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TRUST THE PLAN: 2020 Cosmic Reboot


2020 - The world stopped 100 years after Rev. Moon's birth for Cosmic Reboot: 209 nations signed for the transition to world peace

By YuliUTS / Unification World Studies

209 nations already signed the new GASARA law - for transitioning to world peace, freedom and prosperity for all. If you are trapped in fear by this PLANDEMIC please wake up. I'm telling you, we are living in the most wonderful moment of joy and liberation for humanity. As Father Moon told us, "Don't worry, for God has a plan". 2020 is the year of God's victory. A painful rebirth, but so beautiful things are about to come. 

At this moment in time, we are healing the earth from the century-long satanic grip. We are cutting it out. It's a highly precise operation, hidden behind the Lockdowns. That's why Father Moon predicted that this Virus judgment is bigger than the Flood judgment. Satans power will be cut away and eradicated. See, MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS JUDGEMENT DAY


This is a global military and intelligence operation for ending the evil banking control, pedophilia, drugs and child trafficking, opening the way for CIG.
"We are witnessing the overthrow of an ancient control system involving murder, lies, bribery, treachery, treason, Satanic ritual abuse, sacrifice and horrors of evil that surpass the imagination of all but the most wicked beings to ever exist." The White Hats

To fully grasp what Rev. Moon was fighting against and what the real liberation of God's Heart means, you have to see this documentary Sequal: THE CABAL - PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 4. Few of the presidents and US generals that Father Moon strongly supported and deeply admired, like Pres. Reagen and General McCarter were part of the secret Q-Movement (1) dedicated to put the end to this Satanic Cabal controlling the earth. Now, through Trump, they finally got the chance to legally eradicate completely this satanic system of control (the whole financial and media octopod). It's time for God's complete victory, descending exactly 100 years after the birth of the Lord of the Second Advent. 

Protecting family and children, and stop child trafficking

Once the election fraud is revealed we will find out that Trump won with a landslide. (See the end of this article) Trump is not fighting for re-election, he is fighting to educate society about the depth of the swamp. He is only cleaning the way and then will step down. (1) Just look at the people Trump is placing in the Department of Defense, coming out and saying, "We gonna put the end of all wars." But even further, the end purpose is to clean up the world of all those satanic, immoral and communists forces. 
"For Donald Trump to announce that... he is going to end the 25 million people being trafficked. This is a huge statement." The International Tribunal for Natural Justice
The White Hats have already liberated nearly 500 000 children from trafficking. 200 thousand children were found in the underground tunnels in the NY operation that took nearly 2 months. In the following operations in Australia, 300 000 children were rescued from underground facilities in Melburn. But that's nothing, for near 1 million are expected to be liberated until the end of the year. How to share the shocking news that royalty, top politicians and top stars were involved? 
"The world will try to stop these changes one way or another, but Heaven is determined to bring about these changes."  The Completed Testament Age
As Fulford had reported, "all members of the British royal family were executed," all we see now is digital images of them. But when you hear the court witnesses of the child murder, rape, and the evil plans they executed over humanity, how long one can hide the truth? Heaven cannot stand any longer. The change and cleansing are immanent. 

1. Pedophilia elite is investigated and indicted (Hollywood full investigation)
2. The Banking Cartel is now in process of dismantling (Fed Reserve Nationalized)
3. Underground facilities with drugs, kidnapped children (All over the world being liberated)
4. Tesla's technology for free energy and free heat (Developed, declassified - coming)

'Under the direction of General Michael Flynn Mass Arrests were continuing on over 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since President Trump took office. On Wed. 25 Nov. Flynn began executing high-level arrests overseas and was presently after pedophiles in the Netherlands – the New World Order and Council of Foreign Relations headquarters. Henry Kissinger and others have been ousted from the Council of Foreign Relations." Vote Fraud

Covid-19: This is a Controlled Demolition

Nothing POLITICAL into saying that True Parents' spiritual foundation is bringing the physical collapse of the Satanic Sovereignty. Not only the US is involved. This reset involves the whole world. However, some of the changes in US are of crucial importance for the rest of the world.

There are several fractions of good guys fighting to end the evil history and start the new world now, after this global lockdown. We see Trump backed up by the Military Q Intelligence (Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) created by JFK to fight the Deep State) and the newly created US Space Force, created to guaranty that the future will hold no wars.  And here is their own response about the Lockdown:
"We are in the process of taking down some very evil people. It's not just the virus, but we are expecting other ancillaries. They have those psychos... mass-shutters etc. Just stay save. We cannot reveal much now." Austin Steinbart, DIA and Space Force
The fake virus 2nd wave is the PLANNED GENOCIDE!! Scenes like WUHAN will be shown on FAKE NEWS and they will try to enforce the 2nd lockdown and FORCE mandatory vaccines, which is the end of life as we know it! Remember, not the Spanish Flue, but the vaccines killed 100 million after 1920.

