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Akiane: Little Girl from Idaho Drawing Heaven

Akiane: Akiane Kramarik - Prodigy Painter & Poet Little Girl from Idaho Drawing Heaven

Akiane: Little Girl from Idaho

Something happen to this little girl that affected her from a very young age. She had visions. Many visions. Visions of light and sound. She paints what she sees and hears: "It's very complicated," explains Akiane, "I'm like painting in my mind. It just comes right out of me."

Some say it's a miracle. Some say she is touched by the hand of God. At the age of three and a half, she started having these visions. The 10 year old Akiane started to sketch at the age of four. At 6 she picked up a paint brush and created a masterpiece.

Her family was not religious, until she saw Heaven in her work. Her mother recalls, "She started talking about God. I was an atheist, so for me it was very strange." She says her powers are from a higher power.

"I Saw that in my dream... I was taken... I was shown... God gives me this talent to share with others. To share God's love." This child with no apparent exposure to Christianity was creating thoughts and images of Christianity.

experiences were real to her and soon, she would be able to tell the family. "Earlier in life He spoke to my with images.. I always knew He is gonna be with me."

She works very hard, waking up even at 4 am. "I want people to find hope in my work. I want my art to draw people's attention to God...

I want people to love each other and I want the wars to stop." Could be the
hand of God. She follows her pure vision. She finds a pure joy in the act of creating something of beauty. "It just comes out of me".
Akiane: Akiane Kramarik - Prodigy Painter & Poet Little Girl from Idaho Drawing Heaven
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Akiane: Akiane Kramarik - Prodigy Painter & Poet Little Girl from Idaho Drawing Heaven

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  1. Why people search so much for akiane kramarik: akiane kramarik experience in heaven: akiane kramarik,idaho?

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    This girl from Idaho who has sen heaven, little girl explains heaven as no one before, a female child painter of heaven - aki anna, has seen Heaven - akiane painter!

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