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God's guidance in my life

Maira's testimony
Personal Testimony:
God's guidance in my life

"The spirit world was guiding me the right way through dreams, internal feelings, external signs. One day in a dream I saw a sign that guided me to the truth. I wanted to research and know more about God.
This heavenly guidance was connected with the Second Coming, which I was supposed to meet."

My Childhood Dream: My deepest dream had been for an "ideal world". As a teenager I was looking for ideal friends and wanted to live in an ideal environment. My life, especially after the age of 16, was strongly controlled by the spiritual world through dreams, internal feelings, external signs and last, but not least, through books. The spirit world, being extremely dynamic, was guiding and showing me the right way that I had to go in order to reach some purpose.

It meant that my life advanced mainly accordingly with the guidance of the spirit world. At the age of 16 I received my first revelation from Heaven. One day in a dream I saw a big heavenly watch, made of clouds in the night sky. The time was 23:55.

A voice said to me: "Soon the time will come". After that everything quickly disappeared. About a year later the next big watch appeared in the sky, symbolizing the earth and it was divided into 12 sectors. When I looked at some of the sectors they became alive and started to show to me scenes from the life there, like watching a movie. I began to feel that somehow this heavenly guidance was connected with the Second Coming of the Messiah. I used to hear that term from elderly women in the neighborhood who, after speaking about the problems in their families, usually concluded that soon the Messiah would come and judge the evil people.

From the very beginning the most difficult thing for me was to find the right words to explain to my friends and relatives about the feeling of being touched by God. Adults tended to have a lot of practical experiences in their life and had already developed strong logical thinking. They feel proud and pretend always to be right and don't make any effort to hear new opinions about life and spirit world.

In reality very often their way of thinking has nothing to do with God's providential thinking. In my twenties I felt a spirit presence within me that always occupied my thinking and that way I wanted to research and know more about God.

The feeling of happiness thinking about God

Around that time a very kind woman started to speak to me about God whilst we were waiting for our turn to be called by the doctor in a hospital. Although we didn't know each other, we started to speak so freely and excitedly about God that we soon felt like good friends. She asked for my phone number and that same week she called and invited me to a service at the Adventist church.

Because my desire was to deeply understand the Bible, I joyfully agreed and soon became a regularly member of the congregation. I obtained my own Bible and quickly started reading it page by page, even though very often I couldn't understand it clearly. During whatever free time I had, I would only ever read the Bible, because I was searching for answers.

I soon became a very active member of that church. I recall that after the service I often had some questions that I wanted to discuss with the minister. Sometimes that took place in front of the entire congregation and other times in a small group. Very often the minister couldn't answer my questions.

What the Minister could not answer Jesus told me in a dream

Even though he wanted to provide answers so as to keep up his image in front of the other church members, he was unable to do so and simply said that I'd better not ask things so much but just be more patient and follow the teaching. Such advice was not the answer that I was looking for. Moreover my inner feelings were deeply hurt by his attitude.

I left the church service, and because I was crying, I returned home late that evening on foot and went straight to bed. I don't remember how long I had been crying, but in a miraculous way, Jesus came to me in a dream that night and warmly said: "My child, don't worry, this is not my church. Soon I'll show you the sign and you have to follow it".

It was exactly the right answer I'd needed at that moment. I stopped visiting the church externally although internally I felt the members' strong prayer for me to return.

Some three months later in the lecture room I met a foreigner from Austria who was missionary of God's worldwide providence. According to his testimony, he had been guided by God to enter my lecture room and to meet me there.

At that time I'd had quite a lot of revelations from Jesus and felt emotionally connected with him in deep love

Jesus told me about the Second Coming

One day when I was reading the chapter about the Second Coming, the same night I had a dream. Jesus came to me and said:" If you love me so much, please accept Reverend Moon as the new Messiah. I'm working together with him". And with that Jesus automatically transferred the love, the deep feeling and the loving emotion that I had for him to Reverend Moon.

Ever since that moment, I could feel very deeply in my heart that Rev.Moon is God's son and that he is the Second Coming of the Messiah. Shortly afterwards I started to have dreams about him and since than I've had the chance to see him on several occasions. Very soon I joined the Unification Church.

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