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The Battle to Save the Planet: The Coming Months Will Determine the Outcome

The Battle to Save The Planet

"We are at a turning point for humankind. Peace and settlement of all conflicts is needed for a global currency reset. South Korea is not going to exist as an independent state much longer. It will be merged with North Korea and maybe also with Manchuria."

"For the first time in history, eastern and western secret societies had agreed to work together to save the world. The result is that unlimited funding is going to be made available for funding projects to help the people of the planet." Benjamin Fulford Update

By YuliUTS / 15 Sep. 2020 / CIG News

Each week I'm trying to give you some update on the latest events in the effort to remove the satanic forces from the face of the earth and liberate humanity. The Lockdowns were just the beginning of a transition that would take a few years to complete. (See The Previous Update)

As the Washington Times reported, "Fox News host Mark Levin disputed the notion the novel coronavirus killed 200,000 people in the U.S., referring to the grim figure from health officials as “the biggest lie this century.”" The Washington Times

What is the truth behind? What is really hiding behind this Plandemic? As the Pentagon sources say, "The longer US government stats down, makes it easy to arrest Deep Staters embedded in the government." (1) We can see that the US military, Japan and other countries are moving towards taking control of the privately owned Central Banks. 

This is a huge victory in the global battle between good and evil that will lead to number of changes in all other countries. So I hope this article help you understand how the global events connect with our True Parent's work for liberating God and humanity. So let me start with the news of the upcoming reunification of Korea. 

The Upcoming Korean Re-Unification

"In Asia as well, the Kazarian rule continues to be dismantled. Manchu royal family sources say; South Korea is not going to exist as an independent state much longer. It will be merged with North Korea and maybe also with Manchuria." East-West Secret Society

The royal families and secret societies that were working for that cause surely know the vast work of Rev. Moon for the reunification of Korea. According to sources, there will be shift in power in North Korea and most probably the elder son of Kim Chen Un's brother will be enthroned. 

The situation in China is more difficult to see, but there are growing signs that President Xi Jinping's leadership may end. Sources in China's military intelligence say the faction, which wants to microchip and micro-manage China's population, is losing military support. Increased shipping from China to USA is a sign that some agreements have already been made. 

US in Midst of Controlled Implosion

As True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon, mentioned, pray for US, for it's situation is crucial for the future of the whole world. I give you some deep behind-the-scene intel on the situation, so please follow carefully.

"Last week various intelligence agencies confirmed the United States government is in the middle of a controlled implosion that will continue until at least January.  Russian intelligence sources say Donald Trump will be the last president of the United States in its present form...

The big question is, will the U.S. be represented by a Khazarian Satanic government (and a Gates’ sponsored, RNA vaccine-induced, DNA damaged culling of the global population) or a hybrid democracy-meritocracy controlled by the people?  The battle over the coming months will determine that outcome, many sources agree." Controlled Implosion

In this video, you can see the UN 2030 plan to teach masturbation before the age of 4 and legalizing pedophilia. Creating a society with freedom to practice satanism, by abolishing family and religion. Bringing to open the horrible things they were doing underground and turning the world into concentration camps, following the Chinese model. 

Their Defeat is Only a Matter of Time

"All the major military forces in the world are now opposed to the Khazarian mafia, so their final defeat is only a matter of time. We are reluctant to give specific dates, but world events show that the rule of Satan's elite is coming to an end." B. Fulford

Look at all the fires. Right after the Canadian border, there is nothing. This is a war. As the election approaches, the Cabal structures are using direct energy weapons and all other means to counterattack. Their plan for this reset was quite different. (see, Reset explained) Covid-19 was a 5-year plan for blocking humanity, created by the World Bank. See the official World Bank document

The White Hats took a massive action to prevent this evil plan and arrest these criminals. As Benjamins said, "The Lockdowns will end once Trump's presidency starts at 20 of January. Those who cling to the old structure will be flushed down the toilet of history along with it." 
Despite all the chaos, this is part of the near-death "birth pangs" of the Khazar mob. Preparations for replacing this dying beast with a better planetary management system are said to be underway. There are many signs that this is true. 

So how is the present situation with the underground war? Underground bases and tunnels were used by the Cabal to traffic children, money and drugs. Most of the satanic practices were done in these underground facilities. According to the most recent insight, the White Hats are moving forward. They already have control over 95% of the US DUMBS; Australia - 15%, England - 25%, Latin America - 18%. (2) "So many small tunnels - so many children were liberated," Gene reported.

1. New Judges to Fight Immorality

The good forces didn't sleep and moved to prevent this satanic plans, uprooting this satanic Cabal. Cleansing the Court system is a major step.  

