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CIG NEWS: Something Big is Coming

Something Big is Coming

"You must become a person who sees the sadness of this world and feels it as your own sadness, see the pain of this world and feel it as your own pain, see the misery of this world and feel it as your own misery… a new history and a new revolution will be born from that point.” Rev. Moon, A New Revolution and History

By Y. UTS /  16 August 2021 / CIG News

I just had a dream in which each town had prepared many guillotines on it's central square. I could see big alarm system prepared and something was just about to happen. It felt like all the evil people on earth will soon face judgment. 

At the same time the Mother of Peace, Hak Ja Han Moon, just announced that by 2023 we should have a nation restored. Something big is coming both on spiritual and physical plane:

"The emergency (EBS) Test on Aug 11 - only 12% EBS went through.  It was blocked by 88% of cellphone, TV, Radio, and they will be seized by Military # STING." (1) Many US cities without power. 

Video: 8 Million Children per year WorldWide go missing. 800,000 in America alone. Who's Doing IT? Still waiting for the ANTICHRIST? 

In this Weekly CIG Report I will focus on few recent events pointing clearly to where providence is heading. Please take time to see the videos, because they show why God's work has to go this way. I hope you'll find the links also helpful. So read carefully.

In my previous reports I showed you what is the Cabal Agenda on oUR CHILDREN, I showed you the spiritual reason God is working now through Lincoln's descendants (Trump, JFK, Ezra, Flynn, Assange).

"There is a battle goin on in our world right now. A battle between good and evil. Technology gonna play a big part in this battle and will lead the future. But at the moment, they have the technology that can take our humanness. They are already trying to rearrange our DNA. They already started doing it with the embryo, before the babies birth. They already have ways to influence the energy field of our mind, manipulating our thoughts and feelings. So it’s a matter on life and death that this battle is won by God’s side." FINAL BATTLE FOR THE SOUL

Drain the Swamp 

Who controls the parties? Who controls the media? Who controls the money? They were all Cabal owned. They all followed the Cabal's Satanic agenda. And yes, it's a cultural, biological, genetical and frequency war... But who is winning? My sources say - The Good Guys are already in control. 

Nobody, no state nor nation is in debt. The corrupt global bastards just run a double account system - Debt for the people and all the wealth for the Deep State underground world. (Video)

So many independent agencies… The Fed controlling our money, the Media controlling our information, AIPAC controlling our foreign policy, the CDC controlling our health, the ADL controlling our thoughts, and people still wanna vote for parties controlled by the (((same people))).

Khazarian-jews are controlling the world
1. CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a Jew.
2. CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, is a Jew.
3. CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri A. Berger, is a Jew.
4. CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, is a Jew.
5. CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, is a Jew.

“All the indications say that this thing gonna hit the wall. The existing systems, institutions and governments, etc. are not going to sustain themselves. The secrets are revealed, and they are going to pull the threads and the fabric is gonna fall apart.” John Peterson

Whom are we fighting with?
0.2% SUPER ELITE = 1.5 Million
1% ELITE = 77 Million 
10% = 770 Million CABAL AGENTS across the world.
They are in all countries and institutions: Corrupt police, News stations, Managers, Militias organizations, Corrupt doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Officials, Pharmaceutical companies etc. It’s a big job get liberated from that.

As Father Moon told us, we  must "sees the sadness" "the pain" and "the misery of this world and feel it as your own." Only then, "a new history and a new revolution will be born.” TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

Do you really want to know God's pain and the painful situation humanity is in? Let's see! Who are the Deep State? They are not secret at all. They are the people who stay in power and cannot be fired: The FCC, the CIA, the IRS and so on. Are they in control? Can they pass laws? Yes! They are called REGULATIONS. (Video) They are the once who govern, not the congress and the president. Do you understand the nightmare of our situation? Their agenda is in no way for the good of mankind. 

After years of denial and ridicule of people in creating conspiracy theory, finally government admitted of the existence of their Chemtrails. Years of testing show they contain heavy metals that get stored in our brains and cause severe problems. And this is only one of their many weapons they use on us. (Video) This all is coming out now and will be stoped. 

"War crimes against 3 million prisoners of war after the end of WW II. A satanic-ritual genocide of the German people. Perpetrated by the Canaanites, the Khazars, the Zionists, the NaZis. By those who today sit in all controlling positions of the 'FRG'. Now the truth comes to light." ZIONISM TO Nazism & MARXISM

Can you make the connection. The area of the flood, Rheinwiesenlager, is where the German bodies were buried alive and was a Forbidden Zone. Think Military operations. 

The International Court of Justice IGH in The Hague ruled on 03.02.2012 that the 'FRG' is the (corporate) legal successor of the Third Reich, thus of the NaZis, the National Socialists. These NaZis, former NSDAP members, sit until today in ALL controlling positions of the 'FRG', as well as in European committees and in all so-called 'governments' on earth.