Instead, now - 100 years later, humanity will see the end of their evil structures. When JFK was assassinated by the Cabal, more than 200 military generals said, "Enough is enough!". Q has infiltrated all the Cabal structures. Many from the Satanic club already wanted to get free and were ready to expose it. This is how we come to the plan to use the cover of the Coronavirus to instead behead all this satanic control at once. It is a worldwide military and intelligence operation, very carefully executed. It is a "Controlled Demolition."

Silent Mass Arrests and Executions

Crimes against humanity call for death. Trump signed an Executive Order calling for the death penalty for anyone involved in crimes against humanity or treason. These famous people arrested in 2020 are to be given a tribunal and sentenced to execution or life in prison. (5) If the arrested were taking orders from the cabal and carrying out those orders, that is treason. We will find out next year in 2021 when the arrests and executions of famous people is released.

"Barr orders legal action against governors whose COVID-19 actions infringe on civil rights" The Washington Times

I know it's hard to some but the evil is real. See what they were involved in to grasp why they are being arrested and executed by the Military Tribunal (Bill Gates, Soros, Clinton, Biden, Merkel, Royal lineage, The Pope, Hollywood stars and singers, etc). How long it will take to open that gently to the public? Sources tell us, it should be over till the Fall of 2021. The disclosures are now starting with Maxwell.

179,000 enclosed indictments have led to the mass arrests, executions, those at Gitmo (awaiting trial), life imprisonment and house arrest! This is just the beginning, the deep state are at every level in EVERY COUNTRY of our society, royals, politicians, banks, big tech & top corporations, celebrities, actors, actresses, musicians, police, judges, social services, schools, churches, doctors, nurses, big pharmacists, vaccine pushers, etc. Each indictment can contain numerous names, so we are talking about few million people. Here is how they hide that so many famous people disappeared recently (3).

Who else is among the good guys? We see also the White Hats, the White Dragon, the Red Dragon, the new King of England - the expelled royal lineages and a number of secret groups that were fighting the evil for centuries. And this is the shortest intelligence explanation on how the world was controlled.

If we want to see what the future will be, it's good to hear their insight and world-views, and how they compare to our Unificationist view. To build God's Ideal on Earth (CIG), we would have to cooperate with them and the many other good forces helping in that transition.

Rothschild's Empire of Satanic Control

In fact, the new King of England, claims the title of Christ and reveals the truth about the false Royal Family - Rothschild’s Empire. Rothschild had the breeding rights to the British Royal Family for the last 200 years. That's why they were involved in drug and child trafficking, as well as numerous other crimes against humanity. The Satanic control was growing and invading royal lineages, politicians, media, pharma-medicine, education - all through the false Banking Control and its numerous secret organizations, all linked to pedophilia and satanic blood rituals. See, Pizza Gate - high ranking politicians and Hollywood celebrities involved in a vast satanic, child trafficking ring.

As I was just watching on TV, the shocking 6000 graves of children who died under the Catholic Nunes. From one million kidnapped children a year, the number grew up to nearly 8 million annually. The images of these small kids' sexual abuse and ritual murders are horrifying. To know that the world elite was involved and covering for all that shows you the need for this global cleaning operation, held silently under the cover of this pandemic lockdown.

To understand what is the evil we are fighting with (the actual expression of Satan's control of the earth) please see Robert David Steele on Zionism, the Middle East and Central Banks and What Trump's About To Do Is SHOCKING!

Now the United States is fighting a desperate battle for liberation after being slowly enslaved for the past 200 years. The process is ongoing. Much of the leadership of the Khazar mafia in the United States has been killed or arrested.

However, military intelligence estimates that there is about a million-strong Khazar mafia ruling the United States. They pretend to be Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc., but they worship Satan. They are currently fighting for their lives. Antifa and Black Life and similar activists involved in riots and sabotage are Khazar agents or their deluded.

These people must be neutralized if the United States is to free itself from the system of Babylonian debt slavery controlled by the Khazar Satanists.
"The main strongholds to be captured are the corporate media, the pharmaceutical industry, high-tech monopolies, mega-banks, the political elite in Washington, the health bureaucracy, and many energy companies." Benjamin Fulford

Unrooting Satans History
Satan's Sovereignty is Now Transiting into God's World

If you are enough intelligent, by now you should have understood that this lockdown ain't because of a virus, but because of the collapse of the Satanic sovereignty controlling the world, and the efforts to peacefully reboot the whole system, transiting to a new and much healthier system of world governance. That includes the collapse of the Rothchild Banking Cartel and the existing dysfunctional economic and political system.

To be able to make sense of the external, chaotic events, you should know who are the players behind? What are their aims and strategy? Who is winning? Let us shortly glimpse into the Satanic side and their plans.

