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Not the Puppets you See, Script Writer Pulls the Strings

Unrestricted Warfare (part 2)

"I leave you with a choice. There can be no perfection in ignorance. The message from Heaven that I convey to you today is both a blessing and a warning to this generation. I will take the lead in establishing true families, true societies, true nations and the true kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world." Sun Myung Moon

In the previous CIG-Report I explained how GOOD AND EVIL WORK TOGETHER TO ABOLISH THE OLD WORLD PARADIGM. This here is the second part of the Unrestricted Warfare in a physical plane, while the 1st Part explained the Unrestricted Spiritual Warfare. We raised the questions of why satanists want us to make spiritual conditions by unknowingly participating in their rituals, like Easter Hunts etc. We also explained the different parts of the Cult, and why they now seem to fight each other. 

"As Unificationists we love and give gratitude to all those saints, central figures and regular people who invested their heart in fighting with the Satanic culture and allowed God's providence to move on. We have complete trust in God and the support of the good spirit world. God's Kingdom is at hand. Aju!"

Because in this report I will examine how the forces of Satan work, so let me say it upfront: I personally, strongly believe that whatever happens will be used by God and steered in the right direction. Sooner or later everyone will naturally turn toward God. When we all come to know God's Heart and be able to receive his guidance, we will unite in building God's Ideal world. 

The original plan of Illuminati was to establish the New World Order by 2050. That's when they openly disclose their rule over the world. But because of change of events in recent times they are pushing it to happen much faster. 

"Prier to this event of this "Final reveal," I was told that there will be a major economic collapse. They believe in chaos before the order." Ex-Illuminati

On the other side, we hear reports that,

"All royalties and prime ministers around the world have been removed, arrested or executed in 2020." We The People News

Biden now faces numerous lawsuits. "At least eight members of the Biden family have profited from ... human trafficking ... This is egregious and disgusting," said Congressman Tim Burchett (R-TN), a member of the Oversight Committee 

Not the Puppets you See, the Script Writer is Pulling the Strings 

"Every elected official that I met was anti-family, every elected official was anti-children. Because their politics was not their politics, their policy was controlled by some one else. They were actually operationalizing themself against their own people." (Video)

The MK Ultra - "Black Eye" club

We are fed up with the acts of politicians and other front people. We have to understand, "we are all unhappy with these people, but they are just actors on TV. It's the script-writer you are angry with," Kim explained. They (the front faces) would say whatever they are told to say.

Tom Cruise was the best actor for 2023, receiving 200 millions. But Zelenski received 18 billion for his act in keeping the war and the money laundering ongoing. Such political actors have specific task that leads to the fulfilment of the Illuminati plan. 

"The Order of the Dragons, predominantly the Blue and the Yellow Dragons right now are very, very active in crashing the United States, therefore the entire Financial System of the entire world." Kim

And, as you can see, Teem-Trump is actively supporting this plan working through the masked Biden actor. All with the idea, that once it is done people will blame Biden and Trump will come as a 'Savior'. But, as you see, this is all a part of the 'Script' that they follow. 

Trump is of the Druid Bloodline of the Elite

Covid was issued by them at the time when was still enough money. The Covid bonds were issued ahead of time to all the governments. They issued small loans to all businesses. They gave also big grands to the vaccine producers and the operation WarpSpeed. All paid through by Trump. 

Some analyze this vaccine operation as the most evil crime against humanity, estimating that more than one billion will die, or be permanently handicapped. Others promote the view that it is the most clever psy-op operation to remove the evil control on the earth and liberate humanity (by targeting and eliminating the Adrenochrome users). Only in the future, the actual results will show the truth. 

But what we do know is that Pres. Trump is of the Druid bloodline of the elite. There are 13 elite Illuminati bloodlines. 

"Every President is a member of one bloodline family or another," Kim explained. There is no exception. All of the stuff support are also members. "Those working in Washington DC are all members of one bloodline family or another. So no one goes into Politics unless you are permitted and selected to do so." 

The Script Writers choose who's gonna be president after who." Each President is assigned to a group called 'The Farm', which is a specific group of Agency people. Each Farm may think they are enemies to each other, they are given some different agenda, but they are actually playing the game according to the Script. 

As a result, what you see is the group of Trump playing this show, the group of Biden play that show. When the person they are driving is in higher chair, they can charge higher fees for fixing and brokering deals. So, everyone lines their pockets and wants this person to stay in office for 8 years, so they can make the money. Trump's people still wait him to be back in office to finish his 8 years, so they can capitalize on their brokering for big money. 

