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Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Decline brought by the Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism destroys family, morality, society, bringing Decline, Dictate, Socialistic over control
Cultural Marxism
The Decline brought by the Cultural Marxism
Cultural Marxism destroys family, morality, society, bringing Decline, Dictate, Socialistic over control
This an excellent short video explaining the source and nature of Cultural Marxist movements like political correctness, modern feminism, pansexualism, multiculturalism, "whiteness studies," etc.
Cultural Marxism destroys family, morality, society, bringing Decline, Dictate, Socialistic over control

Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism

This is cultural, moral and religious revolution. A militant secularism has arisen and got hold on the intellectual and academic elites. In 1960s it captured the young in the universities and the colleges. This great battle - cultural war, began then nationally.

Since then secularism achieved dominance in the academic community, intellectual community, entertainment community, in Hollywood.. and part in Politics, but not in the nation as a whole. So we are 2 countries now. Cultural wars do not allow for a peaceful coexistence. one side prevails or the other. We won the Cold War, but lost the Cultural War.

Find out who are the thinkers whose writings shaped Cultural Marxism in Fools, Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left by Roger Scruton who brilliantly exposes the obscurities of Sartre, Foucault, Galbraith, Marcuse, Lukacs, Habermas, Adorno, Rawls, Dworkin and others of their ilk.

The Ideological Disease known as 'Cultural Marxism' Exposed

They view parents,family, Christianity etc. as oppressive. So they should combat them and replace them. They use political correctness, questioning common language and redefining the meaning of the words. This is their means of controlling the discourse.

Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

The Frankfurt School, scholars that tried to find they way how to spread Marxism. They came up with the cultural Marxism. Focusing on criticizing and bringing pessimism, do destroy the culture and implant their Marxist values. Sympathizing with that Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama wrote on the theories of Marxists. See Video

Why Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America

They infiltrated the schools. In the 50-60s it was Liberation Theology. These are variations of Marxism. Or they call it Social Justice Education. But they view everything, filtering everything through left progressive thought.. destroying the western kids.. bringing relativism, pessimism, immorality. Eroding moral certainty by teaching them there is no absolute truth.

Cultural Marxism destroys family, morality, society, bringing Decline, Dictate, Socialistic over control

Friday, 11 November 2016

Sanctuary Church - Hyung Jin: THE WAY TO PEACE

Sanctuary Church going against the way of peace, hyung jin kook jin yeona nim false king queen sanctuary church.
Sanctuary Church-Hyung Jin: 
There is no way to Peace, Peace is the Way! 

Do you know that 93% of human history was wars. Only 7% was peace. Even in their aim to something better, people were judging and waging wars (same like SC). They didn't understand, "The complex problems..  in  the  world can be fundamentally solved only through  the perfection  of  true  love." This is the key to Peace, discovered by Dr. Sun Myung Moon. No wonder even politicians call him True Father.

Why do we say that "True Parents (Dr. and Mrs Moon) are the eternal King and Queen of Peace!" Their way of life examines that! Wherever they went, they brought Peace and Unity. They united scientists, politicians, religious and social leaders, to transcend boundaries and work in unity for achieving World Peace. That clearly shows that their level of heart is way above 500-600. Their children  and we ourselves still need to grow in our hearts, to reach that level.

Dr. David R. Hawkins is the one who made the study on the Resonance of Heart. And he gave these points as very important if we want to reach Peace outside and in ourselves:
- Let go of wanting to 'get even'
- Let go of wanting to be 'right' and make others 'wrong'
- Practice discernment rather than judgementalism
Dr. Hawkins shows how to instantly tell truth from falsehood about anything. 'Muscle testing' clearly shows HgJN is under the level of 200. And he attracts people with the same low level of heart. Radical Extremists are at resonance of 160. On this low level, with his hate-talk, such a person stirs resentment in his followers, that in one country even ended with the death of a mother of 4 kids. That reminds us of the past, when hate talk of Catholic priests against the Jews, brought to violating Temples and biting Jewish women and children. History was full with hate talk against other races, other religions, other cultures.

The World needs Revolution of Heart

We live in a historic time, after the coming of CIG. The world needs a Revolution of Heart and Conscience. Around 75% of the people are on a level of resonance under 200. Marxism is at resonance of 130. That's why even Harvard University has resonance of 180, because of socialist-marxist, materialistic influence.

We are responsible to raise the world towards goodness, love and peace. The best way is to grow our own level of heart to that of Love and Peace (500 to 600). People with that level of resonance of heart automatically raise the level of millions other people around. So changing the world is changing ourselves. It starts from inside, not outside.

With spiritual testing we could calibrate Hyungjin's resonance of heart at 180. Despite his good motivation, this is the level of conscience of predator animals; feeling pleasure and enjoying in hurting others. Remember Truth is above 200. Under 200 we are dominated by the physical mind (animal nature). Specifically 180 is the Resonance between fear and pride, still under the level of spiritual development. Yes, we start that low, but we have to grow our ability to love.

How to develop our Hearts?

The resonance of unconditional love is 570. We are all striving to reach to that level of spiritual development. Definitely, Tribal Messiaship and witnessing are the best and fastest way we grow our hearts. No wonder people with higher Heart Resonance love witnessing. Wherever I go, I naturally meat prepared people, open for the Truth. My high resonance easily attracts and rises the resonance of people I meet.

Why sects, like Sanctuary Church and others who deviated in resentment before them, left witnessing aside. Simply said, their resonance of heart is so low, so they cannot attract anybody, but just other resentful members. As a result, their fallen nature starts rationalizing and creating philosophy excusing their behavior. That's why we see SC arduously trying to reverse Father's words in some very wired and twisted way. But laws are Universal. What they do is obvious!

