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The Plan to Save the World: God's Victory is at Hand

Father Moon was born 100 years ago (1920). Jesus appeared to him at the age of 16. He saw how painful was God's situation. God was unable to liberate and embrace his children because the world was under Satan's complete control. The young Moon determined to liberate God's heart, by making the foundation to liberate humanity of Satan's control.

In 1982 he established the Washington Times. He helped Reagen to become a president and bring the Communism down. He worked tirelessly to unite Christianity and all other Religions, to end the Satanic power and open the way for God's Ideal on the Earth. After restoring 400 million families in God's lineage, Lucifer had to step down in 1999. From 2000 till 2012 he made the required world foundation for abolishing the Satanic sovereignty on earth. See, Culture of Heart: The Revolution in Love and Consciousness

I was there when Father Moon told us, that once he goes in the spirit world he will make all the truth of the events be told on the earth; who killed JFK was one of those mentioned. (See, TF: WHO KILLED JFK) In the last 7 years (2012-2019), he worked to unite the Spirit world, to come and help end the evil on earth. He mobilized all the leaders and religious founders from the realm of Paradise to descend with full power in 2015. Thus in 2016, reportedly by 800 Generals dedicated to end the Cabal, helped elect Trump as the new champion to fulfill the plan.

Soon the way was made for North Korea to start opening. That was because the power dominating them was removed. The Deep State was abolished. And now the same will happen with all world regimes. The whole world will move towards peace, shifting out of the old paradigm of wars and tensions. Read, REV. MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS JUDGEMENT DAY

The Plan to Save the World
Lockdown was not because of Covid, but because of the war behind. The virus was an attempt to impose the New World Order, but instead, the good forces acted to remove the Deep State and prevent this Totalitarian regime from coming. Read more..

True or not, that's what the White Hats are reporting. See this video to help you make sense of the coming events. Learn about THE BIBLICAL HISTORY OF SATANISM and how it controls the world today, to understand why these events will bring their end. God's victory is inevitable. As Mother said, there can be no further delay.

Recognize your true enemy (Now Satan's way of control is exposed)
The root of evil was child sexual abuse (Lucifer seducing Eve sexually).
The walls closing in on their structures (The culture of free sex and abuse is ending)
The greatest victory the world has ever known is coming. God Wins!
And Deep state actors are racing to cover their tracks

Why are the evil structures and manipulations exposed now? Forced to return to the original creation LUCIFER REPENTED, just as Father Moon predicted: "The satanic world continues to break down. You just wait and see what happens. Individuals, families, tribes, races and nations in the satanic world have lost their purpose and direction... In the past, we suffered under the rule of satanic dominion; however, things will reverse... I have unified and liberated them allSatan has to retreat now." Sun Myung Moon

The Elite's Pedophilia & Human Trafficking Exposed 

’The Only Reason Liberals Hate Trump Is They Hate God’, Mell Gibson said. This is not hard to fathom, when you learn their history and their hidden practices.  Once you know that the Banking Cartel, controlling the Media and the West, was behind the creation of Marxism and Nazism; And you find out of their practice of Satanic rituals - pedophilia and blood-drinking to invoke Demonic powers, then it all comes to place. Only then you understand their final aim - Total dictatorial control of humanity, and how they use wars, disease and suffering to impose it! See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

Lucifer seduced God's children sexually in their infancy (That was the Human Fall). He is the originator of pedophilia, homosexuality and free sex. He is the originator of child abuse and murder. He is the Criminal against humanity, using all his power to multiply as much us possible the same rituals for controlling humanity through his lineage on earth (The elite Cabal).
"Fundamentally, all of these global leaders are talking about Eugenics - control of the population." Video
You have to understand that they were plotting to keep humanity sick. Because they followed Lucifer. Read, Diseases Caused By Lucifer. God had to restore the position of True Parents, and through them restore humanity back to his lineage. Jesus and all Heaven worked behind them to bring that victory. It is not a small job to save humanity from these painful circumstances and build God's Ideal.

