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Trapped Emotions of Hyungjin - Sanctuary Church

Sanctuary Church: Liberate Trapped Emotions through Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon 
Gossiping people always accuse and multiply evil games
Sanctuary Church: Trapped Emotions lead to Resentment

Why resenting his mother for changing TF's words, while he is the one that changes all core Principles?

Resentment can really override all normal logic. Theological arguments are wrong direction in this case - they don't resolve Trapped Emotions.

I hope, if we can understand the process, we will be able to help those with such trapped emotions. Our heart is always to love people, liberate their Original Mind and help with True Love.  The Heart in the Resonance of Love has no negativity and resentment, it "have forgiven the unforgivable and loved enemies unlovable", says TM. "In the presence of love, everything is liberated" CSG 359.


Have you experienced Cycling a problem in your head - impossible to get out of it (Internal Hell)! Once we start cycling in the brain some unresolved problem, neurological connections are created. When they become stronger than any other connection, they override all other logic. Now all reasoning becomes subjugated by this stronger one. That's the prison of Trapped Emotions;That's how Physical Mind (Brain) imprisons the Spirit Mind (Heart) of the person.

These trapped emotions become trigger points for bad spirits to control the person. Now the heart can be misdirected in evil direction, resentments and evil doings can be excused. There are evil spiritual forces working behind that process. This was always Satan's greatest power. Ones trapped this way people will work under evil spirits influence without being aware of that.

To run away from his consciousness such a person has to either repent, or he will continue cycle excusing reasoning for this resentment. To get comfort he will search for external support and start multiplication of resentment. Many righteous and conscientious people were trapped in Hell in this way, not be able to love their enemies.


We have to understand where the power of gossiping comes from and how Satan uses it to destroy families and communities. DP p. 258 explains the process of evil multiplication through gossiping in Noah's family. What was Ham's sin?
1. Seeing in self-centered, humanistic perspective
2. Develop displeased feelings
3. Stirred up the same emotion among his brothers
4. They too were agitated in the same emotion
"This was such a crime," DP concludes, "condition for Satan to invade and thus becomes an object with which Satan can work." In fact, gossiping people always excuse it, "yes, we talk negative things but we are so loving.. we so much understand each other." They are so accustomed to evil Triangulation, centered on Satan. This is the only thing they consider love. For them gossiping is the only way they build relationships and feel 'love'. Their hearts are twisted, now they are trying to twist the heart of everyone else.

Not a matter of Logic but Trapped Emotions

The problem of SC is Trapped Emotions causing Resentment and now they are multiplying their problem in the heads and the hearts of those with common base. We have to understand, that Theological deviations are natural consequence of their unresolved feelings. Jumping into theological battle will inevitably bring us out of the Head-wing, going left or right, just to oppose their views. That happened in the theological conflicts in the early Christianity. It is more than natural that we have to repeat some of that, but we have to learn because our own fallen nature is the base for such problems.

How far the logic can go off, under trapped emotions? Look at HJN - he changes every essential principle, yet he accuses TM for allowing one more book of Father's words to be compiled. HJN is so stuck on this in his mind, so now he feels excused to deny all Father's words about the role of True Mother.  HJN denies the Four Position Foundation; and the position of mother is now removed. His trapped emotions make the three positions seem like four. Crazy!


The core of the Principle is Unification through love, but for Sanctarians the core is judging. In fact HJN gathers representative accusers in all countries - people with heart of Resentment, to judge. Judge their brothers and sisters, even fathers and mothers. Meaning, they have the task to look around, externally and judge everything. Of course, that's the fallen nature - their hearts would be constantly in negative resonance of heart. That is Hell.

Common base for SC witnessing is resentment. We should read CAUSA again; Development through struggle is Satan's way. Communism did that. Communism teaches to kill and put killers as leaders. Guess where would that lead. Now Sanctuary Church teaches resentment and the most negative and resentful ones will save the world and be the judges in CIG's court. Really? They totally don't understand God's Heart.

CAUSA very well describes how satanic forces work. Accusing, accusing, accusing.. until everyone thinks they have solution and will bring something better. Hitler did that. Marx did that. Result was millions of lives destroyed and devastated.

Once in power the accusers rain with fear. They never regretted for their innocent victims. Now HJN is constantly accusing. Not even clear what exactly. But while accusing TM, no one notices that he actually destroys Father. HJN goes against all TF's work and core principles. It sounds like he never read DP. But why people who know DP follow him? Either they don't really know it, or their own trapped emotions blind them.


