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To Build The City Of The Future: Eco-Villages, Google, Tesla

Models for Building the 
City Of The Future
Internal and External Trends in Building The City of the Future 

Since the providence is moving into building a new model nation, we observe two trends of city building going simultaneously - internal and external; From one side we have the growing number of Eco-Villages aiming off-grid live in community with more spiritual values.
See, AUREVILLE: model of spiritual eco-village
From another side, we see big companies, like Tesla and Google, planning for building the technological, green cities of the future. It's exciting to see them building up a whole new kind of high-tech, high-density micro cities, without traditional city regulations.

The new Unificationist model needs to unite both, the internal and external strives in city and nation building. Yet, the most vital part of the Unificationist model is raise of true family culture (preparing citizens) and the new governance (leaders in the position of true parents).

Future Changes Requiring New Approach:

1. Technology leads to Automation - More and more empty jobs, with no people inside
2. Education needs to be transformed; Too outdated! Based on fear and punishment
3. Political system needs change; Governments effectiveness is very limited.

Moving to run things based on facts, not theory; Focus on the support of basic research. As many of our Conferences concluded, we'd rather have professionals take decisions based on data, rather then politicians.

Google to Build a Futuristic Micro City

Google, a company that's built everything from a search engine to a self-driving car, will now try its hand at building the city of the future. Company’s urban planning team, is set to pitch a proposal to rebuild part of a struggling American city as a new high-tech “smart city,”

Now Google is planing to begin building a neighborhood in Toronto designed as a model for urban life in the 21st century. They will invest $50 million in an initial phase of planning and pilot testing. The model will scale to additional land ripe for redevelopment along Toronto's waterfront, and all over the world.

"This is the culmination of 10 years of thinking about how technology can improve the quality of people's lives." The idea is to start with a small area of land in Toronto, then transfer the best practices and expand this model around the world.

The plan is to do everything from reduce pollution, commute times and landfill waste to improve the weather. Transportation would be prioritized around walking, cycling and shared electric vehicles.
It envisions reducing the impact of wind, increasing shade on sunny days and blocking rain due to smart building design and tree planting. They promise to make the weather more comfortable to enjoy the waterfront. It also believes it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 73%, potable water consumption by 65% and landfill waste generation by 90%.

What is a smart city?

The new Sidewalk project would make way for self-driving cars on its streets, more efficient electricity and water delivery systems, and high-tech housing units for tens of thousands of people and workers.

But the new urban development is aimed at designing and building up a whole new kind of high-tech, high-density micro city, without traditional city regulations on things like parking and street design (making way for more of Google’s driverless cars).

Floating Cities will exist by 2020!


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