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Sanctuary Church - Rev. Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment

Sanctuary Church Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon AR-15 Ceremony World Peace and Unification Sanctuary gun blessing ceremony Couples assault rSanctuary Church
Against his Father's Legacy
Freedom of Resentment and Accusations

One who lives in love, does not need guns, for he has no enemy and is protected by God.  We cannot go with resentment against the resentment. Resentment, accusations and fear trap our minds under evil spiritual influence. We have to love and liberate the original mind of resentful people. See, GOD'S LOVE: TRANSCENDING ALL NATIONS AND BORDERS

"In this age, war is the most primitive and destructive means of resolving conflict, and will never lead to lasting peace.. Humankind should end the perverse cycle of war, which only sacrifices the lives of our children and squanders enormous sums of money (and weapons). The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world." Sun Myung Moon, Peace Message I

One's spirit mind never goes negative, that's the nature of the physical mind, which cannot feel the heart of others and judges externally, feeling no pain in hurting them with accusations. These are the traits of a person abiding only by the physical mind. That's what Sanctuary Church does. They don't understand basics of Rev. Moon's teachings; negative talk generates negative energy.

We see Hyung Jin's sermons full with resentment... Obviously is real in his heart. I can feel compassion... But he should be mature, to understand, that will only send him to hell.. dragging there all the Sanctuary Church with himself.

The spiritual mind always loves. It cannot even think of blaming. It takes all blame upon itself, for the sake of liberating God and humanity. That's when God's power is released; That's the essence of Father's teaching and life. As Mother says, "No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them." That's why we are called Unificationists.

Satan is the Master of Accusations

In Satan's world, however, there is no escape - you're always accused. Your heart is always in pain and agony. Resentment directly connects your heart to the resonance of Hell. Both sides feel pain, the accused ones and the accusers. It's inescapable satanic cycle.

Why Sanctuary Church feels excused to create it? Are they blind? Don't they have hearts! Trapped Emotions made them like that. They block their conscience, making them instruments of evil spirits. Just the opposite, we should always be in the resonance of love. Accusations aim to press others down in Hell, but the resonance of love always searches to liberate the hearts of others.

We should learn to recognize how satanic forces work, not to be misled. They are accusing, accusing and accusing.. until everyone thinks they have solution and will bring something better (CAUSA). On the way they feel excused to use dirty rumors and manipulative hate speech.

Hyung Jin gives all sermons full with accusations. What is that? He should wake up! How that makes God feel. Hitler did that. Marxism did that. Result was millions of lives destroyed and devastated. But while accusing, no one notices that Hyung Jin actually is the one changing all the core principles;

Hyung Jin goes so extreme as calling Father's organizations 'Fraud', Father's wife 'Whore' and 'Lesbian' and his hard working witnessing members, "bozos" (Stupid and insignificant) and 'Punks' (worthless people' - a general term of abuse). Why?

Cycling a problem in your head - Internal Hell

How Trapped Emotions work? Once we start cycling in the brain some unresolved problem, there are neurological connections created. By cycling same problem in the mind over and over again, they become stronger than any other connections and override all other logic. Finally all reasoning becomes subjugated by these stronger neurological connections. As a result the Spirit Mind (Heart) of the person becomes imprisoned by the Physical Mind (Brain).

Now the heart is misdirected in an evil direction; resentments and evil deeds can be excused. Satanic spirits are masters in trapping people through this mechanism. This was Satan's greatest power. Ones trapped this way people will work under evil spirits influence. Once they go in spirit world they themselves become such evil spirits that will come and manipulate others.

How such a person becomes an instrument of evil? To run away from his consciousness he has to constantly cycle excusing logic for his resentment. But that will not solve it. So he will search for external support and start massive multiplication through gossiping. That will bring temporal relief and false feelings of joy, but will not solve the problem. Many righteous and conscientious people were trapped in Hell in this way.

