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We are Fighting for the Right to be Human

We are Fighting for the Right to be Human

Combination of AI, nano and DNA altering are the new way in which Satan attempts to subdue humanity and remove God from the aquation.

What is the central point in Lucifer's demons fight with the human race? As spiritual beings these fallen angels need bodies to be able to influence the earth. Allowing this usurpation of ones body by fallen spirits is the central part of all Satanic Rituals. If you don't understand that, you don't understand the war with Satan and how Satanism works. 

The experiments with children and animals was always part of the demonic agenda, Jessie Czebotar explains. All beings are created by God, but they want to cut off that connection to God. To understand Satanic Ritual Abuse, you have to grasp that:

"At the end of the day the goal is always still the same for Lucifer and his agenda, that he wants bodies that can get his army through the spiritual gates to usurp the throne of God."

That's why the Luciferians on earth "are musters in soul torture and finding ways to make bodies hosts." Instead of Temples of God to make them dwelling place for evil spirits. As the Great Mother, DMN, explains. The whole process of restoration can be understood best through that. God needed to restore back a person, and then a people, who are free from these evil spirits and can be a dwelling place for God. 

Here is a video testimony of Jessie, raised in the Luciferian Brotherhood, explaining how it is structured and how it functions, controlling banking system, politicians, military, the schools, churches and numerous other social institutions. You can also read, 

The New Way to Subdue Humanity Under Scarcity and AI

More and more the world is becoming controlled by AI, Kerry Cassidy warns. Nano and AI work together. People are turned into Cyborgs, as the new way to subdue humanity. And Electric cars are bringing more damage to the environment than the petrol cars. 

We are not in a world of scarcity, she says. The whole model of Illuminati was to base this world on scarcity. But the reality of this world and the technology that we now have access to, is that we have radical abundance, everywhere in every sector. The negative scenarios of scarcity and starvation is all a complete bullshit. Yet, they are imposing it, by forcing it. They keep burning down and attacking plants. 

The lawsuits continue to pile up. Soon Pfizer executives will be hunted in the streets and executed by the people.

"The Swiss are already taking action against the satanic organizations surrounding Lake Geneva, including the WHO, Gavi and the World Economic Forum," according to Fulford.

The mRNA vaccines were another way to reduce the population and make the rest controlled by 5G frequency. Countries that vaccinated their population more than twice had excess mortality of over 20%. As Fulford reported:

The world's largest autopsy study revealed the shocking statistic that 73.9% of deaths among the "vaccinated" were caused by the vaccine. Countries that did not vaccinate had normal death rates.

But just as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says:

“The real money is not in the vaccines. They are in the drugs that are sold for vaccine injuries." 

Here is a prove of that:

"Official figures released by the Government of Canada show that 74% of triple-vaccinated Canadians now have Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). Yes, it is AIDS caused by the vaccine." Fulford

Video: Dr. McCullough's Speech at the European Parliament

FACT: In 1994 Japan ceased all vaccinations for any child under 24 months and their mortality rate for infants dropped by 96%.

The War with the Satanic Deep State

Where are we now in the providence of liberation of humanity? As Fulford says in his latest report, we observe the Deep State leadership's frantic attempts to scare us back into submission with fire, viruses, (plague), and war. Seeing the collapse Jews flee Israel (see) and 11,000 Chinese millionaires flee China, he says. And Russia had its ally Nicaragua expel the Jesuits and confiscate their assets.

[VaticanNews] Nicaragua banned the Jesuits and confiscated all their property

But Fulford mentions that the Khazarian Mafia are very strong even inside Russia and are pushing for all-out nuclear war. "To stop the plans for nuclear Armageddon, the White Hats work together with their Russian counterparts to bring down HM and their Federal Reserve Board (FRB)," Fulford says. 

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó warned that Europe was "destroying itself" in the name of its support for Ukraine. The entire war in Ukraine is a massive bribery and money laundering scheme, says Fulford. (see

After BRICS added 6 more member states,  Jeffrey Sachs stated, "We already live in a post-American, post-Western world. Truly multipolar, where the group of BRICS countries is larger than the group of G-7 countries." The BRICS 11 (as they are called now) controls about 80% of the global oil market. This gives them the opportunity to replace the petrodollar with their own currency.

