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INTERNAL GUIDANCE: Solving Spiritual Problems

Leadership Training
Solving Spiritual Problems
STF Second Generation Internal Guidance Unification Church, Leadership Training Guide DP Principle
Y.UTS - Unification Studies

As leaders we need to learn to take responsibility and liberate our members. Often I saw leaders criticizing or even laughing at the problems of their members, this is not the heart of a parent.

A leader needs to be a true parent and a true teacher. And remember, Father said, if we don't teach them the Principle we are unforgivable criminals. As a spiritual leader you have understand and teach them the internal, spiritual view in all situations; teach them God's heart and viewpoint. For this purpose you should be able to understand and command the spiritual world.
"Where is the spirit world? It is in your bodies. Thus, you go around with the spirit world on your shoulders... there is no escaping it." (CSG p. 626)

 Our attitude creates common base with God or with low spirits. Here are Father's words of how important our attitude is in attending Sunday Service. (See Video) I always felt, it is a big spiritual problem if STF leaders didn't educate the new second gen to have the longing heart to attend, not out of routine, not as a habit (which is Formation Level). But not attending regularly or ignoring is lack of Foundation of Faith. (Video explanation)

Spiritual Mind Never Goes Resentful

It's a basics spiritual law - "negative talk generates negative energy". If we live by the Physical Mind way, we end up in Hell. DP explains that when Physical Mind is subject the Evil Mind is in action; Satan works through us. And that's our state most of the time, so naturally our spirit develops as an evil spirit. That's why we see even prominent members end up in Hell. Do you realize how serious it is that our spirit should be the Subject, not Brain? Do you make the difference?

The spiritual mind always is connected to God's Heart. It always loves; never fears and never confused. It cannot even think of blaming. It takes all blame upon itself, for the sake of liberating God and humanity. That's why spirit mind never goes negative. Heung Jin Nim describes the position of True Parents seen from the spirit world:
"The Coronation of God's Kingship was the fruit of 80 years of True Parents' victories.. On that day God and restored spirits wept for joy, as 6000 years of God's resentment was overcome." Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World
Can our brain be aware of this spiritual view on True Parents? No! It looks externally and searches only for neurological connections in the brain. So it can easily be pushed by evils spirits to go against God's Will. Yes, the nature of the physical mind, which cannot feel the heart of others is to judge externally. It feels no pain in hurting them with accusations. Under evil spirit influence, it always attacks exactly those God loves the most. These are the traits of a person abiding only by the physical mind. That's what Sanctuary Church is doing.

Please remember, good spirit world will never give you resentful, negative views and feelings. Such things come only from the evil spirit world. If some members got negative with the time, that's because they gradually got invaded by resentful spirits. As DMN explains, there ancestor's sins allow such invasions:
"All spirits are on the earth and many in our body... I need to find the ancestors who caused spirits to come into your bodies. All the ancestors' sins have to be indemnified by their descendants. Once the sins are eliminated, we will be able to benefit... We should make an indemnity condition for our ancestors' sins, but we do not know what the sins are." Dae Mo Nim, 14 Feb. 1999

Evil Spirits Invade through Displeased Emotions

Invasion happens through sharing displeased feelings - listening to such can make you invaded by the same displeased feelings and thus put you under the control of these evil spirits. Remember, God had to kill those who gave negative report and wait 40 years until the last person influenced by it died, before they entered the chosen land. That's how dangerous it is to keep such negative, gossiping people around.

Once this evil viewpoint is conveyed in the physical world, it get's stuck in the minds of the people and keeps multiplying. Therefore, to enter CIG, we have to separate from such people who love to share and multiply their displeased feelings, like SC. They are channel for evil spirits with enormous negative emotional power over the minds of the listeners. But for them, this is the only joy, having these moments of mutual trust, in sharing their displeased emotions. That's why they never understand how evil and satanic is this habit. (Read, How to Recognize and Stop Gossiping)

Gossiping is a Spiritual Problem

As you see, Sanctuary Church situation is a spiritual problem. If you are not able withstand such powerful negative resonance; if you cannot liberate and control strong manipulative spirits, it's better not to even deal with them. You'll only give a reason for the Evil Spirit to talk through them. When that happens, the spirit is actually teaching them, because they accept it as their own thoughts. Each time you challenge them, you're actually allowing the evil spirit to multiply his evil philosophy. But if you recognize that and pray, this spirit can be liberated.

You have to know how to block the spirit and liberate the original nature of the person. The worse part; This Evil Spirit knows what and how you think... knows your weaknesses and can use and manipulate them... using powerful methods to invade you, no matter what's your motivation.

Remember, talking to them when they are in such low state, you are talking to the Evil Spirit behind who is pressing them at the moment. Unless you liberate the spirit, you cannot liberate the member's heart. Most important is to understand that you are the Subject. Meaning, all evil or good spirits come to you members though you. You are responsible. You are the one to repent. You are the one to shift that situation. Instead, I saw times when in their immaturity leaders laugh and ridicule the weaknesses of their members. That's not the parental heart. That's Satan's heart. 