Unresolved Pain in the Heart leads to Resentment

How did Satan drag God's children to Hell? He uses fear and resentment. Unresolved pain in the heart, will inevitably lead to resentment and change ones perspective even to the point of neglecting all core Principles and sane logic. But SC have no remorse for doing that? Why?

At first it is hidden gossiping - sharing displeased emotions, like Ham (DP p. 258). But once he finds enough support he feels the power to multiply evil openly and viciously, with no remorse, calling his own mother, "beach of beaches" and "theological lesbian". How much more bizarre things can go! All this seems strange and confusing if we don't understand the spiritual reasons behind.

Spiritual Reasons Behind the Resentment

I have the ability to see ones lineage and what kind of spiritual influences are upon him. When I look spiritually, I could see 100 million historic resentful people doing returning resurrection through Sanctuary Church.

God showed me 70 000 evil angelic leaders - masters of lying, tricking and misleading - working directly on Hyung Jin. Yet I could see that his lineage is clean, there is no personal base for that invasion. It's all for the purpose of some Cosmic level indemnity. Read Father's prayer blessing Hyung Jin

Just few evil angels are sometimes enough to control and manipulate a person. But why so many are mobilized to trapped one pure child of God. These leading demonic angels control all the evil influences in the world. Yet now they are trapped in one person; doing everything to change his perception of reality; make his mind so blurred, even core principles are overpowered by the fixation on these trapped emotions.

Fallen Feelings have to Reappear to be Resolved

Why God and True Father allowed that to happen? Historic fallen natures and resentments can only be resolved if they reappear for a period of time and are reversed and resolved. In this case there are different levels of Indemnity to be completed at the same time; Individual, Family, World and Cosmic Indemnity.

1. On individual level: To qualify and enter the realm of perfection, everyone has to go through a period of complete rejection, yet 'gladly endure' - meaning overcome these heavy historic feelings without resentment. This is the very reason Father pushed away his own children once they have reached to the top of the growth stage. For the same reason many of our best leaders, lecturers and missionaries also experienced a period of complete rejection. Those who overcame could enter the benefits of the age - to grow to Divine Spirit. Those who failed, developing resentments, were trapped under Satan's dominion, or stayed struggling, confused and nonfunctional. They are easy pray for Sanctuary Church - having the same common base of unresolved feelings.

2. On Church level: To divide good and evil within the Church, God caries the providence of separation. All those who failed into resentment, humanism or other deviations of the Principle have to separate on the Cain (Physical Mind) side. The rest of the Church has to realize what's wrong with that and center on the Principle, cleansing itself from all humanism, criticism, gossiping etc. Therefore if the Church does not stand centered on the Spirit Mind people, in pure connection to God and the Principle, it will also fail into faithlessness; Goodness will be not established. In no way God can work if the Church is a mixture of good and evil, as it is right now. God is not clear. Confused members gossip and accuse. Principle education is not priority. Members don't even know the Principle. Thus, entering in the Age after the coming of CIG, we have to go through the indemnity period of the Divided Kingdom, to resolve that.

3. On Cosmic level:God wants the True Family to quickly make indemnity for all these evil forces to be liberated so that humanity can be free to enter CIG. Hyung Jin has no evil lineage allowing them to invade him. Definitely God and TF had allowed that for the purpose of indemnity.

Indemnity for all Historic Resentments

How historic indemnity is made? There has to be someone who takes all those feelings of historic resentment (Cain figure). They will come on him and he will feel them as his own. And there has to be Able figure on God's side, accused with  all these resentments and accusations, yet gladly endure without responding (creating common base on the level of resentment). This way all these resentful spirits, dragged by Satan to Hell by resentment, will be liberated.

The period of indemnity will last until all trapped emotions of resentment are reversed and liberated through Abel's victorious heart. Thus finally, the Cain figure - object of those feelings, will be able to open his heart and overcome. When that happens humanity will be free of all this evil spiritual influence. Satan will be left with no objects to work through. And as we see this is also a process of resurrection for the Evil Angels too.