Unificationism teaches, that religions should unite and problems are to be resolved with true love - life for others. Father invested everything for peace between Christianity and Muslims. But HJN teaches against Muslims. This is against everything True Father did and taught. HJN even accuses TM for bringing the Muslims in Europe. I don't know how she did that, but he calls her "Theological lesbian" for this reason.

There was no logical connection to claim such conclusion, but he kept repeating the whole Service, "Lesbian", "Lesbian"... And this is the Sunday inspiration; 10% sweet Humanism and 90% irrational negativity. How much further from Principle that can go?!!!


To deny the Four Position Foundation, denying True Mother, is to deny that Father fulfilled the role of the Messiah. To enter God's direct dominion is to perfect the Family Four Position Foundation.

HJN denies TF's Blessings. His resentment leads so far, as to deny TF's lineage and Blessing; Now using fear and threats to make second gen doubt their position. Fear triggers doubts and allows evil spirits to invade. But they are the power behind his work. I hope he can come to awareness of that and be able to stop it.

We see how far unresolved trapped emotions can lead? More irrational than that we cannot go! But that's what trapped emotions do - they make us irrational; now nothing else matters, the resentment is the sole logic. That's when evil spirit world invades us and uses us against our original aim.

Unresolved Trapped Emotions towards Mother

It is obvious that HJN has trapped emotions... unresolved pain in his heart, that he was unable to overcome and now this resentment is changing his perspective even to the point of neglecting all core Unification principles and words of True Father. But why members don't notice that?

At first it was hidden gossiping, HJN sharing his displeased emotions - like Ham. But once he found enough support he felt power to multiply evil openly and viciously, with no remorse, calling TM, "beach of beaches...  whore, harlot.... lesbian". How much more insane this can go! Suddenly he forgets all the victorious course of TM, just because of one book.

So narrow-minded! Clear sign of being spiritually invaded. It's definitely not coming from his Original Mind. Without understanding the spiritually reasons, all this seems strange and confusing. But spiritual reasons behind are way deeper and providential.

Allowing his Family to Pay Indemnity

When I look spiritually, I could see 100 million historic resentful people doing returning resurrection through Sanctuary Church. God showed me 70 000 evil angel leaders - lying, tricking spirits, also working on HJN. That's why his perception of reality is so blurred even core principles are overpowered by trapped emotions.

Why True Father allowed that? TF explains, this is God's way: "I was whipped, beaten, tortured and bloodied, yet I never resented those who beat me. The true God is the God who sacrificed His beloved son to save His enemies.. That is the love of God. God's way is to pray with tears for the ones who hold the whip. This is why I did so, and still do to this day." CSG 357

God wants quickly the True Family to make indemnity for all these evil forces to be liberated, so that humanity can be free to enter CIG. HJN has no evil lineage, he is invaded for our unresolved lineage problems. God and TF had allow that for the purpose of indemnity. Father loved us more than he loved his own family, "I sacrificed my family and my relatives, in order to find new people.. I have done so, because God is like that. God sacrificed His own Son to save the world.. I am following His example."

Indemnity for all Historic Resentments 

How that indemnity works? There has to be someone who takes all those feelings of historic resentment. They will come on him and he will feel them as his own. And there has to be Able figure on God's side, who can take all these resentments and accusations and gladly endure without responding (without creating common base on the level of resentment). This way all these resentful spirits, dragged by Satan to Hell by resentment, will be liberated.

The period of indemnity will last until all trapped emotions of resentment are reversed and liberated. Finally the Cain figure, object of those feelings, will be able to open his heart and overcome. When that happens humanity will be free of all this evil spiritual influence. Satan will be left with no objects to work through. And as we see this is also a process of resurrection for the Evil Angels too.

1. True Mother Pays Cosmic Indemnity 

True Mother is the only woman in human history that showed absolute obedience and overcame all the historic resentments against husbands. We husbands can understand the significance of that. Most of our wives often show disrespect or disagreements, but True Mother never did. This is incredible historic victory, that allowed True Father to complete his mission, a victory no one can deny.

Now she is taking the most difficult indemnity, to be accused by her own children. What more difficult indemnity than that. Yet, keeps her absolute attitude and focus on God's will. Spiritually, this is the love and grace of God and True Parents, who want to quickly liberate all of humanity and the whole of the spirit world, including Hell. Everything has to be restored to God's all embracing love.

