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Sanctuary Church: Parallels between Hyungjin and Solomon

Sanctuary Church Hyungjin parallels with Can Solomon Unification church guidance on Hyung jin moon and Sanctuary Church
Victory over Resentment:

Parallels between Hyungjin and Solomon

Being responsible for educating sec.gen. brought me to the necessity to explain Sanctuary Church issue in a "no hate", yet clear way, so our youth can clearly distinguish the danger of "go resentful".. why it happens.. and where it leads.  

The Heart in the Resonance of Love has no negativity and resentment, it has forgiven the unforgivable and loved enemies unlovable, TM explains.
Spiritual Experience: The reality of Satan around us

In 2014 TF mobilized the whole sp.w. to start working with the Earth. In 2015 that happened. At that time God asked me to allow Him, to open my sp.senses for 100 days. He showed me how painful the situation looks spiritually. DMN and some other Elder brothers and sisters from the sp.w. cam to teach me. I had to undergo the attacks of evil angels and manipulative spirits until I've learned to deal with them.

It was a painful experience similar to the one DMN described, when she saw the stuck spirits in our bodies. There is a constant spiritual influence around us. I could see how evil spirits enter and talk trough people, change their mood into negative - to provoke misunderstandings, struggles, accusations and divisions. Some of the experiences were with Hyungjin. I saw him fighting the evil angels, being invaded again and again by them, yet trying his best to stand up... 

Than God showed me how tricky these evil angels were, how much they can twist persons mind and perception, to the point where unprinciple can seem principle, and vice verse. It was scary to see, how they block some parts of the memory, so reality and truth become sifted. Now, when I talk to SC members, I'm socked how many of these fallen angels' believes have entered Sanctuary Church.  Already few members, dealing with SC, compared their state with possession. But why it all happen?

Father Blessed HJN to take the resentment of all ages

This is an important fact; When TF prayed over HJN's Inauguration, he prayed that their family course would involve gaining victory over resentment. TF literally said, 
"With this blessing prayer.. I am letting you know that.. when you become the owner of the word and.. approach its deeper content, you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment." TF prayer 
Why HJN's couple has to "achieve victory over resentment"? It means, they have to experience it and overcome it. TF clearly directs him; resentment will come.. "You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - OT, NT, CT": 
"Whose bitter pain are you relieving? It is the bitter pain of the cosmos, of heaven and earth.
You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages.
"Later you must go beyond the bitter pain of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam." TF prayer
True Father foretold in his prayer that all the pain and resentment from unresolved past sins will come upon this couple and they have to "achieve victory over resentment." Of course it doesn't sound easy to do, but "you must go beyond this bitter pain", Father told him. Note the words, "Later you must go beyond," signifying that it will take some mathematical period of time, while these feelings of resentment are upon him.

God warning Cain as TF warned HJN

In a similar way God said to Cain, "sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it." God foretold him of his part in this indemnity and said, " If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?" Genesis 4-7

The very same way TF blessed HJN.. "the pain of this sin will come upon you, but you have to achieve victory over this historic resentment. I'll not be in the physical world to help you with that."  Meaning, TF already has to be in the Spiritual World, but it's required Indemnity you will have to go trough.

We have to understand Hyungjin's heart. He and Kookjin did so much with great heart. We love them. But going through the rejection, experiencing unresolved historic resentments, they had to keep faith, "If you do the right thing".. "gaining victory over resentment".. you will be accepted, you will be blessed, you will be allowed to enter the realm of God's Heart. The rejection was "God's Blessing in Disguise". If they knew the Principle well, they had to recognize, that's what they are going through, it's God's love and blessing for them.

However, as many great lecturers in the church, who faced such rejection (required by the Principle, before entering the realm of perfection - dominion over the angels), they lost faith, looked externally - blaming those who rejected them and thus failed. So, what was supposed to turn as their blessing, allowing them to become divine spirits, became their downhill, connecting them to Hell (bitter unresolved feelings of resentment in their hearts). Now, controlled by those feelings, they were invaded by Satan, twisting and struggling to find the path out, yet projecting the resentment from their hearts to those around them; with every effort bringing more and more disaster for God's providence.. dividing the church and making members to resent each other. We cannot serve two masters, it's our responsibility to overcome the resentment in our hearts. But why was this failure possible exactly at that stage?