Where was Kennedy in this Fight

Going back to Kennedy (JFK), who was from the bloodline of the Black Dragons (the Black Sun Order), he transferred the Gold to the private "US Treasury" (that is controlled by the Black Sun), not the Nationals Department of Treasury. So, according to Kim, he is not a hero, it was the same internal struggle for power that we see now with Trump. Again, the Gold Standard, they talk so much about, is centered on the private 'US Treasury, controlled by the Order. But most people don't make the difference. 

"To put the assets with Treasury of USA, which is a Black Sun organization, that would have make him (Kennedy) head of all of North America for the Order of the Black Sun. This was the Project Camelot, all to do with who was gaining power within the Order." Kim

With the assassination of JFK the Gold was taken by the Fed (owned by the Khazarian Dragon Families), she says. Remember, the Order of the Dragon was superior to the Order of the Black Sun for 3000 years, until 2018.   

Will Transition of Power to China and QFS Fail

Kim of the Global Repository this week reported "a lot of conflict right now between the Chinese government and the order of the Black Dragon and that of the Golden Dragon. Those two groups represent Black Sun in China and the Rothschild family lineage and the line of Solomon as well, on the Golden Dragon side. 

It's a fight for power and control of North America. If you control America, you basically control the world. And they are still pushing for transfer of power over to China. That's not going very well, Kim said. And there is still the age old fight between the Order of the Black Sun and the Rothschild Family (Khazarian Mafia, Order of the Dragon, Illuminati - whatever you want to call them), to take the world power. 

To destroy US, Chinese are floating us with Fentanyl that killed more people in US than the Vietnam War. This is part of the program, old Rothschild plan for transferring the power of the Deep State, from the West to China. In this process, "They poisoned out water, buying our farmland, using our own system against us."

But when it comes to the QFS, Kim says, is the same trick - instead of paying actual money, they promise that these digital numbers will one day become liquid, under the new system. Which will never happen. Just as many Generals were paid with Dinars or some fake Bonds, and are still waiting for them to become liquid. That's how the Order is making them work for free, Kim explained.

Exposing the Shadow Government

According to Fulford, "this is linked to claims by French billionaire Philippe Argillier that he has four databases revealing 38 individuals running the "Shadow Government". Bill Gates is one of those 38 people."

"The shadow government is the a government that gives official orders to the acting government. 38 individuals together govern our daily lives, 8 billion people. The shadow government is behind most, if not all, elected governments. They tell them what to do and what not to do based on geopolitical agreements, most of them anchored in military external interventions." [Video]

This war has been going for that long and was expanding on international and global level. In it's essence this is a war with Satanists who strive to enslave, torment and even eliminate humanity. 

"The mRNA technology has already been injected into 100 million animals and hardly anyone knows about it. "This mRNA technology is funded by the foundation of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. They've been doing it all over the country for a year and a half.” Gavi (Bill Gates) is busy injecting mRNA into vegetables like tomatoes, avocados and lettuce. They want to kill everyone." Fulford

The Deep State Serving Illuminati Goals

"The Deep State that controls America is not American. Same for the other countries. The Deep State that controls the world primarily emanates from  Central Europe and the Middle East. It is an ancient Canaanite religion. It is a following of a Luciferian Dark Occult. They believe that they are the bloodline of the Serpent and Eve (Their union started their race). Their apparatus is operating transnationally through control of money, business, and military all through the world to maintain that control. For that they need complete control on the information." (12:34)

As Juan O Savin explained:  "The Feds were stilling authority to themselves." So we were loosing our state rights. They turn it into State decision, so people can do nothing. It becomes like Fascism. Your country have been stollen from you. And they are bringing in a replacement population, so they can vote. They are bringing in an invading army (of refugees)." And again, this Shadow Government serves the Illuminati goals, following plan given by Lucifer. 

But now we are coming to the world where all the things that were based on lies, they can't exist. The world cannot be founded on lies and founded on fake money. So, when all those false things crumble around us we gonna be left with truth. We need to focus on the restoration. 

"But the reality is" - Riccardo Bosi said, "We are uncapable of saving ourselves... Why is that? ... We are so penetrated by the Masonic filth that there is no structure or organization to deliver this." (1:12:30)

Information War is Disinformation War 

The Divine Principle explains that, "this final war... is primarily a war of ideologies." And "this war will never truly cease unless a truth emerges which can completely overthrow the (Evil) ideology." (DP, Last Days)

Because of their lying, manipulative, satanic nature, it is so hard to fathom who is fighting whom and how? A lot of the real fight is psychological operations, information wars, social engendering etc. Yet, the Divine Principle explains, that behind all external factors and reasons it's the underlaying war between God and Satan. All the good spirit world is mobilized against all the evil strongholds controlled by the evil spirit world. The resulting chaos and confusion on physical plane is more than obvious. 