It seems like this seeming war between BRICS and the WEST is only a well planned illusion aiming to bring the New World Order, shifting its center to China. In apparent collusion, Xi Jinping embraced the totalitarian goals of the World Economic Forum through a combination of fake pandemic, social credit points and central bank digital currency.

“In China, you can't even buy food without a digital ID. This will 100% go to the EU and US, in fact the US gave China the technology to do it. China was chosen as a testing ground. The mark of the beast is not a physical object, but a system," warns a Mossad source. 

We will be pushed over the edge and into the abyss,” warns Maggregor. All is a scheme to push the working people in slavery:

The war in Ukraine saddled every working American adult with about $240,000 in debt [in addition to the $600,000 already owed by every man, woman and child in the US]. The average American earns $31,000 a year and spends about $16,600 a year [in taxes]

Now BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street -  owned by Rockefeller and other Khazarian Mafia "oligarchs" - are bidding money on homes across America. (That is, they buy the homes to disenfranchise the Americans.) 

Now even the role of Trump is being questioned, which puts into question the White Hat narrative. 

"McGregor was a longtime supporter of Donald Trump who now realizes that he (Trump) is not the man who can save the United States. "People are wrong if they think that if we elect him, he will save us," he says." Fulford Report

Is the perfect storm and 5d chess psyop being perpetrated on we the people? "Trump is the Magician of the highest order," Marina Abramovic says. "He is there to create confusion, so the New Order can come. Since Trump is around Satanists are waking up." Seems like the Satanists are those who just have to 'Trust the Plane', eat popcorn while watching the movie of our demise. 

"He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction." Daniel 8:25

"All of this, from the White Hat's perspective, is to show enough people that the old ways don't work anymore. The governments are not there for you. They are only there for themselves. And the system is broken. The more the public are faced with broken system the more thy gonna embrace the alternative." (Simon Parkes, 29:30)

Simon Parkes says what's the plan, 

"Shock the whole system now and then 10 year education plan so that people can move to much more god fearing way of life, and moving out of some of the entertainment values pushed down our throats." 

In short, we will do you extreme evil now. We will damage your lives. We will take your money. Kill most of you. But don't worry, we are doing this for your benefit, ending the evil system and bring good values. Great, ending the evil by making it more evil. And since this more evil is them, how to expect any better value system from them? 

Pushing Transgender, Vaccines and other evils to extreme, White Hats say is to awake us. No, it is damaging billions of people. It will injure spiritually and physically billions for life time and even the future generations. 

Can we accept this as an excuse to do evil and harm? Especially knowing that the same people braking the system are the once that will present the solution. Can we trust such evil people? 

Knowing that Biden is just an actor in a mask, and the so called White Hats are pulling his strings, who is actually to blame for all the evil that's done through him? 

Hierarchy in the Church of Satan

2nd Degree - Witch/Warlock 

3rd Degree - Priestess/Priest

4rth Degree - Magistra/Magister

5th Degree Maga/Magus

BREAKING: New records show Obama Administration purchased aborted babies’ heads for $515 Each.

Who are the Ashkenazi Jews that raised Trump?

Khazarian mafia is those who say they are Jews, but are NOT! They are the Synagogue of Satan! The Ashkenazi Khazarians are actually Turks; possibly Edomites from Esau. They stole not only our money, land, children, governments, sovereignty; they stole our identities!

Let's not forget that they made the bloody Communist revolutions. So, of course they want to transfer now their power to Russia and China, using their Satanic illusion of salvation. 

Talking of evil illusions, Kim explains about the Terrorist organizations you know from the News. "There really is no an ISUS in the world, that does not exist. There is no an Alkaida... there is not a Taliban, it doesn't exist. None of these groups exists. They are subsidiary arms of the Order of the Black Sun. Their creation." 

"The increased incidents of violence are traps prepared by the Zionists for Christians and Muslims to fight each other. They want a clash of civilizations to create the One World Zionist Order."