1 million children kidnapped each year / will be raped and ritually killed
5 million children are forced into sex-slavery annually
Why only after Trump came in office it comes out and we see massive arrests?
Why only now there is a huge operation to end this Satanic Cabal?

Why Media is silent of the many child trafficking rings caught and indicted, and children liberated

100 000 Children Liberated in NY
5 April 2020 Disclosure, Children / Thousands of children released in New York!

Nearly 100,000 children and corpses were found in a tunnel under the Clinton Foundation in New York! Since last week, thousands of hungry and terribly abused children have been found dead or saved in an underground tunnel in New York.

The abuse Lucifer started with the first children of God was never ended. Satanic rituals of sexual abuse on children were always practiced throughout history as a way of worshiping Lucifer and mobilizing evil spirits to control the earth. Satan made sure all who have power and money in this world to be perverted and obligated to participate in such evil practices. In a way they were also victims in need of liberation. Think of God's heart.

This tunnel extends 4 kilometers between the Clinton Foundation Building and the Port of New York! Nurses Confirm Treating Child Victims of Horrific Abuse at Corona Campaign Hospital in Tents in Central Park!

The medical vessel "Comfort" was placed there in New York by President Trump. A second medical ship, the "Mercy", which would have the same mission, namely to provide care to the kidnapped children, victims of horrible abuses and saved from the tunnels, is in the port of Los Angeles. The rescue efforts are under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

The abused children are removed from the tunnels. There are stacked bodies... New York is crying out for body bags. They estimated that 100,000 were needed. They would probably lose 4 to 6% of the victims left alive because they were too weak. They are not adapted to the light and the oxygen on the surface. Need ventilator treatment to prepare them.

It is true. Check the Pentagon Podophile Task Force and the Judicial Commission videos

There is evidence of horrific torture and sexual abuse. Many have been educated for this and have never seen the light of day. Some are distorted. All are malnourished. Many need respirators because the air in the tunnels stagnates and is not renewed. Officers who have been in the tunnels are traumatized! They are given vomit bags before they enter.

These People are Pure Evil

Some of these children were to be used to produce Adrenochrome, the blood of traumatized children enriched with adrenaline that the "Elite" use to rejuvenate themselves! The children are taken care now before the Declassifications of the Files and the indictment of the 160,000 people with a Sealed Indictment in the various Federal Courts United States, which are in progress right now!

We always keep the heart to forgive, love and unite. But this had to end. We recognize the incredible pain God had to go through, observing such evil deeds throughout history. We recognize the great burden on True Parent's shoulders to find solution and salvation for these people, even in the spirit world. For all God's children have to be eventually restored. So our deep prayers are most needed now.

On the base of China Lake in California, 35,000 children were released and partly transferred to the medical ship "Mercy" stationed in the port of Los Angeles! Others are being released in Florida and Washington DC!

Imagine God's pain. In the United States alone, more than 800,000 children disappear every year, and we are starting to find out where they are in order to meet the needs of the Satanist Elite who govern part of the world and who believe that everything is allowed and above the law by regularly raping and sacrificing defenseless children! Read why the false media would not report that.

It is shocking in what the elite controlling this world was involved

Desperate Times need Desperate Measures

A Documentary came out recently with 10 videos, The Cabal Deep State and Qanon E1-10. Many secrets are revealed about this pedophilia, child abuse and corruption of our world elite. You have to watch it to understand. We learned how the Deep State works. There is no way back. Just as Father explained:
"Without fighting in the visible world and defeating Satan, no road will emerge by which we can make progress in the spirit world. Without this, we would surely face obstacles." Rev. Moon - CSG
As we speak, 30 nations have united their forces to end this satanic Cabal of darkness that has been controlling the earth for thousands of years. Yet, we realize that the final battle is inside of us. To create the Ideal world external victory will not be enough. We have to all reach internal victory, overcome satan within ourselves. The world has to undergo the Revolution of Conscience, Revolution of Heart and Revolution of Love.
"Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free." Proverbs 11:21
Quiet Arrests and Quick Indictments on Criminals Against Humanity

The International Court: To read more about the arrests in the Vatican and their crimes (click here)
60 priests at the Vatican were put to death, 20 suicided - 30 trillion in gold and assets ceased.

