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On Reading DP: The Sin of Not Studying The Principle

On Reading DP
By YuliUTS / 2006 / Unification Research

Heung Jin Nim, in his messages from the spirit world, urged us to learn the Divine Principle by heart. He said, that even if someone wakes us up in the night, we should be able to recite it. Looking at the members, many do not make connection between their logic and the Principle. Often, on the same issue, members will have conflicting views. So we are just a small percentage aligned with DP.

Why is the Principle so important. The Divine Principle is not about intellectual learning, but the path of growing spiritually. To grow we have to practice the Truth, so we should first know it, otherwise, we will be surely misled. As DP says, without knowing the Truth our Intellect, Emotion and Will will not function properly.
We have around 60 thousand thoughts a day. Researchers found that around 80% of them are negative - unprinciple. 
As Father said, we should read the Principle minimum 20 times (beginning to end) so Satan cannot invade us. Satan has built lots of blockages in our minds that only the Principle has the power to dismantle. True Father explained, "If you were to read twenty or thirty pages of the Divine Principle black book each day continuously, then your level of spirituality would go up and continue to rise daily." Read, Rev. Moon's words on Reading DP.
Levels of understanding the Truth:
  1.  Logical (Formation Stage)
  2.  Application (Growth Stage)
  3.  Embody (Completion Stage)
To mature to the level of spiritual understanding, we go through these three stages. We start with low physical mind understanding and mature through practice and prayer until our spiritual mind matures to give you spiritual understanding of the Truth. At that stage, as a divine spirit, you will know any truth you ask God about. Same as in the spirit world, it will just come to you directly from God.

The Sin of Not Studying DP

"We must center on the Principle and unite with it. We should not leave the Principle on the shelf, but should keep faith in it and substantiate it. By perfecting ourselves as the substance of the Principle, we become sons and daughters whom God can love." Father, 1973

The Divine Principle (DP) is the Completed Testament Word given from God. The Principle is like the skeleton upon which you can understand True Father's words and life. Without this central understanding of God's principles, people can misuse and misinterpret all other explanations, because they will stand like breaks in the air, with no support and no connection to the other concepts. The Principle, however, connects all the concepts into one, very well-organized structure. This is why Satan will do anything to prevent you from really understand it. He knows that,
"Only by believing in and practicing these words, as man's portion of responsibility, is God's will accomplished." DP, Resurrection
That's why Jesus, in his message from the spirit world warned us, "Satan will do anything to prevent you from studying and learning the Divine Principle" Evil spirits will make you sleepy, or even unwilling to read and study or make you so busy with other things, so you'll never find time to read it. If someone is too invaded already by such spirits, he will start to philosophize why reading DP is not important... thus multiplying Satan's will. This is a constant battle, Jesus explained. See, Why Study God's Word (Divine Principle)
"In conducting the providence of resurrection, God's responsibility is to give us His Word and guidance, and our responsibility is to believe and practice it in order to fulfill the providence." DP, Resurrection
If you anyway determine to read and study the Word, low spirits may try to make you space out - think of other things, so you don't actually understand what you're reading. In such a case, Satan can even put thoughts in the person's head opposite to what he is actually reading. Thus he will end up believing unprincipled-satanic ideas to be principle. Being able to see spiritually, I witness this kind of things all the time. I saw evil spirit enter and talk through inexperienced, young leaders in STF. The evil spirit world is never asleep and many of our members are totally not protected. That's why we are to read DP with our mind and body united.

Why Study the Principle

Same like the Earth is separated by many borders and restrictions to travel, our mind is compartmentalized by Satan, restricting the free work of our spirit. That's why Father explained, we should read DP beginning to end - to see the complete picture. Please understand, we read DP not simply to learn intellectually, but to liberate our spirit. Each reading will remove one layer of ignorance. Each reading will remove some of the neurological blockages. Each reading will open a bit more our spiritual sensibility to God.

We don't study the Principle to just satisfy our intellectual interests. Father gave specific instructions on how to study and teach the Principle. We study it because it is the pathway to perfection. These are the key principles and secrets of winning the war within ourselves. They are all in this book. This book is that precious. Yet, Satan keeps you from really grasping it, so it takes prayer and efforts. It's a spiritual battle.

