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HUMANISM: The Most Evil Ideology Today

By Y.Marianov | Unification Family Therapy  HUMANISM: The Biggest Ideological Obstacle Today
Origins of Humanism

The most dangerous ideology today is Humanism. We live in age of Ideological War and the philosophy we have to combat and overcome is that of Humanism.

"Humanism is not only the biggest evil in the world, but it is also the most deceptive of all religious philosophies."
- Homar Dankan

Members often ask me, what exactly is 'Humanism'. Well, Divine Principle is very clear. Humanism reverses all Subject-Object relationships; it expanded as a Cain-type ideology (product of our Physical Mind reversing dominion over our Spirit Mind). After Satan left Communism his power moved totally in the secular culture of Humanism and Relativism that destroyed morality and the foundation of the family in the last half a century. If we want to stop the degradation of our children, win the cultural war and open the way for peace, it is vitally important to reveal the twisted satanic nature of humanism and overcome it ideologically with the truth.

As Tim LaHaye wrote in his book, Battle for the mind, "Most of the evil in the world today can be traced to humanism, which took over governments, United Nations, education, television and other most influential fields in life." Humanism controls the society today by a network of organizations - humanistic associations, the education, trade unions, pro-sex programs, universities, porn magazines, even the hospitals and the textbooks of our children. But how much the aims of humanism are beneficial for humanity? It turns out that the values they promote are extremely destructive to the family and society, and especially dangerous for our young people.

What Secular Humanism infiltrates in people's minds 

This becomes obvious when we check their main philosophical base expressed in the Humanist Manifesto:

1. Humanism rejects traditional moral values. They reverse good and evil. Not only values are made relative, but anyone who mentions what's right or wrong is marked by them as evil.

2. Humanism denies obedience to any authority, including parental, or the authority of God.

3. Humanism promotes selfish-individualism - extreme individualism, as the highest good: It propagates that everyone can do what he wants to satisfy his momentary desires.

4. Humanism directly attacks marriage and the family as outdated, claims free sex, homosexuality, sex with animals and sex with children are normal.

The culmination of the "humanist manifesto" is that the freedom of any kind of sexuality should be allowed: Including same sex relations, sex outside marriage, sex with many partners, or sex with small children and animals. At the same time Humanism's aim is that "the family" should be denied as an outdated and unnecessary unit.

This philosophy directly aims to liberate people from any moral standards and social responsibility. This Humanist mass-propaganda brought the collapse of morality in less than half a century. Understanding of it's essential nature and origin comes when we see that in fact Humanism promotes philosophically the four fallen natures.

The real evil in Humanism is REVERSING SUBJECT/OBJECT; Reversal of dominion on all levels... Thus destroying the order, destroying family, destroying society. And more and more, they are very open in proclaiming their evil goals. But they are very good in rationalizing why that's what what we should want. 

EXAMPLES: Forbidding parents to discipline and teach values to their children, meanwhile they are Killing children, Raping children, making children Homosexual and Lesbian etc.

Origin and Nature of Humanism

"Secular Humanism is an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th... This insidious philosophy is at the heart and core of the cultural war", writes David Treybig, autor of "Secular Humanism: Dangerous Modern Philosophy With an Ancient Origin"

The origins of humanism are well explained in the Divine Principle: "The Cain-type... revival of Hellenism... gave birth to the humanism of the Renaissance. As this movement developed further, moving in Satan's direction, it gave birth to the Enlightenment, which... further matured in the satanic direction, giving birth to historical materialism, which is the core of communist ideology."

But what exactly is the nature of humanism and why it sounds so good and yet is so evil and destructive?

1. Humanism reverses all God's principles

From Principle viewpoint Humanism is the reversal of all God's principles. It sounds nice and has seemingly good aims for a better world, but it puts Object over Subject (Matter over the Spirit; Wife over Husband; Children over Parents; Students over Teachers); humanism is putting the external and horizontal over everything internal and vertical. Because of that, automatically humanism destroys all vertical and horizontal order in the society. 

2.  Humanism is a product of the Physical Mind

Why humanists do that? Remember, Humanism is a product of the Physical Mind. Humanism, same like the Physical Mind, puts the individual purpose over the purpose of the whole.  Materialism, Individualism (the individual human interests), are set above Spirituality and God (the purpose of the whole). Thus, it violates all Principle laws; claiming that as good and attacking any attempt to restore the correct principle priorities.
(1) The Physical Mind cannot see God's viewpoint;
(2) The Physical Mind left it's position as object to the Spirit Mind;
(3) The Physical Mind reversed the dominion over the Spirit Mind;
(4) The Physical Mind multiplies evil, going against God's will constantly
Consequently, the four fallen natures originate from the physical mind. This is the reason why people do not need to study humanism to be humanistic. It comes automatically from ones fallen nature. Humanism, is only providing our Evil Nature with ideological excuse.

3. Humanism is an Ideological expression of the Four Fallen Natures

Humanism, is in fact, the Ideological expression of the Four Fallen Natures. Physical Mind can never see from God's view point, no matter how much it tries - only Spiritual Mind can do that. Thus people led by their Physical Mind naturally go against God's will even when they want to follow it. Physical Mind left it's position as an object to the Spiritual Mind and reversed dominion over it, which is the root of the Second and Third Fallen Natures; Leaving ones position and reversing dominion. Once a person's physical mind reversed dominion over his spirit mind, automatically he multiplies evil, no matter if his intend is good or evil. Some people are more dominated by their physical mind, while others are more spiritually mature, this inevitably expresses in external ideological conflicts.

