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Baba Vanga's Prophecy, The Bulgarian Prophetess about new religion baba Vanga predicted

Prophesies of Vanga:


Interesting fact: Baba Vanga mentioned a new religion that will take the earth by the storm: Uniting all religions and bringing Peace. 

Note: Vanga, Nostradamus and the Korean Prophesies make it clear... the Messianic figure does not come for one religion or to erect a new one. He comes to unite all people to live in harmony and love. Many bousted that they are correct and brought more fights and conflicts. MESSIAH (PEACEMAKER) is the one able to put end of these fights and divisions, uniting all with God's True Love, giving raise to True Families... and from there true societies and true nations, untill the whole world unites, "As One Family Centered on God".

Where is the Messiah born? The White color associated with that new religion may signify only that the Messiah will be born in Korea. Koreans are known as the people of the white clothes. Bulgarians often associated that with the White Brotherhood, but forget that the Messiah is comming from the East (the Orient), which is also clarified clearly in the Bible. Bulgaria is not part of the Orient and is much closer to the West. White Bratherhood so far didn't bring any unity of the religions and shows no such intend. 

Baba Vanga's Prophecy: "Christ will Return as a peacemaker" and unify all religions. Vanga promises that the prophecy in the Bible concerning the Second Coming of Christ will come true. She described him as a peacemaker who comes to our time and "will sign the eternal peace". In Vanga's words God is one and religions will soon find a common purpose and the whole humanity will come to believe one truth. The new religious leader, coming from the East as the Messianic figure to guide humanity towards peace will unite all religions; He will build a world highway with super fast trains, resolving all barriers and resentments by using marriage to promote peace and love where there was hatred. In fact most of what she described him doing can be associated with the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.
The Messianic figure connected with the name "Moon" will bless the families wherever he goes, according to Nostradamus.
Baba Vanga predicted that "Oil will stop and you will discover a new kind of energy," Trains will fly, powered by the sun, "and people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds. "Around 2018 the trains will run on rails, coming from the sun. Oil will stop and the earth will rest." She talks of discovering a new type of energy cumming from the Sun or that the projects would be powered by the Sun could mean - Sun Myung Moon. In fact he is the one who financed and promoted a project for building a World Highway with super fast trains, which exactly corresponds to Vanga's prophecies.

Prophecies for bright future: "Expect changes for the better, religions will unite, peace will be established on earth, people will understand the existence of the spiritual world. After 2000 there will be no flood, instead we will see peace and prosperity. But humanity must recognize and the guidance of this Messianic personality.

The FUTURE in Vanga's prophecies
Unity of Religions

Religions will vanish and humanity will believe in one doctrine. This will bring together humanity together as one family and bring peace and prosperity, predicts Vanga. "Humanity will survive many upheavals and many violent events. Will change and people's minds.'ll Come hard times, people will be divided into groups of faith. All religions will one day disappear! Will remain just teaching." Vanga predicted current selfish separation of religions. "Now different religions want to benefit from any cooked, but their time goes. Mankind will shed these chains. Religion will have another task. "Rather than argue and quarrel with each other religions will join hands to build a new and peaceful world by accepting the Messianic person who will come
The Second Advent

Vanga predicted the coming of the Second Coming "... it is He who again returns to us as was promised." And she mentions that the saints of the spiritual world will inspire all people on earth for the changes he should make on the earth
. "All the apostles are now in motion, all the saints are on the Earth since the time of the Holy Spirit comes." According to her words, obviously this is now. She talks about the emergence of "holy man", (1987)- she meant the moral grandeur of the future leader" "from another country".
Her prophecies pint to the East and the Korean people.

It seems that he has already come, but the changes he will bring will become visible only after time. Vanga is clear that this person will work to remove the religious divide, which is the cause of many ethnic and religious wars and tensions around the world. Also from her prophecy is clear that he comes as a peacemaker to bring peace to mankind. Or as she puts it, "He who will sign the final contract for the peace of the planet."