2. Indemnity for the Failures of all Mothers

So many people in history have become trapped in Hell because of Gossiping (sharing displeased feelings - thus multiplying evil). Yet, this problem is mostly due to mothers. Instead of teaching their children to love and respect father, they have heartistically shared displeased feelings against husband with their children. The hearts of their children thus became twisted and satanic. Intimacy for them was to find common base to gossip. They knew no other love, than sharing such negative emotions. Thus they ended in Hell.

Mothers made their hearts satanic. Now True Mother, the only woman that didn't do that, is taking the Indemnity and the accusations for all these mothers in the human history. Her son has to accuse her and resent her, on behalf of all these children trapped in Hell.

Divine Principle best describes this process in the story of Ham. Father clearly explains that this was because of Noah's wife, constantly accusing him and transmitting these emotions to their children.

Transmitting problem in the minds of others

HJN's speeches are short inspiration and than accusations and accusations. In YouTube videos they read 2 min HDH and than have 1 hour accusations. That's really satanic. Nothing to do with Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Love. There is no clear logic behind the accusations, just emotional nagging and brainwashing.

The logic is also Satanic; tells you some truth. People say yes. Than makes emotional conclusion, not having much to do with the logic. But in the brain this immediately creates neurological connection with this conclusion. The memory stays in the mind associated with the emotions he stirred up. Thus he recreates the hell in his own mind into the minds of all those who are listening to him. Soon they cannot free themselves from the same emotions of resentment and hate. To the point of calling in video lectures TM, "the beach of beaches", "the hoer of hoers", "theological lesbian" etc.

All of these are signs of heavy trapped emotions. In this state a person is object of enormous evil spiritual forces, using him to generate more and more hatred and evil energy, which is projected against the person doing God's Will. Now you understand why all God representatives were so resented and killed in history. And no wonder HJN's surrounding already looks like a nest of gossiping and mutual accusations (see videos of the inner conflicts). Of course, many of the people they are surrounded with, are people who have common base with such evil games, even from their own family of origin. Others are negative, just because they were rejected one way or another and couldn't fit.

Father prayed HJN is to pay historic Indemnity 

How HJN helps God's providence? All historic resentments come on him with full power. He has to liberate all historical failures and unresolved feelings in heart (read TF prayer over HJN). To liberate the resentment of:

 1. all saints dragged by Satan to resentment when pushed away.
 2. all gossiping, negative, spirits and angels
 3. the failure of UC members
4. Separate good and evil in our own church (humanistic, negative ones, from those who really center their lives on the Principle)

I found these facts spiritually, but if you doubt, read TF prayed over HJN's Inauguration, he prayed that their family course would involve gaining victory over resentment. Indemnity is successful by reversing the Four Fallen Natures, overcoming the historic resentment and obediently follow God's representative - TM.

We Live in the Period of Divided Kingdom

After 2012, according to the Parallels of History, the 12 years of Coronations and establishing the Temple end. TF already has to be in the spiritual world, as it's center. Otherwise the actual unity of the two worlds cannot happen. Father stands as the center of the Sp.W. and Mother stands at the center of the Ph.W. Fast process, of revealing and cleansing all evil, starts.

These 12 years correspond to the 120 years of establishing the Jewish Kingdom and 120 years of establishing the Christian Kingdom. After this 120 yrs (for us 12) starts the Divided Kingdom, where the children divided it for the sake of separation of good and evil. Because of Solomon being invaded ideologically, the Kingdom was divided. In our case HJN.

Parallel between Solomon and HJN

HJN was crowned same like Solomon, with the responsibility to build the Temple and realize the Messianic Ideal. In DP p. 429, Replace Solomon with HJN and you'll read:
"If at that time King Solomon (HJN) had served God's will to the end, he could have unified all the Eastern countries.. he could have formed a worldwide territory enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized. However, due to the fall of King Solomon (HJN), God had to work.. tearing down his monarchic society."
Thus, because of Solomon's (HJN's) failure the period of Divided Kingdom started. But what exactly was Solomon's (HJN's) failure? We read, that he "was to realize God's Word... erect the temple... and exalt it" (DP p.413). "But because King Solomon (HJN) worshiped the gentile gods.. the Kingdom was divided" (DP p. 416). HJN also was invaded by Budhist, Christian and Humanistic misunderstandings. Instead of the ideal he gave raise of resentments, causing division.

