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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Family as the Training Ground of Love: Unification Family Therapy

Family is the 
Training Ground of Love

Unification Family Therapy

You have heard the words, "God is love." Where does that love manifest? In the relationships! So one person cannot manifest love all by himself. To manifest it, he has to have object to love. Only than the flow of love can start. The place where these fundamental relationships are learned is in the Family, starting from the earliest of age.

"God's love appears in the place where the three types of love - the love of parents, of husband and wife, and of children - manifest as one. Where these come together, God is absolutely present for eternity." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.483

All basic forms of relationships are learned in the family, through experience. For example, learning good relations with our siblings will develop our ability to relate with our colleagues. Learning to relate harmoniously, in trust with others, will be the foundation for happy marriage. At the end, this is the needed foundation to be good parents.

"Parental love is the highest. Those who have been raised with the empowerment of true parental love become well-rounded people and understand the dynamics of love. The family is the school of love. The children will never forget their parents’ love. The full experience of parental love is impossible without parents."  (Sun Myung Moon, 1972.9.10)

What Kind of Love we have Learned 

"The love of God is expressed as parental love, conjugal love and children’s love... When  these  loves are  perfected,  happiness  is  perfected. When they are lacking, misfortune sets in." Sun Myung MoonThe Way of Love in the Family

Parent's should create environment of love and trust, not intrigues and distrust. It sound simple, but it's the most difficult thing for the most people. Takes time to develop our ability to love. It takes investing for others. Selfishness does not help here. You see how difficult it is for most of the couples to have joyful, harmonious and loving relationships. Any bad habit, any selfishness, any mistake can turn the cycle of relationships in a wrong direction. Only the attitude of 'give and forget' will help in such cases. 

Once you repeat several times to quarrel, react nervously to each other.. etc., it will become a habit - automatic reaction that goes on autopilot in the similar situations. In this way the Physical Mind, with it's ability to help us, will suddenly become the prison for our spirit and heart.

Let point just few bad relational habits. Once developing them it will become the main way how we fill up the time with other; the main means to create friendships; the main way we search for love.
Joking about others

Consequences of Bad Relationships

"They  are  a textbook of love. They are a textbook of love  through  which  we  can  encounter universal  love.  Go  out  into  society  and put it into practice." Sun Myung Moon, The Family is the School of Love

I have the gift to be able to see the spiritual level of the people. I visit all kinds of spiritual realms in the spirit world. One thing is obvious for me; the place where people end up in the spirit world depend on the type of relationships they have. 

Let's say people a person is educated, clever, emotional, but he loves gossiping, where will he end up? Such a person will be in a very painful area in the spirit world, where everyone loves gossips and intrigues. Doing such things they think they trust each other, in creating these evil four position foundation, but in fact gossips destroy any trust, they destroy relationships. They think they are heartistic, but in fact that's a twisted, serpent like heart.

Please understand, such people's main method of creating friendships was through gossips and intrigues against others. They learned that from childhood. Let's say one of the parents shared displeased feelings with the child, against the other parent. For the child this were intimate moments of love. They grow up searching the same type of love (Poisonous). Their purpose is usually just to fill up the time; create friendship. Problem is, they don't know other means to create relationships. 

Experience: The Gossiping Realm in Hell

"What's the consequence of sin?" After such prayer, God took my spirit to Hell. It was the Gossiping realm of the spiritual world. I can't describe the feeling, but it is the most painful place you can imagine. I spend few hours there, talking to people and trying to understand them. Something was very wrong with these people. 

No matter what you do, or not do, you are always accused. Whatever you say was twisted in such a vicious way.  My heart was agonizing, feeling the evil energy they produce. That's what these people did in their life. For them this resonance of heart was normal. They observed externally, accused and gossiped. My heart was in so much pain. But for them that's love - to share negativity, laughing and ridiculing others. These are the poisonous Vitality Elements they nurtured themselves in their physical life - so that's what they continue doing in the spirit world.

I can't imagine such evil games against each other in my own family. This will be Hell. Their very hearts were twisted. Yet, they looked clever, intelligent, heartistic, same like many humanistic members I know on earth. Read what's evil in Humanism. One has to be totally under his physical mind to do such things. Read, Liberate our Spirit Mind and you'll understand.

Parental Love Sets the Standard for All Forms of Love

"What  should  the  love  among  children  be  like?  What  should  they  use  as the  standard  for  loving?  Brothers  and sisters  should  love  each  other  just  as their father and mother do. From whom
should  we  learn  about  love?  We  should learn from our parents."  (Sun Myung Moon, 1973.4.18)

If you look at a family that has completely realized the ideal of  family  love.. top and bottom we mean the parents and children, when we talk about left and right we mean the husband and
wife, and when we talk about front and back  we  mean  the  brothers  and  sisters. Through what do they all become one? It doesn’t  happen  through  power,  knowledge  or  money.  Then  what  can  bring it  about?  It  is  love."