Here was the original Scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation for a Totalitarian Future achieved through the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. No wonder they own the patent of the Virus, produced in their own network of bio-labs for biological weapons. Frontpersons like Bill Gates and Soros are only ponds in their game for Controlling the World.

Who are the forces fighting to prevent this evil plan? If you still think that this is about Trump or some other figure, you know nothing. But if you know about the good forces behind him and their century-long secret fight to end the Satanic control, you will be closer to the true scale of the situation. See, THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD: GOD'S VICTOY IS AT HANDAnd yes, this is the final war between good and evil. I will try to keep you updated on the status of its development.

1. Federal Reserve and all National and Central Banks were removed from the hands of the few private owners controlling the world and restored to the nations. Thus, once the system is rebooted in the next few months, the process of awakening will start. See, FINANCIAL RESET - ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL. Depending on how fast that happens, the process may continue from a year up to 3 years.

2. Stay home is needed for the safety of the people, not because of a virus, but because of the real threat of biological, electromagnetic and other forms of counter-attacks, implemented by the collapsing Satanic Cabal.

To know what exactly we are fighting: See how US won the Vietnam War, but the Cabal changed that. See the reality of Satanism and their agenda for world domination. 

The Final War Between Good and Evil
Transition of humanity to higher vibrations of love and super-spirituality

The system of world governance was a matrix of absolute control of a small group of people (about 6,000) ruling the world. All agencies: the police, the military, intelligence, the law - are designed to protect their wealth. The billions of people around the world who could clear up this tyranny in a bit are too scared to do so. They are kept in utter ignorance of how the world was being ruled.

But now people are finding out that organizations like, Antifa, Al-Qaida, and ISUS are all financed by the same people. The people who create a false opposition. To grasp why they created this Pandemic, and how much they are ready to give to get rid of Trump, please read this:
"Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. He could have given... could be life-changing for most people. Yet he wasted it all on ads and still lost." (1)
It's not about money for them. It's about keeping humanity in its slavery position. They know clearly that once in power, Trump will end their Satanic control. They are the invisible enemy he is fighting. Their satanic practices (Pizza-gate) of pedophilia, ritual killings and blood-drinking are now exposed by Trump's actions. See the documentary, The end of the World as we Know it: The Fall of the Cabal

"They are using the fake pandemic, riots and all, just to keep in power. But they are doomed. They mismanaged the economy so badly, so they need to be removed." (2)
Benjamin Fulford wrote, "The bloodline families are now forced to fight Trump with a virtual Obama." That's because the real one seems to be imprisoned for his crimes against humanity, together with Clintons, Sorus, Bill Gates and many others. Big part of the corrupt US politicians are undergoing Military Tribunal undisclosed procedures. As we wrote before, US now in a declared war situation, allowing these operations to be kept secret with the purpose of avoiding riots and unnecessary casualties.
"What you're seeing is, these families fighting to stay in power. Apparently, Obama and Hilary Clinton are cousins and are all related to the rulling family, including Hitler. What we see, the bloodline rulers; they change their names, and try to pretend they are from the people, fighting in desperate action to stay in power." (2)
What we see is a systemic collapse. But what we need is a coherent plan for the reboot and rebuilding the world's infrastructure. "After this Banking Cartel bankruptcy, there is going to be a full scale restructure. But we need some dramatic start off. We need a complete write off of all depth. We need all of the assets that were stolen, by the Central Banking System through fraud, to be returned to the people.

You need a big kickstart," says Fulford. And having free internet directly from the sky will be part of this change, Austin Steinbart explained. Anywhere in the world, people will have access to free Wi-Fi. Quantum internet will be the next step.

Where do we stand in this time?

My personal question is
: Where do we stand in that historic moment? Do we understand the real roots of Communis and Materialism in this Satanic Cabal? Do we understand the link between Pedophilia, Satanism and child sacrifices? Do we prefer to stay in ignorance? 

In FEAR we fall under the dominion of the negative vibrations (under the evil spiritual influence). That's what the Satanic Cabal aimed through this virus, and what the Cabal-owned-media is pushing (See why this Fear aims dangerous mandatory Vaccinations).

