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The Tesla-Trump-Moon Connection: New Yorker Hotel and Trump's Address on the Rally of Hope

The Tesla-Trump-Moon Connection

Nikola Tesla and Trump's connection with the New Yorker Hotel, presently owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, reveals amazing plan for the salvation of humanity

By Y.UTS / 12 Sep. 2021 / Video of the Event / More CIG News

If you didn't know, the New Yorker Hotel is related to Nicola Tesla and his plan to save the world from greedy monopolies. Tesla commissioned the construction of the New Yorker Hotel. Tesla did his last 10 years of experiments there. Tesla's genius Electricity generator is still working in the basement.

Allegedly, Tesla and John G. Trump were involved in the design of the New Yorker Hotel. What we know for sure is, NY Hotel was Tesla's secret tower experiment. Tesla didn't die destitute and lonely in a small hotel room. He was working in the basement. 

You think it is a coincidence that Rev. Moon boat it? No coincidences! After commissioning the construction of the New Yorker Hotel, Nicola Tesla did his last 10 years of experiments in its basement. You should also get aware of Trump's ancestors work with Rev. Moon in the spirit world. (1)

Facing the Satanic grip of the monopolies, Tesla was well aware that they will not allow the freedom for humanity to progress. Precisely New Yorker Hotel was where Nikola came up with the beyond-brilliant plan to save humanity in the future. He vowed to do everything they could to ensure Humanity's exit from this matrix. 

Some claim that John G. Trump was involved.  We know that he was working on similar technologies like Nicola Tesla and he got Tesla's documents and patents after his death, to research them. But also we find that he was a high ranking Illuminati, so he had this access. Now the White Hats claim, he was secretly involved with the Plan of Liberation and prepared the way for Trump's important role as a President. The claim is that Donald Trump is related to the Kennedy Family. (See, 21:58 min) Are they faking it to get control over the real good guys, yet to find. 

But you can be sure, that the real secret groups working on this liberation project were well aware of Rev. Moon's work, the role of his paper, The Washington Times, and Anti-Communist movement. No coincidence that the Hotel belongs to the Unificationists today

Maybe understanding the spiritual connection will help you grasp the deeper side of this story. Read how Trump's ancestors work with Rev. Moon in the spirit world. (1) No coincidence that Donald Trump signed the declassification of all secret technologies and created the US Space Force to guarantee they will be used for future peace and the benefit of humanity. 

"The US Space Force announced that it will declassify these technologies. We will move to a new, harmless, high-speed Internet, accessible to anywhere on earth that will allow safe finances and truthful information. The goal is for poverty and ignorance to disappear; wars to become obsolete. Wars will become obsolete.Signes of CIG

When did we have another US President, his VP, and his spiritual adviser support our events? Was there another President who completely united with our vision and work for Korean reunification? Was there another President who openly declared war on human trafficking, Pedophilia, and Abortions?

And for those who hate certain politicians, Dr. Young said, "Remember True Father embraced even Kim Ill Sang," (2) He reminds us that Father Moon embraced every good and bad politician. They all have to be educated and brought back to God. Especially Donald Trump. See how much he has done for protecting family, children and moral values, (Video) to grasp his providential role in building God's Kingdom (CIG). See, LIBERATE OUR CHILDREN

President D.J.Trump gives a Keynote Address at the Rally of Hope supporting Mother Moon

Department of Defense (DOD) had a legal timeframe to release the RV/GCR/NESARA/GESARA on September 12th. Is it a coincidence that President D.J.Trump gives a Keynote Address at the Rally of Hope on the same date? The poster says "Think tank 2022, which is connected with the establishment of a Restored Nation - CIG. 

As I wrote in the previous CIG Health Report, many do not understand the Trump - Moon connection in the fight for World Peace. North Korea peace talks made it more than obvious. But many didn't get it. As the MC of the event said,

"During his presidency president D. Tramp made significant efforts to denuclearize North Korea and achieve peace on the Korean peninsula. His 3 meetings with Kim Jong Un were the first in American history... He became the first American president to step on North Korean soil." Video of Trump's address

If you are still not aware of what President Trump is fighting, see these documentaries of the evil control on humanity and the dark plans and manipulative methods used: (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)

Trump loved Rev. Moon's newspaper

President Trump loved Rev. Moon's newspaper so much, saying, he was a true fan of the Washington Times. He expressed his hope that the divisions of North and South Korea "might one day be really healed to a level nobody thought might be possible."