  • Monday, 27 February 2017

    The Model for the Ideal PEACEFUL WORLD


    World Summit, February 1, 2017, Lotte Hotel - Seoul. The participants included more than 400 current and former members of parliament as well as heads of state and government, prime ministers, civil society dignitaries, clergy and women leaders.

    UPF International organized the summit together with its affiliated organizations the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the Washington Times Foundation, and the Segye Times. Read More...
    If we unite our forces together, then we can make a better world, a world of peace.” Hon. Cynthia Tarrago Diaz, a member of Congress from Paraguay

    NEWS: Amazing community is forming around Ceong Pyong Lake's Peace Palace in South Korea. You see a new pure, happy and creative culture rising among the thousands of second gen. children living and studying there. And this is only a glimpse into what's coming in the near future, when big communities of few generations start appearing everywhere around the world.

    To Establish the First Model Nation in 2020 

    Number of nations already educating their citizens in the Culture of Heart. In special-chosen nations rural areas with 80 to 100 % Blessed families. The Culture of Heart spreads like fire. 

    This is a very brief report on the providential development in the East, centered on our True Parents (Rev. and Mrs. Moon), to create the model for the Ideal Peaceful World. The new world is coming now with great power. We really live in the Age of CIG (The Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity).

    This is really Great, very hopeful and inspiring report. The magic happens in so many nations; Some Buddhist, some are Hindu or other religion... yet Tribal Blessings and the spread of the Culture of Heart is happening very fast. .

    With the current temps of education... the estimates are 10 million new Blessed Families educated until 2020. But there are many additional effects... Already a Christian Leader, after going through 40 day WS, is teaching DP in his church. He alone has 7 mill followers. They started using DP, Family Pledge and TP's picture.

    That's amazingIn Korea many things are happening. They already have incredible brake through working with other religions and denominations. I remember 10 yrs ago when they just started trying, copping the success from US. Now even 2 Buddhist denominations accepted True Parents ideal. Sounds fantastic! Churches that don't know us, accept DP as their main teaching.
    "We will consequently establish a world based on the unified culture of heart.. a world without war or conflict.. God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven will be realized." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 1534
    National education happens top-down. Governors and social leaders are being first Blessed and supporting to restore their society. There are nations with Divine Principle education on TV. The amazing part is, all religions get inspired and working together. This is a clear example that this Idea will overtake the world. Through ICUSS, Scientists re uniting with their new technological discoveries to contribute build the Ideal Peaceful World with perfect external conditions and environment for every citizen.

    In 3 years to Establish the First Model Nation 

    By the year 2020 we are dedicated to establish at list few nations build based on the Culture of Heart. Number of nations already taken by the inspiration to educate their citizens in the Culture of Love through establishing Families of True Love. See, The Blessing Overcomes Historic Boundaries
    "We say that our family pledges to build a world based on the culture of heart. This is our ideal...  The  culture of heart means living everyday life as  an  expression  of  the  principle  of  living for the sake of others with true love. The world based on the culture of heart refers to the one great enclosure embracing everything – that is, the tribe of the realm of the heart."  Sun Myung Moon, 1994.5.2
    At the moment there are around 50 chosen nations. 13 of them are selected as special - since the education of their citizens is going with great speed. In those nations rural areas are already with 80 to 100 % Blessed families. It spreads like fire. 

    It started from Korea 10 yrs ago, expanded in the Asian countries and now (the last 3 yrs) overtakes with full power the African continent. There is no stopping now - THE CULTURE OF PEACE is spreading fast. The West will decline if not taking the same direction as fast as possible.

    Governors and social leaders Blessed and supporting

    Close to 400 families already fulfilled the Tribal Messiah mission to Bless and Educate 430 couples. Social leaders, Chiefs and Governors are being blessed first. They recognize the need for moral education, they recognize how important is to rise this family culture. 

    Thousands of high official and VIP underwent 3 day and 7 day workshops on DP (Divine Principle). 700 world leaders have come to Korea for the World Summit Conference on Peace. The list of worldwide activities for Peace of UPF has no end and surpasses any effort of UN or any government. 

    Nations, like Nepal already have DP education on TV (7 mill. viewers). They even hold Sunday Family Services on TV, to reach the growing number of Blessed families in the villages across the country. The World Summit was reported in media, TV and newspapers.

    All religions inspired and working together

    No joke; This is the real Revolution of Conscience, beyond religion and denomination. We see predominantly Buddhist countries accept these Ideals, we see predominantly Hindu countries inspired, we see Muslim countries get overwhelmed.