Who was Vanga

Baba Vangas’s prophecies made her famous; probably not as famous as Nostradamus, but still, for a humble, illiterate, blind Bulgarian she made headlines all over the world. Most of her prophecies are scary; some of them look like Russian propaganda, but all together, they should be given attention.
Propecies: Vanga and Nostradamus
World Future: The Culture of Heart
The Korean Prophecy, Chung Gam Rok
According to Baba Vanga, her powers were derived from “invisible creatures” whose origins were unknown. Yet, they could communicate with her. She also claimed to have healing powers, and would often prescribe herbs and spices to cure diseases and ailments. But she said that people had to heal themselves only with the herbs from the country they live in. (Note to myself: Start investigating natural remedies based on herbs growing in Canada)
Spirit World was real to her: She predicts that the time will come soon when science will prove the existence of life after death. She was not afraid of the death, because according to her “after death the body decomposes, like everything alive, but a part of the body – the soul, or something I don’t know how to call it, does not decompose. You talk about second birth. I do not know what it is. But what remains from a man - it’s the soul. It does not decompose, and continues to develop to reach higher states. This is the eternity of soul.”
Don't seek revenge - Vanga never allowed anybody to seek revenge. She believed that a man is born to make good. No bad thing ever remains unpunished. It is always punished and if it does not affect the man who made the wrong, it affects his children.
Baba Vanga would also act as a medium, communicating with the spirits of dead people from up to 200 years in the past. Vanga also prophecized future events. She mentioned that “In 200 years, man will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds,” a reference to aliens contact. She also mentioned that aliens had been living on our planet for many years, coming from a planet the aliens referred to as ‘Vamfim.’ Some people speculated that ‘Vamfim’ is actually another dimension of planet Mars. Vanga referred to it as ‘the third planet from the Earth’.
Baba Vanga's Prophecy, The Bulgarian Prophetess about new religion baba Vanga predicted
Vanga's Accurate Prophecies
According to research her prophecies are about eighty percent accurate." She was blessed with supernatural abilities for accurate psychic predictions of the future. Here are some predictions she made:

Many of the statesman including Hitler had visited her and it is reported that Hitler left her house looking upset. I guess she told him that he was going to lose the war.

She Was visited by King Boris III. Vanga told him to remember the date August 28. A couple of years later, in 1943, he died on that date.

"When a man from his city visited Vanga. The man had a son, who was ill from cancer. While he was waiting in the line, one woman came out from Vanga, and ask, which is the man from Kyustendil. Vanga sent her to tell to the man, that he should go home to his son and not wait anymore. Not much after, the boy died."

"At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it." (1980) And in August 2000 the kursk sub marine sank in an accident everyone on board died.

Vanga predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, when she said that American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel, the perestroika in the USSR, the death of Princess Diana, the sinking of the Kursk submarine and that the 44th US president would be black and would be “the last one.” She went on, saying that following his stepping into position, there would be a spectacular economic crisis and a conflict between north and south states, with Indonesia getting involved. All this cooking up to a third world war in which the nuclear bomb would be used again.
2018 - China becomes the new world power.
2023 - Earth’s orbit will change slightly
2028 - Development of a new energy source. (Probably controller thermonuclear reaction) Hunger slowly stops being a problem. Piloted spaceship to Venus deploys.
2033 - Polar ice caps melt. World ocean levels rise.

Interesting comparison: Baba Vanga mentioned a new religion that will take the earthlings by the storm. Nostradamus also talks about this Messianic figure who will unite the religions as a new religious leader appearing in the 20-th century:

Prophecies 2012: The Golden Age
Why did Jesus come as the Messiah: What was his mission
Nostradamus wrote 60 quatrains giving about 40 signs by which to identify this man - the Messianic figure. According to Nostradamus He will suffer great persecution and misunderstanding; He will be repeatedly thrown in jail; He will fly and travel a lot, but wherever he goes he will bless many families.

The Messianic figure Will unite religions against Communism, according to Nostradamus.
Nostradamus describes him as a new religious leader - carrier of the new truth for our time. This Peacemaker will be born in the Oriental East, uniting the religions against the Red (Communism). Nostradamus gives even his name, "Moon", which in Korean means "God's Word" (The Word given by God to men).
Until 1991 the world will have heard about him, but people are not going to believe. If we accept him or not by the year 2012 will determine what will follow; a bright future or destructive World War III. Read...
Is it possible that the Peacemaker in Vanga's prophecy is non other but Rev. Sun Myung Moon? Here is what prominent world leaders say about him: According to H.E. Kenneth D. Kaunda President, Zambia (1964-91), "He has advanced the arts, sports, physical sciences, social services and above all peace in the world." He even calls Rev. Moon, "a prophet of our time."

