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Spiritual Truth: Study, Know and Believe to Incarnate the Truth

Spiritual Truth

Study and Practice to Embody the Truth and Reach Perfection is our own Responsibility

Spiritual Truth is something to embody and live by, not just to know logically and believe in. "The ultimate purpose.. can be fulfilled only by first believing in and then by practicing the truth. But true belief cannot come.. without knowledge and understanding. We study.. to confirm our belief by knowing the truth." DP 

Stages in Understanding the Truth

God's providence of restoration is centered on the Word. "According to the principle of of creation, man.. was made to be perfected by believing in God's words and practicing them, as his own portion of responsibility." DP, Resurrection

Consequently, there are different levels of understanding the Truth:
  1. Logical (Formation Stage)
  2. Application (Growth Stage)
  3. Embody (Completion Stage)
First, you read, learn and know the Truth logically. That's the Formation level. It's the easiest, yet very few know the Divine Principle on that level. To complete that stage, means to know it by heart. Whatever you need to immediately come into your mind - what's the Principle explanation. Most members didn't complete that stage. Their understanding is relative, so are their views. That's why different views and arguments are unavoidable. 

Second, is to learn and know how to Apply the Truth in any situation. That's the Growth stage and it's way more difficult. It requires years of experience, thinking, observing and praying about any situation. Constantly comparing it with the standard of True Parent's application. This stage is impossible without the Formation Stage. Many don't even try to connect day to day situations with the Principle. Their mind works based on models from the outside world. 

Third, is to Embody Practically the correct application of the Truth. That's the Completion stage. Once you reach that level, you've reached Individual Perfection. At the Growth stage we are trying to apply, but it's difficult. On this stage, you have applied it so many times, so it became Habit. That's the Completion stage. Now God can trust you. Now your mind and body can be united. 
"Only by believing in and practicing these words, as man's portion of responsibility, is God's will accomplished." DP, Resurrection
The joy, love and peace of God can be actually experienced once you have the right position of mind and body to access it. What's the right position? Mind should subjugate the Body. But in fact, this means your Spiritual Mind should be Subject over your Physical Mind. Simply said, the brain cannot connect to God. Your brain cannot feel and know the hearts of the person next to you. So it's not a matter of thinking. Only your spiritual mind can do that!

Your spirit mind knows the truth

You spirit mind, on the other side, can do all that physical mind cannot. It is connected to God. It has the spiritual senses and non stop receives information from God and the good spirit word. It knows precisely the hearts and the situation of the other person. Thus it will never gossip or accuse falsely. Not even come to the idea of attacking, hurting or misusing others.

Why it is simple, easy and natural to feel God and obtain any spiritual information? Once you liberate your spirit mind from the prison and the limitations of your physical brain, automatically you get the access to all that information; You heart opens, your good original nature comes out, your sensitivity to what's right and wrong becomes just natural. So, no Humanism (relativism) is possible.

In the Unification Thought this is usually described as reaching mind and body unity. The state where your mind (as Subject) dominates the body (as Object). Which more practically means that your spirit mind dominates your physical mind.

Teaching Your Children Spiritual Truth

You shall teach the truth diligently to your children and shall talk of it when you sit in your house and when you walk by, says the Bible.
"And these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up"
(Deuteronomy 6:6-7).
You cannot teach your children to put their spiritual mind on top, if your physical mind dominates. Physical mind leads to humanistic false thoughts, feelings and decisions, even when we want to do good. So we end up doing bad things. We end up still be instruments of Satan. 

That's because physical mind will always feel love and compassion for the physical mind of others and reject their spirit mind, same like it rejects it's own.

For example a humanistic parent will decide to hold back teaching his children the truth, because they are not ready. But studies show precisely the opposite is correct. Why?

Physical and Spiritual Power of the Truth

Externally, if the child don't create common base with the truth early in life, it will rejects it later as something foreign, strange and unacceptable. Internally, listening to the truth creates spiritual atmosphere. It surrounds the child with good spirit world. It allows the child spirit (not intellect) to grow and connect to God. Subconsciously it creates a lot of common base with the Truth, even when not rationally aware of it.

Therefore - Don't hold back teaching your children because you think they aren't ready. Though they may not fully understand some of the more difficult spiritual concepts, children can grasp the essence of almost every truth.

Transmit Love towards the Truth 

My experience with children, Second Generation, shows that they love the truth when parents have spent time and efforts to implant such love in their hearts. Such parents have shared their personal spiritual stories, experiences, discoveries, heart to heart with their children.

Humanistic parents, dominated by their physical mind, don't have much experience and sense for the truth, so they tend to avoid teaching their children. They tend to even protect their children from the truth. Why? They listen the evil spirits talking in their physical mind. Thus, they tend transmitting many humanistic, external values in every situation of the daily life. Gradually children absorb that from the parents. That's unavoidable!

As a result, parents are helping their children's physical mind to enslave their spiritual mind. They are striving to provide physical comfort for their kids, rather than spiritual growth. They protect them from challenges, that will help their children grow, instead of giving them challenges and responsibilities, so that they can learn to subjugate their own body.

Yes, we call that humanism, but in it's essence it is expression of the physical mind dominion over the spiritual mind. This inner reversal of subject and object automatically creates a channel for the low, materialistic spirit world to influence too.

So how to make God free? Make your spirit mind free? Liberate the spirit mind of your children and other people around you. When spirit mind is free, God is free to dwell with us and work through us. Aju!



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