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The Future: Basic Income for All or World Without Money

The Future:
Basic Income for All or World Without Money

We are rapidly moving into a world where all the basic needs are trending towards zero cost. In a world where scarcity no longer exists, where everything becomes abundant - love, family and hobbies will be of greatest value. 
God's World without money
Ylian UTS / UTI Research
If we look at the trends now, we see two seemingly opposing, but actually very complementing ideas. Those who focus more on the future technology expect the implementation of basic income for all, since less and less people will be needed for work.

On the other side, those who focus on nature and spirituality are already building models of society without money. See, AUREVILLE: THE MODEL FOR THE CITY OF DAWN. Since everything is free in their shops, gradually people started taking only what they really need.

If we look more carefully, we will see that these are the external and internal sides of one and the same dream; a world where people will be free to enjoy life, independent of the external needs, having more time for leisure, for their family, for traveling.

This is only natural, since providence always has it's inner and outer currents of development. And I remember reading Rev. Moon's predictions of the future world. He said, in the future families will travel a lot, there will be more time for leisure, so 'Hobby Industry' will be of great importance. Dr. Moon also predicted that humanity will discover new source of energy, so energy, food, shelter and health will not be expense and burden, therefore people will focus more on their creativity and living for the sake of others, rather than selfishly worrying and struggling with others just to survive.

Did you know, that Richard Nixon was on the way to implement BASIC INCOME for all, but democrats objected? The experiments they made proved that it saves money to government. There were lots of positive results; crime went down, kids performed better in school, healthcare cost went down. It turned out that basic income pays for itself in a long run. On the other side, over 30% of the jobs are meaningless, not productive. People working at such places, not producing value, feel worthless themselves. But what will people do when they have more free time and money?

Here is where, Rev. Moon sees the importance of the revolution of heart and conscience. This is why he stresses the importance of the family based society for the healthy future of the world. Family is the 'School of Love', where love and conscience are nurtured and developed. Family is the building block of a healthy society.

The Future: Basic Income for All or World Without Money

No need of money in the world of love

Money will not be needed when people's hearts are perfected in love. The physical world and the spirit world are getting closer and closer. Through the new technology the earth and the spirit world are adjusting and synchronizing with each other. Traveling and communications through new technology becomes similar to the spirit world. Read, Age of the Union of the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds. In the spirit world we don't need money because we do every thing out of love. Such a world is downing here on earth in this age of CIG. Our work in that direction is crucial now.

We see society being reshaped by Facebook and Internet as a whole. But those who lead the world are still governed by money, not love. "There are 150 people who run the world," says former Facebook exec. "Politicians are simply poppets. They are 150 and they run the world. They are all men. They control all of the important assets, they control the money flows. And when you see how the world works, you realize, it's unfairly set up. At the end of the day, they are commercial animals.. Misinformation, mistruths.. this is a global problem.. They want the money, because they want to extend their influence."

Yet, he says, "I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works." "Economic incentives drive the world, for better or for worse." "It doesn't matter whether you agree with their worldview. The question is, what's the counter weight of their worldview? Can you name a group that operate... methodically, meticulously, assembling capital, influence, assets, who believe the opposite?" "And when you are critical part of the future, the most important part of the capitalism is going to be the folks that are driving the technological change."

The freedom to have what we need where we need it

Now, revolutionary technology is being developed, that can soon print anything we need right in our own homes. More and more options of getting off-grid from electricity and water are coming out. There will be abundance of goods affordable for everyone. That will bring freedom from the big commercial system; freedom to live in the nature. So you see, at the end even the external trend (in technology) will automatically bring the fulfillment of the internal strives for Eco-Villages and life Off-Grid. See, Google to build the CITY OF THE FUTURE.

Rev. Moon clearly talked about that. He said, we should move from the big cities and be closer to nature. He also talked about the future governance; One based on the family model, where leaders (as parents) take responsibility for the well-being of the society (as their children). So let's pray these people running the world would be guided by God and the good spirit world only. I'm sure True Father is already restructuring the spirit world and the way it influences the earth.

Here is a good study on the research and steps made towards society with Basic Income for all.

Here is why the future should be a world without wars, without borders, as a 'One Global Nation'. People should be able to travel and live wherever they want, without restrictions. We all have the same rights as citizens of this earth. Where we go, we should feel as one family, because God is our Parent.

"God gave us the mandate to have dominion over all things. Hence.. people of perfected character should advance science, harness the natural world, and create an extremely pleasant social and living environment. This will be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." Divine Principle

Demonetizing Everything: A Post Capitalism 

We are rapidly moving into a world where all these basic needs are trending towards zero cost; Energy, Water, Food, Housing, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Information, Healthcare and Transportation. In a world where scarcity no longer exists, where everything becomes abundant, changes the whole economic view of the world. Nano technology is taking us in that direction, and it will take only 20, 30 years to get there; a lot of basic things will be at very low cost. Everything is becoming dematerialized, demonetized and democratized.

For example, Rev. Moon spoke of the future, where a family can have one bag of fish-powder and travel without much additional need of food. Dr. Moon even instructed scientists to study frequency and now we have magneto-gravitational way to energize the water to give you all the needed elements, so not only you don't need much additional food, but you get healed of all kind of problems. Research on resonance even allows studying and understanding the spirit world.

Now even in my country, I can take electric car on the street, just with a mobile app and drive only as much as I need. So the need to purchase a car will be gone in the future. You can now self-educate yourself on internet, better then in any university and for free.

BasicIncome in the Kingdom of Heaven - Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity Sun Myung Moon True Parents 
What is Basic Income and why do we need it

Basic income and other ways to fix capitalism

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  1. Just found your Blogsite with many interesting articles, starting with the one titled: "The Future: Basic Income for All or World Without Money"

    About 5 Years ago, the topic of our financial system we use in the world caught my attention. Making my own research, I came to the conclusion, that without changing this, we will not be able to realize CIG.

    The reason is simple: the rules of the present main currencies (FIAT-money) go quite clear against the Heavenly Principle. To build a New World based on this fraud system is for sure not possible, is a contradiction.

    My interest therefore is for alternatives, which fit for CIG. In a Heavenly Economy the lifestyle of "living for the sake of others" and "Giving and forget what one has given" must be supported and secured. Nothing else is good enough.


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