‘Secret’ Underground Dumbs

Underground bases all over the world used for trafficking children and satanic rituals

Over 200 earthquakes in US in the last 30 days, also Moskow, Spain, and all over the world). That's because of the cover operation to overtake the dumbs of the evil forces. Simultaneously liberating thousands, upon thousands of sex-slave children used for satanic rituals, tortured to produce adrenochrome by draining their blood. 30 000 military forces mobilized worldwide.

Did you notice: Mar 26, 2020 was launched Advanced High-Frequency Satellite, part of the National Security program for securing world safety. U.S. Space Force promises new technologies - free energy, fast and cheap travel, safety and security. The age of petrol and pollution will end. See video

At the same time, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank are now taken away from the private hands of this Cabal. These were the people who were gathering and planning the wars, the Eugenics - weaponizing viruses and vaccines, killing millions. See, Bill Gates' talk on Killing Human Spirituality and my article on ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL

Rev. Moon: The Satanic World will Collapse:
"Cain and Abel will switch their positions. The Abel realm up, until present, was in a position of people who are chased after, but from now on, it will possess the right of the eldest son of God’s Kingdom. The satanic world will collapse. It will only retreat, unable to generate any opposition. If it even tries to oppose, it will be crushed into pieces. ...What was God’s original ideal of creation? It was to build the Kingdom on earth and in heaven in the name of the True Parents. Without True Parents’ name, God’s Kingdom cannot emerge, either on earth or in heaven." CSG

What else you didn't notice while staying home? Quiet arrests were happening all over the place, all over the world. So many shocking news will come in May, or some of it will be kept secret. Even though these are horrendous criminals, still there can be some incredible emotional reactions from the public. It's a lot to see. But the war is still ongoing, so keep praying!

Fulfill God's Purpose of Creation

"What is God’s purpose of creation...  create Adam and Eve... so that they could grow to maturity and, through their hearts (and) build the true Kingdom of Heaven on earth with God at the center. It was so that they could create a love nest with God in the middle.
"The family is the cradle of human life and a cornerstone of world peace." Sun Myung MoonEstablishment of a World of True Heart-Centered Culture
The place where parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters all want to join together in true love is the ideal family. Here, as eternal worldwide equalization commences, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth begins and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven automatically comes to be realized." Sun Myung Moon,1999

Family is the School of Love to Perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart:
"How beautiful the world of your heart is will determine how close you can be to people. They will want to be as one with people whose world of heart is more beautiful. They will be as one even if they were told not to."

The biggest Global Movement for Peace - Educating the global leaders and restoring families with the Culture of Heart, becoming One Global Family Under God

"Humankind most urgently needs is a revolution of true love initiated by the True Parents. Without a fundamental change, we cannot expect happiness and a peaceful world. Today’s problems should be solved by the ideology based on the ideal of true family, centered on true parents and on God’s ideology of true love. You should seriously evaluate the peace movement and the ideal of true love that I have developed around the world until now. The movement of true love and purity for the establishment of a peaceful world. The Holy Blessing Ceremony of the 360 Million Couples... the fruits of my lifelong efforts to educate the world about ideal families. ..made a marriage vow before God and will build true families by becoming true couples and true parents centered on God’s true love. We are proudly advancing the historic revolution of true love through the true family movement for the sake of world peace." Sun Myung Moon


  1. Half a million paralyzed children in India from Bill Gates' vaccines. Of course we want them too! Yes, Bill Gates promises to reduce the population by 15% with his vaccination programs (TED talk 2015). But look around, most of the ruling elite believes in Eugenics - population control (or Depopulation). Yes, Bill Gates holds a Coronavirus patent. But don't worry, his vaccines will do far more damage than the virus itself.

    HOWEVER, WE ARE MISSING the most important PART:

    The campaign right now is not to stop Bill Gates and their Satanic Cabal. They are going to jail. The purpose is to educate the people, to understand why it is necessary. For otherwise many will rebel in their ignorance :) God will Win! Trust the Plan! WWG1WGA

  2. Shattering truth


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