In the Physical Mind, all concepts are separated neurological connections. Reading the Principle will start creating the links between all the concepts in your mind. When that happens your spirit mind gets liberated; you start seeing the big picture, from God's higher perspective. You will be enlightened. This will make Satan unable to trap you again in some misleading, trapping neurological connections (Like SC).

It's up to you, to put efforts, pray, ask questions, practice and find the practical meaning of the Principle for any situation. DP is not simply about Adam, Eve, Moses, Jesus, etc., it's about our own daily life, our own course to divinity. See, Study, Know and Believe to Incarnate the Truth
"According to the principle of of creation, man.. was made to be perfected by believing in God's words and practicing them, as his own portion of responsibility." DP, Resurrection

The Principle holds the answer to any question

Father said, the Principle holds the answer to any question. If you understand the Principles of Indemnity, he explained, you can achieve anything. The Messiah is the one who understood God's principles and used them to save the world. Through Moses God was teaching him. And now having these principles - we have to learn and go successfully through our Formula Course of Restoration.
Levels of our Spiritual Growth:
  1.  Formed Spirit - Old Testament Level (Formation Stage)
  2.  Life Spirit - New Testament Level (Growth Stage)
  3.  Divine Spirit - Completed Testament (Completion Stage)
So what is our level? What is the purpose of having the Principle if we grow only to Formation Stage (Formed Spirit)? That's the level Old Testament believers could reach (Middle Spirit World level). What's the meaning of having this Complete Truth if we grow only to the level of a 'life spirit' (Growth Stage)? Christians for 2000 years could reach that level. The meaning of the Principle is to lead us to become Divine Spirits. Enter God's direct dominion. And the most serious question is, how many could rich that stage? These are the ones qualified to be citizens of the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity.

I ask members, "Did you notice what DP explains you will be able to do when you become Divine Spirit?" Most don't even know DP explains such things. They didn't pay attention. But once you rich that spiritual level of growth, you start noticing, "Oh, that's why the Principle says this." Then you notice that Father spoke so much of that. "Oh, why I never noticed before?" Because when we are not grown for it, we don't notice. See:


So, the Divine Principle is not simply an intellectual thing. The Principle teaches the way to perfection, but those who cannot fathom it spiritually do not understand. Others understand and practice. So, it's up to your spiritual level. You keep reading, Father said, and with each new reading, you open another layer of understanding. Your spiritual sensibility expands, he said.

The Sin of Not Teaching DP

In Father's explanation, "such leaders are criminals". He explains, that not teaching the Principle to our members will deprive them of growing spiritually, so it is a big sin. This explanation is included in the booklet for teaching the red part of the Principle. And surely I could hear leaders say openly, "Oh, I don't know DP.. I never knew it.. but that's OK, because..."

So they not only openly admit, they are teaching the members that DP is not important to know. They are creating such a satanic ideology in our own movement. Amazing! Such people are dangerous. They are instruments of evil spirits and they don't know it.

So can you be surprised, that later, other leaders under them were attacking their members for studying or discussing the Principle? Strange! Not that much. When you understand how much the satanic spirit world is mobilized to trick us in such deviations. I see spiritually, so I know how many manipulative tricks they can use. You have to know that the spirit world is very real and involved constantly in everything we do.

And yes, this is a result of spiritual manipulation. Externally, I saw leaders whose humanistic motivation was, that if we study DP we will argue because we don't understand it in the same way. So he didn't want to argue. How tricky evil spirits are! Just look from the other angle, "Oh, how wonderful chance for all of us to learn deeper, while discussing DP, because we have different views and depth of understanding." Amazing! My members were always inspired.

I saw other leaders, arguing that studying DP will deviate us from our mission. What!!! This is our mission, to learn to practice the Principle way, not some ways devised by ourselves, based on experiences from the satanic past. No, only DP can give us the way to cut off with our wrong ways.

Others said, "Oh, I want to find the way by myself." Really!!! For thousands of years, people were searching the way and bringing only more misery. Only the Messiah can find the way. Don't space out. You will never find it yourself because we have many low ancestors and hooks for satan to drag us away. Can I go in few simple examples:






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