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VISION 2020 for bringing World Peace

Let's Unite and Build


Father said DP can resolve any problem, can answer any question… everything is now explained! We can start building the new world of peace.

To build God's Ideal Nation, Mother set 7 representative nations, which have to establish Principle society. Mother says 1 or even 7 nations should be restored until 2020.

It may seem impossible now. But think: Soviet Union had 80 000 tanks ready to invade West Europe. But suddenly the Berlin wall crumbled and this totalitarian system collapsed, without any bullet.

Weekly Update (October 22, 2016) from PeaceTV

When 1st wife of father failed, Satan could triumph. Father was alone. His mission was finished – failed 1952! But he started B-plan. He had to start Family Federation back then, centered on Christianity. But because of their failure to accept him, God's plan was prolonged for 40 years.

They call us Unification Church, but in fact we never had a church. It was The Holly Spirit Association for Unification.... It’s a Unification movement, promoting true families, world unification and peace centered on our Parent. Because that's the way to build God's ideal. The order of restoration is; first Adam, then Eve and finally the Archangel - the reverse way of the Fall.

VISION 2020 for bringing World Peace

To build CIG is to come to the age before the fall, where everything was pure… No faults, no evil…Father gave hope to humanity’s future. We can see how the good is also working and expanding towards God’s Ideal.

We cannot live with negative mind, stuck in the past, constantly complaining of what’s wrong. Instead, focus on what’s positive and constructive.

Father said, “do not judge!” Instead we should have compassion when people do mistakes. We want to help them to become good again, to develop. Not kick them away and judge them. Otherwise we get dominated by the Fallen Nature. There should be love. Love can solve it. Love can help.

Lucifer started to complain, comparing God’s love to him and Adam and Eve. Lack of love! This pattern which was created from the Fall. Lucifer put God’s children down, “this is bad… this is bad”.. in order to put himself up. Help others raise, become better than us! Not put the down!

TP came to give this love, because our parents didn’t get it, their parent didn’t receive it… back to Adam and Eve. The way is open. We have to come to that level to be True Children of God. When we see something we are responsible for it.

Starting point it to Take God’s point of view

God’s attitude is Parental attitude. To become a messiah, we have to become a person who gives love. God wants to give love through us. Including more and more people in my love relationship. The more I give love, the richer I become. This is how we build CIG.

What we put in our mind, this is what we create. Take out the withes. Take out the fallen nature. Open the way for true love.

Woman is giving birth. So how will CIG be born? Through True Mother. TF said that, talking about the new Pacific Rim Era.

Before going to the sp.w. for few years TF was repeating, “Father-Mother and God are one”.. “Father-Mother and God are one”. This is not changed after he went to sp.w. DP clearly explains – God has masculine and feminine characteristics, he is not just Father, He is Parent. And the core of the universe is the Parent – Child relationship!

We cannot be resentful, we have to forgive.

If we are not responsible, then everything is a matter of complaint.

Our thinking radiates and influences those around us. It has no limit, can influence the universe. If we have true love, we can change the world.

Victim minded people blame other’s or circumstances for their failure; “Because of leader… because of mother… things went wrong.” But victory minded people take responsibility, despite the circumstances and fulfill God’s Will.” Are we a victory minded people? Let's support True Mother and make God's Ideal substantial reality; in our homes, in our society, in our nation, in the whole world and cosmos. Aju!


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