While in LOVE we ourselves are in a higher dimension (related to the good spirit world) where no evil can harm us, for there is no common base. Here are the facts showing you that God is winning. Please don't be asleep, missing to recognize this historic moment and expect some surprises on the way. (2)

Watch The Real Motive Behind BLM and Soros Color Revolution to see the far Left Agenda. Let's restore our countries and the whole world back to God. GOD WINS

We follow the truth, wherever it leads. worldofheart@gmail.com

Hollywood's Institutionalized Pedophilia

Mel Gibson has spoken directly on the subject of pedophilia in Hollywood:

I don’t know how to break it to you gently.… Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia. They are using and abusing kids.
Their spiritual beliefs... to harvest the energy of the kids. They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it. This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction. They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.
There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life. These people don’t have this. For them it’s the opposite.
Hollywood is drenched in the blood of innocent children. For a long time all the references to pedophilia and cannibalism were symbolic or allusive. But I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s. The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized.
Global Justice Operation

by Morpheus 78

If we arrest every pedophile traitor, and just disclose all of their crimes against humanity in ONE BANG, and if we rip out every single Satanic transnational corporation from the fabric of our nation in one felt swoop, overnight MILLIONS WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS.

More than 12,000 CEO's have already QUIETLY STEPPED DOWN since 2017. At the same time, those companies have been allowed to operate for the simple fact that so many other businesses, products, and services are tied directly to their large companies...

QMAP: Resignations of executives and politicians

Why are so many CEOs & politicians resigning? See the global list of notable executive and political resignations. (https://qmap.pub/resignations)

Shutting down these companies would devastate local and state economies, disrupting food chain supply and other critical infrastructure that keeps countries running. In other words, we would be HURTING OURSELVES.

If you ask when the mass-arrests are going to happen, YOU'RE TOO LATE. The arrests have been happening since President Trump's executive order in December of 2017

We just did not know until Q began to give us bits and pieces of these clues to help us understand the breathtaking awesome global scope of THE PLAN. Just these high-profile public arrests may not have been broadcast yet.

But to say that 12,000 Luciferian pedophile CEO's and government officials being quietly arrested is not important or significant outright denies the massive global work of justice that has already happpened.

All of this has been done with the express purpose of keeping our country running while this massive global transfer of power continues. It has been done this way to maintain a semblance of order during such a once-in-a-lifetime ground-breaking global justice-operation...

Many want to see Obama, Soros, Hillary, Bush, and the rest of these pedophile monsters arrested, but we must understand that many of the CEO's that funded their vile human trafficking operations HAVE BEEN ARRESTED.

You have to remove the money from these criminal global gangsters first, seize their assets, and make it extremely difficult for the public figures such as Hillary, Obama, and Soros to operate. They are now operating under a tremendous amount of duress.

They're now feeling the squeeze. Everything they do now is under heightened scrutiny. Their social media is getting bombarded by millions of digital soldiers who are exposing their crimes and making THEIR TURF, THEIR DIGITAL SPACE, OUR TURF, OUR BATTLEGROUND...

All Q has to do is post a social media link from one of these Satanists and the flood of truth comes from us.

Q-team is doing it wisely, in phases, and some of it very privately, so as to not cause any more panic in America. Now we can see the jackals in the media currently fomenting their race-baiting narrative.

There are too many of these globalist scum all over the world to do such a foolish thing as mass-arresting them all AT ONE TIME. Entire national and international economies would be devastated as these conglomerates have embedded their roots in many parts of the world. It would also close out other businesses who are connected to these companies, who profit off of them.

When you've researched so much of their Satanic crimes, infrastructure, and occult practices, you can't help but want to see every one of these bastards hang or fry...

TRUST THE PLAN, trust the fact that those who are executing this PLAN are doing it with OUR CHILDREN, OUR FAMILIES, OUR CAREERS, OUR FUTURE and the COLLECTIVE FUTURE OF THE PLANET in mind.

When we look at things from that perspective, from the bird's eye point of view, from the mountain, then and only then can we truly TRUST THE PLAN.

If the public were to learn in full detail about the breathtaking amount of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice and long-term institutional child trafficking being supplied to Epstein by a corporation like Disney, they would not recover. That is why many of these resignations were secret.

So, we the people have been unknowingly dependent on them for our livelihoods to the point we go down if they go down?

When you are removing a large tree that has very deep roots in the foundation of a forest you must be careful because that large tree may have roots connected to many smaller trees. These people have controlled the world for 6000 years. We cannot forget that. Their roots go deep.

How can you have NESARA implementation without first removing the old Illuminati banking guard that has controlled financial institutions for 6000 years?

Our concerns as parents are the mandatory vax’s and ID/tracing/etc. The medical part of all this scares me the most. But that’s been already taken care of. Trump and Bill Barr have spoken out against the tracing ID in Gate’s vaccines. At this rate of success, the vaccine will be useless. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4gf2tnKKc822/


  1. Hello! I wanted to thank you for spreading truth. Thanks to your posts about deep state it has become clear to me how hard it has been for God to regain His children. I also started to watch some Q videos and unfortunately discovered that they consider Unification Church and True Father as someone who worked together with fallen bloodlines. This pains me deeply. Actually I don't know what to do about that and thought maybe this could be useful information for you.


  2. Yulian, God bless you, brother! I wish everyone read your blog!


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