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Rev. Moon's Guidance on The Divine Principle Reading

Rev. Moon's Guidance on the Diagramed Lecture Manual: STF internal guidance for second generation.
True Father on Divine Principle Reading

Leader's meeting at the Hannam-dong house, 6.20.94

1. The lifeline of our members is to live according to God's word. You have to nurture and develop your life (by studying the Principle). The Church will not do it for you.

"The biggest advantage to carrying the Divine Principle book with you wherever you are is that if you feel low spiritually and are in need of spiritual help, then you can immediately refer to the Divine Principle book. You can read it and immediately regain spiritual momentum." TF
Swedenborg gives amazing picture of what happens spiritually when we read the Truth:
"When the Word is read.. it is displayed by the Lord before angels' eyes with tremendous beauty and charm, accompanied by visual representations and adapted with inexpressible variety to every phase they are then passing through. The beauty and charm are so great that every single facet is perceived as alive. This vital energy is the life that lies within the Word and that give birth to the Word when it was sent down from heaven. For this reason, the Lord's Word by its very nature conceals spiritual and heavenly messages within, no matter how unpolished it seems in the letter. These inner messages lie open to the view of good spirits and of angels when people on earth read the Word." Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven
We should understand what incredible spiritual channel opens when we read the word, allowing God to educate both, our own mind and even the spiritual world, including our ancestors. Therefore, reading daily is so vitally important.

2. Read daily 20-30 pages of Divine Principle - your level of spirituality will increase. 
"If you were to read twenty or thirty pages of the Divine Principle black book each day continuously, then your level of spirituality would go up and continue to rise daily." TF
TF explains: To open your original mind don't stop reading when you have a question. Read the whole book in the shortest time and the next time you read you'll find the answer. The purpose is to open - broaden your mind and see God's principles and history as a whole, not just focus on the small, particular issues, which will narrow your scope.

UT Explanation: Physical Mind works through point to point neurological connections, but Spirit Mind can see the whole and see all connections at the same time multi-dimensionally. For this reason, Read in a way that allows your Spirit Mind to restore it's dominion over the Physical Mind; opening your heart to feel God's Heart, by going fast through the whole book.

DP Explanation: Reading DP is to open the flow of Life Elements from God. To allow your Physical Mind to accept and follow the Spirit Mind way and desires and stop objecting them. Read the Principle is like a prayer or a lecture to the spirit world - it's a spiritual battle. The more you read the more your heart and spirit is to be filled with light and God's love. But if your Mind and Body are disunited that is not going to happen - you'll lose the battle with Satan.

TF's explanation: It's wrong if as a lecturer you get stuck on studying and teaching the same parts of the Principle that you feel comfortable with. That only strengthens your physical mind to subjugate  and limit your spirit. This means, Physical Mind  subjugates Spirit Mind - it's a reversal of dominion, allowing Satan to invade.
"Before being able to lead a good life by following the good desire of the original mind and repelling evil desire, it is necessary to overcome ignorance and be able to distinguish between good and evil." DP p.3
3. I have been emphasizing.. to lecture.. If you learn the Principle just by listening to lectures, it is difficult for you to convey your understanding at home or other places. for anybody to accomplish the mission.. they must be able to teach the Divine Principle

4. Believe and practice to understand and embody (Incarnate) the Truth.
"The ultimate purpose of religion can be fulfilled only by first believing in and then by practicing the truth. But true belief cannot come about today without knowledge and understanding. We study the Principle to confirm our belief by knowing the truth." DP p.8
5. Learn the Principle by heart. It is the only way to overcome Ignorance. God's providence of restoration was carried with the Truth.
"For fallen man, knowledge is the light of life and holds the power of revival; ignorance is the shadow of death and the cause of ruin. No feeling or emotion can be derived from ignorance, no act of will can arise from ignorance. Thus, when knowledge, emotion and will do not function properly in man, life is no longer worth living." DP p.10
6. Grasp the essentials and teach completely centering on the book.

TF: When The Divine Principle was being written, I directed everything. I had it written because fallen people need something to study. This book must be valued. There is no need for sermons. Do not use the Bible and talk about other things. You cannot continue your old ways. Instead, give lectures completely centering on the book. If you grasp the essentials, you can speak at ease. If you continue to use the book, in few years you will be way ahead of those who did not use the book. 

7. Learn all Principle diagrams, the Spirit Mind works with images. The charts become the core skeleton helping you to connect all truth to it - not just flying peaces of truth, disconnected.

TF: If the Principle of Creation takes three hours to lecture, for instance, write down a 15-minute summary of it. Underline that portion of the book in red and read it. Create diagrams for it and mark each part.. Use diagramed manuals for lectures.

To speak on the stage.. is a big job. You may start digressing, talking about everything under the sun.. You should do as I say. As you read the speeches every day and gain inspiration, you should try to spread it around you; after hearing them, however, you go away and become mute.

Train yourself to speak succinctly with the diagramed manual, moving chapter by chapter.. Instead of speaking your own words, you should all speak in accordance with the original content, and the audience will be inspired in the same standard way. The leader should always speak God's word. Those who cannot do so cannot develop in the future. Train people with the book. According to the depth of the presentation, the content can be organized in fifteen-minute, forty-five-minute, and one-and-half-hour formats. Beginners will read the fifteen-minute content, marked with red, covering an entire chapter in fifteen minutes. ..

Then everyone can grasp the skeleton, after which flesh is added. Reading three times this way is much more effective than reading the whole book three times cover to cover. Why would you not do it? Everyone can give lectures.  It is foolish to try to memorize and say everything without such an organization.

3-Hour Manual: Exposition of the Divine Principle, Part 1 of 3 (2012 pdf)
3-Hour Manual: Exposition of the Divine Principle, Part 2 of 3 (2012 pdf)
3-Hour Manual: Exposition of the Divine Principle, Part 3 of 3 (2012 pdf)

Internal Guidance:

Why Study God's Word (Divine Principle)

Study, Know and Believe to Incarnate the Truth


  1. Thank you for reminding us of this very important direction from True Father.


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