It is the 1945 achieved world domination of the Canaanites, the Khazars, the Zionists. Alber Pike gave this promise to his Freemason-spezls at the beginning of the last century. The NaZi fathers of the 'FRG' are listed neatly even in Wikipedia. (2)  

"People with moral compass are those with ability to ask questions and be able to hear different opinions." Covid Trials Lawyer

Do you wonder why governments can give nearly 1 billion dollars a day for war (3), but cannot give this money to improve human life? These people are satanists. They are not going to change. Somebody has to bring all this Elite scum down and arrest them for their crimes committed against humanity.  

Is the Military the only solution

Planning and running the most complex military Operation in human history. People within the military decided to put the end of all this. 

According to intel sources, Trump knows he has only 13 days to do arrests. They started this past weekend. Intel says, they will use the period Congress is on vacation. Cirstenw wrote, "I'm receiving reports from my source in San Diego, CA that tanks have been observed... cruise ships... off the shore of Longbeach, CA."


We all know that Military was behind Trump. Now we learn that Ezra Cohen, a grandson of John F. Kennedy Jr., is acting Assistant Defense Secretary for Special Operations. It turns out, Gen. Flynn is his relative. And we have another Flynn in the military. The director of DIA is Scott Breyer appointed by President Donald Trump. Trump created also the US Space Force. Thus, a big momentum is created for making the transition and ending the Cabal now and Trump will soon be restored as a president.

A senior USA military expert says the White House is in control of Trump's return.

And as we learn, NSA was assisting the reveal of the Deep State corruption schemes. Can you sense what's about to come? As Trump said, "We caught them all." The punishment for treason is death. NO DEALS! So we all expect Trump to be the savior.

“Who better to sell the sheep a vaccine than their savior.” (4) As the satanist, Albert Pike said, "“Whenever the people heed a hero we shall supply him.” (5) 

So are Trump and military working for the Cabal? It's a fact that Trump pushed the vaccines through. (Video)(FoxNews) Is the Operation Warp Speed part of the Depopulation program? Or is it the solution? Yet to find out, but so far we just follow and report the events. 

ARRESTS: Military Arrests Bill Gates. Fauci was arrested. Texas Supreme Court now allows for arrests of Democrats. (6) What else is coming?

As I reported in, FINAL BATTLE FOR THE SOUL, "Currently, a second Nuremberg tribunal is in preparation to prosecute those responsible for the scandalous Covid-19 lockdowns." See the Cabal documentary. Learn the history of the Criminal Banking Cartel and their devious, satanic over-plan to extinguish humanity (7).

School and hospitals transformed

We have entire world that has to be recreated. In the future the schools and hospitals that we have now do not exist. We are looking at something that is very exciting. I don’t see the food system lasting. There are so many options for doing food differently that has all the frequency in it needed to support healthy human life. The next step is self governance, which requires education that will bring the revolution of heart and conscience, Rev. Moon talked about. 

Take the 3 mins to watch see images of what happens internally in your body as a result of these experimental injections. (Video) This is the real science. This is a poisonous attack on our population and needs to stop now. The dominos are about to start falling. 

Remember the Porn arrest at Bill Gates's home. (News Report) Now reports come about Bill Gates' final arrest after searching for him for several months. Fauci, who was leading US virus response was also arrested. Do you who was his father? He was transgender and you know him very well as a woman. 

What is really going on in the world now? There are videos of  Nuclear Bombs explosion that completely decimate the destroy complete buildings, cars, land, trees, forests to dust!!!

How to wake up the people and make them see they are being manipulated in a very sophisticated way. When will people start listening to those who know, and who are risking their life to tell you the truth? Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’ (8)

‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’

I wrote in the article, FROM PAIN TO VICTORY, that after the release of the 6000 secret patents all hospital equipment will be obsolete because we have Med Beds coming. (9) (10) Vaccines will be no more. People will have to learn the true principles of healing. Soon people will learn of the hundreds of millions of victims of vaccination. We are not created to live on toxic chemicals controlling our functions. We are God's children. We have to learn God's principles.

Surge of Vaccine Deaths (Video)

If you are not aware, there is a big legal fight against the Coronavirus fraud, characterized as "Domestic Terrorism." Thousands of court-cases are on going around the world and a Nuremberg style Trials are absolutely on the way. (Video)

While there is a cheep and completely effective cure of the Coronavirus (11), governments under the pressure of Big-Pharma suppress that and push expensive and dangerous, experimental injections. See, VACCINES TO ELIMINATE THE GOD GENE

Media are not scientists and doctors, to trust their opinion on Vaccines. Statistics and real expert scientists worn us of the real dangers. The first vaccine is the Pacifier which is nothing compared to the 2nd - the Activator!