"I want to thank the Universal Peace Federation and in particular Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, a tremendous person, for her incredible work on behalf of peace all over the world... I also want to thank her husband Rev. Moon, for founding The Washington Times, an organization for which I have tremendous respect and admiration. They have done an incredible job." Trump's Keynote Address
The New Yorker Hotel: 
The Tesla-Trump-Moon Connection: Tesla's secret tower Hotel experiment, hiding in plain sight. 

I have amazing memories from the New Yorker Hotel, walking next to True Father Moon. It's time for members to learn the providential purpose for which this Hotel was originally designed and built.

Tesla chose John G. Trump to protect his most advanced and potentially dangerous inventions. And to train him, Tesla commissioned the construction of the New Yorker Hotel, that now belongs to us, the Unificationists. Yes, the largest hotel in NY at the time. So Tesla didn't die destitute and lonely in a small hotel room. You think it is a coincidence that Rev. Moon bought it? No coincidences! 

The New Yorker is a 43-story Art Deco hotel located at 481 Eighth Avenue. As you see all of those are important Principle numbers, representing Cosmos (43) and New Beginning (8). Opened in 1930 and Tesla lived there from 1934 till his death in 1943.

"Both Tesla and John G. were involved in the design of the New Yorker Hotel. In fact, it was and remains the only hotel to have its own Power plant built right into the basement."

This was the largest power plant in the US, big enough to generate power for a city of approximately 35 thousand people. That was Tesla's secret tower Hotel experiment, hiding in plain sight. It had a radio in every room and its own radio station. Some say, New Yorker Hotel was a Time-Travel device. I know many stories of Jesus and Heung Jin Moon, appearing from the spirit world and talking through someone to the Unificationist members gathered in the New Yorker Hotel. 

New Yorker Hotel was where Nikola and John G. Trump came up with the beyond-brilliant plan to save humanity in the future. They vowed to do everything they could to ensure Humanity's exit from this matrix. From there they tested ionizing H2O molecules, creating neon aqua blue sky in the night, a test that the Q Team duplicated in Operation Blue Skies. The Q Movement is about Dark to Light. True information is Light. And it started with MacArthur and a group of generals. Remember, Father Moon made a movie about MacArthur. 

Father Moon always supported the White Hats who fought against the Satanic Cabal (General MacArthur, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Asian Exiled Royals...) now they can start supporting us openly.

Nicola Tesla and many other inventors faced this problem. I already wrote of his plan to overcome this Satanic monopole. But reportedly, the history of this Q Movement goes way back:

According to Juan O Saving: "On 1 April 1860 the Q movement was created by 20 US Generals who organized to make Abraham Lincoln the US president. They gave Lincoln the mandate to defeat the Khazarian Mafia who had established a slave trade system and owned 99% of American slaves. 

Around a hundred years later, on Nov. 22, 1963, that same Khazarain Mafia by way of the CIA, was behind the assassination of President John F Kennedy for creating a new money system and attempting to close down the Fed.

By Christmas Eve they had 77 US Generals who birthed "The Plan to Save the World." Three months later the group of generals had grown to 133. That's when they started Operation Freedom Eagles 35 under General MacArthur." 

Lincoln's Attempt to Stop the Debt Slavery:

The Unification Movement already works with Trump for years... Members who don't notice it are blind. Who supported our vision and peaceful methods of Korea's reunification? No one but Trump!

North Korea's Liberation

GESARA LAW was signed off at the HAGUE (International Court Of Justice) by all World Leaders. (3) North Korea was one of the first to sign up the agreement. So don't worry about the Korean Reunification. Once North Korea was liberated from the Deep State it was ready and willing to cooperate. Mother Moon knew that. And now NK is actively helping the White Hats in ending the Satanic Cabal. As we read in the last Fulford report:

A top CIA source in Asia also confirms the Chinese government's claims that North Korea is a secret US colony. "The North Korean leadership speaks English better than most Americans," he said. North Korea has been used as an excuse to sell weapons in East Asia and as a plausible excuse to start a war, he said. Reunification of the Korean Peninsula is now possible, he added, confirming what sources at Japan's three-legged Crow secret society say.

