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World without Borders: "One Global Family under God"

PEACE ROAD World without Borders
"One Global Family under God" 

The Peace Road project is a global initiative for peace and prosperity in the world. Let us end the various problems that cause disputes among races, religions and cultures in the world. Join us in this international rally for Peace.

"Think of how much money the world is wasting on war. Humanity needs to realize that we are committing fearful sins in the presence of history and our descendants." Sun Myung Moon, Peace Message I

In his Peace Message, Rev. Moon said, "The United States and Russia can become as one. The European Union, China, India, Japan, Brazil and all nations, and also the world’s religions, can combine their energies to make this project succeed (International Peace Highway). The success of this project will be decisive in establishing the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where people will no longer make war on each other."

As Mothers spoke in, "Dreaming of a Nation without Borders and a World without Conflict"; we are "Heading Toward the Completion of the Ideal True Family Based on the Pure Love of Couples." Thus it's not our nationality but our morality that qualifies us as the citizens of the Unified World - CIG.

“The barriers between nations, religions, races and cultures are all man-made.. There can be no national boundaries in the world originally planned and created by God.” Sun Myung Moon

Rev. Moon clearly stressed that national borders must first be eliminated before world peace can be realized. In his words, "Religion is the only thing that is able to overcome national borders.” Thus, he invested all his efforts in bringing unification among religions. Rev. Moon also proposed the construction of an International Peace Highway that also reflects his sentiment and wish for “a world without borders.”

The International Peace Highway

The International Peace Highway is a project that aims to connect Japan and Korea through a tunnel beneath the ocean floor, as well as Russia and the North American continent through a bridge or tunnel across the Bering Strait. The project’s goal is to connect the world as one global village.

"Resolve conflict and war in the world - create a unified global family!"

The International Peace Highway is to connect Japan and Korea through a tunnel running along the ocean floor, as well as North America and Russia, through a tunnel or bridge across the Bering Strait. When this highway is completed, it will be possible to drive by car from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa to Santiago, Chile, or from London to New York. The entire world will be connected without any obstacles, as veins are when running through a healthy body.

The UN Must Live Up to its Name as a Peacemaker 

Rev. Moon talked about how the world can be changed in just a day—how anyone would be able to cross national borders and get along with other nations like neighbors—how peace could come naturally in this way. He felt that this phenomenon would break down the walls between religions and promote communication between races, thereby completing a united cultural revolution.

Rev. Moon was optimistic even about the tremendous financial resources needed to complete the two projects. He said that the amount of money that America invested in the Iraq War would be more than enough to complete the tunnel projects. He emphasized that the money would not be wasted as it was on war and that guns and knives could be melted down to make plowshares and ploughs. He also argued that in order to bring about harmony between the countries involved, the UN’s role as a world government needed to change. The UN should not seek to serve the needs of one country, but rather the needs of the whole world.

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