Parallel between Solomon and HJN

Same like Solomon, Hyungjin was crowned with the responsibility to build the Temple and "serve God's will", thus, "enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized". Replace Solomon with HJN in DP p. 429 and you'll read:
"If at that time King Solomon (HJN) had served God's will to the end, he could have unified all the Eastern countries.. he could have formed a worldwide territory enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized. However, due to the fall of King Solomon (HJN), God had to work.. tearing down his monarchic society."
Thus, because of Solomon's (HJN's) failure the period of Divided Kingdom started. But what exactly was Solomon's (HJN's) failure? We read, that he "was to realize God's Word... erect the temple... and exalt it" (DP p.413). "But because King Solomon (HJN) worshiped the gentile gods.. the Kingdom was divided" (DP p. 416). If HJN was invaded by these evil angels, believing their lies, we can see the parallel with the 'spirit worshiping' in the Period of the Divided Kingdom. 

Parallel with the United Kingdom 120 yrs

After the 12 years (2000-2012) of Coronations and establishing the Temple, according to Divine Principle, TF has to go to be in the Spiritual World. Parallels of History seems to apply for our course too.

These 12 years correspond to the 120 years of establishing the Jewish Kingdom and 120 years of establishing the Christian Kingdom. After this 12 years starts the Divided Kingdom, where the children divided it for the sake of separation of good and evil.

In the Period of Divided Kingdom the kingdom was started, amidst the satanic culture, so separation of good and evil was necessary. Instead, they were invaded by the satanic ideologies and practices. We are at the same point, CIG started, but we live in the satanic world. UC has to clean up all unprincipled base in itself, all influence of Humanism, Selfishness, Negativity etc.

Influenced by other religions HJN deviated from the Principle

There are enough signs that HJN was influenced by other religions and deviated from the Principle, not understanding TF's words:

* Influenced by Christian historic misunderstandings, HJN talks against the Muslims - instead of uniting with TF's reaching and work to unite religions. Also, his sermons are centered on the Bible, rather than the Principle.

* Influenced by Buddhist misunderstanding, HJN was teaching against the Four Realms of Heart - suggesting we should look at the opposite sex as funny, ugly, stupid so that we don't get tempted. How can that help learn pure brother-sister love? What kind of preparation is that for our attitude towards our spouse?

* HJN was to exalt the Word; Instead of exalting the Principle as his guide and Subject, he puts himself over the Word and started changing and neglecting it. Even Father many times repeated, that he has to follow the Word absolutely as his Subject, and cannot deviate from it. Yet HJN claims title of a King and Central Figure, while denying all core Unification Principles; of Love, Unification, FPF etc.

* HJN was to exalt True Parents (the Messianic Ideal) - yet, he invests all his energy to destroy the position of True Parents, by excluding True Mother from it. Teaching, she will not go to Heaven, but TF will erect another wife. In this way HJN neglects and destroys all TF's accomplishment and teachings. Can you accept that TF now hates TM from the sp.w.? They actually hesitate to answer if that means, TF is only on the level of Paradise. Gradually they are heading in direction to completely deny TF's position and ideal.

HJN goes so far, as to deny the value of the Blessings TF has given, and use fear and treats to trigger the fallen nature of members, pushing them to doubt and be confused. HJN invests all his energy to destroy and divide UC. How is that good?

* HJN was to exalt goodness - yet, he multiplies; Resentment, Fear, Threats, Confusion, Accusations, Division, Gossiping, Manipulation, Disrespect to Parents, Rebellion, Changing Tradition and Principles... these are the characteristics of SC. Is that good? No! Good is the opposite; Love, Unity, Harmony, Obedience, Respect. The Principle is clear, "History developed towards good by constantly... separating good from evil." (p. 426) All negative members, with unresolved Trapped Emotions are attracted to SC.