The 3GD, The Nuke Reactors protecting Big Pharma, Silk Road Deep State Central Wuhan. The liberation of China from Communism will change the world. The Positive Military and the Red Dragons and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for this Event. (READ)  

"Communist China recently celebrated its 70th birthday, and as Rev. Moon predicted, Communist regimes will not survive longer than 70 years." Beware of What's Coming

VIDEO: Trump explaining why Government should not be on the way of people to God and restoring the right to pray at school.

And WhipLash predicts the following:

Trump will be reinstated as 19th President. Elect a new VP. [JFK JR] Then something massive will happen. Trump will become KING as Melania is the Queen of Russia. Anastacia Romanov's Grand Daughter. JFK JR will have a new VP. General Michael Flynn is very possible.

The Romanovs were murdered by the Bolsheviks. We were all told they were dead. But 3 young Romanov boys were put on a ship bound for the USA in a White Hat operation. They all had their names changed. Melania, as their descent, is the Queen of Russia, they say now. The Rothschilds financed Hitler, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Payback time! 

You are going to learn about the Federal Witness Protection Program that goes back further than how it is documented. White Hats & Black Hats have been carrying out these Operations a lot longer see Operation Paperclip for instance. There was a secret movement to abolish the Satanic Sovereignty enslaving humanity. See, SATAN WAS DEFEATED AND RETURNED TO ORIGINAL CREATION

Freedom for all humanity: All Monopolies will End

In the book, Life in the World Unseen, we learn that scientists in the spirit world had prepared amazing technologies to transform life on earth into Kingdom of Heaven. But they are awaiting the earth to be liberated from Satan's control. 

Tesla said, "The world is on the eve of an astonishing revolution... conditions will be changed... end of monopolies." Why? Because "Nature supplies them free of charge. The cost of power, of light and heat, will be practically nothing." Imagine this - posted in 1896 and we're paying for power in 2021. 

In 1931, Nikola Tesla presented a car he developed. The motor had been removed. A power receiver (gravity energy converter) was installed. A heavy antenna, approximately 1.8 meters long, had the function as that of the moray converter (radiant energy!). "Now we have power," said Tesla? he said there was enough power in the converter to light an entire house, plus run the car's motor. The car was reaching a top speed of 144 km per hour effortlessly."

Free energy has been suppressed because it would create freedom for all humanity. Monopolies prevented that till now. But now is God's time. Trump signed full disclosure of all these 6000 secret technologies.


This video discusses the fact that Rothschild has been dead now and Federal Reserve was removed from the private Cabal owners. Three top of command under him have also been taken out. The Luciferian lineages controlling the earth... their gold has been confiscated. People don't understand the enormasy of what's going on. Now, for the first time humanity can be liberated. The Alliance to bring that liberation started with Nicola Tesla, the Trump brothers, and... A documentary came out describing in detail the historic details of this fight. 

The Future is Bright

Yes, Father spoke also of the upcoming new, free source of abundant energy, the new ways of travel in tunnels and in space, and the new amazing all-accessible healing. It's all coming out now! READ, Why Mother Moon spoke of moving people to other planets

The first thing Trump will do when restored to power is to abolish the income tax. With the QFS money system, you cannot steal or do fraud. Everything is tracked. GESARA/NESARA will get rid of the Federal Reserve and IRS. Some reports are coming that already some IRS buildings are being closed in US.

Trump: Kodak Will Manufacture Pharmaceuticals Under Defense Production Act. They retool Kodak to produce new cures. They will be ones with the 6000 cures. NBC News

Trump not only promised that the Big-Pharma will become obsolete, but he gave a big grant to KODAK to start production of the new, advanced Medical technology; reportedly including the MedBeds. At the same time, he made agreements with IBM for producing Quantum Computers for commercial use. 

IBM quantum computing: From healthcare to automotive to energy, real use cases are in play

"The quantum internet will enable future capabilities, including quantum sensing and highly secure communications. Quantum networking will revolutionize all science and how information gets transmitted over long distances."

That will absolutely transform the world. As we know Quantum Computers work on a very spiritual level and will transform education, medicine and technology completely. It will make finances secure and banks obsolete. 