HJN Takes on Himself Historic Resentments

How HJN helps God's providence. All historic resentments come on him with full power. He has to liberate all historical failures - unresolved feelings in heart. That's why TF prayed over HJN's Inauguration, that his family has to "gain victory over resentment". The resentment,

 1. of all saints dragged by Satan to resentment when pushed away.
 2. of all gossiping, negative, spirits and angels
 3. of the failure of UC members
 4. Separate good and evil in our own church (humanistic and negative)

Indemnity is successful by reversing the 4 fallen natures, overcoming the historic resentment and obediently follow God's representative - TM. That's why Father blessed him, "to relieve.. the bitter pain of the cosmos.. have to overcome the bitter pain.. of resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."

Pastor Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon and his wife, Yeon-Ah Lee, not yet able to overcome that resentment, created a dangerous sect. Sure, we disagree with the Sanctuary Church sect holding gun blessing ceremony with AR-15 assault rifles. The Sanctuary Church deviated from the Unificationist ideals and reverted to fear, judgementalism and negativity; in complete opposition to Rev. Sun Myung Moon's teachings of Peace, Love and Unification. Yet, we pray for them to successfully overcome that heavy historic burden of carrying the resentment of all ages on their shoulders. 

True Mother Takes all the Indemnity

True Mother is the only woman in human history that showed absolute obedience and overcame all the historic resentments against husbands. Now she is taking the most difficult indemnity, to be accused by her own children. Yet, spiritually, this is the love and grace of God and True Parents, who want to quickly liberate all of humanity and the whole spirit world, including Hell. Everything has to be restored to God's all embracing love.

1. Indemnity for Liberating All Humanity
2. Indemnity for all Mothers that Triangulated against Fathers 

So many people in history have become trapped in Hell because of Gossiping (sharing displeased feelings - thus multiplying evil). Yet, this problem is mostly due to mothers. Instead of teaching their children to love and respect father, they have heartistically shared displeased feelings against husband with their children. The hearts of their children thus became twisted and satanic. Intimacy for them was to find common base to gossip. They knew no other love, than sharing such negative emotions.

Mothers made their hearts satanic. Now True Mother, the only woman that didn't do that, is taking the Indemnity and the accusations for all these mothers in history. Her son has to accuse her and resent her, on behalf of all these children trapped in Hell.

Divine Principle best describes this process in the story of Ham. Father clearly explains that this was because of Noah's wife, constantly accusing him and transmitting that to her children.

Multiplication of Displeased Feelings

1. Ham's Sin: Gossiping

What Ham did was multiplication of his displeased feelings. This was Gossiping, against the God's representative - direct expression of the 4 fallen natures. DP gives the key points of this evil process.

1. Seeing from self-centered perspective
2. Displeased feelings
3. Stirring up the same emotion in others
4. They are now agitated by Ham in the same emotion to resent the person in God's position

What Hyung Jin is doing is exactly that. He multiplies his displeased feelings against TM on world scale. Now gathering representatives in all countries - on the common base of resentment (unresolved pain). And through threats triggers the fallen nature and provokes doubts, insecurity and fear - all low resonance, allowing Satan to invade.

2. Recreating ones Hell in Listener's Minds

How Lucifer deceived Eve in the Garden? He twisted the logic.. He recreated his problem in Eve. Hyung Jin also changes all DP logic.. he reverses DP same like Lucifer. Hyung Jin's speeches are short inspiration and than accusations and accusations. In YouTube videos they read 2 min HDH and than have 1 hour accusations. That's really satanic. Nothing to do with Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Love. Can we accuse that? No! It's painful. It hurts God. It makes us sad.

The logic is also Satanic; tells you something, you say yes, than makes emotional conclusion, not connected with the logic. But in the brain this immediately creates neurological connection with this conclusion. The memory stays in the mind associated with the emotions he stirred up.

