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Understand DP's Practical Applications (Internal Guidance)

QUESTION: "Thank you for the explanations! I kept dividing science and religion... concepts as DNA, chemical emotions of the brain and others were stored in my mind labeled "science" and I would not imagine to relate to it in connection to faith, truth and spiritual matters!" 

Unity of Life & Faith: DP Applications
Internal Guidance on understanding The Divine Principle's practical Applications and the different levels of Knowing the Truth

I guess, some members still separate Faith and Real life and that makes it hard for them to Witness. That's because they want to find theologically oriented person to witness to. But life and faith are not separated. All people are interested in so many of the solutions the Divine Principle provides.

Therefore, the theological pre-conceptions do not matter when it comes to universal truth that one can apply effectively in his daily life; relationships, job, health etc. People sense it's depth the moment I explain to them. And once they try it, they experience the effect in a profound way. Same is in FR; once I give them the Principle-spiritual perspective on how things work they understand where they were blocked and start having amazing substantial results. You see DP is not just theory. That's the revolution the Principle brings:

Real Life Applications of DP

On first place, all people have families and want to learn how to solve their daily relational problems. If you understand DP well, you can help them enormously. If you really know DP it's easy to solve all problems; conjugal, with raising children, gossiping, tantrums etc. People will be so grateful, willing to learn and practice it. You see DP is not religion (faith).. it's real life solution, real life principles.

Another area DP helps is health. Every individual and family faces illnesses. Disease is result of spiritual problems. People yearn to understand and solve these problems. I constantly help them. People want to get rid of these sicknesses, yes!? DP (UT) explains and solves everything. But do you understand DP on that practical level. Problem is when we don't understand DP enough. When you're stuck only on the theoretical level. To know DP is to know it's application in every situation. So you have to learn!

At the end, People are also interested in solving social problems. The Principle is so great in that; Just let them understand the level of unification and peace work done between struggling religions, nations and cultures. Tell them the principles of the Revolution of Heart. It's stunning! No one can deny how valuable is that. What a treasure we have in our hands. 

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Understanding The Principle

As a spiritualist I was once asked by a leader of STF, if she understands the Principle. God answered, 'No!'. Then I asked if I understand it. The answer was again, 'No!'. So I started asking further and got the following spiritual explanation.

Reading the Divine Principle several times, it's not enough. Knowing it by heart is the start. But this is still only the formation stage. Yet, how many of us didn't reach even that stage? Do you know DP and UT by heart? Many second generation didn't even read it more than once. As Father explained, if we didn't read it at least 20 times we don't have personal protection from Satan. Evil spirits can always trick our minds, because we are not clear what's right and wrong.

What's the growth stage of understanding? There are much deeper and more important levels of just the logical memory. What is that level? That's the practical understanding... of how to apply DP in your daily life. And this is not the complete understanding. This is only the growth stage. You know what is correct but you are still putting efforts to act this way.

What's the completion stage of understanding? At the end we should incarnate the Truth to the point of acting it on autopilot, without even noticing. That's the Incarnation of the Word, Bible talks about. At that level you don't strugle to apply it, you do it automatically. That's Direct Dominion. You are now living with God and Satan can do nothing about it.
Different levels of understanding the Truth:
  1.  Logical (Formation Stage)
  2.  Application (Growth Stage)
  3.  Embody (Completion Stage)
There are different levels of understanding and aligning with the Truth. On this chart we can easily check our own level. It's serious! Father told us to read the Principle minimum 20 times, just to have personal protection from Satan.

In spiritual message Jesus explained that we have 20 to 30 thoughts per minute, coming from 20-30 spirits, including Satan. If we don't know the Principle well, we are in Satan's realm. Evil spirits can always invade our own thoughts. Good leaders are able to help their objects separate Satan in their own minds. To be able to do that, Father explained, they have to read DP more than 100 times.