"The titles of the organizations that Rev. Moon has founded repeatedly include such words as "world peace," "international" and "unification," reflecting his underlying motivation to establish God’s ideal", points Rev. C. H. Kwak, Universal Peace Federation Chairman
. Undoubtedly his work and visions closely correspond to the Messianic personality that Vanga described in her prophecies. But what strikes us most, is that many other famous prophecies point to no one else, but Rev. Moon of Korea.

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon
Five Curious Facts about the Unification Church and Rev. Moon
Bering Strait Project
Moon followers and operations
Baba Vanga's Prophecy, The Bulgarian Prophetess about new religion baba Vanga predicted


  1. Vangelia Gushterova (Baba Vanga) Prophecy, baba Vanga and The One — House on a hill.. Baba Vanga - 80% accurate predictions to this day I heard of one prophecy of baba Vanga (not sure if it's true though) which said something like - from 2000 (year) we will live in calm ... Baba Vanga supposedly predicted: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the ...Vanga's predictions for this world.. "Baba Vanga predictions 2010 – 5079 2010 – World War III. War will begin in November 2010". I don't believe this World War will happen, and 2010 is over. But didn't Vanga say there will be peace after the year 2000?

    1. she is right maybe, only the conflict started in Syria a few months after, it is might be started but not fully developed to a full scaled ww.

    2. actually world war 3 did started in 2010.. but nobody noticed it..
      it was called in the media the arab spring.. in algeria.. there was a major civil war there , (part of nato arab spring) to remove 7 countries in 5 years.. using the religion card.. basically US-UK-France and its allied gulf states ,started a major war to redraw the borders of north africa and middle east. withe the goal to restore the ottoman empire , a muslim empire controlled by NATO ,against the interest of russia and china.. ie.. by removing governments friendly to russia and china and replacing them with pro nato states. this was preparations to isolate russia and china expansionism in the world ,and not allow them to have a refueling port anywhere , also build a pipeline from syria to europe ,to damage russia energy business. Predictions usually can go off mark by years.. but this one was very accurate. the arab spring was a true world war 3.. a soft war. .and that war it is still going.. today in lybia , to a minor level in syria and now armenia. in world war 3.. nato fight by proxy russia to try to create a new ottoman empire.

  2. I now invite all who are about to read this to sit down at the Table of Abraham where the invited guests eat the Supper of the Great God: and it is the Angel of Eliakim in the Sun of Righteousness who informs those gathered by the first 6 angels of the Son of Man of the two beasts from the Sea of Time and the Earth of Matter.

    This I do to show that it is indeed the Revelation of Jesus Christ that is the Book of life of the Lamb; and also further where Rev. Moon himself must now himself attend to the Word of God he has consistently ignored; for the Revelation of St. John the Divine is the Living Word of God itself.

    The two Beasts of John's Revelation end up being the main courses of a Marriage Supper for those Children of the Resurrection who are Written as "the eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake" as the virgins of God and the Lamb; and then also those called to the Supper of the Great God of the Resurrection who are Sealed as they who were "born again in the Name of Christ Jesus" in the Last Days during the Rapture of Love: which was the Baptism of Fire that quickly spread over the whole earth from those who came to the River of Fire; where Haight/Hate became Love; and the Music which was the Horn of Salvation was lifted up in the City of St. Francis; as the Trumpet of the Archangel it was.

    Few now remember the Message; for the Love of many who saw the Rapture have grown cold because injustice abounds at the End and kills many with bitterness; but those who become bitter all break; and thus do not stand before the Son of Man.

    It was this as the Miracle it indeed was that was realized by those who knew that the Visitation of God was that of the God who is Love as John wrote long ago in his first letter; for while those of War and Hate were fighting the external jihad in Jerusalem in 1967 at the 6 Days War it was those of Peace and Love who were fighting the internal jihad in the New Jerusalem in the same year of 1967 at the Summer of Love who found the 144 hours of the 6 days war as the Child in His Name who alone has the Measure of a man; that is: of the Angel one must become.

    It is only through reaching the Measure of Conversion who are within the Wall of the Holy City as having Converted as of that Child which one must be to enter the Holy City of the Kingdom.