Leaders need to Learn to Resolve such Problems

I was teaching youth leaders how to do that... and solve problems in their teams. Suddenly gossiping, negativity, depression... everything disappears. Suddenly results go up. I was showing them the same process on city level; how by removing the controlling spirits suddenly from no Witnessing WT results, they become the best, from the next day.

For me it's easy; I see it spiritually, I understand the principles behind. They cannot trick me, instead I know how to help them; help even the strongest manipulative spirits, help even to the evil Angels who control them. My heart is in pain, if I don't find the way to help them. I pray, "God I have body, I can help them. Please, I don't want them suffer anymore in this miserable situation. Better I suffer, but let them be free to go to a higher place."

However, I see how even one spirit can often control the members, blocking them from having results and gradually leading them to trapped emotions and resentment towards FR, DP; or the leaders and the Church. They don't even realize, that's not their personal feelings, but a spirit searching for resurrection. Instead of helping the spirit, now they get blocked in this negative state.

Multiplying these displeased feelings is their cry for help. But do leaders know how to help them? Hyung Jin and Kook Jin listened to such negative members and instead of helping them, they got invaded themselves. I see constantly leaders falling in this trap.

Leaders didn't know how to deal, so through listening the spirit could easily invade them through that invaded member and will start multiplying this evil even through them - the leaders. That's why Sanctuary Church are unable to do WT and keep resentment towards FR, Tithing and Leaders. Now, I hope, you understand their internal situation and why they act as they do.

Once I gave them lectures explaining how it looks spiritually and what exactly is happening in their minds, members got liberated, leaders learned how to take responsibility and liberate their members, results and atmosphere in the team went up. Why! For the first time the good spirit world could start working freely.

Believe me, for years I observed evil spirits freely invading teams and the good spirit world being pushed away, suffering and helpless. It was killing me to see how much God suffers because of that, yet members were so ignorant of what's happening spiritually. God was asking me many times to tell them, to share his Heart. You can imagine the numerous hours of tears I shed.

How to Resolve Problems Spiritually 

To liberate, help and control the spirits, you have to be able to dominate yourself; your thoughts and your feelings. Evil spirits control your body through stress and displeased feelings, so also you have to learn how to liberate stress! It's a physical energy; Quantum energy that holds the spirits trapped in our body.

In CP we break it by clapping. Liberate this destructive energy; stuck spirits get free and your spirit will feel liberated - not controlled by the physical mind anymore. Thus the body starts normally following the mind - no conflict exists! The most beautiful part is, that when your body is liberated, you will start feeling God with every cell of your Body.
"(We) should be able to resonate centering on love... when the spirit self and the physical self harmonize with each other and God’s love, spiritual cells and physical cells engage in perfect motion together (556)..  love is internalized.. Once you enter into such a state, God will surely come inside your heart." (CSG, 563)
Please understand, until these trapped spirits are not being liberated, you can talk positive things about the recent providence, but they will only become more and more negative. This only frustrates these spirits, because they suffer and need liberation. In that state the spirits themselves are controlled by evil Angels, pushing them to attack TP, TM and everything Principle. But the SC member will not realize why he feels this way. He just follows these displeased feelings. His physical mind automatically looks for excuses and external explanations (someone or something to accuse for why he feels this way). But he is blind for the evil spirits causing it. So instead, the very evil spirits giving him these feelings will now give him negative, false, judgmental thoughts and gradually get more and more control over his actions.

Example: Evil Spirits can Help or Block you

I'll give you examples: A FR member is attacked by low spirit; the purpose is returning resurrection. This member will experience the same fears, doubts, blockades of this suffering spirit. But if he 'gladly endures', overcomes with the needed indemnity, they both grow.

But what happens when the member fails. He becomes conditioned by the evil spirits and starts rationalizing; "Oh, results are not important'... "Oh, I don't like FR" etc. He may accuse externally; "the area was bad", "people didn't have money". This is the Physical Mind talking. The Evil Mind. 

The Spirit Mind works differently. Spirit is free to look in the area see and touch the prepared people. Your spirit will lead them to you or lead you to them. But most important, you spirit will touch their hearts and they will donate. 

When the member sets a higher goal, a higher indemnity is needed (God will hear his prayer and give it to him), but if he fails, he may conclude falsely, "Oh, I should not set higher goals, because then I get stuck". Thus, from now on, evil spirits will just trigger the same trapped emotion in his physical mind and control him. Soon he will be multiplying the same false reasoning in the minds of the others. If leader does not block that and explain, this blocking, excuse attitude will multiply in the team.

1. Going around with bright spirit you touch and resurrect the spirits around the people. That's why you'll have results. That does not work when your mind is negative.
2. Receiving more internal and external attacks is a blessing. It helps you faster to pay the indemnity for higher results, if you 'gladly endure' as DP explains. 

Trapped Emotions allow Spirits to Control 

If one's body is full of negative (stressful) energy, physical mind is incapable to follow the spiritual mind. So, God is cut off. Such person is manipulated by stressful energies with the resonance of destructive heavy feelings; doubts, fear, disgust, resentment. So, he thinks negatively, he views everything negatively, he talks and acts in a negative way. How can you expect good results. You see, his mind already has many trapped emotions - trigger points for bad spirits. 

