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Spiritual Awakening: Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Spiritual Awakening: Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Spiritual awakening and enlightenment new consciousness
Spiritual Awakening: Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Dr. Moon and his movement of non-governmental organizations dedicated to peace and dialogue come under sharp criticism from many communist-minded institutions. His role in the collapse of Communism has been repeatedly recognized by the White House. In her letter to Dr. Moon, Thatcher remarked about that, "... And there are enough critics and pessimists, but I am not one of them." "It was not easy when the founder of the newspaper, Dr. Moon, began The Washington Times... I mean, standing firm against Soviet Communism with his newspaper and the support he gave to President Reagan and myself towards ending the Cold War."

1. Dr. Moon is recognized for his contribution to world peace.
2. All his organizations have a special UN status as NGO.
3. World renown scholars, political and religious leaders recognize his efforts for peace and interreligious dialogue
4. He was awarded in the U.S. Senate
5. He has sponsored and thousands of organizations and projects, all aimed at world peace
6. He was persecuted and falsely accused mainly due to his key role in the fall of Communism

The Cold World War was an ideological war, but in reality brought more victims then all other wars taken together. More then 150 million innocent people were killed by the Marxist-totalitarian regimes. Mostly intellectuals and believers. Dr. Moon's help was mainly to win this Ideological War and expose their satanic, godless, inhuman ideology.

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When the world Christianity failed to accept his guidance and instead allowed the spread of communism; it went that far to let communist countries even in the UN. As a consequence atheism took over and soon God was kicked out of the schools. Following this trend came the Sexual Revolution. Now Satan dominated the churches with narrow-sectarian quarrels. Meanwhile the youth was taken out of the churches in the suicidal way of drugs and free sex.

Observing this, Rev. Moon made promise to God, "Give me 40 years and I will make a foundation stronger then that of Christianity, stronger then Communism and liberate Your Heart, Father." In less than 50 years he created a worldwide spread organization able to transform any area of human life, that will bring a spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience. According to the Institute for Studying the New Religions the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Moon is the "Most successful religion of the 20-th century".

"The ideal of the family is at the core of Reverend Moon's vision and teaching", wrote the Chairman of the Interreligious Federation for Peace, Dr. C.H.Kwak. His main teaching is that humankind was separated from our Parent, God because of the unprinciple sexual love. To solve all social problems and build a world of peace we have to establish true families. The family is the school of love for the next generations. Without resolving this fundamental root problem we can never get rid of the social consequences and we can never come in peace with God. Once he discovered this truth, Rev. Moon determined to create foundation, big enough to bring the Revolution of Conscience, Revolution of Heart that will restore this world back to God.

Today Dr. Moon is on the frontline of ending the Religious sectarianism and historic barriers that hinder the establishment of World Peace. His paper and his organizations are well known for raising high family values - needed for bringing a Spiritual Revolution and Awakening that will usher this world into a New Age of peace, harmony and prosperity.

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