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2023: Ten Years After Father Took Over the Spirit World

2023: The Energy of Change

In 2023 everything changes for all. Expect the biggest flip. Light exposes the Dark. Evil will have no where to hide.

CIG News / January 2023

2023 is a year of the black rabbit. The most deep and earnest wishes of everyone can become reality. Year of new beginning. We are all going to be expanding and evolving. 2023 will be a year like no other. Challenges will be great, but we will be given the tools to get to a different and a higher level. Many painful truths will be revealed. 

"In 2023 we are going to have 2 transitions. One of those transitions is the Financial Transition of the Global Economic System. The second transition is the health system - the Global Health System." (Gen. Flynn, 8 min)

This is the year to learn from the pain and rise as a Phinex. Once you open your subconscious you will unavoidably see and feel God's pain. As I clarified in the previous CIG Report, this is THE 'END CLEAN UP PHASE'

10 Years of Work from the Spirit World

It is 10 years after the transition into the age of CIG; 10 years since Father Moon entered the spirit world. Ten is a full cycle - return to God. We will have to let the old go to open space for growth. I still remember sitting in front of Father in Belvedere, while he was explaining how he will create a news channel from the spirit world and reveal secrets that will change the course of humanity. 

Isn't it strange that Father specifically mentioned the secret of sinking Titanic, and that of Kennedy's assassination? It turns out, they are both related. Related to what? To money, and to Lucifer's control of this world. Kennedy's death is also related with Lincoln's death? 

The year 2012 is related with Father's entering the spirit world, and is exactly 100 years from when Titanic was sunken. A year later the owner of Titanic, JP Morgan and Rotschilds created the Federal Reserve, with 100 years contract. Their contract expired, and with 10 years of budged that they had, we come to their final collapse today, in 2023. But Rev. Moon stressed the key question of importance: Who sunk Titanic?

Why Father Moon said it is important to reveal from the spirit world this secret? 

Now the complete story is out: It was done by those who created the Federal Reserve, 23. Dec.1913. It was founded by the Khazarian Satanist - Zionists. Titanic was a kill trap for the opposition. Sunken by Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschild and Co. (ZIONISTS / KHAZARIAN MAFIA). The Captain and the Crew were to guarantee non of the opposing millionaires will survive. It got shot by an TORPEDO! (Video)

Why did Father say it is so important for humanity to learn this truth? '' Let me remind you, Fed was not just for the US, it was controlling all of the currencies of all countries in the world. Plus, 80% of all taxes, of all nations, were going in their private account in Switzerland. That's why nations never had enough left to prosper and take care for their people. The system was designed to keep us in slaver.

If you don't know about the financial war behind, nothing will make sense. 

Today's world state"The bankers will ensure we stay in debt. The pharmaceutical companies will ensure we stay sick. The weapons manufacturers will ensure we keep going to war. The media will ensure we are prevented from knowing the truth. The Government will ensure all of this is done legally.

Now is loosing his power and his minions are desperately fighting for survival. To keep their power they are ready to kill even 90% of humanity. And to do that they devised bio engineered viruses, toxic vaccines, deadly frequency weapons, weather warfare, food and water poisoning, and much more. Yet, their own boat keeps sinking, and 2023 seems to be a decisive year for who is to win - God or Satan.

The Internal Fight 

The different levels within the Luciferian Cabal controlling the world are now in deadly internal struggle over who will take the control

The second contractors in this enslaving Financial System, after the Rothschild Khazarian-fake-Jews (representing the Dragon Families), were the Order of the Black Sun (controlling the Military, the Intel and other Secret Agencies). They thought that the Dragon Families and the Rothschilds have fallen. So, the Order of the Black Sun was trying to get control over the Fed, ever since the expiration of the contract. Thinking they are now gonna be in control and in power over the whole world. No, they are not! And they were so busy to fight each other for power, that no one bothered to renew the contracts. 

"Since June 15, 2012, Fed legally has no right to print a new allocations. No right to print any countries' currency at all. They only pretend they have control. They had 10 year budged, which gave them another 10 years of a façade that these people are in control." Global Repository 

When the Families failed to pay the Fed, the Black Sun stepped in. As usual, each 1st of Jan, at 1000 terminals worldwide their top people are waiting for their money to come (for their Black Operations). But instead of cash, this time the terminal sent out frequency, Kim said. So they are no longer with us. So now, those below them, the Pentagon and Militaries wonder why can the Fed not print money.

