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Signs that God's Kingdom is Coming


Signs that God's Kingdom is at Hand

Transition towards One Global Family Under God accompanied with disclosure of new technologies for building CIG (God's Kingdom)

By Yulian UTS /  4 March 2021 / CIG News

In order to receive 29 billion euros, Bulgarian government signed to close their Nuclear Plant. Some consider this scandalous, but the opposite is true. As far as I understand, they will close all nuclear power plants in the world and launch new technologies. 

The United States and Canada are already running on free energy from a huge, underground gravitational technology that has been secret until now. In a recent video, it was described that a device, the size of a shoo-box, can produce free energy to power way more than a single house. The patent for this particular device was already officially discussed and can be freely seen on internet. 

We could not learn about and use these technologies "because the darkness did not allow more significant advances" in technology and spiritual development of humanity. But they can no longer keep us in darkness. (1) 

Yes, the US Space Force has already announced that it will declassify these technologies. They say they will make energy and the internet free for everyone. We will move to a new, harmless, high-speed Internet, accessible to anywhere on earth. The goal is for poverty and ignorance to disappear.

209 countries have signed large-scale changes to the system. There will be other reliefs for people. According to this new bill, we are moving to a whole new paradigm of governance and economics. There will be no more wars and no need for weapons. The Space Force is already demonstrating radiation technology that neutralizes any military missile as soon as it is launched.

Instead of wars, we will go into space, mine the moon, build beautiful space stations with lakes and nature, and gravity-free printing in space instead of factories on earth. Mining Mars, the Moon and other planets is the future, the Space Force General admitted. 

According to his lecture these technologies already exist. Even houses and buildings can be printed in space and delivered to anywhere on earth for pennies. We will be able to travel cheaply to any point on earth in less than an hour.

"The modern world of highly developed technology has now brought us externally to the threshold of the ideal society... Economic progress would have accompanied the development of science and technology, creating a comfortable and pleasant living environment." ESCHATOLOGY

A lecture by David Steele on the benefits of open technology explains why prices will fall by 20 times. He gives the example that a two-storey house with free energy and water, together with an aqua-pond greenhouse system for its own production of vegetables and fruits, will cost only $ 500 in production, and the delivery will be for a negligible price.

The competition for the mining of the moon is in full swing. There is the real race between the United States and China, military admits. There are reports and testimonies of dozens of flights to and from the moon, which are conducted daily. But to talk openly about it, the US Space Force first wants to declassify its flying gravitational technologies, which have so far been misleadingly pushed as UFOs.

“US has hundreds of vehicles that are more than capable of space flight. So we have a fleet of vehicles that are seemingly extraterrestrial. But if you know that, you will start questioning why we still use oil…”, that is why they keep all this secrecy, said Navy Seal, Bill Wood. “This space fleet… can go easily around the solar system without much time or any hindrance to the occupants.” Asked, How fast? He answered, “Incredibly fast… just below the speed of light.” (Video)

Austin Steinbart, who is being trained to lead the Space Force, says that all the extraterrestrial life forms he has seen are in fact of human origin. People inhabiting other planets adapt to life there, which leads to genetic and external changes. I guess from previous - destroyed terrestrial civilizations, people have already had flying technology and inhabited other planets. But in fact, Steinbart clarifies otherwise. The so-called contacts with aliens are mainly visits from the future. He explains how this is possible with quantum computers that already exist. According to him, when the military realizes that these contacts are just visits from the future, they are ordered to ignore them.

He also spoke about free energy and the Internet, but clarified that at the moment we are struggling with the disposal of some very evil people, capable not only of attacking us with viruses, but also with mass killings, assassinations, organized riots, etc. It is about the fact that the United States, Russia and a number of other countries expelled the Rothschilds and took back their national banks from the hands of these private mafia structures. This provoked a counterattack with the Corona virus, under the guise of which, however, the forces of good began a mass persecution and arrest of the entire structure of the pyramid that ruled humanity behind the scenes.

GEOPOLITICS UPDATE 2021/04/17 = 11

"Quantum leap is not a simple advance. It is a real jump. It will be the end of unfair wages. It will be the end of the disease industry. It will be the end of criminal organizations and inefficient education systems... Abundance will finally manifest on this earth." Audio

It turns out that all the wars, poverty, violence, injustice, etc., were planned and created by these banking cartels. For thousands of years, their bloodlines have ruled the world behind the scenes, spreading terror, violence, wars, disease and pandemics. Thus we understand that our ruling world elite is not accidentally deeply involved in pedophilia, brutal torture of children and ritual murders. This was the same ancient satanic cult that ruled the ancient Incas, Egyptians, Babylon, and so on. And the adrenochrome (blood rich in adrenaline), raped by the raped and tortured children, turned out to be the powerful drug that gave them strength and youth.

Now this satanic system is falling apart. When he came to power, Trump began a powerful persecution and uncovering of these channels for child trafficking. For the first time, elite leaders in Hollywood, politics, even higher, are caught and tried.

The military court will begin revealing the shocking videos, testimonies and facts from January 2021. Until then, this is done quietly, under the guise of the Pandemic, so that there are no riots and to ensure the safety of the people. The purge is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. We are talking about all power structures, the judiciary, education, healthcare. Those trained in these areas will need to be retrained. We will also have to re-learn history, because most things have been false and misleading.

Keshe, who revealed how gravity works, says we will soon be able to fly to Mars for our morning coffee and return to work. Technology exists. The question is how long the transition will take, 7, 10, 15 or more years.

But more importantly for us, they promise that life will become easy. Fees will be removed. A lot of money will be given to charity. New treatment technologies will make our lives full. Viruses and vaccines, it turns out, were a scheme of Satan's elite to keep people forever sick and to limit the population to keep us in slavery. Imagine how beautiful the world would be without them.

But here comes the most important question. What will people do when they have enough money and time? Look at the riots in the United States. People are so ideologically confused by the deliberately introduced disagreements with which they have divided us and kept us subordinate. Now we need a new revolution of the heart, a revolution of conscience, as the Unification Movement brings.

People need to understand that family is something extremely valuable. This is the school of love and conscience. Only from healthy families can a healthy society, nations and a world full of love emerge. All humanity must unite, as One global family centered on God, as our universal parent. This is the teaching of Dr. San Myung Moon. It is no coincidence that Nostradamus prophesied of him as the Messianic Peacemaker we must follow.

In this regard, dozens of nations have already accepted his teachings. In some countries it is taught in schools. In some areas, more than 80% of the population has received naked family blessings. You have heard of the mass weddings he holds, entitled, "World Peace through Healthy Families." The most beautiful thing is that prominent representatives of all religions are already uniting behind these goals.

Rev. Moon often spoke about moving to other planets and living in space. Some families, he explained, will choose to live in space station. New technologies will allow us to have our houses in the sky and obtain the needed water and energy there. Some will choose to travel to other planets and live there. Others will choose to build houses and towns under the water. The earth will be connected with super-fast magneto-gravitational underground trains, allowing us to live at any place and work on the other side of the globe. Read more 

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