The new financial system is being built before our eyes. Everything will go Quantum. Back to IBM and the big role it plays in this. See the IBM Q System One world's first-ever circuit-based commercial quantum computer. (8)

And most important, Trump started the US Space Force to guarantee the future of peace, declass of secret tech and super fast and secured internet. (See) Space-X is part of that. Based on all that it's time of enacting GESARA funds and rebuilding the earth. An abundance of money will be released for rebuilding the earth with the new technologies, that were being kept secret till now. 

Vaccines and Lawyers will not be needed when God's Kingdom is built (CIG), (Read) the Med-Beds will replace the hospital system.  Big-Pharma will become obsolete, as Trump promised. All 7.6 billion people in 253 countries are to benefit from the GESARA FUNDS:
According to the Peace and Prosperity Act each individual on earth should receive 6 Million Dollars equivalent of gold, (to end world poverty and slavery, human trafficking and the sex slave industries). (Video)

This is the last intel I have received. I have firm hope that the victory of the good side is true. I believe in God, so I believe in the bright future. Pray, pray, pray! Here is what Dr. Young said in this regard:

“True Parents, as a parents of mankind, they want all benefits to be distributed evenly and equally to all mankind around the world. True Parents on behalf of our Heavenly Parent hope that all mankind will receive the benefit of technology, economic leveling (equalization), education leveling, and spiritual salvation leveling. They teach us that we cannot form One Family Under God unless we live for each other.” Dr. Yong, 304 

"The Universal Peace Federation will become a cornerstone to build a lasting peace around the earth." Ben Key Moon



  1. I believe in everything you've described, and I know Mother Moon and Trump will make it happen. I believe it one hundred percent because like you, I believe in Heavenly Father / Mother God, and so it will be.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The articles are so inspiring!!!!! I can feel in my heart the Kingdom of Heaven reading them.

  2. Extraordinary!!!! nothing is a coincidence, God wisdom is infinite. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    Since 2020 I have been sharing to the world that Trump is working with the Mother of Peace. I didn't have external details, but I knew it in my heart. I felt a great need to say it, and great joy to share it.

    Maybe with Quantum computers and all this new great technology we can communicate freely with the spiritual world.

    This is fantastic: BigPharma will become obsolete!!! They only caused illness and death.

  3. Understanding all this is helping and inspiring me to connect with people and share with them how God has been working with unconditional love for humanity through our True Parents. Yesterday I was able to share this with several friends and it was very inspiring and productive for everyone. I was very happy to have an answer through you to my questions to God. Thank you very much for your great work.

    Everything is interconnected with invisible threads. Now Trump will come to the Rally of Hope!!!, this is so wonderful!!! he will work with Mother, I feel in my heart that they will work together. Wonderful!!!! really wonderful!!!!

    It is really Great the story of the hotel!!!
    When Father spoke of a machine to talk to the spiritual world... I am very impressed because I have always sensed it, I have asked it several times in our Movement. Nobody knew anything. I always felt that Father bought the hotel for a reason, I felt that there was a God´s Plan. Thank you very much for telling us these important stories.

    1. Its obvious, the entire sprit world is doing is desperate and moving God's providence . We are entering a time where great men of God will rise up and to participate and attend True Parents. As Unificantionists, lets keep the flame kindle through our utmost sincerely and prayers.

  4. Very good article. It makes sense Trump would openly work with Unificationists.

    To think that the kingdom of heaven will come to the earth without NESARA/GESARA LAWS is naive. God needs both external and internal power and direction. Father Moon was behind both, globally.

    1. We all know DP: External preparation and Internal. PLUS - God works through everyone. Not just the Central Religion. ALL PLAYERS ARE IMPORTANT

      MANY LEVELS of the restoration process. Educate people, Educate world leaders, Educate all other religions, NGOs, Media etc.

  5. John 3:16-19
    16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave[a] his one and only Son Jesus, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. 17 God sent his Son Jesus into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

    18 “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in Jesus. But anyone who does not believe in Jesus has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son. 19 And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil.”

  6. Really GREAT!!! Thank you very much Yulian!!! 😃 Everything has a deep meaning, we are going in the direction of God's Providence.

  7. Merci beaucoup pour ces publications


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