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Why Leftist-Socialist Hate Family and Babies? Humanism is to Blame

Why Leftist-Socialist Hate Family and Babies
Left Socialist Humanist Materialist Critique, Why are they wrong
Humanism is to Blame - It's their Wrong Philosophy, reversing good and evil, wright and wrong

YuliUTS / 2018 / Unification Research

In his article, "Why I’ve finally given up on the left," Nick Cohen wrote, "Left-wing thought has shifted towards movements it would once have denounced as racist, imperialist and fascistic. It is insupportable." Yet, history shows plenty enough,
"The extreme Lefts were always revolutionary, racist and totalitarian in their nature." 

The nice face of concern for the wick and poor is just Leftist's way of deception, to make the masses join their violent revolution. But at the end, Lefts (Socialists) never improved the state of the poor and wick. They simply protect them to stay poor while gaining benefits out of that. That's the sad, statistic and historical fact. Lefts exploited them, made them more poor and gradually striped them completely of any freedom and power. 

Democratic socialists seemingly rejects communism, National Socialism (Nazis), fascism and other Socialist variants as anti-democratic. But in fact, socialism’s underlying philosophy is dangerously wrong. It is based on profound misunderstanding of the human nature needing to be controlled by the right system. And the above evil forms of Socialism are just the failed experiments of this very socialistic strive for means of controlling us.

I grew in Communist (Socialism)! I know what Lefts do. True, they are good in false propaganda! True they are good in controlling the media. True, they are good in reversing good and evil. But it's really scary to see Socialists gradually try to do the same in the west; REMOVE PEOPLE'S FREEDOM.

Well, what can you do, that's the very essence of the Left-Humanistic-Materialistic philosophy. Government should take complete power over people's lives. While growing in dysfunctional bureaucracy, Left government will strip it's people of their freedom, while fulling them that it will bring freedom. But fact is, Lefts don't trust people. It is in their philosophy, people are animals, not beings with soul. Lefts need the power to control them completely.

This is the Communist style! They always know how to control the masses, remove their freedom, and put them in control, obligations and protocols. They never understand it is about INTERNAL development in Heart and Conscience. Lefts only know to CONTROL EXTERNALLY - with power, fear and restrictions. Until the Original Mind looses all it's freedom.

They don't trust people; They suppress or kill people; They take our freedom

This is INHUMAN philosophy, why they call it Humanism? Over 400 million people were killed because of this materialistic philosophy. Now millions of babies are killed because of the same insane philosophy. SCARY IT IS

For the Lefts people that cannot be controlled, cannot be trusted. They devise methods to make us want to loose our freedom. No, the world should become more and more free, without control, but by raising people's conscience - investing in good families, and the conscience of the youth, which Lefts so eagerly strive for centuries to destroy. 

"In Venezuela, a relatively well off, oil-fueled democracy where voters installed the democratic socialist administration of Hugo Chavez in 1999, there are now toilet paper shortages, rampant inflation, social unrest and other telltale signs of economic calamity. In the name of equality, bureaucrats looted the nation’s wealth and confiscated whole industries. The press has been effectively muzzled." What’s Wrong with ‘Democratic Socialism?

To see where democratic socialists want to take us, it’s enough to look at the array of policy prescriptions they made in US that differ only slightly from those failed marches towards socialism. Just as Communists did suppress religions freedom, we see Western socialism forcing religious-based institutions to provide contraceptives, to accept aborts and homosexuality; Forcing believers to support immorality against their own faith. That's really dangerous and totalitarian, but Socialists will never stop. It's their evil, materialistic view behind, that's driving them.

Yes, government should never get involved in an issue unless an ongoing clear and present danger exists to the society. And here is the Communist expertise; they will insinuate this danger, to achieve their aim of stripping the people of their freedom. Trust me, Lefts have no conscience, they will send someone to kill, so that they can scare society and put more restrictions and regulations. I've seen this done both in my Communist country and in the West. So at the end where is the difference. 

Socialists are the same evil people - wherever you go, in whatever form they appear. That will only change if the horizontal (Left) accepts the vertical (Right) and they find the common purpose centered on God. But sadly, the Left has to long history of opposing God and denying the human spiritual essence.

Large Government is a Toxic Virus 

As Stefan Molyneux said in "The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism," "people die proportionally younger when the government is larger. So it keeps people poorer and kills them early. Large government is a toxic agency in the human environment. It is a Virus. It is a toxic radiated substance."

In contrast, "Smaller government is correlated with more freedom... But when you are looking at the socialist policies, you have to remember that they are build upon a mountain of free-market growth developed in the previous century." When the tax system becomes socialistic (higher, more problematic), as you get more workers into the government, not only they are interfering the operations of the free market, but it's a preparation for a catastrophic loses in the future.

