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Age of the Union of the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds

The Kingdom Starts 2012

Rev. Moon told his audience that from Jan, 13, 2013, "the Union of the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds" will be established on earth for the first time" and that "[the world] will enjoy tranquility and happiness in the sacred reign of peace." We wondered what that means.

By Yulian UTS: This article is published on November 24, 2011, but new facts confirming this shift are added later

On the first place, scientists measured a quantum shift, that happened after 2012. From what I could understand, the particles, building the physical world, became smaller, while their vibrational frequency became higher - closer to the spiritual. Meaning, the material world gets much closer to the higher spiritual resonance, where matter is a bit lighter. This also signifies that the material world starts operating more based on the quantum laws, rather then just the stuck, rigid physical laws.

Surely that has something to do with, "God having authority in this new Golden Age." No wonder, Father Moon calls it, "Age of Super-spirituality." This shift requires of humanity to change our ways, open to higher levels of love and align with God's Heart and Principles. As Father Moon said:
"My spiritual senses developed so I could discern God’s handiwork in all things of creation. As I was changing my heart to conform to God’s love." Sun Myung MoonPeace Loving Global Citizen
Yes, True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as the Lord of the Second Advent opened this new realm. By the end of 2012, True Father has to be already in the spirit world, to open that new age from there. It has to be, so that the two worlds will start uniting from 2013. Then Mother will stand as the center of the physical world while Father will be the center of the spirit world. Thus both worlds can be united; The Cosmos stands united for a first time, centered on the first perfected couple.
"If  the spirit world is not unified, the world of earth cannot be unified." Sun Myung MoonEarthly Life and the Spirit World II
Thus, the first perfected family will stand as the real mediators and owners of the physical and the spirit worlds. Only then, God can start governing both worlds. True Father's ascension will be the very reason for this spiritual shift, prophesied for centuries. That's why Rev. Moon said:
"If  you cannot control the spirit world, you cannot control the physical world... bring the results from there to earth." Sun Myung MoonEarthly Life and the Spirit World II
The spirit world now undergoes big changes. According to the message from spirit world, received from Nelson Mandela; so many of the great historic leaders in the spirit world are now mobilized around Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In 2014, Mandela explained, the spirit world was preparing centering on Father Moon to substantially descend and start working with the physical world from 2015.

Many experienced that around the 3rd Anniversary of CIG (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity). Many have started to open their spiritual sensibility, including me. Divine Principle explains that human spirituality will develop when they approach the completion stage of spiritual growth.
"The perfected man is one whose spiritual antenna has give and take with his physical antenna." The Fountain of Life

Develop your Spiritual Senses

Let us be clear; our relationship with God and True Parents is spiritual, not just a brain or thinking matter. In the Heavenly Bible (CSG) we read,
"Faith.. includes spiritual experiences. Therefore, people who join the Unification Church usually have such spiritual experiences.  In fact, they must have these experiences." CSG
"You are relying only on your five physical senses," Father proclaimed, "I hope that you will open your five spiritual senses as quickly as possible so that you may clearly perceive how the providence of Heaven unfolds.... bear in mind that the providential timetable, which proceeds according to an absolute standard, will not wait for you indefinitely." (Peace Message)

This is very important. If we don't perceive the providence correctly we will lead our life in a wrong way. Father says, that spiritual senses are important for that.
"Spiritual leader cannot do their work without having spiritual experiences.. Is God in the midst of those books?. God dwells in a mysterious spiritual realm, you have to connect with Him through the Holy Spirit." Sun Myung Moon,
Spiritually open - means Mind and Body disconnected. Spiritual Sensibility that DP talks about, means just the opposite - Mind and Body united; Heart developed, level of Completion reached - where no evil spirits can influence you. We should strive for perfection - the level of a Divine Spirit. So are we to be afraid of spiritual influence, or become perfect masters, who can dominate the spirit world and even help, resurrecting it. 

Evil Spirits are Losing Their Ground

In a message from the spirit world, Heung Jin Nim explained about the Kingdom of Heaven starting in 2012, with Father's ascension. Before Father entered the spirit world, they could not open it, he said. He mentioned few important points:
"No one can be misled once all five spiritual senses are completely open, but this will be possible only after the evil spirits are cleared out completely and the person is united with the heart of God and True Parents." Message from the Spirit World
"This is the way we will prevent the divisions that plague Christians,"Heung Jin stressed, "who, although they believe in the same Jesus, divided into denominations and became enemies." For people who only partially sense were misled by evil spirits.
"Now, as Absolute Good Spirits are descending to the earth, evil spirits are loosing their ground upon which to be active. Evil spirits have misled good people whose spiritual senses are partially open by coming to them in the disguise of a good spirit and leading them astray. To prevent members from being misled the evil spirits who are cleared from their bodies are made into Absolute Good Spirits." Message from the Spirit World

