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Societies that valued sexual fidelity flourished, anthropologists say

The Importance of Sexual Fidelity

Societies that valued sexual fidelity flourished, anthropologists saySexually permissive societies always fall

Unification Movement will prosper, because it values love, family, marriage and fidelity. History is the best prove for that; Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Moorish, Anglo-Saxon, and many other societies, all fell shortly after they abandoned sexual chastity. Without exception, civilizations flourish when demonstrating premarital sexual restraint, faithfulness and fidelity in marriage.

Once a society loosened its sexual mores and abandoned monogamy, it began to degenerate and would eventually dissipate away. So much for 'permissive' sexual attitudes being "progressive". Only at times when societies valued sexual fidelity flourished, anthropologists say. Sexually permissive societies always fall

"The most fearful thing is for the foundation of love to be broken." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 391

Published in a 1934 book called  “Sex and Culture,”  the anthropologist J.D. Unwin found a universal correlation between monogamy and a civilization's "expansive energy." Among the 86 different societies he studied, he not only found monogamy to be correlated with a society's strength, but came to the sobering conclusion that "In human records there is no instance of a society retaining its energy after a complete new generation has inherited a tradition which does not insist on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial continence." In other words, sexual fidelity was the single most important predictor of a society’s ascendancy and strength.

"An obvious truth is that when we deviate from God’s plan for sexuality, it renders a devastating impact on our culture."

Unwin had several hundred years of history to draw on. He found with no exceptions that these societies flourished during eras that valued sexual fidelity. When sexual mores would loosen the societies would subsequently decline.

"Keeping your fidelity and chastity, you will receive all the highest blessings" Rev. Moon

In his own words: "These societies lived in different geographical environments; they belonged to different racial stocks; but the history of their marriage customs is the same. In the beginning each society had the same ideas in regard to sexual regulations. Then the same struggles took place; the same sentiments were expressed; the same changes were made; the same results ensued. Each society reduced its sexual opportunity to a minimum and displaying great social energy, flourished greatly. Then it extended its sexual opportunity; its energy decreased, and faded away. The one outstanding feature of the whole story is its unrelieved monotony."

"Out-of-control sex can have far-reaching, damaging consequences to our society."

Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley points out how most of the major social problems in America are caused by the misuse of our sexuality. Take a look at the consequence of teen pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, the psychological and physical effects associated with rape, sexual abuse and incest. When you include adultery, which leads to divorce and breakup of the family, you can see how out-of-control sex can have far-reaching, damaging consequences to our society.

"Fidelity is more precious than your life." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 391

"Fidelity in such a love-centered family requires that love be absolute. It is absolute in all its relationships. An invasion of even one of these relationships cannot be allowed because that would mean the destruction of all of them.. The most fearful thing is for the foundation of love to be broken. This single nucleus expands to become the world." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 2254

"Such a spirit of loyalty... and the unchanging fidelity that is like pine and bamboo constitute the central thought and spirit for the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that will be established in the future." Sun Myung Moon, The Meaning of Loyalty and Filial Piety

"The environment we live in is extremely impure. Yet, keeping your fidelity and chastity, you can come to the place where you can receive all the highest blessings even amidst such an impure environment." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 2504

 "As a couple you will become faithful men and women of fidelity... you will attain the position.. in accordance with the laws of the heavenly palace. There is only one way that we can safely proceed and that is through a life of offering everything for the sake of love – living for the sake of others. This is an amazing fact. (Sun Myung Moon, 1987.10.25)

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