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Heart Resonance: The Healing Power of Love

Resonance of heart God's love Emotion Spirit world heart resonance true love resonance peace joy
Heart Resonance of Love 
Heart Resonance explained in the view of the Unification Family Therapy is so powerful, that can change your lives 

Unification Family Therapy / by Yulian UTS / 2016

Einstein discovered that everything is energy. All things exist and project different frequencies. At a cellular level,  our bodies work using energy for their functions and for communication with other cells. Now science embarks in the sub-quantum realm of our existence, approaching the spiritual. Just as Father Moon said, STUDY VIBRATIONS TO GRASP THE SPIRIT WORLD.

Now frequency research found that our hearts produce 5000 times stronger electromagnetic field, then our brain. This field is a quantum mirror of everything we experience in our hearts. The feelings we create are patterns in our hearts and they extend over a mile around our bodies. Next time remember how water crystals are influenced by our words and be careful what energy you are making part of your life.

What should we understand from that? First, we are beings of heart and love. Second, our essence is a spiritual one, transcending the visible matter. Third, our purpose in life is to develop our hearts - our ability to give love. And this ability, as you can see from these studies, is not automatic but something we have to develop with personal efforts.

That's why the Unification Principle explains that our SPIRITUAL HEART is the essence and the center of our Spirit Mind, where God dwells.
“God is at the center of your heart… God is the root of love.. we cannot feel Him.. because He and we are one. He is one with love.. to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.”  CSG Book 1. God p.28

We create (generate) feelings (they are patterns) in our hearts and they extend over a mile around our bodies.

Levels of Heart Resonance - where are we?

All our thoughts and feelings produce certain quantum energy, that becomes part of our existence. They project into certain measurable physical resonance and affect our environment and reality.

The Heart Resonance of the average people today is around 200 Hz (humanistic level wavering between good and evil). That is the top of the Meddle spirit world. And the way humanity develops spiritually is when individuals with higher heart resonance pull the rest of us upward.

It was proved with research that one person at resonance of 500 Hz (Love) can positively change the frequency of 70,000 other people. One person at the vibration of 600 Hz (Peace) can affect 10 million people.  One person with the heart resonance of 700 Hz can positively impact 70 million people.

You are influencing your environment. You can actually change the World. This gives you a glimpse into the actual meaning of a Tribal Messiah (e person whose frequency elevates the hearts of others). Now you understand the real meaning of Trible Messiahship. Once you perfect yourself, you are automatically perfecting the world around yourself.

Tune your Heart to God's Frequency

Our hearts tune to different resonance, in the same way, a radio tunes into the various stations. Tuning our heart frequency to lower (selfish) or higher (unselfish) resonance will change our spiritual and physical state and health.  As Rev. Moon says:
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." - Father On Spiritual Help
The Heart is expressed through the Intellect, Emotions and Will and they generate energy into the spiritual realm and the physical realm. This resonance automatically influences the way we think, feel and function. The main purpose of our physical life is to develop our ability to love and live for others.

Lower resonance of fear gets stored in the body and tension piles up. In time, of course, sicknesses appear. This can lead also to nervousness and other relational problems. Yet, it is energy stored in the body. And now the body controls and subjugates the spirit. On the other side, the resonance of Love can heal diseases and relationships. Our ability to love develops through 3 stages.

It is in the Formation Stage of our development as a child that is essential to learn Empathy; develop our Emotional maturity. The child absorbs the emotional atmosphere in the family, without much rational judgment. Only in the next stage of development Intellectual development will become more dominant. And that's very important to give vertical stability to our emotions, to rationally understand the norms of what's wright and wrong. Will power is the completion stage of our character development, where all these functions of our spirit act in unity with concrete purpose. 

Each stage is very important foundation for the correct development of the next stage. Our heart is expressed through the functions of our intellect, emotion and will. As you see on this chart, they are developing gradually through the 3 stages. First, the child absorbs the emotions, developing the foundation of its heart. Second, it starts reasoning, thus learning to control and direct the emotions. Finally, one develops his will, to be able to express this love in actual good deeds. 