Thus resentful people recreate the hell in their own heads into the minds of all those who are listening to them. Soon listeners cannot free themselves from the same emotions of resentment and hate. Now they don't know what to do with these emotions, but multiply around. It goes bizarre, to the point of calling TM in video lectures, "the beach of beaches", "the hoer of hoers", "theological lesbian" etc.

All signs of heavy trapped emotions. In this state a person is abject of enormous evil spiritual forces, using him to generate more and more hatred and evil energy, which is projected against the person doing God's Will. Now you understand why all God representatives were so resented and killed in history.

Our Responsibility to love and liberate

True Family is paying historic indemnity and takes the burden of all unresolved evil of the world with the sole purpose of quickly liberating the whole of humanity. We were supposed to liberate that, but we failed. We have no right to accuse. We can pray and take responsibility, but cannot interfere with Hyung Jin's responsibility. Yet our prayers and love can help to liberate him.
"My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable ... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother
Supporting Hyung Jin we keep him under Satan. Accusing him we become Satan. He is TP's son, he is not a problem. All trapped in him spirits can learn that they can be forgiven and loved, same like a True Child will be forgiven. This way their hearts will be liberated to come back to God. This is God's sole purpose - liberating all of his children, even from the bottom of Hell. Continues: PART 2
Sanctuary Church Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon AR-15 Ceremony World Peace and Unification Sanctuary gun blessing ceremony Couples assault rifles;
Sanctuary Church Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon AR-15 Ceremony World Peace and Unification Sanctuary gun blessing ceremony Couples assault rifles;
Resentment: Parallels between Hyung Jin, Cain & Solomon
Resonance of Heart: Resonate with God's Love
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Neo-Moonies Sean Moon and brother, Justin Moon, founder Kahr Firearms Group Bizarre AR-15 Church Ceremony. World Peace and Unification Sanctuary holds gun blessing ceremony Couples tote AR-15 assault rifles to Pennsylvania church blessing. What to Know About the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Pennsylvania church blesses couples bearing AR-15 rifles Pastor Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon and his wife, Yeon-Ah Lee, lead a marriage blessing ceremony at World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pa.

Antagonism is not our way. H2 is following the path of past failures


Free your Heart from Negativity
Love will resolve everything. Never follow the path of Negativity


Turning against everything Father ever said


  1. Thank you so much for this detailed and sincere analysis!

  2. Read the article on Heart Resonance of Love; "Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness.. If you live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way." - Father On Spiritual Help

    The Heart in the Resonance of Love has no negativity and resentment, it have forgiven the unforgivable and loved enemies unlovable.

    These are the trapped emotions of SC... that need liberation and healing. Theological arguments are wrong dirrection.... they will not solve their Trapped Emotions

  3. In the Providence of Restauration when Satan invades God's chosen People, God sent prophets and ask for repentance. If the people do not repent then God divides Good and Evil and apply His Judgement. exemple is Samuel concerning Elihah's family:1.Samuel chapter 2-3. Jeremia chapter 11. The words of prohets comes from God and they are judgemental. Even the prophets were scared to tell the truth because it is painfull, but they had to obey God. I think they are a lot of things in our Federation we have to repent. I thank HyungJin Nim for His courage and painfull task He has to do. As Eliah the prophet felt alone and against all.
    We also can hide ourselves in speaking about True Love and forgiveness.
    But open your eyes and see what has happend in Cheong Pyeong with the DaeMoe Nim providence and how this medium pushed to stop True Father's respiratory equipment. Who was against it : HyungJin Nim and KookJin Nim. Let's open our Hearts and repent !

    1. Question: How that gives right to HJN to deny all core Principles? How that gives him the right to claim TF did not create perfect Family - meaning he is not the Messiah - he never reached the realm of God's Direct Dominion. Because if he did, it's only as a Perfect Couple - individual cannot do it alone.