    "God’s world is one based on the culture of heart. It is one unified extended family centered upon the one love of God. As such, the five races should live as one big family, with no one above or below others. Such a time is coming." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 1533
    The Culture of Heart is beyond boundaries. There are cases of Christian Churches with millions of members, accepting the Unification Principle, Family Pledge and True Parents. There are even cases of denominations not connected to us, who like the Divine Principle and accept it as their main teaching.

    Scientists uniting with new technological discoveries to contribute build the New Ideal World. The spirit world poring like rain new knowledge on how to heal diseases, how to get free energy, how to travel fast. God has prepared all internal and external conditions for the Ideal World. 

    Cheong Pyeong Lake - Peace Palace, Korea
    On top of that we already have number of the best schools and universities, to educate the future young leaders of this new world. Soon even the World Cultural Center will be build at the Ceong Pyeong Lake, which is fast turning into the New Eden on Earth (with thousands of blessed families already living and working there, creating one totally new and pure heartistic culture). Join and Support! We live in great times!
    "By welcoming the era where we will manifest and globalize the realm of heart, we will consequently establish a world based on the unified culture of heart, a world of a single unified culture. The world will be without war or conflict, and God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven will be realized." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 1534


    Wednesday, 11 January 2017

    True Father, "Mother is the Owner of my Heart"

    true-parents-love-ownership of love
    True Father
    Mother is the Owner of my Heart

    Father says that Mother "has the key for his love" and explains, "The love I value above my life is not my own; it belongs to my partner (Mother)." (CSG: True Love).  "The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me." (Autobiography)

    "That's why a man's wife is the owner of what he possesses, and a woman's husband is the owner of what she possesses.. We are talking about ownership based on love, love that makes all the cells of your body come alive." (CSG p. 312)

    No one of True Children can claim that he has been more united with Father. Mother was always side to side in all Father's difficulties. She is the one that knows best his heart and teachings. That's fathers core teaching; wife inherits the position, authority everything from the husband. No matter if she has the same education or life course. But Mother proved with all her life, her complete obedience and unity with Father.

    "She faced such difficult situations, but she always remained unshaken.. Throughout our life together, she has labored to care for me with complete, loving devotion.. The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me." (Autobiography) 

    Another core teaching is that husband and wife love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. You know the words, "What God has joined, no man can separate." It's insane to think that TC can divorce their parents after father's death. It's irrational to say, that after ending in sp.w. Father will change his heart (which means his love is not True, Perfect and Eternal) True love for Mother is Father's unchanging heart. No problems can brake that love, Father explained:

    "There is a saying that a fight between a husband and wife is like cutting water with a knife. When you cut water with a knife, it doesn't leave a trace. Likewise, even after fighting, a couple can put their foreheads together and giggle, and everything is settled. Only with love can peace come." (CSG p. 313)

    The principle of growth says, that one learns and develops love through life experience, by living it in the daily life. Even TF cannot master love without his partner - Mother.

    "True love is attained through life experience.. True love is not something that can be mastered through words, writings or general education. It's complete attainment comes only by living it. In this process of growing.. supposed to reach perfection by experiencing and understanding in daily life.. step by step."  (CSG p. 320)

    God appears through Father and Mother

    "God cannot govern the physical world, He must appear with a body as the Father and Mother of all humankind." CSG1 p.56 
    "Then what kind of being is God? He is both our Father and Mother. The core is the parents. p. 58 Externally, God resembles men and internally He resembles women." p. 59

    Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

    There are 57 quotes about True Mother in the original CSG. Here are some:

    "You must become one with True Mother" (p. 2255) "The path that True Mother walks should absolutely not be as difficult as mine... (p. 2015)

    "You have been born through True Mother. Remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe."

    Father's description of Mother's beauty
    As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen

    My wife has such a tremendous heart of love and care... Wanting to express my heart of regret toward my wife for all her sacrifices... She had a slightly self-conscious smile that made her look so sweet..

    Throughout history, women have been persecuted, but.. the coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love, and sociability. The time is coming when the power of women will save the world.

    It would seem that my wife would be devastated each time she faced such difficult situations, but she always remained unshaken. Even in the most difficult and unbearable circumstances, my wife never lost her serene smile. She always crossed over life’s most difficult peaks successfully. When church members ask my wife’s advice on raising their own children, she tells them: “Be patient and wait. The period when children wander is only temporary.”

    I have never raised my voice toward my wife. This is not because of my character, but because my wife has never given me cause to do so. Throughout our life together, she has labored to care for me with complete, loving devotion.

    So this great saint of world.. now that I am old I make many new demands on her, and she always responds... The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me.


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