The Sensibility When Our Spirit Matures

So what is beyond that point? Once we develop our spirit and reach mind and body unity, we will naturally start to perceive the spiritual reality even with our physical senses. As Divine Principle explains:
“When.. the spirit man becomes a divine spirit.. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world. Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man
Spiritual sensibility, in DP sense, is not about opening our spiritual senses. It is more about the growth of our spirit - reaching mind and body unity. When our spirit matures it has the ability to sense the truth, sense God's heart and the heart of the others, etc. Thus you become connected to God. You also become aware of all spiritual phenomena, but without opening your spiritual senses, because DP explains; the body directly responds to the information from the Spiritual Mind (which is already matured enough to be Subject over the Physical Mind).

The original ideal
"If there had been no fall, earthly people would be able to relate with spirits just as naturally as they relate among themselves." Divine Principle p. 135 
True Mother's explanation 1992: "If the leaders don't open their spiritual senses quickly they are just blind leading blind". She explained 4 ways to quickly develop our spiritual senses:
How to develop our spiritual sensibility
(1) Read the Truth daily
(2) Fall asleep and wake up with thoughts about God
(3) Live for the sake of others.. Life of Service
(4) Cary TP's picture everywhere with you
(5) Pray, Pray, Pray...

We end in Darkness if Spirit Senses did not Develop on Earth

Divine Principle is clear - Without developing our spiritual sensibility on earth we cannot feel God even in the spirit world. According to the Principle, that Spiritual sensitivity must be developed in one's physical life. That requires mind/body unity. In fact - it's an essential part of our spiritual growth. People live in darkness in the world beyond, because their "spiritual senses never having been developed on earth made them alike insensible."
"All was so dark in this place.. due to the almost total blindness of these poor spirits, whose spiritual senses never having been developed on earth." A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS
In his book, dictated from the spirit world, Francezzo explains about the dark realms in the spirit world. The lower-undeveloped spirits live in darkens, because their spiritual senses were not developed on earth. You see, the Principle statement is not a joke. It concerns all of us. We will live in brighter realms only if our spiritual senses are being developed in relationship with the body. When our spirit is high, we are 'dimly discernible, even totally invisible' to the evil spirits. So they cannot harm us and we need no protection, Francezzo explains.

"All was so dark in this place... due to the almost total blindness of these poor spirits, whose spiritual senses never having been developed on earth made them alike insensible to all around them, just as those born on earth in a state of blindness, deafness and dumbness would be unconscious of the things which were apparent to those fully endowed with senses. In visiting the atmosphere of the earthly plane, which was a degree more suited to their state of development, these poor spirits would still be in darkness, though it would not be so complete, and they would possess the power of seeing those beings like themselves with whom they could come into direct contact, and also such mortals as were in a sufficiently low spiritual degree of development. The higher and more spiritualized mortals, and still more the disembodied spirits in advance of them would be only very dimly discernible, or even totally invisible." A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS

Know the reality of the spirit world
"We are ignorant of our most important responsibility. That responsibility is to prepare for eternal life. If we are clear about the concept of eternal life, and if we accept its reality in our hearts, then we can lead our children and our families properly. But in truth, most people are unsure if the spirit world even exists." True Mother 1998
Divine Principle explains that without developing our spiritual sensitivity we cannot feel God.
“The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated through its reciprocal relationship with our physical man during physical life on earth." DP 62
Free Your Spiritual Mind

Our spiritual mind is connected to God and the spirit world, yet it's subjugated under the prison of the limited, ignorant physical mind (our brain). The Divine Principle explains that this sensibility is required to be able to perfectly experience God's love.
"Man was made so that after his perfection, he could breath God’s love perfectly. If a spirit man is unable to breathe this love perfectly, because of his sinful conduct, he feels pain when standing before God..” DP 63: Principle of Creation
However, the physical mind of spiritually blind people constantly objects, finding rationalizations 'why spiritual senses are not needed' and 'why all ideas of the spiritual mind are wrong'. This is the origin of the Four Fallen Natures. Simply said, the physical mind cannot feel God and see God's viewpoint. This is the origin of all evil.

