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"An indescribable and unpredictable reality is unfolding in front of us." Mother Moon

By YuliUTS / 10 Dec. 2020 / Unification Research

Now we can definitely say that the White Hats are winning the secret war for the planet Earth and the liberation of humanity. "December 2020 will be remembered for the decisive reversal of the tide of history and the defeat of the ancient power of evil," said the last intel report. 
People will observe history unfold as the ancient satanic ruling class is overthrown. Trump will win (see) and vaccines will be exposed as the most harmful and vicious attack on human health and spirituality. 

However, while the victory for the good boys is rapidly gaining momentum, the battle continues to rage and the swamp creatures of The Deep State are fighting to the death, knowing that they are doomed. Sex trafficking of young children became their most profitable enterprise. Biden and Dems are deeply involved. They are desperate to destroy Trump, who is determined to put the end of their satanic practices. 

Probably for this reason in the last few days there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies. Internal and external war with the allies of the Cabal are very possible, as they are desperate for their survival. It was also reported seeing a vast array of land fighting vehicles coming out of cargo aircraft. It appears we are preparing to defend ourselves from an invasion. China?

The Dominion Machines are nothing compared to the scale of the actions of the traitorous Democrats, led by Biden. They just sold the whole of America to China's Communist Party!. 
FIRST ATTACK ALREADY OCCURRED: Hal Turner Radio Show has just Reported, “50,000 Chinese Soldiers were Bombed and Killed in Maine which was listed as an Earthquake.” They were invading US from Canada, invited there by Trudo. In the incident, an F16 was taken down by the Chinese in Michigan. (1) The plane was hit by some new kind of weapon, perhaps ionizing radiation. So much is at stake. Pray! 

When The War Is Over

When this war is over, the history books will have to be completely rewritten.  We had no idea to what extend the Satanic forces were dominating humanity through their vast network infused in all areas of life. Just see the extend of election fraud. Can that corruption be let to continue? That's why Mother Moon proclaimed:

"God, however, cannot postpone His providence of salvation... This means that the spring breeze of heavenly fortune, through which the dream of God our Creator can be fulfilled and the hopes of humanity realized, has begun to blow.."  3rd One Million Rally of Hope 

In this regard, Trump declared December 24 (Christmas) a national holiday (interesting how no one else thought of it before). The second is that the Pentagon said the CIA would not be funded for its counterterrorism operations after Jan. 5. This could mean the end of the CIA as an agency that interferes and confuses other nations! 

"Donald Trump is the only president in recent US history who has not waged a single war." 

The Fake Pandemic Aiming Communization of the World
In the last weeks several nations started proclaiming the Covid-19 tests and lockdowns as anti-constitutional and exposing WHO as a corrupted mafia organization. International investigations concluded that those responsible for creating that false plan-demic should be prosecuted. Many pilots have testified that they are payed 50000 for each flight to spray with gas that produces Covid symptoms. 
While the race for the Constitutional Republic is underway, a new battle has now erupted over the fake pandemic and plans to vaccinate the world's population with toxins. Some have call it "a genocide", "war against humanity", or "the biggest genetical experiment in history." We can compare the current cunning campaign to the methods used by communist China to brainwash American prisoners of war during the Korean War. [2] [3]
Isolation, threats, constant fear propaganda, rewards for obedience, and so on, combine to place people in complete obedience. It is clear that what we are witnessing is an attempt to create a communist world government controlled by the Chinese and with the Khazar mafia acting as their banker.
We need to understand that the stakes are far greater than the overthrow of governments. This is about the future of humanity and the planet. Satan's ruling class has always used fear to control us: fear of communists, fear of terrorists, fear of pandemics, and so on. This is terror-based debt slavery. As Mother Moon declared, we have to re-connect to God and quickly resolve all these problems:
"At this point in time, a new movement must arise—a movement of people attending God our Creator at the center of our effort to resolve all these problems and look forward to a bright future." 3rd One Million Rally of Hope
Freedom and Technological Prosperity

When these people are overthrown, humanity will be free to imagine an ideal future and then figure out how to really make it happen. Free from the oppressive regulations human creativity will flourish and the Culture of Heart (Living for the sake of others) will soon take over. Technological development and human creativity will rise immensely. For example, now Nokia has a cellphone that recharges itself without the need of electrical source. 
Only in recent days, while we are still paralyzed by cowardly fear and political struggles, China announced several astonishing scientific breakthroughs one after another. 
They announced the creation of artificial sun offering virtually free, unlimited energy; they produced a jet-engine that could take us anywhere on the planet in two hours, announced a quantum computer that is "100 trillion times faster than the world's fastest supercomputer," and produced genetically improved super soldiers. [11] [12] [13] [14] The West has even better technologies that are premised to be disclosed after the Satanic Cabal is completely removed. Chinese are just trying to not get behind, starting the disclosure sooner. We are on the threshold of some amazing future. 


