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Spiritual View on Healing: Liberate God and Humanity

Spiritual Healing: 
Liberate God and Humanity

As True Mother, Dr. Moon, told us recently, "Science... is not aligned with what God created." There is "a fight going on, from the down of time, between two separate ways of dealing with medicine. One of them is Godly, the other one is not," said Bill Schneobelen

The Cain-type medicine came from Egypt and later Greece. Hippocrates is considered the 'Father of modern medicine." The Hippocratic ought was, "I will give my patient no poisonous substances," and "I will not give any woman a substance deposit to have an abortion." Obviously, in the last decades, the medical profession got way off from this.

Bible references to physicians are prevailingly negative: 2Chron.16:12, Job 13:4, Mark 5:26, Luke 4:23, Luke 8:43. Jesus, reproached the symptom-oriented approach of physicians: "They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." And today becomes obvious, that people whose spirit is developed need no medicine and can also heal others with their energy.

"When you lack something, the force that expelled it from the protective realm of the universe... causes you pain... it alerts as to protect the balance." CSG p. 318, True Love

It's a well-known fact that Chemicals cannot be assimilated by the human body, but Herbs can. Yet, the 'Petrol Pharmaceutical' monopoly succeeded to convince the world otherwise. Now, they profit billions from selling us Toxic Chemicals that cover only the symptoms, while calling natural healing a fraud. You show them how many people are healed naturally, they call it a hoax and bring you to court.

How come we ended in such a twisted world? How come we forgot that the body, created by God, knows much better how to heal, without toxic chemistry? You have to understand the spiritual powers behind this. In his message from the spirit world, 'Diseases Caused by Lucifer', Dr. Lee wrote,

"The number of diseases in the world is too many to count. There are also countless names given to these diseases. How is it that Lucifer makes people sick, and how does he push them along the path of death?"

The Wonder of Energy Healing

I have the ability to heal. I can spiritually scan the toxic energy in one's body. I can see how evil spirits use it to control our behavior. It is visible how they connect to the field of one's cells and organs, to provoke certain feelings or reactions.

"Each organ, tissue, cell, and structure has its own associated field. It is the field, that determines what organs form and what qualities and characteristics they express. 
You have the characteristics and looks of your parents not from their DNA, which is the hardware, but rather, you download your general biological traits from the collective field of the human race." Matrix-Energetix

We cannot escape the collective field of our lineage. And as Dr. Lee explained, Satan has worked through our lineage for centuries, to expand and perfect that system of control, so he can drug all people, if possible, under his subjection. How to resolve that?

"When the hearts of all people are filled with God's attributes of love, peace and happiness - and we have give and take with each other based on these, Lucifer’s elements will be completely removed from human beings... he will be completely helpless... and he will have to leave us."  Dr. LeeLucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity

If you believe in God, why do you need some chemistry to control your state? God did not create us imperfect, in need of vaccines and other toxic drugs. We should not impose Satan's creation on others. It should be our choice so that the Original Mind can work. Not a dictate. Even that should tell you that something is very wrong with governments imposing toxic-chemistry treatment on people.

The Amish, who are refusing vaccinations, are way more healthy and have no autism children. In Amish community, were in US standards should be at list 200 kids with autism they found only 3, but 2 of those had been vaccinated. 2010 to US Sun News: “Vaccines are very strongly implicated in the rise of autism since the 1980s.

Where the Materialistic View on Healing is Wrong

"Modern people are not able to treat the fundamental cause of sin. They can only see the resulting diseases, and so they concentrate all their efforts in treating it." Dr. Lee

Scientist themselves don't know what these toxins will cause in our body. They only know which symptoms they suppose to suppress. They are materialist-atheists who do not understand that God gave us the perfect immune system. We should only give it the good nutritions and it will do the job. But instead we choose to go against God, go around the natural way, and put some toxins in the hope it will heal us. Instead of helping the body, these toxins only reduce the power of our immune system. You see how the whole philosophy of this 'petrol' medicine is completely wrong.

The Principle is not only to read it, but to understand and practice it. Even in Medicine there is a Principle way and Unprinciple way. Now we are trying to heal the damage in man who took pills for years. It caused him a lot of psychological and spiritual problems.

"The cause of the disease is spiritual... In treating the diseases of modem human beings, therefore, we should not depend solely on the visible disease or on the name of the disease. Instead, we should remove the fundamental cause of the disease and rely on the attributes given to us by God."  Dr. Lee

This things are not a joke! No one can play god and mess up with God's creation through chemistry, without understanding even the basic principles of how God made it work. You should see it spiritually to understand the damage for humanity and how this is part of Satan's control.