For example: While every one portrays Russia as the bad guy in the Ukrainian war, Russia has now taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council. Do you really think you know who and how is pulling the strings behind the scene? 

Why does MI6 describing Ukraine as a 'failed CIA takeover of a country'. "Ukraine is a crime scene," Juan O Savin says. "Ukraine is a money laundering, Nazi backed operation. They are covered up with Nazi tattoos and we are backing them. Seriously! Is this what we are supposed to be doing. Our energy has been diverted." And yet, we are being fed two different versions of the reality. That by itself is a giant red-pill. So, to grasp the true essence of the events, first you have to know your enemy; know who are the players in Satan's control? What are their ideologies, believes and objectives? 

How Satanic Lineages Overtook the Kingdoms Back in the Days

They would marry into the family, have children, and then eventually they will be taking over the Crown. They have done that with all the Royal Families of the world. They have also done that with all the Bloodline Families. 

Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush were from the bloodline of the Blue Dragons, Clinton and Bush were from the Order of the Black Sun. And according to Kim, that was the plan of the Black Sun, to gain political control and in 2018 to officially take over the world. But this didn't happen, because they are not in control of the Global Repository (giving the allocations for new money). 

A research found that mostly all of the presidents of US are all lineage related. (See) The situation with European and other political leaders is similar. They all follow the bloodline script, carefully planned for centuries ahead to bring the New World Order. 

Satan was Always Invading and Undermining God's Foundation from Inside

As Juan O Savin asked, "Is there people even now invading our... movement, who hope to undermine it from inside? In the Old Testament, repeatedly you had these Baal worshipers, that ultimately became Sun worshipers. They have infiltrated the temple of God with occult practices. Even in the Temple the priest erected pillars to these 'gods'." 

That's the same monument that you see in the Washington DC, in the square of Vatican, and in London. Try to grasp the fact, that these people are still in control - all these 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Since they are 1% of the population, that is 70-80 million people, standing in top positions of the world structures, that work day and night to fulfil their satanic plan. 700 million operatives work under them for the same purpose. So what is their goal? 

The Illuminati End Goal Plans: Controlling people through finances

First, a financial collapse through the maneuvering of the great banks, stock manipulation, and interest rate changes. People will become indebted to the federal government, unable to pay and will be bankrupted simultaneously worldwide. 

Next, there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. Anarchical state will justify moves to control panicked citizens. Cult trained military will use arms as well as crowd control techniques. 

Fulford Report - The Banking Collapse

Money, Banks, Corporation - was all their realm of control. Do their games in this area matter at all in this Age After the Coming of Heaven"? All you need to state is that God is in control!

Their financial system  has been the octopus that has chocked the life out of every country. Unless their ability to print money from nothing and exhaust us with taxation and heavy interest is taken down from them, the world will not be free. And now it seems that all their secrets and plotting against humanity are coming out and these Bankgsters are on the run:

[InsiderPaper] "French and German prosecutors did their part by raiding five Rothschild-controlled banks on Tuesday as part of an investigation into alleged cases of massive tax fraud and money laundering."

The NSA reports that Switzerland's UBS is now refusing to pay on bonds and seizing all assets of Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations after it took over Credit Suisse. Now Swiss prosecutors are joining their French and German counterparts in hunting down the Rothschild puppeteers behind it all, Fulford reported. The various powerful people whose money the Swiss bankers stole will not accept what has been done.

"Watch as OPEC cuts off the West and Biden orders US oil wells shut down and more refineries blown up," the NSA source predicted.

In the previous report I informed you that the supposed arrest of Trump will unlock the wave of upcoming indictments and arrests of the Cabal structures. This is just part of the huge legal storm brewing there. 

(The Google co-founder and Hyatt Hotels chairman are among the billionaires subpoenaed in a lawsuit over JPMorgan's ties to Jeffrey Epstein) [dailymail]

According to Judicial Watch, "The Democrats' attack on Trump has backfired, and accidentally primed to go after Biden himself." "This opens the door to go after Obama, Biden and the whole bunch of Khazarian Mafia minions,” sources say. 