"It is reported that 80% of child-sex-trafficking victims have come through the court system (The so called Legal Kidnapping)." Expose corruption in child protective services

All this corrupted system has to be exposed and cleansed legally. New judges and prosecutors will be appointed to carry on the long-awaited arrests. Laws are set to remove all immoral transgender and pedophilia propaganda. The numerous indictments and arrests are already a fact. The Enormous rescue operations go simultaneously. As President Trump re-tweeted these days:

"Thanks to Potus and our AG, 189 children , across 3 states, were rescued from child trafficking ring this past weekend." 

You see now the case against NETFLEX's propaganda of pedophilia and all other structures involved. This is serious. It's about replacing parents and teachers with people who propagate transgender, free sex indoctrination - using Hollywood and the media as a tool. Children's minds are played with the curriculum and the games; turning them against parents and from religion. When you realize it's already too late. 

"These people were trying to take the children our of the family dynamic as early as possible, by teaching them the opposite of what they are learning at home." Expose corruption

In this video you can hear of the new Global Law (GESARA), abolishing these satanic structures and creating a prosperous and free world for all people, liberating the new technologies. 


2. Remove the Banking System from Satan's Hands

The arrests had already begun. The highest-profile arrests are of senior Bankers along with some high-level politicians for luting money from the country. More of the thousands of indictments will be unsealed after the US midterm elections. 

"Since the Rothschilds are loosing power, their proxies around the world have been replaced." 

Look at the chart. Every election there was a new virus. It's time to wake up and learn who was behind that. You have to inform yourself of their Eugenics (Depopulation) plans. 

This banking Cabal was planning everything decades earlier. They sponsored and controlled all opposing groups - left and right. They controlled the medicine, produced patented viruses and made supposed medicine for it. Their time is over. 

It has been a hunting period for the Kazarian banking mafia. They have been given a deadline (31October) to return the gold they have stolen or face being systematically hunted down and exterminated. 

Concrete plans have been made to save the planet, yet "turning the planet is like turning a big tanker in the mid-ocean," so it will take time. "So much momentum has been built up that things must proceed slowly in order to avoid tipping the ship." (3)

3. Exposing the Health Mafia

"The Trump regime is going after the Pharmaceutical companies. A secret executive order has been made and the arrest and assassination of top pharmaceutical industry criminals has began." Battle to Free Humanity

Many countries are already recognizing how criminal the World Health Organization had become. US, Africa, India are openly renouncing their mafia coup against humanity in conjunction with the big-pharma.

As Banjamin Fulford noted, 
"The situation with the medical mafia is so bizarre... the question: “Who caused the pandemic?” is the same as the answer “WHO caused the pandemic.”" Wikipedia.org/wiki


4. Restoring Nature and Expansion in the Space

Humanity was wiped out by 60% of the wide animals since 1970 alone. The first act is to start a massive campaign to stop the environmental destruction and poverty and allow for human expansion into the universe. This requires the extreme measures that are being taken now. This includes asking high-level criminals to return stolen goods. The down will intensify after November. 

"NASA recently announced that NASA has 7 habitable planets... also announced faster than light technology. These are signs that the quarantine of the planet earth may soon be lifted and humanity will be free to expand exponentially into the universe." Battle to Free Humanity

That's why Mother Moon remarked, that moving people to Mars will not solve the problems. We have to first solve all problems on the earth. Today's TV report that particles connected to life are present in the Venus atmosphere and that the temperature there is a comfortable 30 C. 

5. Bit Swords into Plowshares

The defense secretary's mission now is to bring to public view the Space Force; release the suppressed technology; bit swords into plowshares. This means, peace on earth for all in a very real sense. In that regard, all media got official videos of very fast flying gravitational objects. All major news reported that these are man-made secret technologies, capable of bringing any person to any place on earth in less than an hour. US Space Force declared that most of the production will move to space, where they can print even buildings, bridges and ship them for less than a dollar to any place on earth. As the US Space Force explains:

"This technology can be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour." Steven Kwast, US Space Force
In that regard, more and more people witness these strange flying objects. With my daughter we often observe them through our window; suddenly appearing and disappearing. Sometimes numerous, arriving one by one over the nearby military base. Sometimes bringing huge objects. 
"Within a few years, a great transition of platform will take place.. Space-X... such projects are at the forefront of the digital platform revolution. The era of instant communication and exchange, True Mother emphasizes, is upon us... Current fight... has moved to a race for hegemony over platforms. Especially digital ones... However, a unified world cannot be realized if God remain absent from any platform and selfishness takes precedence." Dr. Yun, International Director
There are numerous global changes happening in the next few years, to open the way for restored nations. We live in an unbelievable, historic time of transition. I hope, now you come to understand why Rev. Moon Predicted the Coronavirus Judgement Day


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