Separate Good and Evil within the Church

When I ask God, "Can I solve HJN problem?", He says, "No!".. And I feel his pain.. and tears start dropping my face! Whatever I ask Him, from then on... I only feel God's Heart is crying and crying. I only hope you can feel His Heart too.. because, otherwise it's difficult to tell you His final answer, concerning our responsibility as a Church.

Read carefully the Principle. After establishing the Kingdom we are responsible to expand it's ideal in the Satanic world (establish substantially CIG). To do that, the chosen people have to separate themselves from any ideological deviations. Centered on the Truth, UC has to win ideologically and assimilate the fallen world culture. 

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel faced the same problem in this period - being invaded by satanic ideologies. Today's fallen world ideology is Humanism (Relativism). Humanistic books influence so many of the members. How can God work? Even in our church, when someone states what's principle, he is so often attacked by Humanistic members. Many of our lecturers started openly mixing the truth with self-loving humanism, because it sounds good. We are invaded!

Many members don't even understand what's wrong with Humanism. In short, Humanism is the Ideology excusing reversal of dominion on all levels; (S over O, Horizontal over Vertical, External over Internal, Children over Parents, Man over God). That's why TF always said, Humanism and Communism are our biggest enemies. Yet so many UC members are invaded by the false, self-centered love of Humanism and the Resentment of Communism, without being aware of it. SC represents both and drags like a magnet UC members with such common base.

HJN don't See the Spiritual Perspective

It is clear that all SC does is find common base of resentment and multiply it to the point when nothing principle is left. Question is why HJN, a pure Heavenly child, is so full of resentment, which no UC member should keep in his heart? Read Sanctuary Church: Freedom of Resentment and find out. 

Few times God asked me to open my senses to understand different providential things. I could see spiritually the situation of the Blessed families.. how man spirits are inside their bodies, working constantly for Satan's will; whispering in their ears and manipulating their feelings and actions against God's will. It's painful to see how much that hurts God and prevents the good sp.w. to support us. In our ignorance and spiritual blindness we often fight for Satan's will, believing this is the right thing.

Their stumbling block: Father's Passing

One of the main arguments HJN uses to accuse Mother is TF's death. Of course death could not be prevented, but looking humanistically he blamed TM and DaeMoe Nim for stopping True Father's respiratory equipment.

HJN's wife video is typical gossiping of personal, private affairs; Remind me some manipulative gossiping techniques. With soft, heartistic, sweet voice, so people can open their hearts, she shared all kind of twisted inner stories, to discredit TM. But the facts did not support the ugly picture she was so manipulatively depicting. 1: True Mother just mentioned that she felt bad of TF's talk about her to members. 2: TF's health was deteriorated, beyond any chance and meaning to keep him on systems. Even TC from spirit world came waiting for him to ascend. But HJN didn't have faith. TF could transit to the sp.w. at his home, not on systems, thanks to TM. But HJN did not believe sp.w. and started accusing. Went against TM, so she asked him to go 'cool down' for 3 years. Why keeping gossiping person at the top of the church, to destroy it. But even than he couldn't overcome his arrogant, accusing attitude.

"Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others" - emotional multiplication of evil, bringing distrust, divisions.. unity with Satan's heart!
DP 259: "Instead of trusting.. joy.. innocent.. without concealment.. inseparable oneness.. without any negative sense.. from same position and heart as God.. This shows us that we need patience and obedience to go the way of Heaven.. However, Satan invaded the family through Ham's mistake."

In this story HJN feels self-righteous for protecting Father's life. That became his fixation. In his mind 'Mother killed Father'. Fixated on that, he cannot see, how his actions are leading do destruction of all Father achieved. He was invaded. As DP says, "Satan, who had been watching to see if there was any condition for him to invade in Noah's sons as his objects.." DP: 260.