Our Responsibility to Love and Unite

The True Family, as a whole, is paying painful historic indemnity. True Family takes the burden of all unresolved evil in the Cosmos, with the sole purpose of quickly liberating the whole of humanity. I see how the whole spirit world is now mobilized on quickly removing all these evil spirits that influenced humanity towards evil. If you see spiritually, it is so clear how this is all because of God's love.

We were supposed to liberate that, but we failed. We have no right to accuse. We love all True Children. We should pray and act as Mother asked us, "No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother

Supporting HJN we keep him under Satan. Accusing him we become Satan. He is TP's son, he is not a problem. All trapped in him spirits can learn that they can be forgiven and loved, same like a True Child will be forgiven. This way their hearts will be liberated to come back to God. HJN has his own way of growing, and we can respect that. This is God's sole purpose - liberating all of his children, even from the bottom of Hell. Read More...

Resonance of Heart
SC's 6 Questions: HJN's Manipulative NatureHyungjin: Parallels to Cain and Solomon
Sanctuary Church: Liberate Trapped Emotions through Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon
Sanctuary Church: Liberate Trapped Emotions through Rev. King Hyungjin Sean Moon


  1. Well said, it long has seemed that folks drawn to the SC have some significant unresolved resentment. We all do but some folks don't understand the forces behind it

  2. Dan, I disagree with you. It clearly explains the problem from spiritual and Principle POV and I appreciate it VERY much. It is a huge problem and True Mother has a very difficult course. If we keep praying, supporting TM and following God's Will it will help the situation. Evil spirits need to resurrect. There are so many. I pray for victory for all.

  3. It could be argued "the fixation on TPs" is a major flaw as it emphases the source of "salvation" outside of the self.

  4. Craig, that's deep: We are in the age after the comming of CIG... The only thing needed is Citizens of CIG. But that means people with united Mind and Body.. People who grew to Completion stage.. can feel God's Heart and communicate directly with him, as DP explains!

  5. SC associate writes, "Strawberry book, which Hyung Jin now deems part of his "Buddhist mistake."

    I hope soon he will deem this period as the "Christian mistake."

    SC asked 6 PROVOCATIVE QUESTIONS questions about Mother, but they show where is the real problem of SC:

    1. Why the questions are totally out of Unificationist view?
    They only show that people who asked them don't understand the Principle and deviated too much from it.

    2. Why the questions are Manipulative in really Satanic way?
    Only a person with twisted heart, Heart Resonance connected to Hell, can think in this way - looking for all kind of small, meaningless details to accuse. Only shows that their hearts resonate with Satan.

    3. Why the questions show total luck of understanding how UC is structured and why TF structured it this way?

    4. Why the questions attack everything in TM, which from Unificationist view are exactly the points, showing Mother is the only true victorious Daughter of God?
    Because their view of what's perfect woman is wrong - humanistic! So they are actually accusing TM for not being also in their wrong standing. While TM is actually showing us the model of a true woman.

    5. Why the questions attack exactly TM's total unity with TF?
    Isn't that TM's victory. Why are they not inspired by that, but are so furious with it. Because Satan is furious about that, they simply resonate with his heart.

    6. Why SC don't have spiritualists and hates spiritualists?
    This is the "Christian mistake" and HJN is mislead by Christian views. For me as a spiritualist is so obvious when evil sp.w. works through SC and how. A spiritualist can immediately recognize the low resonance of their speech, way of thinking and actions - having nothing to do with Love Resonance. Yet they want to stay in the resonance of negativity and resentment (Hell) and they feel fine there... That's why Hyo Nam Kim has become the boogeyman of both the GPF and SC groups, mostly based upon rumors and false claims.

    7. Why SC so much enjoys Gossiping, Accusations and Resentment.
    Same like Gossiping people feel happy only if they find common base to gossip and criticize others from strange twisted self-centered viewpoint. That's precisely what SC is doing! These questions only reveal their EVIL NATURE and TWISTED HEARTS.

    8. How in Heavens Name, these people can be so far from understanding anything TF did and taught us.
    I see only questions, inviting personal opinions and speculation... degrading any vertical standard.. questions that don't expect and allow answer.. REVEALING THE TRUE EVIL NATURE OF THOSE WHO ASK THEM.

  6. This writer, is talking about very deep internal truth.

    TF taught the Bible was a textbook about the truth, it was not the truth absolutely.