For this reason, Father said, he will be "the first to develop a logical foundation for understanding how to open the door to the spirit world." Even the best spiritualists, he said, "will have to come and learn from me." CTAIK p.386

Physical Mind was an Instrument of Satan
"(For thousands of years) Satan has put evil spirits inside our bodies, and worked. Therefore evil spirits are completely rooted in our bodies." Dae Mo Nim, Liberation of Ancestors
The problem was that low spirits were influencing and misusing earthly people. People's bodies were infested by huge numbers of stuck spirits, not only controlling people's lives but preventing them to grow spiritually. That's why for God was impossible to liberate his suffering children, while Satan ruled freely. Rev. Moon, as the True Father of humanity, determined to stop this:
"I can stop the way in which the spirit world has been selfishly using the physical world. Instead.. the spirit world to work for the sake of the physical world... from that point on they should cooperate with the physical world, and obey the physical world." Sun Myung Moon, Earthly Life and the Spirit World II

Perfection is to Perfect True Love
"The human being is the best antenna of true love." The Fountain of Life
You see, perfection is not about knowledge or power. It's all about our level of heart. See the chart of Heart Resonance; What level of Resonance you breath in? A simple example of how our heart level affects us; You feel true love, you give true love. You feel hate, you act with hate. The level of Perfection is the level where we resonate with true love. It is where we breathe God's love. 
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness."  - Father On Spiritual Help
"The fastest and only way to raise your frequency is to stop judging everything and open for gratitude. Choose love, choose happiness. You have to clear the judgments blocking you. Any judgment can limit what you're pulling in your reality. Basically that means, to stop the analytical part of the brain. Your heart gets free to be subject." Resonance of Love

This resonance is at the Completion Stage, which is the stage of Will - Goodness (meaning actual perfection of Living for Others (LFSO)); The stage where GOD CAN FREELY ACT THROUGH US, because we automatically respond to his Heart. Millions around the world are working hard to restore a nation in that resonance of heart. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

Emotional Sensitivity to God's Heart 

We live in a world of magnetical fields. Do you know that the heart produces 5000 times stronger magnetic field than the brain? The human heart contains intelligence independent from the brain, that guides our lives. As the Principle explains,
"Human beings are endowed with emotional sensitivity to the Heart of God.. so that after his perfection, he could breath God’s love perfectly.." - Divine Principle p. 80
Our Heart is the essence and the center of our Spirit Mind, where God dwells. Read, Our Emotional Sensitivity to God's Heart
“God is at the center of your heart… God is the root of love.. we cannot feel Him.. because He and we are one. He is one with love.. to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.”  CSG Book 1. God p.28
Please understand. Now, after 2013, more and more of our members will start reaching this point. Those who don't, will suffer, get more negative and start accusing (like SC). Father predicted that. Now the Age for the Ideal Peaceful World (CIG) is open. We should cut off from the Satanic world; Stop living in the world of fear, selfishness, and resentments; The way to perfection is opened and this is the realm of heart, love, and living for the sake of others. True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon, is now spreading the Culture of Heart. She is truly establishing THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

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  1. HMN said at an Azalea Festival I attended that she wished we could all be spiritually open to see our ancestors that were in attendance there. Then she said it is good that we are not, because evil spirits can easily fool people.

    1. Spiritually open - means Mind and Body disconnected. Spiritual Sensibility - DP talks about, means just the opposite - Mind and Body united, Heart developed, level of Completion reached - where no evil spirits can influence you.

      So where we should be; the in-perfected level, where we are afraid of spiritual influence, or the perfected level, where we can dominate sp.w. and even help, resurrecting them.

      We are fulled that imperfection is easier. But is it?

  2. Spiritual sensibility comes automatic when you spirit is stronger than your body. You don't have to open to sp.w. You're just sensing God, the truth and everything automatically, because your physical mind receives the information from your spirit mind, connected to God. THAT'S WHY FAITH WITHOUT SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES IS LIE - physical mind thing. So you are materialist which thinks of faith, but does not actually have it. Doesn't really work.

    On the other side Humanists are controlled by emotions. But these are Physical Mind energies (producing certain emotions)... they are not spiritually developed to be sensitive to the heart. So their views and actions are always guided by the physical mind, which automatically goes against the desires of the spiritual mind. That's where the 4 Fallen Natures come from. Physical Mind does not understand spirit world and does not sense God's heart. So humanists usually talk against spiritual experiences. It's strange for them.

  3. A HIGHER SPIRIT needs to take some physical (lower) energy on himself, to be able to visit the lower realms. Francezzo explains it. That makes you susceptible to lower level needs and temptations... Takes time to recover afterwords. I did it many times. For those who have their senses developed it's easy to understand.

    1. as when we attend a function outside of our mission, we are supposed to holy salt ourselves afterwards?

    2. Precisely! Food and any matter, also acquired quantum (informational) energy with certain vibrations. Prayer and holly-salting are very important, to elevate those vibrations to higher, healthy (connected to God's) Resonance.

  4. Superb guidance...I have to work on 'reading the truth daily' (I'm a musician and I practice the Holy Songs most days, I love them very much) and 'Waking with thoughts of God'...usually I wake either with a mindful of dreamythought or thoughts about what tasks need immediate attention!


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