Only when one's emotions, intellect and will reach maturity, his heart can reach perfection.  The 3 levels of development (Formation - Child's Heart, Growth - Sibling's Heart, and Completion - Parental Heart) seen from the view point of Heart Resonance: 

1. Perfection of our Emotions
(Soul Frequency up to 200 Hz is on the Formation Stage of growth, corresponding to Formed Spirit level of development. People with such energetic level of their soul end up in the Middle Spirit World. If the spirits lower than that have only enough energy to influence one cell, Formed spirits already feel like a whole spiritual person, but their spirit senses are yet not developed to sense the Truth, so their individual-centered sense of righteousness leads to rigid, confined relationships and conflicts)

However, we have to clarify that originally this is the child level of development. Since the spirit mind is not yet developed enough, on that level one is governed by his physical mind (Read: Structure of the Mind). It's formation stage of development; immature - child state. Children have not yet developed their spiritual mind, so they depend on the loving environment, security and protection of their parents, who are supposed to be in the Completion Stage of Love resonance.

What happens when people are on this child-level of maturity and the environment lacks the protection of true parental love. When our spirit is in this Formation Stage (resonance of 50 to 200), if we allow ourselves to resonate in the realm of fear (resonance of 100), that will leads us down to doubts (resonance of 75). If we overcome the fear frequency we will elevate up to the resonance of pride (resonance of 170). 

This is the Completion level of the Formation Stage of Growth. The person's resonance is still under the dominion of the Physical Mind. Animal's mind matures to that level, since they don't have spirit mind. But our spirit mind will gradually start to prevail in the next stage of development. This resonance connects us to the Middle Spirit World. Think, people who are conscientious but materialistic, individualistic, pessimistic and humanistic. They are on that level.

Now you understand, why on this formation-level people are highly vulnerable and affected by the emotions of others. This provides the chance for gossiping, negativity and criticism to be easily spread. Mainly because the physical mind is unable to sense spiritually God's heart and the hearts of others. As a result, many could be drugged down in the satanic - unprinciple realm; under the influence of the evil spirit world. 

Even members are not immune against that. For this reason, Dr. Lee warns that many members end up in the middle spirit world. The Great Mother DMN also told us, that when she looks spiritually the majority of us are not ready to go to the spirit world and will stay stuck in the physical. 

Perfecting that formation-level means to develop the heart of a filial child in relation to a loving Subject and come to the resonance of 200 (Courage). This is to be done in the first 7 years of our life, but because of the Fall many are even below that level of development. In the course of restoration, the Old Testament era was for the purpose of leading humanity through that stage of development.

The resonance of 200 is a 'door opener'. Crossing over we come out of the low frequencies, lower feelings and lower spirit world. Up to that resonance of our hearts they can influence us freely, and once Physical Mind still is Subject over his Spirit Mind. The average of most people in the world at this stage is just a little bit above 200.

2. Perfection of our Reason (Truth)

Once a person's Heart develops to the resonance of Growth Stage (300 to 400), he enters the spiritual realm of Paradise. At that stage, suddenly he is more willing (resonance of 300) to learn the truth; he accepts (resonance of 350) to follow and practice it, and finally reaches the resonance of Reason (resonance of 400 Hz).

Note: In FR I could easily know how much a member will make during the day based on his energy level. Those below this line (200 Hz) had difficulty making good results, but once above this resonance, suddenly their mind worked much easier and their results increased correspondingly. 

This means, that his mind can now work totally free and normal; He can feel himself, function and think properly and very productively; He can even spiritually sense right and wrong. Scientists and people of faith are at that level. Why? At that stage, there is no evil spirit world interference. Thus, he can feel correctly wright and wrong according to God's absolute standard. That was the level reached only by top-level saints in Christianity.

If there was no Fall, young people should naturally grow through that stage and reach full maturity until they reach 21. On that level person's heart is very open, they are willing to live for others, yet they are vulnerable to sexual temptations; possibility to misuse these strong love sensations in a self-centered way (centered on the body). Instead, one should grow beyond, to live for others, centered on the spirit.

3. Perfection of our Will (Love)

Completion stage of Love, Joy and Peace is where one's heart resonance reaches 500 to 600. Healing energy is 550 (Joy). At the resonance of 600 (Peace), a person can impact nations, religions and races to come to peace, harmony. Such a person is becoming a Peacemaker and Messiah for millions.

Very few people can reach only temporarily that resonance through lots of spiritual practices, prayer and meditation. But touching these vibrations does not mean that he is on that level of growth. As Divine Principle explains, to enter the Completion Stage is only possible as a couple, after receiving God's Marriage Blessing. Because of the Fall that stage was blocked. Only the emergence of True Parents could open that realm for humanity. 

