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Personal testimony:  "The light descended upon me and entered into my chests. I felt amazing power and uplifting joy and couldn't sleep the whole night."
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To sell the Autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Strange and exciting experiences of Unification Church member...
God answered to my prayer: Personal Testimony
Personal story of a Muslim led to the Unification Church...
Personal Testimony: Jesus came to me in a dream
This transformed my life and it will surely transform yours 
Spiritual Experience: Like the windows of Heaven were opened
I received the answers directly from Heaven and his love overwhelmed me 
Experience with God: I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth"
God guided me in powerful way to understand who is the Lord of the Second Advent
Spiritual Awakening: Rev. Sun Myung Moon
The power of thinking: stress therapy
Akiane: Little Girl from Idaho Drawing Heaven
Real Life Superhuman HEROES Captured and Documented Video
The predictions of Bulgarian Prophetess Baba Vanga
Rev. Moon & Unification Church: followers and operations

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The Temple for World Peace and Unity
Moon's Weddings: The Power of True Love
The key role of Rev. Moon in the Downfall of Communism
Testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon
MY PERSONAL MEMORIES My life in search of the truth. This personal story, got very popular and was read by thousands of people.
Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of all religions, all conscientious people for bringing world peace...

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