Father's way was the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. We don't accept the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. H2 failed to inherit, so far! Read..  Teaching Judging and rebellion does not lead to progress. That's Replacing TF's Teachings with MARXISM

Our way is the way of Peace and Unification; Living for the Sake of Others and fulfilling our Tribal Messiah Mission.
hyung jin sanctuary church kook jin hyung jin sanctuary church king hyung jin nim m


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua

Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua
Thracian Chronicles: 
Book of Atam and Eua

What makes this text so interesting, is that it comes from the Thracian culture. They presided the Sumerians with 1000 - 1500 years. Thus it is a pre-Flood civilization, mother civilization. Most people did not even believe that there was a written record of this early times. 

Sumerians speak of their gods the Anunnaki, which we know to be the rebel angels, the fallen angels, that were cast out to Earth; Extra-celestial beings that were already on the surface of the Earth before Adam and Eve. 

These Fallen angels (ancient Aliens) have always attempted to lead us astray and manipulate history and mythological record, so that it appears that they were gods, and there is no greater then they. The Bible warn us of this strong delusion, that even the most selected will be deceived. 

But now we have knowledge of this and it is well studied. The same thing with Lucifer (Satan), wanting to be most liked and worshiped, was the very reason he was cast out on first place. It shameful that today media attention on Aliens, brings this satanic, pri-flood myth, back into play. That the fallen extra-celestial angels are our creators, just to deviate us from the real Creator.

This falsehood is now becoming so obvious. There are very few from those who thoroughly study, that don't see it this way. The pre-flood satanic civilization is the root of all those pro-alien mythology.

The book of Thracian Chronicles depicts the serpent, the magician, the deceiving dragon who led all humanity to this evil history of suffering, conflicts, wars, incest and corruption.

A lot of the images in this video clearly depict the real sexual nature of the connection between Lucifer and Eve. Read the Divine Principle, chapter 'The Fall', to see clear evidence that Lucifer seduced Eve sexually, which was the origin of this false, destructive, self-centered love, which dominated the fallen human history.

The True Bible Story: 
The Book of God - Bible: How Angels taught free sex to Adam and Eve
This is confirmed by the book of Enoch, describing the leader of the rebelling angels, who had sexual relations with Eve and made the angels who followed him to have sex with the earthly women, even producing some genetic mutation (the ancient giants, Bible talks about).

The evil power working on men unconsciously
"Men, unconsciously driven by an evil force, repel the goodness desired by their original minds and perform evil acts which they do not really want to do. In Christianity, this evil force is known as "Satan". Because man does not know the real nature and origin of Satan, he has been unable to liquidate the force of Satan. In order to eradicate the source of evil, end the sinful history of mankind, and establish an era of goodness, we first must clarify the motivation of Satan and the nature of his being. In order to do this, we must study the "Fall of Man"." Fall of Man
Jude 1:6-7 reads:
"And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling have been kept by him in eternal chains in the nether gloom until the judgment of the great day; just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise acted immorally [committed fornication] and indulged in unnatural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire." From this we can reason that the angel fell as the result of an immoral act of unnatural lust, and that act was fornication. 

The Crime of Adam and Eve
Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua
(Gen. 3:7). If Adam and Eve had committed sin by eating an actual fruit they would have concealed their hands and mouths instead. But they covered their sexual parts, clearly indicating that they had sinned through them. From this we know that they committed sin through the sexual parts.

Thus, "man was tempted by an angel and fell. Both man and the angel fell because of fornication... there must have been some act of adultery between man and the angel." Because of that John 8:44 says, "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires."

The Consequences of this Fornication
Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua
Eve should have multiplied children of good lineage through her blood and flesh of goodness derived from the good "fruit" she ate in her love centered on God. Instead, she produced a sinful world by multiplying children of bad lineage through her blood and flesh of evil derived from the evil "fruit" she ate in her love centered on Satan. Accordingly, Eve's having eaten the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil signifies that she had a blood relationship with the angel (Satan) through her evil love centered on him.

Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua
Satan is constantly accusing men before God, just as he did with Job (Job 1:9-11), in order to put them into hell. However, even Satan cannot perform this kind of evil action without having an object with whom to form a reciprocal base for give and take action. The objects of Satan are the evil spirits in the spirit world. The objects of these evil spirits are the spirit men of evil men on earth. The objects of the spirits of evil men on earth are their own physical bodies. Therefore, Satanic power, conveyed by evil spirits, results in the evil physical activities of earthly men. Therefore, we read in Luke 22:3 that Satan entered into Judas Iscariot. Again in Matthew 16:23, Jesus called Peter "Satan". In the Bible, evil spirit men are called "angels" of the devil (Matt. 25:41).
To restore the earthly Kingdom of Heaven (Part I, Ch. 3, Sec. II--103) means to realize the world in which Satan can never act, by man's severing completely his reciprocal base with Satan and restoring his reciprocal base with God, thus entering in give and take action with Him. That God keeps Satan in a bottomless pit in the Latter Days signifies that Satan will be unable to act since he will have lost his object with which to work. In order for man to be able to cut off his reciprocal base with Satan and be rightfully able to judge him (I Cor. 6:3), he must know the true character of Satan's crime and accuse him before God. However, God in creating angels and men, gave them freedom; and so He cannot restore them by force. Therefore, man should be able to make Satan come to a natural surrender by exalting the Word, through the accomplishment of his own portion of responsibility by his own volition, before he can be restored to the status of a man of the original nature of creation. The history of the providence of restoration has been prolonged for such a long time because God is developing His providence according to such principles. From the Fall of Man
Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua Thracian Chronicles: Book of Atam and Eua


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