  4. This is such a great example of Trapped Emotions - Cycling in his head over and over again, if TF was supposed to go to Sp.W. Fixated on that problem, Physical Mind creates inescapable prison.. starts blaming - judging Externally - from Humanistic view point.

    Now resentment is excused with "I'm the only one telling the truth". And than he starts talking everything against all TF lived for and was teaching us. How that's the Truth, that's against the Truth - that's Satanic!

    Now is OK to teach against Muslims.. we don't have to be Unificationists anymore. Now we love each other by teaching hatred. Who cares TF invested so much for uniting religions.

    Trapped Emotions makes us so fixated on some fiction problem, that now we can destroy all the foundation of our faith. Destroy the first perfect 4 Position Foundation - 3 positions are enough.. How is that possible!!??

    It is not HJN to accuse - it is to liberate him and all members, trapped in this inescapable Hell.

    We have to understand: They suffer trapped in this logic - from that state they have no freedom to do anything else, but accuse and accuse.. multiplying resentment. It's a non stop hell in their minds.. only talking it brings some false, temporal relieve. They are not guilty, SATAN uses that Mind Trap to multiply his Will.

  5. One fact that supports this article is that when TF prayed over HgJN and his wife when they were crowned, he prayed that their course would involve gaining victory over resentment. I think you article is correct about that.

    Inauguration of HgJN as International President - May 3, 2008
    TF's prayer: "With this blessing prayer.. I am letting you know that once you become such people you can become historical representatives.. become the owner of the word.. but also approach its deeper content, you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment.".. at East Garden, you will see the inscription: "Achieving Victory over Resentment." Whose bitter pain are you relieving? It is the bitter pain of the cosmos, of heaven and earth. You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. Later you must go beyond the bitter pain of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam.''

  6. Yes.. It took me time checking all these things in the Spirit World.. I can see all the spiritual forces involved.. But it took me time, until God allowed me to zero into the Providential reasons behind Sanctuary Church and HJN. Especially, which part of it is our responsibility.. which part I or UC has to liberate...

    God moves my heart, every time when I communicate with Him. He is amazing! His Heart, once you get to know Him, is always loving.. giving everything to liberate even those from the bottom of Hell. My prayer is for SC to experience God's Heart, because if they do, their resentment will automatically disappear.

  7. Your piece is brilliant. Totally moved my heart.

  8. This is a must read for all members. Thank you for posting this!

  9. patient endurance, quieting the mind, i'm finding a pathway into Hyung Jin Nim's heart and his member's hearts. your explanation about the thousands of evil leaders influencing his mind is understandable. funny that even he admitted in his fireside chat video that he was collecting all the Cain members in SC. i do believe in practicing exactly what Father taught us to win Cain. Thanks for sharing. May the light of love continue to shine.

  10. "No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother

    With this heart, we will never have Trapped Emotions and Resentments!

  11. The problem, as I see it, is we are looking outside ourselves for resolution. The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You, people!

    Forgive, even if they don't change their ways, simply because it frees your own heart.

    Resolving resentment and guilt. That's the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. And you don't have to wait for the other that you resent to repent in order to forgive.

    The key is within you.

  12. Craig, that's deep: We are in the age after the coming of CIG... The only thing needed is Citizens of CIG. But that means people with united Mind and Body.. People who grew to Completion stage.. can feel God's Heart and communicate directly with him, as DP explains!

    When THINK how many such members we have, we realize where is THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. If we as Individuals and Families experience God's Heart and live in oneness with Him...

    no SC can deviate us in Resentment, Accusation.. Instead, we will be able to win and restore them with Love.. Restore the whole world actually!

  13. Who is writing this article? You can see 70,000 bad spirits working on HJN and millions in SC. Did you tell him about this article for a response? What's your qualification? HJN's is that he's the son of the Messiah. I don't know how you can evaluate him. It sounds like you have some gossiping spirits yourself.