CIG: Shift of the Paradigm Towards Sharing

In this world, controlled by a few people, everything was designed so that we will be constantly dependent on them (To get a job in their corporations, to pay tax on the land we own and so on). To live we had to work like slaves with little time for what's really essential. That's because this 1% got control not only of the resources but also of the production and the information (Know-how). They surrounded us with rules and regulations, where we had to pay for every freedom we want to have. That's why this world needs transformation. 

The new world is a world of freedom and love. What if we unleash the human potential by helping each other and sharing know-how openly. (See from 8:00) That's what Open Source Ecology is trying to achieve: Optimizing production without centralization. (15) Everyone can use, help, improve by openly sharing technology and resources. Life can become so easy, yet guarantee a comfortable life. Time will be left for the essentials: family, love, and relationships. 

3rd One Million Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World 

Words of True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon (November 22, 2020), Cheongshim Peace World Center and all regions of the world)

An indescribable and unpredictable reality is unfolding in front of us.

I am sure everyone feels that we have reached the limit of human effort. At this point in time, a new movement must arise—a movement of people attending God our Creator at the center of our effort to resolve all these problems and look forward to a bright future. Our Creator created our beautiful Earth and made preparations to live the life of the heavenly kingdom together with all people on earth, and then to live together with everyone in the eternal world. What this means is that God, our Creator, is the Parent of humankind.

The reality of today is that, due to the human Fall, humankind has come to stand in a position of having no relationship with the Heavenly Parent. Until now, God has carried out the work of the providence of salvation to restore the children He has lost. For this reason, He has taught humankind, who are like orphans, the philosophy that upholds the coming of the Messiah. This is what is referred to in the Bible as the six thousand years of human history. He intended to realize His Will through the people of Israel two thousand years ago, but this did not come to pass because Jesus Christ was crucified. Jesus said, “I will come again!” and that when he returned he would conduct the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

The truth is that Christianity was ignorant of Jesus’ true nature, and this led to many problems arising in the course of the two-thousand-year history. God, however, cannot postpone His providence of salvation. For the first time in 6,000 biblical years, God has finally sent His only begotten daughter, through whom His dispensation can come to completion, to be born on the Korean Peninsula. This means that the spring breeze of heavenly fortune, through which the dream of God our Creator can be fulfilled and the hopes of humanity realized, has begun to blow.

The environment of that time was such that, following the liberation of Korea in 1945, the Korean War broke out in 1950. God needed to protect His only begotten Daughter, who had been born after a long wait of six thousand years. The North and the South split from each other, one communist and the other democratic, and the Korean War broke out before democratic South Korea had equipped itself with the structure with which to fight against the North. And yet, Heaven could not delay the spring breeze of the providence. How is it that sixteen UN member nations came to take part in a civil war that took place in a small country unknown to the rest of the world? Moreover, we know that most of the brave participants in the war were at that time just in their teens or twenties.

Among all human beings, they were the most innocent and pure sons and daughters beloved by Heaven. What do you think induced them to step forward fearlessly for peace in Korea and the world? This alone tells us that God our Creator is together with us. The blood they shed proclaimed the birth of True Parents. How much had humankind and Heaven wished for it? The brave soldiers who shed blood during this war are the courageous heroes of the providence who will be remembered in history for all time. Since fallen people cannot be fully embraced by God our Creator, our Heavenly Parent, without going through the True Parents, both Heaven and humankind have been waiting for six thousand years.

However, the Christian foundation that was to have provided a firm basis for this could not fulfill its responsibility, and the providence of True Parents had to wait for another sixty long years. And now the time has come for the righteous leaders of today to speak the truth and reveal the heavenly secret. From now on, we should not stop. 

Nevertheless, all the grave problems arising in the world today are not only the problems of Korea. Our Heavenly Parent should be the center through which all these problems can be resolved. If all people in the nations of the world become the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and form one great family under Him, the problems occurring today will no longer be problems.

It is the duty of children to do what their parents wish. Our Heavenly Parent has waited for six thousand years, and for those six thousand years the world’s people have been living in distress as orphans.

This, however, is an exciting and happy moment in time when we can meet True Parents and become the filial children of our Heavenly Parent. In other words, we can attend True Parents and spend our lives as we sing of the kingdom of heaven on earth that was originally desired by our Creator. We need to be keenly aware of this.

Human ignorance has caused a serious situation such that many in our world believe that we need to restore this beautiful Earth created by God, our Creator, to its original state as quickly as possible. And we should not stop at just talking about it and actually do something. Then the way to resolve all these problems, over which we are crying out with one voice, is for us to become the true, filial sons and daughters of one great family under our Heavenly Parent that move according to True Parents’ instructions.

There is hope for us. God is with us. We owe much to Him. We must not pass down our indebtedness to our descendants... The way forward for humanity today is to unite and advance through True Parents to the position where Heavenly Parent can embrace them and say, “You are my son, you are my daughter!” I cannot emphasize enough that it is the only way for the human race to survive in the present time. I will pray for our bright future.

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  1. The history can't go back.The world which God promised is near. Now is the time for all corrupted world issues to be exposed and judged by the law of heaven.The victory of goodness is near and with the power of our (worlwide)forgiveness, prayer, love and unison for sure is going to come very soon.


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