As we know from the Unification Thought, our Heart is the essence and the center of our Spirit Mind, where God dwells. However, we start realizing his presence and guidance in our hearts only when we mature to the completion stage:
“God is at the center of your heart… God is the root of love.. we cannot feel Him.. because He and we are one. He is one with love.. to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.”  CSG Book 1. God p.28
Completions stage is where we become parents ourselves, perfecting our unconditional love. Thus, only as a perfected couple, perfecting the family four-position foundation, we enter the realm of God's Direct Dominion (resonance of 700 and plus). The only people on that level are the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Why? This is a level one cannot enter alone. It has to be a perfect couple, totally living for the sake of humanity and God's Will. 

How to raise our frequency

The more we live for the sake of others the higher frequency we can embody. That means, our own spirit is becoming stronger, closer to God. That means, God can more freely work though us. Living for others has many stages, starting with our family, our tribe, society, nation, world, Cosmos (including the spirit world) and finally reaching to God.

As a beginning, to raise your frequency is to stop judging everything and open for love and gratitude. Choose love, choose happiness. Be a blessing for others. You have to clear the judgments blocking you. Any judgment can limit what you're pulling in your reality. When you stop the analytical part of the brain, that's blocking you, your heart gets free to be subject. Your Spirit Mind becomes the Subject, over the Physical Mind. In this proper state even you body knows how to heal itself.

Your spirit mind has the ability to tune to the Truth (God's universal laws). Physical Mind is not. It have actually developed many wrong neurological connections that work as blockages for our spirit. A lot of us have been fed a lot of bullshit of what's true or false. I can't make this.. I'm like this.. Is that true? Clear these false judgments. You're judging things out of your life (self-centered way). Instead "I cannot", "what possibilities I can open to get reach that?" To grow beyond our physical mind limitations, we need to have absolute faith in God. 

Open your sensitivity beyond matter

Don't be mistaken, the resonance of Love, Joy and Peace is not simply physical chemistry love and joy, which humanists feel at the Formation Stage. It means that a person's heart resonates with God's Heart. At that resonance, he is a channel for God's love and effects the whole humanity in very powerful way.
"The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated.. during physical life on earth.. Only when a person reaches perfection and is totally immersed in the love of God while on earth can he fully delight in the love of God as a spirit after his death." DP Creation p.49
Resonance of Peace means not only that one has total Mind and Body unity, but more important, such a person can bring all kind of people at Peace and Unity. And as you see True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's whole life is a substantial incarnation of that.

That's why in his presence we all felt like flying - our Original Mind totally free from evil spirit world influence. In his presence, no evil spirit world could be present. That is why on our conferences, religious and political leaders, from all different denominations and nations, suddenly have no hatred and feel God's Heart. We were so fortuned to be able to be in the presence of the Messiah - The Lord of the Second Coming.

In 2011 True Father proclaimed, "the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Substantial Word of God came out after I, as the center, have established the realm in which full resonance in heart can occur at the same time in east, west, north and south in heaven and earth...  means everything has been done." On this base, the world is ascending into a new love-based vibrational field, leaving behind the negative impact of our fear-conditioned reality. 

Join one on one training via Skype or Zoom. Classes are conducted over 2-4 sessions per level. Write at worldofheart@gmail.com


Gain control over your Emotions 

The natural development of a child goes by first developing the Emotional world - absorbing everything from the environment, which is supposed to be parent's love. That's why the first few years are crucial in our development. Then rational thinking starts developing, so we learn to control and direct our emotions.

A mature person will have his will developed. In him the intellect and emotions unite totally on the purpose of the Heart. He becomes a man of character, capable of bringing actual good results. That completion stage corresponds to the level of Parental Heart, which is unconditionally giving and caring for others.

Leaders throughout history were actually down in Satan's realm, with the selfish heart of Taking; living for themselves on behalf of others; making their nations, races and religions live for themselves, on the expense of others. As we see, True Father is the only person who reversed completely these satanic patterns, teaching us to live for the sake of others on all levels. Based on his teaching new leaders with Parental heart should appear and lead the world towards God's Ideal.

When we look at the Humanistic world today, it is mostly on Formation Stage; people who are governed by emotions (Read: Origin of Humanism). That's why free sex is rampant. We see emotionally unstable people, the rise of relativism, immorality, mental problems, divorce, abused children. Today's society needs a moral revolution, spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience. Only the revelation of the Divine Principle can make that revolution happen. We live in an exciting time of history.

Spiritual Emotions and Chemical Emotions

Why humanistic people think they are very loving. They confuse love and heart with emotions. Yet immature emotions don't even come from the spirit. They come from the Body; from the emotional part of the Brain, producing chemicals. Perfection our character means our spirit matures to dominate this physical mind functions. 