    Thus tremendous division in Christianity. The power of the DP is that it clearly explains the meaning and hidden truth in the substance of the stories.

    Actually there is very little accuracy about Jesus actual words. Even TF said many times, very little of Jesus words were recorded actually a very short period of his life is even referenced in the New Testament.

    The DP served to illuminate the deeper meaning of the bible and Jesus' life.

    The fact that sc is constantly "going back" to the bible is a clear indication that there is a fundamental lack of understanding of TF and TM -TP work and mission and current authority.

    In my observation, sc is stuck in the NTA age. TM is encouraging us to continue to build and expand TF foundation and is creating numerous organizations, activity and training for the next gen.
    They are very inspired an engaged with positive energy that is an inspiration to witness.

    From what I see and observe sc is clearly dealing with exactly what the writer of the original piece suggests. Cosmic resentment. That needs to be resolved by those in providential positions. Clearly HJN is in such a role.

    We need to pray and support HJN to understand what his providential role is, at this time. And it is not to accuse and attack the center which is where TP are. TF and TM as one.

  7. "Very objective and well explained!"

    "This whole situation appears, so that we can learn truly to love one another. At the end true love will win. Only through true love everything can be solved, and people will be moved there, where there is true love."

  8. It's sad that he does not hold CSG with Father's words in his hand. The DP and Father's words explain the Bible much better than the sermons of HgJN every Sunday. It's like to reinvent the wheel .

  9. Hello! Your writing is clear and smart. Sometimes you are right, but sometimes not so much. I like to read your lectures because you have a deep understanding. But you say that Hyung Jin Nim accuses his mother because she made some more books of Father's words. But when she made these books, she collected thousands of copies of the original Father's book and made them unavailable. It's hard to believe, but it is true. Try to buy the original anywhere in the world! The church collected them from every book store and said to the world that they are unavailable. They have been replaced. Sad, but that is a fact. Is this not a fact? Mother can make new books, no problem. 100 new books is not a problem. But we are all responsible to promote, sell, and give Father's original CSG. How can I explain why this book was removed from circulation? Please tell me that this is not true! I wish it were not true. Hyung Jin Nim did not accuse Mother of making new books. He told her it was wrong to replace Father's book and make it unavailable. Now the Family Fed says to Sanctuary, if you want Father's original CSG, why don't you just print it yourself and stop complaining? That is not the point. Andrew Wilson says, if you want Father's original CSG, send me your email address and I will send you a link to an online PDF version. Is that promoting, selling, distributing, protecting and being proud of the book that Father loved so much, he called "Eternal Holy Scripture" Cheon Seong Gyeong? I am not resentful, and I don't hate anybody. But Hyung Jin Nim is righteous and deserves your support, not judgment. thank you

    1. The sin of Hyung Jin Nim is not simply, that he accused Mother of making new books. He went on to separate and destroy the Church. He united all negative members, to support him like evil spirits with that vicious purpose.

      But worse sin of HJN is,

      1. HJN denied all Father's books... as false
      2. HJN reversed Fathers words for self benefit
      3. HJN misused Father's words for spreading negativity

      Why? HJN is so fixated on external (book, hymn, money)
      he is ready to destroy all God's providence because of that.

      SC refuses to explain why all their teachings are gossips, negativity and resentment? How that will make a better church? How that will contribute to restore the world? How such evil behavior can be accepted as Unificationist? But of course SC does not care about Unificationism and True Father... only about themselves, money and gossiping... which they so much love. Gossiping and resentment are the common base for the members of the SC. Wonderful!

  10. No. 6 I am curious about your views about Hyo Nam Kim. You say that SC and GPF do not like her. Didn't Mother also fire Hyo Nam Kim for betraying true parents, and now Hyo Nam Kim started her own church in Japan? What do you think about Hyo Nam Kim now?

  11. 1. HJN and SC continually exhibit hostile attitude to any believe and connection to the spirit world, in all comments. Why?

    2. SC continually shows lick of ability to distinguish between DMN and Hyo Nam Kim.

    3. SC continually shows great interest in spreading gossips, that in no way help them or anybody else to grow spiritually and fulfill his personal responsibility

  12. SC members appear to not be willing to listen to any words of God, or truth, or morality or ethics, even coming from Father, because Father is in the spirit world. They are looking at Hyung Jin Nim as the next Emperor and are following him because they perceive that he has good fortune which will come to them if they serve him. No points of truth or directions from Father matter at all to those who are following this Japanese Emperor worship mentality.