There is a clear statistical correlation; 

"The smaller the size of the government, the greater the wealth growth in the country."

Why, each time socialism gets enough freedom to do what they want, they end up with communist-like collapsing society? Economy goes down, freedom goes down, moral values go down. Well it's in their philosophy. And what's the left-wing philosophy? Humanism

Well, Karl Marx systematized all humanist philosophies. And what was the result of 70 years of their Socialist (Communist) experiments? Total disaster! But it was the philosophy to blame, not the people. 


Why the Lefts (Socialists) hate so much family and fidelity? Read, it's in their philosophy (Humanism). That's why they will never stop trying to destroy it. Their wrong philosophy is to blame and discredit, because Lefts are simply fulled to believe it's leading to something good. It's not! The world should open it's eyes to see the true evil, satanic nature of the Left-Humanistic-Materialism. It's time!

The joy of socialists is how fewer babies are born. But the industry of killing babies before they are born is really criminal. I grew in Communist country where statistically there are 7 abortions per woman.

There is agenda, clear goals and strong evil spirit power behind Humanism. Tolerance is just their way to disarm the opponent and give green light for immorality. It's a natural result of the Physical Mind way of thinking (Humanistic - human centered, not feeling the heart of God and others, external, horizontal, self-centered, materialistic view). In short, Physical Mind does not feel the heart of the others, just the self preservation needs. Most important, Physical Mind has no sense of right and wrong (Everything is Relative - Humanistic. NO VERTICAL NORMS)


Why Lefts are attacking any firm stand for morality and any commitment to strong loving families? Read it. It's in their Humanist Manifesto. Humanism brainwashed them! For them the biggest evil is to say what's good. That's why the real term for Humanism is "Relativism". Denial of any universal moral values. Because all morality as disturbing their evil desires for free sex and selfishness. 

"Secular Humanism is an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th century freethought.. Secular and Religious Humanists both share the same worldview and the same basic principles described in the Humanist Manifesto I in 1933 and Humanist Manifesto II in 1973." Read..

Free sex is the last, conclusion point of the Humanist Manifesto. All previous arguments made in the Humanist Manifesto are just to excuse this one. However, precisely this free sex, immorality and selfishness are the filthiest, most evil creation of the animal, underdeveloped nature of humanity. See statistics of rise in divorce rate and all the consequent social problems. Free sex destroys the ideals of love, trust, family and morality. Humanist's free sex culture brings only pain, suicides, divorce, distrust, abused children and killed babies. Yet, they forcefully impose it on everyone. 

"In so-called democratic socialist European countries, religious liberty is under assault, as it is in America’s more liberal enclaves. In Oregon, a state with more than its share of democratic socialists, the Christian couple who declined to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony have been ordered by the Bureau of Labor and Industry commissioner to “rehabilitate” themselves by abandoning their biblical beliefs and obeying a gag order against discussing their beliefs in public." What’s Wrong with ‘Democratic Socialism?

It's all about the inner struggle between the mind and the body. Humanism is the philosophy of the body subjugating the mind. It destroys our true human nature, elevating the primitive, animal nature in man. That's why the results of following this materialistic philosophy will always be devastation.

It is human to be more than a bare animal with low survival instincts. And there is not a bit of love in this humanistic, relativistic, animal-like philosophy that finds excuses to kill children before they are even born and destroys the institution of the family without recognizing their guilt in that.

CONCLUSION: It is Inhuman to be Humanist

The meaning of life is to have meaningful life, not an animal, materialistic, selfish life. The meaning of life is to mature and become a person with good, moral character; to create a faithful family filled with true love and trust... This is meaningful: To live for a higher purpose than yourself - for your family, tribe, society and the world. That's good! Otherwise your life will have no meaning for anyone but yourself, if you follow the admiration of "self-centered individualism" which Humanism so much propagates.

There are few questions to ask: Why do Humanists so vigorously fight against their fellow man; attacking any opinion that disagrees with them? Isn't that a prove that 'Relativism' is just a bluff, a deceptive lie?  Why instead of freedom Secular Humanism brought more despair, disappointment, destruction, distrust and alienation among the people.

It is true that Humanism arrives from the external strive of the original nature. But until when you will lie yourself that Humanist philosophy brought something good? Wake up. See the statistics of the destruction Humanism brought in all areas of life. Compare the French  revolution and the English, bloodless revolution. Which one actually brought to Democracy (Not the humanistic one, but the one based on faith). The good was always brought by the internal, spiritual side of our nature.

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