    1. Good point! True Mother is the wife of the Messiah, and still is.. Yet, Sanctuary Church evaluates and criticizes her.. That makes Hyungjin same like Ham and takes his authority. He stepped out of the Principle. Help him... CORRECT HIM

  14. I see HgJN's sermons are full with resentment... Obviously is real in his heart. But he should be mature, to understand, that will only send him to hell... He should quickly resolve his feelings with his Mother. Hultiplying his resentments in the hearts of the others is EVIL and UNFORGIVABLE SIN

  15. I refuse to allow you to slander HyungJinNim. Unless you have walked in his shoes, you are not qualified to utter even a single word of judgement. Do not spread your lies as if they are truth. Writing a whole page as if it came from higher authority. God will weigh the heart. Best be silent. Leave people to their own thoughts. We have our own original mind. Don't tell us what to think by blurring it all out in one mad intellectual rant.

    1. I'm sorry! No one needs to walk in the shoes of gossiping, resentment and distorting Father's words... It's evil! We don't need these shoes. He should stop it. History will be full with pain if he continues this evil road.

  16. Thanks for the correct expression, HJN is "blurring it all out in one mad intellectual rant"! These is result of his Trapped Emotions - he is not on himself.

    Read the article, Satan is to judge, HJN is to be liberated. We understand, it is his failure to overcome resentment, but we cannot judge him for that. We can only reveal how Satan trapped him.

    What the heart of resentment weighs? Enough to send you to Hell. As Unificationists we don't want anyone go to Hell. Love is eternal!

    HJN says TM will go to Hell.. If that's his feeling, as a filial son he should be ready to die for her and show absolute loyalty, to the point of winning her heart.

    But he quickly jumped in resentment, same like he did before towards his older brother. And than, HJN multiplies and multiplies evil.

  17. I am honestly as tired of the attacks on HJN as I am of his terrible actions against True Mother. For goodness sake let us all just get on with spreading Gods word and giving the Blessing, that should be using all our energy instead of these endless tirades against HJN. None of us is without sin and who knows what we may do in the future.

  18. Thanks Andy,
    Please read the article carefully, it calls for love and understanding of HJN's difficult burden... taking the historic resentments

    Wishing HJN to overcome and do not continue with his resentments.

    Calling for members to send love... prayers to help liberate his heart from the pain that caused his trapped emotions and hatred towards his mom and UC

    If you want to stop the hate, write to HJN... I think is the right thing to do - TELL HYUNGJIN STRAIGHT FORWARD TO STOP WITH GSOSSIPING AND THE ACCUSING TALKS

    BUT SINCERELY, Andy, you don't call for peace, you call for give up and allowing HJN to destroy the movement. Truth is Truth. HJN has to stop with the hate talk. It's Evil!


  19. Our way is the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. That was Father's teaching and tradition. But Hyung Jin's way is the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. IT'S THAT BIG of a DIFFERENCE

    1. Yet the Neo-Moonies Sean Moon and brother, Justin Moon, founder Kahr Firearms Group did The Bizarre Story Behind the AR-15 Church Ceremony of World Peace and Unification Sanctuary holds gun blessing ceremony Couples tote AR-15 assault rifles to Pennsylvania church blessing What to Know About the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Pennsylvania church blesses couples bearing AR-15 rifles Pastor Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon and his wife, Yeon-Ah Lee, lead a marriage blessing ceremony at World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pa.

  20. wholeheartedlywhole heartedly agree that the only solution is practicing forgiveness, practicing love, practicing unity. True Mother amazes me. Her capacity of heart and character amaze me. Our goal to embody and substantiate what Mother and Father teach us is a very high one, but in the end, only by connecting to God's love and practicing it towards others, being guided by God's Words can we see hope. I keep the True Family and True Tribe in my prayer. I pray that the ignorance, confusion, misunderstandings and misconceptions can be quickly resolved in not only the True Family and Tribe, but in all the blessed families, too, so that we can live and act in harmony with Heavenly Parent's desire and multiply goodness.


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