How ignorant of the reality of the spirit world and the providential timing. We all wanted TF to be with us on Earth, but we cannot go against God's time-table. Father proclaimed 2 important things at HJN's Inauguration: 1st - NJN has to gain victory over resentment and 2nd - TF has no much time left in the physical world to help with that.  
"However, they (HJN's couple) must surmount the hill that is the realm of the heart.. yet I do not have much time left to do that with you." TF
Yet if we understand the Principle correctly, no matter how much we miss Father, it is obvious that 2012 was to be his last year on earth. Why?

Why 2012 was TF's Last year on Earth

First, God's Kingdom cannot start without the unity of the spiritual and physical worlds. TF is the only person who can enter and open CIG realm in the Spirit World. Father had to stand as the center of the spiritual world and Mother as the center of the physical world, so that the Age after the Coming of CIG could start 2013.

In 2011 TF proclaimed what will happen in 2013; Rev. Moon told his audience that from Jan, 13, 2013, "the Union of the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds" will be established on earth for the first time" and that "[the world] will enjoy tranquility and happiness in the sacred reign of peace."

Without TF in the Spirit World, this realm cannot open - no one else is on that level; No one else had achieved it in his physical life. How to proclaim in 2013 something, that's not open yet in the spirit world? TF was preparing us that he has to go there. 

By 2013 True Father was already in the spirit world. It had to be, so that the two worlds will start uniting. According to the message from spirit world, received from Nelson Mandela, 2014 the spirit world was preparing centering on True Father, to substantially come and start working with the physical world, from 2015. Many have experienced that and many have started to open their spiritual sensitivity, including me.

Why Theological Arguments don't Help

HJN and Sanctuary Church are pure example of trapped emotions, that need liberation and healing. Theological arguments are wrong direction, they will not solve their Trapped Emotions. Accusing them is only to respond on their level, yet, to help - we have to explain where they go wrong.

The problem is huge, but is problem of UC, because even SC are UC members. UC has to quickly stand centered on DP, clean up from Humanism - which our Church is now full with, and understand that Resentment, which SC is centered on, has nothing to do with our faith. 

If someone thinks we should become resentful, than he is more SC like, rather than Unificationist. Instead we should understand HJN's difficult position and responsibility in God's Providence.

We don't Blame but Pray for HJN

Of course, HJN has to overcome this resentment. It's his responsibility. But from my viewpoint, it is my failure. It's not HJN creating this historic resentment.. it's evil sp.w. that has to be restored... did he make them evil spirits... or is he a victim of evil spirit's influence? Are TC responsible to restore our fallen ancestors from Hell, or we are responsible for that? I feel pain, thinking that TC and TM have to pay indemnity because of me.. because of my ancestor's failures.. because of our church failures. My heart is broken even thinking of it. All my spirit wants to find the way to help, heal and liberate that... as soon as possible! I cannot stand thinking of the pain God endures, watching this miserable situation and division in the UC. 

Is it just SC who succumb to resentment, rather than multiply love? No! SC is only projection of an internal problem within the UC. They just find the members who are already resentful and unite to multiply evil together. Therefore, we have to overcome resentment within ourselves and withing UC first and stand firmly centered on the Principle. Than, SC will not be a problem.

Yes.. It took me time checking all these things in the Sp.W. I can see all the spiritual forces involved.. But it took me time, until God allowed me to zero into the Providential reasons behind all of this. Especially, which part of it is our responsibility.. which part I or UC has to liberate... 

God moves my heart, every time when I communicate with Him. He is amazing! His Heart, once you get to know Him, is always loving.. giving everything to liberate even those from the bottom of Hell. My prayer is for SC to experience God's Heart, because if they do, their resentment will automatically disappear. But truth is, SC members are UC members. So the real problem is, why so few UC members have experienced God's Heart so real? Let's quickly grow to perfect our character.. mind and body unity... and become citizens of CIG. It's a fact; Ideal World cannot emerge without citizens. 
Sanctuary Church King Hyungjin Moon Unification Church Family Federation Sanctuary Church
Sanctuary Church King Hyungjin Moon Unification Church Family Federation Sanctuary Church

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  1. The firs thing that struck me, was; Sancuarians don't talk like members...they don't think like members, anymore. You can imagine what will happen in the future. In time nothing will be left from TF's words and tradition. HJN already had destroyed it. He killed everything precious from the believes and tradition TF left.