"The Families do not have a contract anymore to have a private military. All Militaries in the world and all Agencies in the world are Corporations. They are private. They fall under the order of the Black Sun, who are managing them on behalf of the order of the Dragon. That contract expired in 2018." Kim

That was, when they requested to be given the full power over the banking system, or they will kill humanity with the Covid virus. The Lockdowns and vaccinations extended their reign for 3 more years. They are trying to Reset the System, remove the Banks and transit to Digital Currencies, that will allow them complete control of our behavior.  

We see hints of that in the movie, "Free Guy". Once  people awaked that they are in a program, the Owners of the Company rebooted the system back. Eventually all learned that was not the Original Program and stopped following. The evil owner no longer had the assets of police or army to suppress them. The movie ends, showing that the new world is free of Banking, free of fights and corruption. People redirected their creativity for love, helping each other and enjoying nature. 

Nothing these evil people are trying to do will work. It will not be permitted. With God's direct dominion we are entering in the Age of Light, no matter what they try to prevent that. 

Making Money from the War with the Invisible

Like of Covid. The real money are in the Vaccines. They normally make them hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Even vaccines for Rubella etc. that are no longer around, but they are still given to everyone. Plus, there are added extra ingredients in there that cause autism, and many other disorders. But now they are ushering a new thing. 

"The Covid Injection is not a dead virus, this is a mRNA operating system. A nanobot, a tiny mini computer that is going into your person, causing radiation poisoning, and you're basically microwaved from inside-out. In addition it causes auto-immune-disorder." KIM

Why all these Boosters. 70% of the profit from each vaccinated military person is shared among the generals. They are all here for the money. Add the control on the mask and tests manufacturing and distribution. All for money. They will certify who can do it, and they get 10% from everybody. Your state pays $6,40 for each mask. Your political leaders are blackmailed to buy all those vaccines. 

We know now, that the Black Elite, working through the Khazarian Bangsters and the Black Sun Military and Intelligence, were manipulating what we know of our national history. Now sources point that Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, etc. were all created after WWI to separate and re-educate Germany and Russia. In question is even Poland. See, UKRAINE WAS ARTIFICIALLY CREATED

"The Head of the order of the Black Sun is the Dark Prince position - the Pindar. But this is a rotating chair." 


Klaus Schwab's Pedophile Agenda

The Satanic Cabal is now desperately striving to restart the system, so that they can keep their evil control. Hacking our energy field and placing us under AI control. 

For sure, some change is happening. As reported previously and below in this article, the Global Repository Enforcement (their military unit) now removes some of the top Black Generals, and requests the operatives below them to stop with their plans and accept payment and projects under the Global Repository. 

It was also reported, that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, was eliminated recently. Surely they will try to place an actor with mask to continue with their evil agendas. But now we know, that Schwab inherited a fortune amassed from slave labor in concentration camps, according to Polish intelligence. And on the usual date:

"Nobody showed up at the Davos Group Meeting. Celebrities and World Leaders declined to attend. The Davos Group aka World Economic Forum Elites from the richest families that control Blackrock and Vanguard (the Cabal) Central Banking System that controls Big Tech and Big Pharma and the Pandemic." Situation Update

The meeting was started a month later but with smaller attendance and mostly to allow their evil agenda be exposed. Prove of that was that attendants were chased by people journalists attacking them for their evildoings, which in real life would never happen. 

We see, the World Economic Forum Declares Pedophiles ‘Will Save Humanity’. How? Perverting sexually young people will prevent most of them create families in the future. That, they claim, will save the world from over-population. So, they want to decriminalize sex with children. Wasn't that their stated goal in the Humanist Manifesto? They openly say, 'Jesus is a fake news, now humans are a hackable animals.' 

Censoring the Truth and Harassing Governments 

Twitter files now reveal the unconstitutional censorship intervention of FBI in all media. This defames and undermines the constitutional protection of freedom of information. (FOX News)

Col. Doug Macgregor, explained the media misinformation about Ukraine, and said, we need more free speech platforms. He said, politicians are lying and media is fully supporting their lies. (27:40 min

"Be allowed to even talk about it. Censorship! Do Google search, go to Yahoo, try to do searches. You can't find it. It's suppressed. That's why." (25:31

They use also other means of censoring and controlling the countries. The IMF and World Bank use food as a weapon to control other nations and their governments. (See) By forcing countries to only produce export crops for paying their debts. This leads to oversupply of their production that brings down the price. Plus, if the country does something they don't like, they can sanction it, by starving it. Isn't that a global mafia, of the worse kind? 