JUST IN: 15-year-old dies of heart attack 2 days after Pfizer injection. 1-year-old toddler dies 2 days after ModeRNA. 2-year-old girl dies 5 days after Pfizer injection. Painful stories to hear. See Video

"Here is the reality: We have millions who have died across the world from this vaccine. We may never have an accurate count. We have hundreds of thousands who have died in the US." Video

And that brings us to the numerous testimonies of first hand witnesses, "only the vaccinated died in the Spanish Flu." The scare of the virus was always just to make you accept the real poison. 

In 1918 the so called Spanish flu. The Rockefeller’s working with DR Gates. 103 years later and again a Gates involved but this time it was not a doctor. 

Illuminati Agenda Explained (Video): 25 goals for Depopulation and Planet control. These people are sick. But there are some heroes resisting it.

A German nurse is being investigated for allegedly injecting thousands of people with a placebo instead of the coronavirus vaccine. Not all heroes wear capes.

NOW - Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets across France, England, Germany and many other countries to protest against vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations. Media just keeps their Cabal narrative. Total disregard of the will of the people. As the White Dragon Society sources promises. [12]

"Riots and demonstrations against cowardly fascism broke out all over the world. [13] Pfizer executives are actively being hunted and killed and will soon be an extinct species." OPERATION GAME OVER

The Underground Rescue in the DUMBS

Q knew the Deep State was going to use HAARP to kill people and bring in Climate Change through CHAOS and destruction. The war is ongoing. Flooding the tunnels was essential and kept the OPS. CONTROLLED with no Innocent civilians killed/or minimal.

Powerful magnitude 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Alaska. Evacuations.  UNDERGROUND CLEANING. Widespread damaging tsunami waves not anticipated along US and Canadian Coast (PTWC). Flash flooding has hit the Mexican state of Sonora. (14) Deadly landslides, flooding hit Rohingya camps in Bangladesh. Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupts. (15)

Unusually large quantities of COKAIN continue to be discovered every day. Today, a record discovery in Paraguay (three tonnes). Almost five and a half tonnes of cocaine discovered in Colombia.

Map of the submarine underground tunnels in North America (See more images):

If we believe the testimonies coming from the 28 battalions involved in underground rescue operations, “When they opened the door the people tried to eat him and pull him in just as much as they tried to escape. The sight of them, their skin, their eyes, their deformities, scares a person for life. There are 32 million like that down there.” 

If you didn't believe what they do to the children, see this short Video. THEY WILL FACE TRIBUNAL. 

600 baby and child bodies (died) found in houses during the floods. They just came up and nobody knows where they are coming from. This is a German broadcast.... Over telegram we got the information about a schools gym full of foreign /non local childrens bodies, found in various houses and in the river.

The report says the fleets already left Antartica and liberation of huge DUMB is on the way in Australia. In this regard I had the following dream. Fleets of many gravitational spaceships were coming out and being chased by fleets of the White Hats, which were bigger and more powerful. It was interesting to observe. Very live and real. 


Mir submarines were deployed in Lake Geneva¹ to explore the murky depths of the 580 square kilometre bottom of Lake Geneva³ and reveal the lake's greatest secrets. (16)

CERN identified as secret entrance to CIA underground headquarters under Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Can only be reached by subways from CERN and by submarines traveling through a 275-kilometre underground tunnel that apparently begins in Genoa (Italy) and ends in Lake Geneva. It serves as the command centre of the Deep State. CERN is located 27 km from the centre of Lake Geneva.

The US Election Recounts

So keep an eye on the US Election Recounts. It is a wake up operation prepared by the White Hats. Gradually the world will have to learn how corrupt the elections and the whole Democratic system was. 

Facts are coming out. So far, just from the machine fraud Biden got wiped out. The media is pretending Joe Biden is really president. He is not. Remember, fraud vitiates everything. Everything the fake president and the fake congress does is invalid and illegitimate.

"The election machines were on the internet during the election and that foreign intrusions and vote switching took place."

HOW IT WORKS: How election officials & Government actors coordinate with platforms to silence free speech. (17)


HJ Global News: Restore a Nation till 2023


The Divine Principle is teaching us how to expose Satan's crimes and the sexual immorality he has wrote in society (after the pedophile act of the Fall). Father Moon established the model course of Victory Over Communism, as ideological victory over the satanic system of taught. He was clear, that without ideological victory over the humanist-free-sex culture, the world will not be liberated. Yet, he predicted that when the time comes that will happen at once, faster than the collapse of Communism. 

“To break away from existing institutional norms and become sons and daughters that realize Heavenly Parent’s dream, embodying the qualities that our Heavenly Parent desires to see within… people must receive the Blessing and fulfill their responsibilities as blessed couples that can lead their lives in the heavenly kingdom on earth and in the spirit world…” Dr. Has Ja Han Moon

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  1. Shocking:


    Soon we will learn if that's true. However all organizations for orphans and child protection were gradually infiltrated and came under the Cabal control, serving the Pedophile agenda. Very convenient for their child trafficking operations.


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