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Questions & Answers: Internal Guidance - why liberate your ancestors

I like what you have posted and you seem to have some spiritual vision. I am confused about ancestor liberation. Should we spend 1000's to liberate ancestors. We have done 140 generation. I don't know if it will help in a way that makes it worth it for us to make the sacrifice.

I'll be sincere! Please quickly liberate at list 210 generations of your ancestors. Afterwords your good (liberated) ancestors will have enough power to help gradually liberate the rest of your lineage. Remember the lineage is connected to your cells, Father explains, and that's the reason for the fallen natures to have power in your life. Liberate them, to liberate yourself. As DMN explains:

"The Liberation Ceremony brings out the ancestors from the bottom of hell and send them to the Heung Jin Nim's Workshop Center, where they are removed of their sins through Divine Principle education and other training and receive Blessing, attaining the eligibility to live in the original homeland of Heavenly Kingdom... the descendents on earth will receive Heavenly Fortune and prosper through the assistance of the ancestors who have become good spirits." The Ancestor Liberation

If not, the power of your evil lineage will be stronger then the good ones... and with the time lots of problems will appear.

"In the future, evil spirits will act aggressively, bringing to the earth many diseases such as mental illness, cancer, epilepsy, autism, down syndrome, etc. But you will be protected from these diseases because you will be rid of these evil and sorrowful spirits through the Chung Pyung providence. Although you may suffer a disease or pain from evil spirits, you do not have to worry so much because the domain of good spiritual world has been greatly expanded through the Blessing of the 70 billion spirits.. and the power of the absolutely good spirits has been strengthened.. to enable you to live a healthy and happy life." The Ancestor Liberation

I see it spiritually all the time. It's not a joke. Don't tell me that if you end up suffering eternally in the sp.w. you'll worry about 1000 $ on earth. Your liberation will be priceless.

Sometimes we fail support God with Witnessing, we barelly succide bring our kids to Blessing, but at list our priority should be to absoluterly give everything to liberate our ancestors.
"..when I try to find your ancestors, only few of them are in the mid level, and most of them are staying in fearful and painful places such as hell." The Ancestor Liberation

Liberate our Tribe in the Spirit World

As DMN explained, "The liberated ancestors will help find your direct ancestors and help you skillfully in the tribal messiah activities by witnessing to your tribe... these blessed families' influence will expand to the spiritual world."

Our prayers and conditions for them will be of great importance.

"I cannot find your ancestors easily just because my spiritual eyes are open. After making pains-taking spiritual conditions, I have to go to the spiritual world, complicated with many layers, and find them with a help of angels and good spirits. Sometimes, I have to wonder around in order to find wondering spirits. Sometimes, in order to find evil spirits, I have to follow and resolve the sorrows and entangled relationships they had on earth. Sometimes, in order to find the spirits dwelling in your bodies, I have to go into your bodies, too. Hence, if ancestors are to be found this way all the way up to the 420th generation, these efforts must be supported by your strong spiritual conditions. While searching for your ancestors with your name list, I can feel the degree and amount of the spiritual conditions each of you has made. Let's say the spiritual condition required from you is 100. If you have made only eighty, however, I have to make a condition to make up for the remaining twenty, and if you have done only fifty, I have to work for the remaining fifty before finding your ancestors."

Liberate your body from evil spirits so your Original mind can be free:

"Many evil spirits are occupying your bodies. Without separating them, you will not be able to extirpate the fallen nature, hereditary sins, and individual sins, nor perfect your individuality. Hence, with a firm determination to expel the evil spirits from the body by all mean..."

Inherit God's True Love: Live for the sake of others

Inherit God's True Love

"Even though He is absolute, even God cannot have love by Himself. This is because love can be had ony in a mutual relationship. No matter how all-knowing and all-powrful God is, He cannot possess love on His own. .. love's stimulation can come only from another person, not from within oneself." CSG p.62

Humanists and selfish people often talk of loving themselves. But love requires give and take with an object. As Dr. Moon explaines repetedly, "love's stimulation can come only from another person, not from within oneself." Love requires give and take with an object. In addition, growth is to extend yourself beyond to higher and higher level, starting from family, tribe, to society, the nationa, the world and the Cosmos. 

            Satanism                                   Godism
           FOR SELF   <--- Love --->      FOR OTHERS 
            (taking)                                       (giving)
            (selfish)                                    (althruistic)

A person who lives only for himself, has value only for himself. But if you live and contribute for the Cosmos, you have a cosmic value. Only then you can reach God's love. The whole universe will love and protect you.

"If you are seeking the path of love while leading a self-centered life, you will come to a dead end." CBG p.64

Furthermore, searching to just feel loved leads only to depression and problems. That's because such self-centered love puls inword, instead of giving (so it's not love - it's reversed, succing black hole). You cannot create comman base with Satan, in the realm of selfish love. Afterwords will be very difficult to get out of his control. 

"For this reason, those who live for themselves have nothing to do with God" CSG p.63

Only investing for others brings joy, meaning and true happiness. It's giving and giving again! That's why Rev. Sun Myung Moon says that God  "established the standard for our perfection based on love." 

"An ideal being does not live for his or her own ske. An ideal being lives for the sake of others, for the sake of the object partner. This is the core principle of the universe." 
CSG p. 77

As Rev. Moon explains, "If you want to have a relationship with Him (God).. in the realm of love, you too have to assert yourself through a life of loving and caring for others. Otherwise you are neglecting your relationship with God."

"But human beings, ever since the Fall, are inclined to scrifice others for their own sake. That's why this fallen world promotes selfish individualims. It brings about destruction, and a hell on earth that has spread worldwide." CBG p.64

Now is the time, cented on the cosmic True Parents to establish the world of love. This is a world based on true loving families, where love transcends race, nation and religion. Read, The Model for the Ideal PEACEFUL WORLD


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