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Peace Conference in Africa: Senegal's World Summit 2018

True Motherly Love will bring True World Peace. A person with a high Resonance of Heart can move nations and continents to elevate their hearts and reach God.

The World Summit in Senegal: Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon & UPF
Africa Welcomes the Age of Peace
Jan 18-20, 2018 / Tinder DIOP reported

"This is a world shaking, world transforming moment in history, centering on our Heavenly Parent and our True Mother," Tomas Walsh, President of UPF, said. "We see clearly the highway of providential history has come to Africa at this critical moment... that God's power and energy is present here."
"I would like to begin a new era, an era of peace, an era where we share the heart of true love and living for the sake of others, an era of living centering on altruism, where all of humanity can attend God as our parent." Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
At this historic World Summit where the president and the government of Senegal were present, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon announced that Africa will become the most prosperous continent in the world. She encouraged all the participants to live in love "so that all the nations of the world can establish one big family".

The head of state has received the founder of the Federation for Universal Peace, Dr. Hak Ja Han, who expressed her commitment to supporting President Macky Sall's economic policy through cooperation and help Senegal become the first model restored nation.

Former president of Mali, Dioncounda Traoré spoke, outlining Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s life and marriage to Rev. Moon; her 14 children and more than 40 grandchildren. He said, “She is known for her natural grace and charm. She fought alongside her husband to build a society of peace in the world.. and she leads with conviction and determination, even launching new initiatives on the world level in the years since her husband passed away.”

"I chose this beautiful nation", Dr. Moon explained, "because I felt that the Senegalese are a peaceful people that God has especially prepared and blessed. And when I came to Senegal, I saw the man God personally prepared. This Nation's President has been prepared by God and I hope you all feel that," she said.

President Sall was presented with a good governance award. Addressing the international delegates and guests he paid special tribute to “Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of UPF, and to Hak Ja Han Moon for carrying on his work.” His nation’s population, President Sall explained, consists of mixed religions, including Islam, Christianity and traditional faiths, living together in peace. He read from various scriptures, including the Koran, 5:32 “The one who will save the life of one man will be the savior of humankind.”

Around 1200 participants from 60 regions of Africa and the world, there were 15 heads of state (current or former), 12 vice-presidents, 6 presidents of National Assembly, 35 ministers and heads of government, 150 religious leaders gathered in Dakar for this African Peace Summit 2018. The leaders of the Universal peace Federation (UPF) and the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (AIPP), as sponsors of the event, featured the theme "New Africa: interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values".

This was not a theoretical meeting, but a conference of action. For such a long time God was working to find such foundation on which He can work to transform this world and realize His dream of 'One Family Under God'. God was looking for people who had the courage and sincere hearts to accomplish this work. For the first time God is able to find a nation to receive His guidance; a nation to accept this mission to accomplish this historic task.

All the religious denominations were represented at this summit. Even the prayers were offered, by a Christian Bishop and a Muslim Imam. Zimbabwean Bishop Johannes Ndanga expressed gratitude that God had raised up Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon to work and bring peace in this world. See, Interfaith Peacebuilding (UPF).
"We are here to open a new era in human history because this magnificent continent will become the new heavenly Africa that will welcome God as the center and become the most prosperous continent in the world," said Dr. Moon.

In her words, "Africa will become the light of the world. We are here today for this historic occasion, at the place where humanity was born. I came here to pray and eliminate the historical pain that this continent has experienced so that it begins a new story."

This African Summit is a real blessing by God. True Mother was welcomed as a head of state with a Minister of Foreign Affairs sending official delegation. The next day was the private meeting with the National President. In these 40 minutes he responded so warmly.

This African foundation expanded by first giving Marriage Blessings through the Village Chiefs. When the traditional Chiefs understood the values of the Blessing they even attended Workshops. On that foundation gradually African leaders were involved. Now more then 60 African families have their Tribal goal of 430 couples fulfilled. True Mother even assigned a special team at Cheong Pyong to make liberation for Africa. She even invited the religious leaders, tribal chiefs and political leaders to come to Hawaii. These leaders got so inspired for the development of Africa. Mother, as the Only Begotten Daughter, constantly encourages the leaders to work for the restoration of their nations. She expanded this process from Asia to Zambia, spreading it fast for the purpose of establishing God's Kingdom on Earth.

Visiting House of Slavery

Mrs. Moon visited the The House of Slaves on Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal's famous memorial to the Atlantic Slave Trade. Understanding the painful history of Africa, True Mother offered a prayer of liberation for its ancestors. This was the place where slaves were housed before they were loaded onto ships bound for the Americas.

By focusing on this magnificent continent, Mother Moon would like to prepare a new era. "An era of peace in which we share true love and live for others, let us live centered on the altruism in which all humanity can serve God," said Dr. Moon.

Message of Peace and Hope

Speaking before 1,000 leaders from all across Africa at the opening plenary of World Africa Summit, True Mother, Dr. Moon, highlighted the failures of human history rooted in selfishness, lamented Africa’s history of suffering, and expressed her belief in Africa to begin a new blessed era and build God’s kingdom.

Here is an excerpt from her message:

“I am so thankful to all of you because today we have gathered here in Dakar, Senegal to open a new era in history. This beautiful continent of Africa is one that will become the new heavenly Africa that attends God as the center and can become the most prosperous continent in the world. Africa stands in the position of being the hero of the world. Africa is the birthplace of humanity.
Africa can become the heavenly Africa that attends God, becoming the light of the world. Africa is a blessed continent. Today, with the heart of a True Mother, and a True Parent, I have come here to pray and eradicate the historical pain that this continent has endured, so that this continent can stand once again in the providence of God and begin a new history….
I would like to begin a new era, an era of peace, an era where we share the heart of true love and living for the sake of others, an era of living centering on altruism, where all of humanity can attend God as our parent. We can establish together a world of peace, equality, unity, and happiness. Together, we can realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I believe in the African continent. Please work together with me to realize this beautiful ideal.”

Following True Mother’s speech, Macky Sall, the President of Senegal, thanked True Mother and her continued desires to see the people of Africa live in happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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