistic Humanism, Scientific Humanism, Ethical Humanism and Democratic Humanism, is defined by one of its leading proponents, Corliss Lamont, as 'a naturalistic philosophy that rejects all supernaturalism and relies primarily upon reason and science, democracy and human compassion.' Modern Humanism has a dual origin, both secular and religious, and these constitute its sub-categories.

"Secular Humanism is an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th century freethought... Religious Humanism emerged out of Ethical Culture, Unitarianism, and Universalism. Today, many Unitarian-Universalist congregations and all Ethical Culture societies describe themselves as humanist in the modern sense...

"Secular and Religious Humanists both share the same worldview and the same basic principles. This is made evident by the fact that both Secular and Religious Humanists were among the signers of Humanist Manifesto I in 1933 and Humanist Manifesto II in 1973. From the standpoint of philosophy alone, there is no difference between the two. It is only in the definition of religion and in the practice of the philosophy that Religious and Secular Humanists effectively disagree".

The Focus of Humanism

These philosophies are all focused on humans. Human beings—not God—are at the center of all this thinking. Within secular humanism, anything dealing with the supernatural (including God, the Bible, angels, demons) isn't considered.

In general, secular humanists consider all religion to be superstitious thought that has held back the progress of humanity. "Secular Humanists maintain that there is so much in religion deserving of criticism that the good name of Humanism should not be tainted by connection with it.

Secular Humanism

While both branches of modern humanism, religious and secular, have had profound influences upon Western societies, the latter has received more attention and attained more success in both Europe and the United States in recent years.

According the Edwords, "The Secular Humanist tradition is a tradition of defiance, a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece. "Prometheus stands out because he was idolized by ancient Greeks as the one who defied Zeus. .. he continued his defiance amid his tortures. This is the root of the Humanist challenge to authority...

"Only a Humanist can suggest that, even if there be a God, it is OK to disagree with him."

Humanist myth: "Much of Human progress has been in defiance of religion or of the apparent natural order." The opposite is true, all progress speared where faith was strongest (Rome, Spain, North Europe, England, then US.. that's how power and progress moved based on faith). Powers that oppressed religion always collapsed.

Humanist myth: "Politically, the defiance of religious and secular authority has led to democracy, human rights... The opposite is true. French revolution was Humanist and brought only blood, destruction, corruption... it suppressed human and religious rights. Later it evolved into the Communist totalitarianism, based on Marks, who synthesized all humanist Philosophies into the Godless Ideology killing 150 million people in peaceful times. That is what Atheism, Materialism and Humanism does. Western Democracy however came based on Christian strive for religious freedom in England and later in US. It was bloodless, peaceful, and really guaranteed human rights.

Humanists make no apologies for this. For this is part of the tradition". Humanists are quite proud of their tradition of defiance of authority and believe that their actions have made the world a better place to live. They believe their approach is more caring and considerate of people and that their way of thinking is superior to others.

Secular humanists proudly live here and now as opposed to some supposed life after death. They believe in evolution—that man evolved from enamels. Thus Communist treated people as enamels.

They are advocates of contemporary sexual values determined by the momentous enamel instincts. Thus family is obstacle for their perverse sexual needs. Yet statistics show that married, faithful to each other spouses are happier and more sexually satisfied. While at the same time humanist lead society to drugs, free sex and destruction - a pure suicide.

The Origin of Humanism

Satan led Adam and Eve to cast away God's rules. Satan is the originator of humanism, Adam and Eve was deceived to believe that's good, but look at the world - it brought only destruction, wars, suffering. Yet, Satan turns back and blames all that on the religious people. Read more

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  1. According to the text I'm a evil guy. Ignoring it I feel fine :)

  2. No, you are not fine. Surely if you live immoral humanistic life you will end up in lots of suffering in the spirit world. That will definitely not be fine.

    Sure enough humanism is basically atheistic in which case you wont believe the existence of the spirit world, but that's not gonna change the fact that you'll end up there.

  3. One can be a "Secular Humanist" and a Unificationist at the same time. The journey towards understanding this statement would be a good one.

  4. Mr. Anonymous. Thank you for the nice comments.

    Surely Humanism that is supporting and centered on the vertical moral standards will be good Humanism. Vertical and horizontal have to stand united with one center as subject and object. Humanist philosophy, however, have tended to deny the vertical, absolute standards and brought about enormous moral degradation in today's society.

    The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM

    Secular Humanism caries values contrary to any moral and conscientious man. Definitely Unificationism has nothing in common with it's free sex, anti-family agenda.

    Of course one who is practicing free sex can in no way be Unificationist. Humanism is in fact complete reversal of subject and object on all levels. Humanism originates from the physical mind reversing dominion over our spirit.