    So Painful. God's Heart is broken!

  2. It's a good article, with a lot of wisdom.

    I enjoyed reading it.

    I really like the section immediately after Solomon, where you go through a list of ways SC has deviated. And I very much appreciate your spiritual explanation about what is going on in the providence.

    Another thing: the providential reason why Father gave the burden of resolving resentment to Hyung jin Nim is that he failed to fulfill the Cain-Abel restoration with his brother Hyun Jin Nim, as Father had requested him to do. So, when he as Abel failed to fulfill his responsibility, he inherited Cain's portion.

    You can research Father's words when he placed Hyun Jin and Kook jin in Cain and Abel positions; also what Hyung jin Nim was supposed to do as Abel to Kook jin Nim.

    1. Fascinating content to ponder (pray and discern.)

  3. Lots of important insights here.

    Thanks... The idea of HgJn in the position of Solomon is one that I too believe in.

  4. Yes, same like Solomon failed, influenced by other ideologies, Hyungjin also... First was mislead by Buddhism... now by Christianity.. We like both Buddhism and Christianity, but he took their failures.. and deviated from the Principle.

    Some failures:
    1. Christians used Bible to judge others - HJN does the same!
    2. Christians brainwashed themselves repeating few quotes, neglecting the rest

    - HJN did the same with TF's words; repeating only the words of TF where to elevate himself in a position... and all the words of TF, allowing him to accuse other (Well that's Evil... and definitely self-centered)

    So they now teach DP and TF's words only in a way that serves their selfish agendas - mainly to accuse and accuse.

    Obviously that's vitally important for their existence and in some strange way is the very common base uniting them around HJN.

    For every normal person, with heart and conscience, that seems evil and sick. But for some reason they are all facinated exactly by this aspect - gossiping, resentment, accusations... it gives them life, makes them feel loved, feel accepted, feel understood.

    After years of keeping this resentment in their hearts. Finally they can freely talk about it with others who support them in this resentment and accusations. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS ! - This will not liberate their hearts. This is just Satan's lie, that revenging, judging, will some how set them free of the pain. But not! They just have entered int he trap, where all who ended in Hell had fallen.

    Why? It's returning resurrection... of all these trapped in Hell. But can SC liberate them? No! TM is the one taking the accusations and making the indemnity, by gladly enduring. Yet, keeping such loving heart. This is amazing!

  5. The author of this blog post is stating that Hyung Jin Nim is motivated by resentment and resentful evil spirits. That is not the case. We can see that he is motivated by his love and loyalty toward True Father. In addition, most members who agree with what he has shared during the last year are not motivated by resentments either. Of course, their is a great disappointment and frustration that UC leadership has been silent and never answered the important issues that were brought to light. This post also avoid to deal with the inconsistencies, contradictions and the new theology that True Mother is teaching. Some members on both sides did not show good behavior in their internet comments. It is regrettable. This I would agree on but the premises of the author here are wrong.

  6. Wrong! HJN is not motivated by resentment. He has trapped emotions, he couldn't overcome, they push him to be resentful. Of course he thinks, he is motivated because of his love for Father... so much, so he is ready to destroy all Father achieved.

    Well - these articles answered all important issues. Now I brought it to light - why HJN reverses the Truth? Why he thinks gossiping and resentment are good? All SC evil manipulative, satanic methods... Everything gets revealed!

    SC continues to avoid to deal with the inconsistencies, contradictions and the strange new theology that Hyung jin is teaching. That looks nothing like Unificationism, nothing like Fathers teaching and traditions.

    Fact: Mostly members of SC show labeling, intimidating behavior in their internet comments. It is regrettable.

  7. I wonder if Jesus had "resentment" toward the scribes and pharisees?

    1. If he had, he would be in Hell, and be unable to open the realm of Paradise.


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