Remember, FR is training, to become co-creators, to qualify as people with good character, who can bring good results. That's the Foundation of Faith. God should see that He can trust us. 

You cannot teach people who are in a low state of mind. First you have to liberate this energy (trapped emotions) out of their body energy field. Such people are like the Middle spirit world, "you feel like their restoration will take forever", Dr. Lee explains. Whatever you say, they reverse it against you - since they are full of negativity and skepticism. Now you know why. Please study Dr. Lee's explanations. Always try to see and resolve the spiritual situation behind. 

The Spirits in our Bodies

I can observe the evil spiritual influence in the body. I see big groups of spirits working on the back of the head (searching for the heavy memories from painful experiences). Other spirits influence the analytical part of their brain, as well as their 5 senses.

Evil spirits come and start taking over central control points in the body. They trigger painful resonance in specific parts of the body to influence people's emotional state and thus manipulate them. This is called conditioning; when a person goes God's way, evil spirits give him displeased feelings, to turn him off. But when he goes according to Satan's will, these spirits give him false feelings of pleasure. Naturally, weak-minded people become conditioned and controlled, like puppets. To become citizens of CIG it is not enough to be protected from evil spirits, because we have good ancestors. It's necessary to grow, mature and ourselves be able to withstand these attacks. 

I sense the energy with that negative resonance; fears, tensions, bad relations, resentments... stored in different parts of their bodies, from sins of past generations. That's the base; Manipulative spirits direct our ancestors with these problems and use them to dominate us with specific purpose - always against God. Everything is very organized. But for me, it's all from God's love. This only helps the process of Returning Resurrection. This only helps to liberate God's heart.

Spiritual Ignorance leads to Destruction

Unaware of the reason for these displeased emotions the earthly person accepts the negative whispering of these spirits as his own thoughts and conclusions. The spirits will make him judge externally, blaming the reasons for this feelings on someone or something outside. Accepting this the person gets invaded by the very same evil spirits who are the real cause of his suffering and resentment. So now he becomes their instrument, like is the most Sanctuarieans' case. They had bad experiences because of their bad ancestors, but they blamed it on the church.

Love, Educate and Help the Spirits

Speaking directly with such people, I can automatically point what parts of their bodies are the base of invasion, what thoughts and energies manipulate them and what the spirits actually aim through that. But at the same time I explain to the spirits. They are also people. They are also God's children. I find who and how dominates them. I can go spiritually through the whole chain of reactions.. seeing what made them resentful and how that put them under the control of those manipulative spirits. And of course, I find the Angels who control them and how they are structured on world level, to influence the same problem everywhere.

Believe me, even if they don't want to cooperate with me.. I take them around and show them exactly what they do.. how they became instruments of Satan against their own descendants.. how miserable they look working in the body. Finally they have no choice but accept to go and be educated as absolutely good spirits.

Don't get me wrong. What I do is simply 'Returning Resurrection'. I do it exactly as DP explains. I take their feelings on me and reverse whatever feelings or powers they couldn't overcome. I learned this process long before DMN even went to the spirit world. But now with the support of all the liberated, Absolutely Good Ancestors and the whole Heavenly Government, we can liberate any evil spirits so fast. Just command it and it will be done.

As I was trained in the spirit world, I could see one thing; Satan always wins. Why? He can repeat again and again the same situation until you fail under his dominion. The movie 'Age after Tomorrow' is giving you a hint on that and how it can be used on God's side to win over Satan. That's exactly what I had to achieve in my spiritual training, dealing directly with Satan, face to face.

In fact watching any movie, I can see spiritually what kind of spirit world was guiding it behind, and what's their message to the spirits in our bodies or to our subconscious mind.

Liberate with the Power of Love

Once you learn to liberate the body from all negative energies, the spirits become powerless and cannot control the body any longer. They will not have the common base for that. You will find that we have complete control and mastery over them, even over the angels. We are commanders. Millions of good spirits are standing ready to fulfill our directions. But they can only help if we ask for it, yearn for it, Heung Jin Nim explained. 

We really live in CIG. There is nothing to be pessimistic or negative about. Just open your sensitivity and you'll find that now we can freely communicate with God. We live in amazing time. I feel his heart constantly. Yet I'm a baby, learning how to respond to that, how to liberate him in each situation; learning to trust Him that any situation so easily can turn into victory with His power.

And as Dr. Yong reminded us with Father's words:

"Do you have such a mind-set saying, 'I absolutely believe in God no matter what happens'; Do you?" The Human Fall can be overcome by absolute faith

We should never violate the Heart, by being negative. We live in the age of CIG. Always see the spiritual perspective and live for others. It is the power of our hearts, that can change the world and transform it towards God's Ideal. 

"Love is like the essence of everything. When you treat anything and anyone with that kind of love, a path will open up along which you can freely go anywhere." (CSG p. 313)

STF Second Generation Internal Guidance Unification Church, Leadership Training Guide DP Principle

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. This is so important information. Could you be more specific on how to overcome bad emotions with love. I often recognise bad emotion and understand that this comes from resentful spirit, but I don't understand how to overcome those negative feelings with love.


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