Biden's fake masked judicial candidates can't even answer Sen. Kennedy's basic questions -- including a candidate who failed to explain Article V of the Constitution. It's all a stage full of actors.  [Video]

The Banking crisis now began to expose massive financial crimes. For example, we now find that the bailout of Silicon Valley Bank was supposed to help 10 Chinese billionaires who had $13.3 billion in the bank. [Figura7] "This revelation is a major blow to the HM-controlled Federal Reserve," noted a CIA source. In the last week of March, major banks lost $129 billion in deposits, the largest weekly outflow on record.

The Khazarian Mafia tries to fight back with increasingly extreme outbursts of creepy psychosis, and uses gene editing technology to kill us.

Trump: "I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested." On 14 January 2021, Trump declared, "I have invoked the insurrection Act of 1807 to address the... direct threat to national security." (46 min)

Judy reports, "Operating under the full force and effect of the Insurrection Act the US Navy Judge and the Office of Military Commissions are covertly arresting, prosecuting and executing Deep State criminals who committed Treason against the US and its citizens." 

There are 234 closed cases of Deep Staters yet to be arrested, 400 active cases, and several thousand pending investigations, of radical communists, traitors, domestic terrorists and podophiles, according to USN Admiral Eric T. Olson. 

Is the Ongoing Disclosure Real or a Psy-Op

The ongoing 'Disclosure' program is explained by Kim as a part of this process. This way they are saying "Hallow! Here we are. And we are all-powerful." The narrative of Q and White Hats saving us is just a psy-op to track and control the opposition, making us believe that the crazy events in this fast NWO descent are part of some saving operation, according to Kim.

On the other side, as a Grand Command of the 'Office of the Guardians', Kim says, she is taking care these Black Generals to be removed. Yet, her language and wording sounds like if she is herself, in best case scenario, from the Light Side of the Cult, which is now leading the transition to their new system.

As you see, this information war makes it very hard to believe anyone, which is also part of the 'Confusion' plan. As a part of this plan is that those who were frontline helping to bring the NWO will be the first to be killed, removed and blamed for what happened, for they know too much, ex-KGB agent explained. The Puppet Musters will simply morph and implement the new system of control.

Whoever is moving foreword this plan, one thing that is not difficult to observe, is that all around the world leaders, royals, SEOs are being taken out and replaced, many times with masked actors. So, are the elites hiding or are being eliminated? Here is what 'We The People News' says:

"All royalties and prime ministers around the world have been removed, arrested or executed in 2020."

Were they removed and executed for participating in the plan to kill humanity, or where they replaced with actors so that this Genocidal Plan can be executed? We will probably learn at the end of the 'movie'.

A World Without the Deep State - How Does it Look Like

Can we imagine the world without their control? As Riccardo Bosi says, even if we win over these Satanic Cabal forces, and put constraints on them, "the human race is incapable at this point in time, because of decades of brainwashing and poisoning, and decades of psychological warfare." Like released prisoners, who don't know what to do with their freedom. 

This is the time when humanity really needs to connect to God's lineage and be re-educated in the Culture of Heart. "God's truth is absolute," Father Moon says, "by applying it, we can solve any difficult problem."

Juan O Savin remined us of Moses' stuff swallowing the magicians' snakes, saying. "You are going to see in the next months and years that the real move of God will overshadow anything fake. God will rise up people in our midst that would do things by divine appointment and divine power, that cannot be faked."

As Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared in his 'Peace Messages':

"Will you join me as I rise and gain strength in accordance with heavenly fortune? Or will you remain captive behind the same old walls, all of them Satan’s handiwork—the wall of your religion, the wall of your culture, the wall of your nationality and the wall of your race—and spend the remainder of your time on earth in agony and regret? Heaven is summoning you to be the wise leaders who will set aright this world of evil and establish a new heaven and new earth, a new culture and an ideal kingdom. 

Please inscribe this warning from Heaven deep in your hearts. Remember that the only way to inherit Heaven’s lineage and establish the realm of liberation and complete release is through the Holy Marriage Blessing instituted by the True Parents. Furthermore, the Holy Marriage Blessing provides the means to establish God’s ideal family and the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world." Peace Message


  1. There are so many branches of evil. We are all so blind to all of that.

    The whole history of Khazarians and the different groups. I have to read more carefully to understand the meaning. It is a lot of information that I never heard in the Church.

    1. In fact, most of it is explained in DP
      I just present how it is today

  2. Who wrote this blog? Part 1 to 3? If message from Spirit world, who is speaking from Spirit world? It’s pretty amazing message.


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