This chemical part of the brain can easily subjugate a person. Like drugs bringing the person to certain emotional state, physical chemistries come to dominate our spirit. In this immature state a person easily gets trapped under addictions. Some are addicted to falling in love - which is not loved at all. That's why their relationship cannot last - soon or later the chemistry will vanish. Humanistic people may fool themselves that they are loving, but they are simply physical mind people, controlled by emotions; people who never matured above Form Spirit. They end up loving and supporting the fallen nature in others. Such people end up in the Middle Spirit World, even if they are Church members.

Yet, if they got involved in their physical life in practices like gossiping, accusations or complains, they will end up in Hell. Even while on the earth, they had created internal hell in their heads, by constantly cycling such negative thoughts, reproducing, again and again, the same negative and resentful feelings. With the time their spirit got trapped and surrounded by such negative energy. Their hearts and spirit grow up twisted and satanic (Sanctuary Church is a good example for that). Yet they were saying, how much we love and understand each other while gossiping against others. They were simply addicted to satanic, poisonous elements that deformed their spirit. This is the state of people who lived subjugated under their Brain (Physical Mind).

Instead, we are to resonate always with God's Heart,
"If you partake of this resonance with God, then when you see someone, you will automatically be able to sense what type of person he is. Sometimes you will be able to see your own spirit man with your own eyes. Train yourself and discipline yourself to develop this capacity. If you live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way when an emergency arises." - Father On Spiritual Help
What is the Ideal, instead. We are to grow our spirit, uniting our Intellect, Emotion and Will with God's Intellect, Emotion and Will. We are to mature and become masters over our Body and Brain. We are to live for the sake of others, on higher and higher level, until we expand our Resonance of Heart to God's realm of Universal True Love. Then we will become Citizens of God's Kingdom, expanding this realm of Love Resonance in our family, tribe, community and nation. If many such people appear, their Resonance of Heart will automatically transform the whole world.

Emotional Sensitivity to God's Heart

The human heart contains intelligence independent from the brain, that guides our lives. As the Principle explains,
"Human beings are endowed with emotional sensitivity to the Heart of God.. so that after his perfection, he could breath God’s love perfectly.." - Divine Principle p. 80
Learn Heart Resonance through lectures on Unification Family Therapy. Heart Resonance Workshops are offered to encourage you to spread the message of Resonance of Heart in your family and community. Here are some short notes from our Workshops on Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT).

Resonance of heart God's love Emotion Spirit world heart resonance true love resonance peace joy
Sanctuary Church - Hyungjin: Freedom of Resentment


Resonance of heart God's love Emotion Spirit world heart resonance true love resonance peace joy


  1. This is quite a deep article. How does one develop to the higher levels and attain a higher vibration. What practices can help one to attain greater resonance?

    1. Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. Thank you

  2. stop the analytical part of the brain, blocking you. Your heart get's free to look at this chart! Look at all the science and numbers!! It's all true because of science. And numbers.

  3. I commend you on your adaptation of David Hawkins scale of relative truth to apply to the three stages of growth, but I question a few things about your adaptation. To my understanding of Unification teaching, Eve and Adam as teenagers fell at the top of the growth stage, leaving the completion stage empty.

    CIG, to my understanding corresponds with Direct Dominion, beyond the completion stage. How did you determine the assignments of Hawkins' different levels to the formation, growth, or completion stage? Did you do your own kinesiological calibration?

    Thanks. I have more questions and comments, but will stop here for now.

    1. Science measures the resonance of the feelings, we don't need a guess work on that. Science will measure the precise numbers, but we have to understand the principles behind in the UT light.

  4. So, are those frequencies and musical keys?

    1. Everything is frequency... all in existence. We a living in a universe pulsing in advance harmonics of vibrations. Each of your physical senses exist, because everything in the universe is vibrating. Physical senses are reading the vibrations and giving us sensory perception of the vibrations.

      But there are many other levels of frequency beyond our sensory perceptions. Science today is studying them.

  5. Do you hasve any video of tһɑt? I'ⅾ care tо find oսt some additional іnformation.

  6. hello!,I really like your writing so much! share we be
    in contact more approximately your post on AOL? I need an expert on this area to resolve my problem.
    May be that's you! Taking a look ahead to peer you.


    1. Yes, if your frequency is at the level closer to God's frequency, automatically you sense the truth, you are tuned to perceive any spiritual information. It becomes the most normal thing in the universe. I ask a question and information comes automatically. Father spoke a lot about that.

  8. Very helpful blog post, explained everything very clearly, This blog really has all the info I was looking for. Thanks you for sharing.

    Tuning forks healing frequencies


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