    It was this that was briefly New Jerusalem; which the City of St. Francis briefly was before it fell to the position of Sodom spiritually when the men of sodom, or men of "violence", as this violence if that which is "against nature" as that angelic fallen nature took it over.

    For the Unification Church which was the 7th church of the True Vine of Christianity (( which came forth in the blueprint of the Ascension as that hidden vertical seen before at the Ladder of Jacob is now here revealed as by the 7 overcomings on the Path of the Just in the 7 churches that are those by which one climbs the 7 rungs of the Ladder of the House of God.)); but due to Rev. Moon leaving his position I have had to found the New Church of New Hope which is the New Unification Church; for the Providence is absolute; even if Rev. Moon has failed in his relatively small portion of responsibility next to that of God and the Lamb.

  3. It is then the Church then standing in the position of the House of God or "Beth-El" itself that is "the Church of the Living God"; for it is the 7 churches as One Chuch which represent the Tower of Salvation; the "tower" of which the Lamb said he "counted the cost first" before he began to build to make sure he would have "enough" of those with the faith to "finish it".

    It is the Unicorns who come down at the EndChristianity thus grew due West from Jerusalem with Peter to Rome with Augustine to Wittenburg with Luther to London with George Fox to America at Bryn Athyn with Emanuel Swedenborg to Salt Lake City with Joseph Smith and then lastly to Seoul in Korea with Sun Myung Moon: this being the hidden design in the pattern of the 7 churches of Revelation that Peter designed; Paul built; and then John addressed as to "the 7 churches which are in Asia".

    Rev. Moon is present in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the prophetic figure known as "the Faithful and Wise Shepherd" whose Destiny if he suceed and his fate if he does not are sketched out with pinpoint accuracy.

    It is Rev. Moon who was "put over the House" that represents the Church by which all those watchful christians were to be given the "meat in due season" which is seen in Rev. Moon's book "Divine Principle"; yet this meat is but for those who would be hungry in the "famine" of the last days as when Rev. Moon in the position of Joseph of old was to gave food in the famine:

    "not for bread: but for the Word of God" which I now bring.

  4. "New religion" will take over the world by storm - Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Religion. New unifying religion will emerge according to new Revelations.

    The world's religions are inadequate, according to Vanga's prophesy. They focus on selfish strives. A new universal religion is needed to emerge and unite them. As Baba Vanga predicts, the religions will stop fighting and find a common purpose - the whole world will believe one teaching. It is highly significant that a proposal for a United Religions headquarters.

    To stop the religious struggles something like the UN of religions should emerge where world famous religious leaders can work and cooperate together for the benefit of humanity.

    Is really Rev. Sun Myung Moon this peacemaker, who according to Vanga's prophesies will sign the eternal peace? The Unification Church of Rev. Moon is proposing exactly such a Religious Council at UN. At the same time the Unification Church is building a unified Peace Temple for all religions to worship together.

    To believers they are liberating 'New Religions'. To others they are just dangerous cults, a sect. But the sectarian way is to divide. Unifying will end the sects, cults and sectarianism as a whole, once and forever.

    Prophecies of Baba Vanga
    New prophet tells people about moral values, religion. .... Some more interesting prophecies Baba Vanga predictions 2010 – 5079. Baba Vanga Predictions, BabaVanga prophesied wwIII in November 2010, assassination of four heads ... Vanga's predictions 2012, Baba Vanga, Bulgarian Vanga, Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova blind .... Prophecies of Vanga: New Religion will take the Earth by storm New prophet tells people about moral values, religion. ...

    Vanga began making predictions when she was 16 years old. She became very famous for .... Prophetess Baba Vanga predict what will gonna happen in next 3000 years in the world - New prophet tells people about moral values, religion. This is a Messianic figure born in the East, who will strive to build a "World Highway with super fast trains", will unite the religions and bring peace on the earth.

  5. It is not clear why some individuals (like Nostradamus and Vanga) seem to have the ability to predict future events. Not all events do come true but some have. The Bible is littered with prophecies that contradict each other and therefore about half of them actually do come true.

    Rev. Moon says that our ability to understand ourselves as spiritual being is still in its infancy. Due to the fall of man we lost our spiritual senses and most of us have yet to get them back.

    Fears of things to come does not seem to motivate us any longer to search for what God wants us to do. We just accept the fact that we might be doomed. That acceptance is a great motivator for selfishness and forgetting that our actions, good and bad, will affect not just oneself but our future generations.

