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Culture of Heart: The Revolution in Love and Consciousness

Culture of Heart
The Revolution in Love and Consciousness

"If you become a person completely free from negative thoughts and emotions, your presence will raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness of humanity and therefore the planet as a whole."

By Y.UTS / Unification Family Therapy

Who does not want to be free and full of happiness? Even if we have acquired plenty of free time, money and health, that is not enough. Loving relationships are the real source of happiness, not some external things.

We have great time only when we have wonderful and loving relationships. After creating that love in our families we want to find this harmonious relationships even in the society. Yet, we still live in a world with lots of social problems and tensions. We still see hunger, poverty, corruption and wars. So is there hope for a better world?

"I became a completely different person when I began to love God. I loved humanity more than myself and was more concerned with the problems of others than the problems of my family. I loved everything that God created." Sun Myung MoonPeace Loving Global Citizen


Even beyond a loving family we want a peaceful world. We want to see and relate with other happy people. We want to feel freedom and happiness, traveling freely around the globe and feeling everyone as our family. This is only possible if there is a revolution in the hearts and the consciousness of all people. And if you didn't know, Rev. Moon is the one who made all the foundation for this internal-spiritual revolution. (See, HEART RESONANCE: THE POWER OF LOVE

That's why Father Moon said::

"I feel that I cannot afford to waste so much as a single second. I don’t have any time to be idly standing around. I can clearly see a list of all the things I must accomplish before there can be a world of peace, so my heart is always in a hurry." - Sun Myung Moon, Peace Loving Global Citizen

As a True Mother of humankind, his wife - Hak Ja Han Moon, has emphasized, we aim the firm settlement of the culture of heart throughout the world. She started enormous movement to promote this culture, that spreads rapidly in Asia, Africa and gradually overtaking the world. Her vision united representatives governments and religious organizations. In her own words,

“Culture is an essential foundation to the firm settlement of Cheon Il Guk. That is why I would like to carry out a cultural revolution. This will not be the existing culture centered on Satan but a culture that will encompass our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents’ dream and heart—it will be a revolution of the arts under the culture of heart.” -True Mother

We should become people who follow their heart's and pursue their unique purpose of Peace and Prosperity for all, of ending the past resentments and rear down all barriers. "Living from your heart" becomes possible by "energizing life for the sake of others." This culture starts from the family.

The 2019 Universal Peace Federation (UPF) World Summit centered on the theme of “Peace, Security and Human Development” welcomed over 600 delegates from around the world, representing governments, religious organizations and those active in civil society on February 8 and 9 at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.


We learn to feel bad from a very young age. We see others fail in love, divorce, get sick and we imagine these things happening to us. So we get programmed by fear. How do we escape such bad programing leading us to bad life, bad relationships and bad health.

We Unificationists have the concept of reporting to our Heavenly Parent. At the start of each day visualize all important upcoming relationships ... see how each one is happy... how you and he reacts nice this time. Feel the new feelings of love that you want. See how everyone is happy and smiling, how you are surrounded by God's love and guidance. Report that desire to God.

At the end of the day, report to our Heavenly Parent, visualizing the situations that happened. Give thanks for what was good, and visualize again all bad relationships, but this time edit how you and he reacted. Re-experience it, but the way you prefer that you and he have reacted. Only then, correcting the patterns and the emotions from the day, you can go and sleep peacefully, knowing that with each day your relationships will get better and better, happier and happier. See, LIVE IN LOVE AND ABOVE: THE FRUITS OF TRUE LOVE

Few Relational Aims to Visualize: 
Each morning I wake up feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead.
Even when my partner reacts bad I will feel incredible inner peace and love overtake me.
In each situation I will choose love and happiness, instead of reacting negatively from fear.
See yourself like a magnet attracting pleasant, positive situations and reactions into our life.
Visualize having fun and laugh each day: Experiencing joy and creating joy for each others.
Each night go to sleep feeling fulfilled, thankful, and peaceful.
Program yourself to look for the good in each of us and appreciate all the positive in life.
See yourself surrounded by God's love, attracting health, wealth, happiness, and love.

Do such few-minutes reports, visualizing with your spirit mind. Soon you will really start reacting to each other in this new way  And these new feelings will overtake you naturally. And here is the ideal you want to realize in your life:


Priority in our life is to learn to love. How do we open our hearts for that? How do we reach to a deep and real relationship with God? This is only possible in the atmosphere of true and loving relationships. And as Rev. Moon explained, it starts in the family. If you see your family failing you have to do intense efforts to bring that love.

No one can deny it, the institution of the family is the actual school of love, the place we experience it first and that determines our future relational skills. Visualizing your own family as such a perfect place of love you are not just imagining it. Your spirit is going forward, in the future, sensing the situations, cleaning the blocks and creating the new reality.

"The family is the cradle of human life and a cornerstone of world peace."

Who was the greatest visionary of this ideal? Our True Father, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The center of his unifying idea was not the religion, but the family. The family is the basis for building a world centered on the culture of heart.

The Family Federation, founded by Rev. Moon, explains how to resolve all conflicts with unconditional love and achieve true happiness in life. See, PEACE SUMMIT 2018: DR. HAK JA HAN MOONMankind has never been able to eliminate the problems in society, because it has never found the way to heal the family, which is the school of love. So we are obligated to reach that ideal.


"We... who have welcomed the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, must build a new world of true heart-centered culture. Man becomes a substantiation of that ideal and of happiness in the harmony of love that is created when he becomes one with God." Sun Myung MoonEstablishment of a World of True Heart-Centered Culture

There are four kinds of love we have to perfect in the family; children's love, brother-sister's love, spouse's love, and parental love. Child are supposed to grow into an atmosphere of absolute love. This is of key importance, that they should experience unconditional love from truly loving parents. Then, with the help of us, the parents, the children can develop the sharing level of brother-sister love. If we as parents leave them by themselves, the children will only learn the law of the jungle. 

Only on the basis of the proper development of these two stages, one can perfect the next two stages in the development of love - Husband love and wife love, and the subsequent Parental love. Parental love is the highest and most unconditional love. The world is pretending to be ignorant of the fact, that trust and love are destroyed the very moment we share our sexual love with another, not a married partner. So what kind of children are born and raised if this root is defiled? Thus, total faithfulness and fidelity are absolutely needed for this realm of heart to be developed properly. 

"Even though this realm of heart, built with true love, is small, it is connected to the universe and the vibrations of everything happening within it are transmitted to all the creation and the spiritual world. This is because the entire cosmos, including the spiritual world, exists under the same one principle of the true love of God." Sun Myung MoonEstablishment of a World of True Heart-Centered Culture

God’s Model Ideal Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom


We teach people and governments to understand, that only such a revolution of heart and love can solve family problems and eliminate hatred in society and the world. But to do so, we have to teach young people through educational programs, through the families, public example and a political impetus. In his life Dr. Moon has funded and developed numerous programs in these key areas of life.

As Unificationsts and Peacemakers we yearn to bring that revolution of heart in the society. But I have realized that if we can help people with these 3 areas, we will be effective in witnessing:

Provide People with:
(1) Time of loving relationships and creativity
(2) Possibilities for financial freedom and security
(3) Spiritual and physical health and vitality

Until today, organizations and leaders were unable to resolve global conflicts and achieve peace. To renew the United Nations and present new level of leadership in building the world, Dr. Moon has founded the Universal Peace Federation in 2005. UPF is now rapidly turning into one of the world's leading forces for peace. See, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

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