Col. Doug Macgregor: Ukraine has been Weaponized by UK and US against Russia

It has been confirmed that the CIA was behind the 2014 Coup in Ukraine that killed hundreds of innocent men, women and children in order to install a NAZI New World Order government. This was pre-planed to provoke Putin to interfere. Human engineering is in full swing, replacing 20 million people out of Ukraine in accordance with the Zionist plan to create a New Israel in their historic Khazarian land of origin. See, Drug and child trafficking rings, Baal and Nazi worshiping in Ukraine.

"US Military... made a deal with Putin, who died in 2015, to cut up different areas of Ukraine. (While) Biden's son is sitting on the board of the largest gas company in Odesa after the 2014 incident." Kim

Kimberley (KIM) further explains, that "wars haven't make money since the Treaty of Versailles stopped paying years ago." But they still make some through trafficking or other illegal operations. 

War makes money because it creates excess spending... and will destroy things, that people have to rebuild society. Contracts to rebuild will be given to partners of the Military that are involved. 

The Lineage War 

In this war between God and Satan, the main focus was the lineage. Satan always wanted to gain control of our DNA, restructure it, so that our bodies may no longer be object to our own spirit and facilitate spiritual growth. Instead, he wanted soulless, human vаsals without conscience. 

Luring the elite into the Illuminati and Secret Masonic and other organizations was not enough. Our DNA was constantly bombarded in numerous ways, including the Vaccinations, to prevent our spiritual development. 

When our DNA returns where it was originally our bodies will able to heal itself. You won't need med beds. The DNA works like a crystal.  

3000 cities planned in greater China, Eco-Cities that are pretty much self-contained. They produce no waist. Produce no smug whatsoever. Everything is high-tech as it can be. Not only solar and wind, but magnetic power, magnetic lev-trains. Everything that you could imagine, that can define eco friendly cities. So, we don't have to get rid of people to go green. 

By protocol spread worldwide, drugs are given to hospitals and doctors to commit genocide. The target for UK is to reduce the population weekly by 1642 people. That will give them great financial benefits. That's the enemy that we have. 

With mRNA vaccines Bill Gates aims to genetically modify even the animals, making them GMO animals. This will destroy and hack all natural, God created world. We will eat animal products that will modify our human DNA into something else. Something patented by these Lucifer worshiping elites. Think of it; Once our DNA is changed, is there way back? Read, Vaccines to Eliminate the God Gene Proposed by Bill Gates. Bill Gates himself said, he wants to remove the part of our genes connected to spirituality. They are working to turn us into animals.

Expect Big Financial Changes

Talking about the wind of change, the world was controlled by money, and that's where the biggest change is happening right now. 

"Federal regulators shuttered Silicon Valley Bank, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, on Friday, sending shockwaves through the market." The Washington Times

Notice what they did with the US Treasury. A fence was built around it, without a gate. (49:40 min)  White House is also empty for more than a year. FBI building, State Department building all empty, nobody in there. The place is a ghost town. Fences all over the place. You cannot get into anything. 

  • Fed is broke. All currencies are already Gold-Backed. "We would soon see an official announcement that the IRS and Fed were gone." 
The IRS being kicked to the curb with their 87,000 agents gone. This is the first act of the new Senate in effort of prohibiting the harassment of the citizens by the government. (Video) And now Republicans voting on removing IRS completely. Removing the Tax on our labor. 

The contract of the Fed was for 99 years. It was created as a found for monetary control worldwide. It expired in 2011 and was not renewed. So, it no longer had the backing of the Alpha system (Global Repository), where allocation numbers are given for printing new money. Now the fight, who is going to have the power to give Allocations for new money. Well, future is in front of us to build it. Let's build it according to God's Ideal. Aju! 

Will New Technologies Transform the World

So, if we believe their own words, the Space Force was created to bring some of the secret technologies out, and prepare for a new, free of banking financial system, free of war political paradigm, and free of slavery production paradigm. Meaning, robots and printers will produce most of the stuff. And the Space Force will be the umbrella, guaranteeing the safe use, the internet networking and communications, as well as all the traveling, which will transit to the new anti-gravity, free energy tech. Meaning, fly to any point on the earth in half an hour for very, very small money, since that's no expense with the tech they already have. 
  • Space Force have already taken over the Department of Defense Military Satellite System.
According to this US Space Force lecture, these technologies already exist. Even houses and buildings can be printed in space and delivered to anywhere on earth for pennies. We will be able to travel cheaply to any point on earth in less than an hour. See more


  1. This year 2023 is a year of the black rabbit. Year when the most deep and earnest wishes of everyone can become reality. Year of new beginning, filled with indescribable delight, joy and substantial realization of peaceful world. This are the energies of joy and peace.

  2. Thank you very much Yulian.
    I wish that all members could read your precious information.


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