    God made us responsible for our own future and cannot easily interfere with our decision making.

    The Divine Principle, a revelation from God, received by Rev. Moon is quite clear and help us understand who we are as divine being and give us a path forward to overcome the predicted disasters and establish the predicted good events.

  6. Very thought provoking stuff.

  7. Follow the Jewish and Christian scriptures and adhere to them. The Messiah of the New Testament is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All must come through him. Forget Moon, Nostradamus, Vanga and all of the other false prophets. Just a small study of their human lives reveals immediate falacies in their credibility. The Scriptures,"The Word of God", teaches us that there will be many of these kinds of anti-Christs and impersonators throughout history.

  8. Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill
    Stone, and threw it into The
    *Atlantic Ocean,*
    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!
    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!
    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  9. Second coming of Jesus is Dr. Sun Myung Moon???
    But Jesus didn't owned a penny whereas this Sun Moon was a billionaire! When you can earn in billions, its not a big deal to donate few millions for publicity or popularity! Isn't it?


    Anyways, its 2015. Where's the so-called PEACE?
    Don't you feel that day by day this world is turning more and more into a Hell (keeping in mind the current world situation)?

  10. Good morning! Bible says Jesus was Crucified and the Kingdom of Heaven will come at the Second Coming of Christ. Rev. Moon was poor like Jesus, but was not killed, raised a foundation for God, with the guidance and support of Jesus from the spirit world. And as prophesied, Rev. Moon, as the Lord of the Second Coming, anointed by Jesus to take the mission to liberate the world, was persecuted and called sect, yet found the way to liberate God's Heart and open the way for the liberation of all humanity, both in physical world and the spirit world.

    As his foundation become substantial in 2 more years, the world will suddenly realize what a great son of God he is. Jesus is proud with Rev. Moon. Jesus is finally happy and liberated. The good spirit world descends with full power from March 2015 and in just few years the whole world will be transformed. Nations will appear, as a model of God's Kingdom. Technology will develop to liberate the oppressed humanity. People's original mind will start rapidly opening and sensing God's guidance and love.

    Even the most evil people on earth will soon discover that their ancestors are already restored in the spirit world as absolutely good spirits, leading them to recognize and accept the True Parents, and be able to see God's immanent work behind his achievements.

  11. Because some scientists/researchers can generate false scientific ideas (for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil). Baba Vanga (1911-1996) predicted that at the turn of the century, Kursk will be covered with water; American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel; look, what will happen in Syria; there will come a day when cancer will be chained (the drug will "contain" a lot of iron); AIDS will be chained in iron; oil will stop and the earth will rest; people will discover a new kind of energy; LUNAR helium-3 is a fuel for nuclear reactors; trains will fly; USSR will be renewed in the first quarter of the 21st century; in 2050, people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds (almost 300,000 km/s). Very strong magnetic fields will beat gravitational fields.

  12. After your intention has formed, drop it and permit yourself to enter a meditative state.
    But something, the Heavens will cheer, the world will rejoice, your heart will sing -
    no obstacle is ever going to be large enough to avoid your triumphant march.
    We realise that even anticipation from the coming day is
    a subtle kind of worry.

  13. There are sufficient religious texts and prophesies in the public domain to support any and all of the viewpoints expressed above...so, how should the genuinely agnostic and curious person proceed in order to find the correct spiritual path to follow, and how can he determine whether this or that spiritual group would be good for him to associate with???...not so tough as you might think..just remember to avoid those that serve themselves more than others..follow the moral principle that leads to people like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa gaining widespread reverement...in a nutshell, as the Rev. Dr. Moon put it, 'live for the sake of others'...if you REALLY do that, the rest will take care of itself...., and you will surely enjoy a high quality of life in the next world, after bidding goodbye to this one...

    1. Good point! As Vanga, Nostradamus and the Korean Prophesies make it clear... the Messianic figure does not come for one religion or to erect a new one. He comes to unite all people to live in harmony and love.

      Many bousted that they are correct and brought more fights and conflicts. MESSIAH (PEACEMAKER) is the one able to put end of these fights and divisions, uniting all with God's True Love, giving raise to True Families... and from there true societies and true nations, untill the whole world unites, "As One Family Centered on God".


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