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Family under attack: UN and Obama administration against traditional family

The family under aggressive attack:
Expose the sexual rights agenda at the UN. Fundamental values are under increasing attack by UN agencies

Destructive court rulings endanger children by undermining marriage between a man and a woman. Mostly western nations are particularly hostile to the traditional family. Under the Obama administration, the United States is now in favor of abortion and against the traditional family at home, abroad, and at the U.N.

Family Advocates: Lets preserve and promote the family, traditional marriage, life, parental rights and religious freedom.

The family and family values are under more aggressive attack than ever, and they are in the cross-hairs of the sexual rights activists who are determined to impose their radical social engineering agenda on the world.

Study: Abstinence, not condoms, led to teen birth drop
Culture of Selfishness: More Couples Sleeping Apart

These fundamental institutions and values that are so critical to any society are under increasing attack by UN agencies and treaties, unelected activist judges, politicians, special interest groups, much of the media and popular entertainment.

Let's Stand for the Family. We are building a network of one million people across the world who have shown that they are willing to stand for the family at the international, national and local levels.

  • Fight at the frontiers of the battle to defend family, life, and religious freedom and to expose and stop the sexual rights agenda at the United Nations;

  • Expose the deceptive tactics and myths spread about homosexuality and same-sex attraction by activists as part of their campaigns to overturn laws protecting marriage and family life;

  • Work to protect marriage between a man and a woman everywhere it is under attack.

The "I Stand for the Family" International Petition

Whereas, the traditional family is increasingly under attack on a variety of fronts at the international, national, state, and local levels, and

The most dangerous religion of today: Humanism
Depression in Homosexuals

Whereas, weakening the family will have serious negative repercussions on families, individuals and societies, and

Whereas, it will take the best efforts of all of us working together to stem the tide of family disintegration and to preserve the family,

Therefore, I pledge my support to preserve and protect the family in the arenas where I have influence. Specifically I support efforts to:

  • Strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society
  • Preserve and protect marriage as only between a man and a woman
  • Protect life before as well as after birth
  • Preserve the rights of all citizens to practice their religion as they choose so long as that does not infringe on the rights of others
  • Preserve the rights of parents to direct the moral, spiritual and intellectual upbringing of their children

Same-sex marriage will hurt families and society
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The family under aggressive attack: Expose the sexual rights agenda at the UN. Fundamental values are under increasing attack by UN agencies

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  1. What I want people who support Obama to tell me is how promoting homosexuality, including in his latest foreign policy initiative, supporting free-sex and abortion and population control policies, furthers God's restoration providence. These policies work contrary to what the Principle teaches. No amount of politicking will change that fact. People who believe in "marriage equality" don't seem to understand that it would include a "right" of such to any couple, including polygamists and incestuous couples. Rights aren't divisible; everyone gets them or no one gets them. How could God support such a society? Only one-man, one-woman relationships are acceptable to God. Our spiritual values should advise society, not the other way around. The family was that way in the beginning and it's that way at the new beginning.


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