What happens when one get's addicted to drugs? His mind and body are disconnected. Same is true for the other chemical drugs, proscribed by doctors. Now the body, under some external chemical elements, controls the spirit. Thus the person is unable to grow. His own spirit does not learn to deal with it. That's how Satan reproduces his citizens. People who did not develop the ability for self control; dependent on drugs that swing their moods; unable to take responsibility for the consequences of their own unhealthy lifestyle. In the spirit world they are like puppets to the evil spirits. 

Spiritual Perspective on Healing

"There are many incredible diseases that came about as a result of sin, but we think they have nothing to do with us and ignore them. All these are the “holy” inheritance that Lucifer left for us... People on earth cannot see the spirit world.. but here there are no excuses. People don’t give you a discount because they feel sorry for you. If you are placed in hell, you can’t buy your way out. The sight of people who have been living there for thousands of years is more terrible..."  Dr. Lee

Let me explain how it looks spiritually. An evil spirit comes to you. How does that affect you? All the evil energy surrounding his spirit now starts overtaking your spirit. When that happens you feel sick. This is how this spirit feels in hell. Since he was never able to deal with these energies on earth, he is unable to liberate himself in the spirit world. He is still imprisoned in the left over energy of his wrong physical life.

This evil spirit energy feels like toxins in our body. If we liberate it, through prayer or other healthy practices, we will liberate this spirit. But instead we go to the doctor and he gives us some more toxins, just to cover up the symptoms; not even aiming to heal the root cause. In effect, we gradually become same like these evil spirits. Our spirit does not grow to shine and be able to resurrect such low spiritual energies, instead we are eternally subordinate to them. And that will make us burden for others, once we go in the spirit world.

When do we feel the symptoms? In fact, this stressful-negative energy was building up in the body, most probably for a long time. But the moment it starts coming out, is that we feel sick. This is the moment when the body is struggling to get rid of these toxins. This is the time to help this detoxification with any means possible. But what did Satan indoctrinated us to do? Put more toxins in the body, to run away from the pain. How irrational is today's medicine even about the physical mechanisms, not to mention about the spiritual side of disease. 

But why couldn't religions resolve this problems for thousands of years? Many Christians pray to kick these demons out; chasing the sicknesses on the street. But where will they go? To someone else. So this is not helping to liberate God and humanity; not helping to liberate the problems in the spirit world. Thus suffering in both worlds will stay forever, since they influence each other much more then you imagine. That's why we pray not simply to liberate ourselves from that sickness, but liberate God and humanity; liberate even the whole spirit world; not only our ancestors but also our enemies.

Now Satan's Control is being Exposed

"The life that Lucifer leads in its essence is very unclean. All he does is do everything he can to pull humankind into evil. He is completely incapable of doing anything about the column of people marching into hell."  Dr. LeeLucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity

From the Principle we know that God and Satan, both work constantly. But we are the ones to pray and help God prevail. Here are some of the documentaries that give a gimps into the extend of the control Satan obtained in the area of medicine.

If today's medicine is so helpful, why Amish who refuse it are way more healthy? Why Columbia became the most healthiest country statistically, after they reverted to natural and homeopathic healing. This statistic is more then showing. But who is against that? What are their financial interests to stand against our health and push dangerous chemistry by force?

War On Health ( Gary Null's Documentary)
See how many good developments in medicine were suppressed by the 'oil' and 'chemical' industry. How the grip of governmental control invaded our lives; dictating by force what we should put in our bodies. And sadly they promote dangerous toxins, not something that heals, but the very things that cause sickness.

Death by Medicine
It's a war for profit. See how drugs themselves cause more damage then they heal, gradually making you chronically ill, on pills for life. Because of the poisons being injected in people, more people are dying. Doctor caused diseases are the 3rd major cause of death in USA. 

Actor Robert De Niro told US TV show NBC he was adamant his son’s autism was caused by a vaccine. He said: “I wouldn’t change him but his life has been altered forever and we live with it every day. "Something is there and we need to do something about it.” Even Donald Trump said, in a debate in 2015: “We have had so many incidents of people who work for me, two-years-old a beautiful child went to have a vaccine. “A week later they got a tremendous fever and are now autistic.”

These are eye-opening facts about vaccines which discuss profits that vaccine manufacturers gain. Also the fact that vaccines are not natural. They are are a pharmaceutical drug. They contain toxic chemicals like thimerosol (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, and live viruses. These ingredients may be unsafe and cause dangerous and even deadly side-effects.


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