    They are members who have, in my opinion, no Foundation of Faith, and who have not been able to separate from Satan.

  13. Correct!

    SC moral standing proves, that they have not been able to separate from Satan in their personal course. In fact, we can study Satan's methods by studying their ways of manipulation.

  14. I am reading this and for some reason i feel smth wrong with the explanation on the analogy with Solomon idea. Well i might be wrong as this is an idea based on not complete research and study of the facts over the recent years and based only on the experiences i had. Yet that is the reason i am writing this and also i respect the thoughts u are sharing cause i believe that are not coming from a judgmental mind.It is explained above that HJN has failed to uphold the word, build the temple and also exalt it.

    1. What was central for the period of United Kingdom - 120 yrs?
      3 CORONATIONS and building the TEMPLE:

      What was central for the 12 yrs - 2000 to 2012?
      3 CORONATIONS and building the TEMPLE:

      At the end of this period Solomon failed!
      After the 120 yrs descendants of Charlemagne divided the Kingdom!
      After the 12 yrs Hyungjin divided UC

      HJN failed to uphold the word in substance (True Parents) as his absolute and eternal Subject - no matter what, even if they fail.. he was still supposed to keep faith and protect them.

      Once REJECTED, he should have kept faith in the Principle.. that before entering Perfection, everyone has to go through such rejection, in order to overcome Satan's feelings of rebellion and become master over the fallen angels.

      HJN failed to overcome the internal pain.. became faithless. His resentment is constantly coming through his speeches (hate talk and labeling).


      Such a person is not qualified even to be a leader on a team level, not to speeck of World providence. While Mother shows the absolute standard of heart.

  15. Now from what i know and have seen when HJN was part of the Family fed. the last 5 years, i guess from 2009 if not wrong - i think he was actually the only one around to exalt the UC as a religion and also the person who rather than being influenced by other religions he was using the holy scriptures in his sermons during his ministry in CBG (the temple). He was exactly doing the work of a Unificationist, that is sharing the DP or the Truth while using and showing that the other scriptures too had same views, thus showing unity. As a matter of fact the membership in CBG grew to 21000 people as far as i know. Thus i don't see the claim that he had fallen down to humanistic viewpoint (at that time).

    1. Let's be factually correct:
      - HJN became a Preacher, not as Unificationist, but as a son of TP, whom Father wanted to rise and train, hoping he will understand our Teachings and Tradition meanwhile. Father did the same for his other children. But not like him, they learned a lot, and sounded as Unificationists.

      - HJN however did not inherit our traditions. From beginning he was teaching strange, different, horizontal, humanistic, biblical, but not Unificationist way. It was obvious that he is not interested in inheriting True Parents way, but creating his own strange stuff.. It was painful to watch, but we believed he needs time.

      - HJN prefers teaching Bible, Buddhism, Humanism.. whatever comes, but not DP. It is obvious that he uses Father's words, without any understanding, exactly like Christian minister, just selecting whatever passages serve his momentous needs, to accuse and promote himself.

      Any video I check, that's what I see. It pains me. I don't like it. But those around him like him and support him in this wrong direction. They are destroying him. They were the ones to help him learn. But they blindly follow whatever he says.. ignorantly presuming that somehow he knows better than TF.. to the point of having the right to go against father's words.. deny the core of Father's words... deny Father's victory.. and destroy the Church.

      That's the only things I see! It's so obvious! But we cannot judge him. We are all barring the historic responsibility for that failure.

  16. Also when he left the position in Korea, he started teaching Absolute Sex in USA at that time, that to me shows he was hitting the USA global Culture, representing the world to its core problem. Moreover he was not doing it centering on humanistic view since what he was preaching was Father's teaching on absolute love and sex. Plus at that time similarly he was using the bible and other scriptures i guess, well mostly the bible. Why this is important is that we need to see ,before the 2012 where all this problems happen , what was his attitude and position and more importantly his behavior and actions. To me till that time it didn't seem wrong.. those ideas are shared or reported to the higher authorities (with love, no resentment) who might know more and try to clarify things.

    1. Let's love guys, self-loving, how do you feel, big hearts, jokes, smiles... all very horizontal, humanistic stuff. The teachings too - in his book, directly violating the Four Realms of Heart, by teaching to look at the opposite sex, as ugly, funny... just not to be tempted. So Unprinciple! Destroying brother-sister love.. but also preparing the spouses how to look in the future at their spouse.. as funny, ugly. Great!