Internal war expressed as a cultural war

Since the Fall, Physical Mind constantly suppressed the Spirit Mind desires and rejects them as evil by multiplying evil thoughts and philosophy instead. This fierce cultural war is external projection of this inner unresolved struggle. Humanism developed as the philosophical expression of the external reasoning of numerous philosophers. Yet, being centered on their physical minds they ended up excusing the fallen natures and their own fallen desires, instead of bringing a true solution.

We can easily understand why even believers (members) who are lead by their Physical Mind will end up to be Humanistic; put External values over the Internal ones; aggressively reject spirituality though believing in the Principle. We should understand that this is only natural consequence of being led by the Physical Mind. So members should quickly develop their Spiritual Mind. Only then God can work through us. When Physical Mind is subject, Divine Principle says that we are channel for Evil spiritual world, no matter of our good motivation and desires.

A real ideological battle is carried out today for the minds of the youth

Most people have not even heard about the existence of a "humanist manifesto, and yet, young people are brainwashed with the propaganda of secular Humanism. They literally quote the above 4 points which humanism is based on.

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Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Humanists deny God and raise these materialistic, atheistic, immoral values of active promoters that the danger for the young today are interfaith, faith in God, faith in family, in true love, in moral values. They criticize other Christian denominations as sects threatening to deceive our children with moral values, while they themselves can without opposition pervert our children with immorality, individualism and free sex. They penetrate everywhere, even in our homes, in the schools, in the movies and the literature we read ...

We live in a really absurd society where good and evil are literally turned upside down.

Can we save our children from this godless, pervert ideology that is surrounding us from everywhere? I find in the Web statements such as: "Jehovah's Witnesses" is the most - dangerous sect in the world. Or, "It's interesting who will fight the most - dangerous sect - Orthodox. Sect, which is fully possessed by medieval thought and morality, and adheres to morals and principles."

This is the absurd - all the attention goes on the influence of dangerous cults. But how and to whom do they present danger? They endanger the immoral humanistic aims. Today, religions have little real impact in the lives of young people. They do not lead to immorality, in fact they teach us good moral values.

We Read meaningless threats of, "hordes of enemies - sects and Masons." At the same time, immorality is openly imposed everywhere. While "the devil turned believers to criticize each other," he undisturbed by anyone dominates our entire culture through secular Humanism and free sex.

Humanism, as rust, destroys families and corrodes us, our marriages and the morals of our children.

When will we open our eyes to reality? The most dangerous sect that actually destroys the foundations of faith is the sect of secular Humanism - relativism, which bombards us from everywhere and enters into our minds, our lives, our family and in the minds of our children.

Basis for Unification Family Therapy
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This is a godless religion - a cult of selfishness, immorality and free sex. It works secretly and invisibly, like Satan himself, while quickly and permanently corrupting our minds and lives. Representatives of one of the most - dangerous sects in the world, humanism, are all around us.

Humanists literally control television, media, art, fashion, school ... massively brainwashing our children. We are not free. Our children go to schools encountering violence, drugs, anti-moral propaganda ... Humanism is the most dangerous religion of today. It is a sect - an ideology that undisturbed propagates to our children its immoral cause. And the world is still blind to its satanic and destructive influence.
Note: The first Humanist Manifesto was written in 1933 and directly denies the moral values. The Second Humanist Manifesto criticizes this approach and calls for mass propagation of humanist values and immorality by any means; even through books about God and faith. Only in the 90's a book revealed the scale of the propaganda activities drawn by Hollywood productions. This happened after some of the founders themselves have begun to realize the negative result of its influence. This article reflects the views of the Unification movement of Dr. Moon. The main motive for the persecution and criticism towards him is because of the key role Rev. Moon played in the fight against the Communism (during the Cold War). 
LaHaye points that humanists take repeated positions from an "amoral" or even immoral standpoint while condemning any opposition as "narrow-minded" and "bigoted". In 1980, humanists numbered no more than 275,000 persons in the United States, but most were in positions of influence in the media, higher education, foundations, and government and could widely spread their secular views. 
The humanists are fully dedicated to the propagation of their views by any means, manipulation and deception. LaHaye noted the humanist background of Vice President Walter Mondale, a contributor to The Humanist magazine who attended the 5th Congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union held in August 1970. Indeed Robert Lester Mondale (1904-2003), Walter Mondale's older half-brother, was the only person to sign each of the three Humanist Manifestos of 1933, 1973, and 2003. 
By 1980, humanists had gained control over many organizations such as the feminist National Organization for Women and the American Civil Liberties Union, all three television networks, both news and entertainment coverage, as well as dominance in the national and state governments, and universities and public education too. Gradually, even churches could not remain free of humanist design. Some Christian denominations were influenced by repeated movement to the left through the National Council of Churches. 
Humanists believe world population is too large and must be curtailed through abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. They also reject the spiritual well-being of human beings, oppose prayer in the public sector, and advocate in many cases for widespread pornography, justification or even encouragement of adultery and homosexuality, and decriminalization of marijuana and other narcotics. 
The humanist (sometimes called "progressive liberal" or "socialist") and Christian views are irreconcilable. Humanists have the upper hand in the struggle against Christians, many of whom were unaware and uninformed about the moral chasm dividing the nation. Clergymen are hesitant to become involved in political matters for fear of dividing their congregations along partisan lines and risking a decline in financial donations. 
Humanists had gained even greater control over American society in the last years. The results of the 2016 elections with President Donald Trump could swing the pendulum into the more traditional Christian direction, but the verdict is still very much unknown. Humanists expect to rebound whenever they face setbacks and believe still that the majority of Americans are on board with their set of secular beliefs.. e most dangerous religions sect today, brainwashing cult of Humanism
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