    Humanism is the origin of the 4 fallen natures:

    1. Humanism denies any center. It's led by the physical mind which cannot see from God's view point. In fact it is called "Relativism" because it pushes us to deny God's absolute viewpoint and accept every other viewpoint as equally true.

    2. Humanism elevates the extreme egoism as the highest good. Thus it leads us to leave our position of responsibility. Same like our physical mind dominates the spirit, it leads children to leave their position of filial piety, wife to leave her position and responsibility and so on.

    3. Humanism accuses any statement of what is good as the highest evil. Thus Humanism leads us to revers dominion. Good becomes evil and evil triumphs as good. Culmination of the humanist philosophy was Communism reversing dominion through bloody revolution. Reversing the dominion in the family is also the logic of the Humanist Manifesto. Thus all God's ideals and principles will be destroyed.

    4. Humanism claims that any sexual behavior is normal while family is to be extinct. It multiplies evil by spreading immorality and moral degradation. At the same time violently attacking anyone who tries to protect any moral standard about sexuality and family.

  5. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: there's no god.

    Humanism is about celebrating life and revering it. It is all we have.

    About ancient origins---> Christianity is ancient philosophy

    I do not consider all religions to be superstitions. All religion is philosophy.

    I could go on, but ehh...

  6. Everyone's pretty much beat me to what I was going to say. But you appear to be misinformed.

  7. Thanks: I agree, there is no "god", but there is God - Creator. Humanism however celebrates death. It celebrates selfish stile of life which is many times suicidal. It leads to destruction of the family, and thus leads to depression, suicide, drugs etc.

    But truly, celebrates death even by assuring that mothers should freely kill their children - even before their birth.

    Truly, humanism celebrates death, because humanists normally don't know there is life after death. Thus they live their live without real purpose and meaning, accept for the fulfillment of their selfish desires.

    Humanism aims to liberate humanity and bring freedom, but the selfishness it brought, required more and more rules and restrictions. Thus humanism inevitably leads to imprisonment.

    The culmination of the humanist philosophy is Marxist Communism, which came to completely disregard the value of human life and restrict all human freedom. Why? Because Humanism is the ideology of Satan. Humanism is the most dangerous religious sect, cult, that should be forbidden long ago in a normal world.

  8. You manipulate your uneducated audience and manage to profit from the unfortunate world your religion has created.

    This article could not be a more disgusting site of yellow journalism. It does nothing but attempt to turn Humanism into another scare word just like radical, extremist, and insurgent.

    Your religion is the filthiest, most evil creation of humanity. How about you take your Hitler charade to another planet and let our race thrive in peace.

    Secular humanism is the belief that our species itself is the meaning of life. Why should we work and fight against our fellow man? Why would we not want to see them succeed just as much as ourselves? Most of all, why invent other realities to substitute our own?

  9. There is agenda, clear goals and strong evil spirit world behind Humanism. Tolerance is just their way to disarm the opponent and give green light for immorality.

    It's a natural result of the Physical Mind way of thinking (Humanistic - human centered, not feeling the heart of God and others, EXTERNAL, HORIZONTAL, SELF-CENTERED, MATERIALISTIC VIEW)

    In short, Physical Mind does not feel the heart of the others, just the self preservation needs. Most important, Physical Mind has no sense of right and wrong (Everything is Relative - Humanistic. NO VERTICAL NORMS)

  10. The fact that they so blatantly discriminate and still say they are against discrimination is one reason people with common sense can't vote for them any more...

  11. I grew in Communism! I know what Lefts do. And it's really scary to see Socialists gradually try to do the same in the west; REMOVE PEOPLE'S FREEDOM

    But what can you do, that's the Left-Humanistic-Materialistic philosophy; Government should take complete power over people's lives. They don't trust people. In their philosophy, people are animals, no beings with soul.


    This is INHUMAN philosophy, why they call it Humanism? Over 400 million people were killed because of this materialistic philosophy. Now millions of babies are killed because of the same insane philosophy. SCARY IT IS

    For the Lefts people that cannot be controlled, cannot be trusted. They devise methods to make us want to loose our freedom. No, the world should become more and more free, without control, but by raising people's conscience - investing in good families, and the conscience of the youth, which Lefts so eagerly strive for centuries to destroy.


    Why the Lefts (Socialists) hate so much family and fidelity? Read, it's in their philosophy (Humanism). That's why they will never stop trying to destroy it. Their wrong philosophy is to blame and discredit, because Lefts are simply fulled to believe it's leading to something good. It's not! The world should open it's eyes to see the true evil, satanic nature of the Left-Humanistic-Materialism. It's time!

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