"The ultimate purpose of religion can be fulfilled only by first believing in and then by practicing the truth. But true belief cannot come about today without knowledge and understanding. We study the Principle to confirm our belief by knowing the truth." DP p.8

Science now found, that on quantum level all the past experiences of our ancestors are stored in our cell memory (quantum information field). So one may know the Principle logically, yet his subconscious will act differently, according to his past.

Learn how our subconscious works. When we take a decisions it will check all that memory data base, of past experiences. We only presume that we make conscious choices, but a lot in our subconscious is from our ancestors. So each time we read DP over, we open just one small layer of understanding. It takes repetition and repetition of practice, until our subconscious memory and concepts get completely changed and aligned to the Truth. Read more
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Four Levels of Understanding the Principle

Formation stage of understanding is when we know Divine Principle logically - nearly by heart. How many members are on that level? How many STF members read DP 20 times? In reality, most members are in the very beginning of the Formation stage, many not even there. True Father explained, that this is the reason members and second-gen leave the Church.

Growth stage is to know the Application - that takes much deeper attitude of search, interest and prayers. Shallow view and partial knowledge of DP are not enough. We have to connect these principles with the every-day real situations; understand practically what's good and evil in complete accordance with the Principle.

Completion stage; Understanding the application is one thing, but living by it is the stage of Completion. With repetition of the correct, true living, finally practicing the truth will become automatic, subconscious way. Therefore we become Perfect incarnation of the Truth.

It is long and difficult process to study, learn, practice and finally incarnate the Truth.  Divine Principle guides us all to embody (Incarnate) the Truth! That's where God's Kingdom starts, not outside, but in our hearts.

We Grow Incarnating the Truth

We grow spiritually in accordance to how much we incarnated the Truth. Truth corrects our concepts of right and wrong, good and evil. The Principle is the New Revelation promised by the Bible, that can bring all humanity out of the Ignorance and unite us with God's Love. 

Our Conscience works based on our understanding of the Truth. If our understanding of good and evil deviates from God's Absolute Standard, our own conscience can unite with the Evil Mind and go against God. This is why even people of faith can fight each other. Until there are different understandings fighting will never stop.

Aligning your concepts with God's Principle takes years and years of study, believe and practice. It cannot happen with 1 or 2 readings. Reading and praying is vitally important, but not enough to change the concepts in our subconsciousness, which are already automatic. We need to practice - gain new experiences, and through repetition make the true way automatic.

"If you were to read twenty or thirty pages of the Divine Principle black book each day continuously, then your level of spirituality would go up and continue to rise daily." Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Therefore, practice without reading is also impossible, because we have to embody the Truth, not some other philosophies. True Father says: Read minimum 20 times for protection from Satan, minimum 100 times if you are a Leader (to protect others).

"Before being able to lead a good life by following the good desire of the original mind and repelling evil desire, it is necessary to overcome ignorance and be able to distinguish between good and evil." Divine Principle, p.3

Without studying The Divine Principle you cannot practice to make the Foundation of Faith (in FR). I saw year after year STF not studying, not knowing and practicing some strange, wrong excusing concepts. So we made this Education and solved this problem. 

It takes personal efforts; Study, the principle way – pray, think about it and push yourself to apply it, believing this is the way. Why? Because first Satan will try to convince you that’s not the way, by blocking and attacking you. If you give up, Satan wins. Instead of learning the True Way, you would end up with false excuse philosophy. 

For example, “Oh, I get blocked when thinking of my external goal, so I should not set high goals”. Not only Satan won, but you’re now creating satanic philosophy to excuse that and you’re desperately spreading it. 

Do you understand why we never reached perfection, we were always fooled by lying spirits on the way, so we could not embody the Truth. Instead we go against it. Please understand how serious it is to carefully study the Truth. Read DP minimum 20 times, beginning to end, for personal protection from Satan – not to fool you in your mind.. 100 times to be a leader, who can separate others from Satan. (TF’s explanation)

divine principle divine principle divine principle divine principle divine principle divine principle divine principle
Internal Guidance:

Why Study God's Word (Divine Principle)

Study, Know and Believe to Incarnate the Truth

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