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FR Internal Guidance: Leadership and problem solving

FR Internal Guidance: 
Leadership and problem solving

"Only by dividing good from evil in ourselves can we become living offerings pleasing to God. We should constantly separate good from evil within ourselves, according to the standard of God’s Will. If we neglect to do this, a condition is set up for Satan to invade." Divine Principle, p.244

QUESTION: Its very well written (How to Stop GOSSIPING). I just have one question. There is this part: "Once Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance are set successfully, gossiping stops - evil spirits cannot work anymore." How can this be practiced? Isn't that mind body unity?

Very simple: Members who have successful FF + FS (Min 3 Sp.Children). Their families are protected.. parents don't do gossiping.. kids don't gossip, because evil spirits have no rights to interfere

GOSSIPING IS SPIRITUAL.. means, evil spirits are free to work around.

How it works in FR: 
If the leader has successful FF, the team is protected. If leader failed in FF, evil spirits will constantly torment the members of the team. They look for any person or condition to invade through. There will be gossiping and many other problems. They are only external symptoms!

What are the symptoms of invaded leader?
In FR if the leader is weak minded and sucumbs to his fallen nature, he will be unable and unwilling to FR. This means he is under the dominion of the evil spirit world. That's why throughout the years we observed that when the leader is also doing FR the team is growing spiritually.

If the leader is spacing out with external things, the team suffers. He will report how much he was busy, just to cover up for his guilty consciousnes. Thus he sets the standard of insencere satanic reports. This will be inherited as wrong traditon by the members. And satan will keep expanding his foundation within the organisation.

Worse of all, the team members will be all supressed by the same evil spirit world. You can see that clearly from the results of the team, Father explains. Look at the dayly results, if the team is wavering? staying down? or up with its FR results. That reflects the spiritual situation of the leader.

Please understand, if leader's Spirit Mind did not grow to be Subject (FF), means evil spirits can work in his mind. Automatically that projects it the team. The team stands in the position of projection of his mind. Now every member of the team has to fight personally this constant pressure of the evil spirits, working through the leader. You'll see them struggling. Even members who did great under another leader.

Humanistic leaders allow evil spirits to rain
Under humanistic leader, the low spirits from meadle realms may start multiplying in the team completely unchecked. In worse cases members may become depressed. But basically their minds will not work properly - confusion, doubts, fear, depression. Why? Because coming from realm of higher sp.w. suddenly under the influence of low sp.w., feels like hell. But they can't come to any rational explanation, "Why?" So they get confused and blocked.

On the other hand, for those who were themselves on that spiritual level, it feels normal. They are used to it. So they don't notice the lower atmosphere. Instead of struggling with it, they are used to be channels for the works of such low spirits (viewing negatively, talking their fallen nature freely, gossiping). That's simply normal stuff for them. They multiply evil and feel happy!

What happens when team is invaded? 
It becomes obvious through the results, the relationships, the atmosphere and many other external signs. Consequently, the Leader either supports these evil games, or starts accusing and discussing the fallen natures of his members. Both ways, evil sp.w. invades even more.

The Subject has to Protect his Objects:
The moment he accuses them, is like saying to the evil spirits, "Go do whatever you want to them". INSTEAD he should do the opposite, HE SHOULD PROTECT THEM.

Accusing them - he leaves his position of being "Protecting Subject". Taking responsibility, for their mistakes - they are protected; Evil sp. has to go through him; Cannot torment the members anymore. Now he can teach them, what and why is happening, so they don't do it again, but have control over their own thinking and feelings; Not be objects for Satan anymore.

That's why I can always stop the work of the evil spirits.
I see these things spiritually. I recognize the work of the evil spirits.
I know how to take responsibility - Liberate them!
I know how to explain, so they understand and stop doing it.
I know what conditions can quickly change the situation.
I know how to allow the good sp.w. to work freely.

The result:
The problem members, change completely. Suddenly you see how wonderful Original Nature they have. Now you see their real self. Their results start growing. Gossips and negativity vanishes, like it was never before. The whole team starts growing rapidly. You feel God in the atmosphere!

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