      But looking bad way at others, and make fun of them, as I see now, had much deeper and darker side: Public, open multiplication of evil - accusations, judgement, labeling, hate-talk.. calling his mom bad names. What??!!

      Also, how he manipulates people in his hate? He uses GOSSIPS! Doesn't he! All things he points on Mother.. all are gossips. They are things we out of the Family don't know. Most of them do not even concern the Unification Movement. They are personal small things. He was supposed to protect Mother, even with his life.. even if she fails!

      What kind of heart should a person have, to spread such rumors? How twisted his mind should be to enjoy such stuff? I write this, but my heart is crying, tears are dropping, pain is unbearable.. and I think I'm the one guilty for all of that. I want myself to go to Hell but liberate him. Because I love him. We all love him. So much.. so much! Help him to correct himself.. as fast as possible. Please!

    2. Now i understand what u are saying about the bad things that he said about Mother! And is really Wrong what he said! Yet when it comes to the things he talked about sex from what i saw the things that he talked when he was leading at the USA didn't sound wrong knowing the problem that USA and our movement has with sex. Yeah is not good doing Gossips but.. If he is representing evil and God separated the UC in order to restore it then the style of gossiping that he is using where did it come from? Yes, it is our movement. We must first solve the same problem that we have among us. So shall we let him do so? Of course not! Gossiping is wrong, it is a clear fact that HJN is shouldering this burden, which we should have done, in our place. As u said his lineage is good but he is shouldering that burden of restoring the resentment that we have in our hearts. When u say : "He was supposed to protect Mother, even with his life...even if she fails!" Well to me that sounds life a complain and resentment. Is funny the same thing could be said to us, weren't we suppose to protect the True Children,and Mother. Relational problem of HJN and Mother is because of the restoration of the humanity and history. They are restoring things that we should have. Should be careful of not fall in the same trap of judgment! Shall we sit and just watch? Of course not! We should take a look at us and find out what we did miss and lack in our responsibility. We must solve things and follow Mother with absolute love, and not judging, even if he is wrong. The reason of all these division is because of us too. That should be our focus! Thank u

    3. Good question: Where gossiping comes from? Why is it so common? We see it at work, in the neighberhood, even in our families! SC does not understand that people doing wrong things are not the problem.. They are the victims. But SC accuses them.. because of ignorance. That's why instead of liberating the problem, they expand it.

      Fall is real. It's not a church thing. Every person has fallen lineage. The percent of fallen ancestors will express in one moment or another, for the purpose of resurrection.

      Why SC constantly see problems in UC? I see good things. Great things! Why are some of us positive, but others negative. It shows our spiritual level. With what level of spirits we resonate -have common base. It is connected to what problems we have to liberate from the past. To liberate them, Ancestors from Hell come to be resurrected. They attack you in two ways:

      (1) DIRECT ATTACS (mental struggles, negative views, complaining heart), feeling spiritually down such members become negative and blame it on the Church, but it's a personal lineage problem. Resurrection happens, when they overcome.. but many fell into the trap of negativity.. influenced by these evil spirits.. resonate with the same low, negative heart... MULTIPLY IT. No resurrection!

      (2) INDIRECT ATTACKS (Your ancestors from Hell attack you through others; members, leaders.. whatever is most difficult to bare) Not seeing spiritually you get so confused by their behavior, attacks and unexplainable rejections towards you. Reasons are spiritual. "Certain debt of sin".. now you have to bare the same attacks, as a ransom for their sin, to liberate them. You do that.. you "grow to a higher sphere of benefit".

      Read: How to stop GOSSIPING

      Read: Providential Reasons for HJN Problem

      Read: Hyungjin denies CSG1: Quotes about True Mother

  17. One thing : Were there is no sincerity there is not worth talking and sharing! No matter the views and who is wrong or right if we stop talking to each other then will happen what u described the trapped emotions won't be free, cycle thinking because many don't share with the others and i am not talking about gossiping but about talking to the leaders and central figures! Hope u understand my point. Have a blessed day!

  18. As a new member of FFWPU, i was so confused why there is such a division, and the irony is that it's between True Mother and HJN2. I've watched that video by Yeonah, the more it affected my inner self. Today Im reading this issue on gossiping, thank you, it made things lighter for me now. Biggest realization: DON'T DWELL ON GOSSIPS.


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