Fulford reported:

"Russian soldiers last week discovered a mass grave with the remains of raped and tortured women in a forest near the former positions of the Ukrainian armed forces, Polish intelligence reports."

Russians have already provided UN with over 2,000 pages of evidence on bioterrorism and other war crimes, Indian news sources report

BRICS represents 60% of the world population, controls 30% of the entire world economy, 43% of oil production, 25% of the export of goods.

My question: Yes, the nations are tired of this Satanic Central Bank private Jewish control, and the inhuman rules it imposes, robing all nations from their resources and imposing transgender, homosexuality and free sex. Is BRICS fooling these disillusioned countries and bring them under the Chinese Digital money and the Communist style of New World Order already experimented in China?

Kim said: "We are going to an unipolar world. That means, nobody is in control, accept for the Creator. You better handle your own house." 

"We are working on the Godld-backing of the financial system. All that has been installed," Kim said, so everybody can see it. We are preparing the next wave of things."

The Financial Backup of the Satanic Order Gone

Jessie explained the two financial backups of the Satanic Cult structure. Both, the Jesuit (Roman-Babilonian) and the Jewish (Satanic-Cabala) financial sides, she said, stopped financing the Satanic Order. That's why the Order of Malta and the other structures protecting the Satanic lineage are without money. 

"The lack of money is throwing out deep-state actors who have tried to stay hidden until now. That is why they cut off funding to the UN, BIS, IMF, World Bank and other Khazarian Mafia controlled institutions." Fulford

Because of this lack of money the Cabal is now paying only with empty promises, Kimberly explained. As CIA source described the situation:

"Lots of people in the deep state were expecting money from Rockefeller today [September 1] but NOBODY got a penny - they went all over the world to different banks and found out their accounts were either gone or drained of funds.

Growing revolution across Africa against the Khazarian Mafia

You can see the map of the African countries where the military has seized power. In Niger, thousands rallied to demand that former colonial ruler France withdraw its troops from the country. 

[Video] (Gabonese celebrate overthrow of France's puppet leader)

[Figura] (African countries where the military seized power) They form a line through sub-Saharan Africa, it appears that some major transport corridor is being prepared, possibly as part of China's Belt and Road initiative.

Ezra Cohen re-posted, "Every living president was a descendant of Slaveowners except Donald Trump. He comes from a very different bloodline. Information is now mainstream. He also says: 

King Charles III, "Will be a very short reign."

Military courts have been activated in Pakistan.

Rupert Murdoch will be gone soon.

United Nations to collapse soon.

Pope Francis - New Funeral Soon. 

NEW: Russia is under Martial Law  

Climate change false flags are now occurring all over the world. These fire burned many businesses to the ground for land theft. See the list of Cities Participating in Smart Cities Connect. Check how many of them had wildfires? Hurricane Hilary is causing damages to areas that never had this issue before. 

  • Chemtrails
  • Weather Modification
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Climate Engineering
They create a crises, and then they tell us, to solve this crises now you have to give up your rights. They claim Nobile goals of ending poverty and hunger, but for that we will do forceful removal of your rights - a New World Order, deciding where you travel, who you meat, and what you eat. And that's not food that make us healthy and strong, but synthetic food that causes all kind of problems. 

Video: How the Covid Pandemic was prepared from 2003, when the animal virus was successful made in laboratory to harm humans. The government continued to sponsor that research. The drug corporations got involved to use it for profit. And some history of how countries became founded on drug dealing and profiting from the addiction of the people. How the entire economy and the corporate structure of the government was build on it. 

The CDC can no longer claim that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM:

In 1980, autism was 1 in 10,000

1986: Then the vaccine industry loses responsibility and the mass increase in dangerous childhood immunizations begins

1990s: Autism 1 in 500

2018: 1 in 36 children with autism.

At this increasing rate, autism is expected to be 1 in 2 children by 2030.

[Figura] (Your doctor is bribed to inject you with poison)

Secret CDC Report confirms Hundreds of Thousands of Children ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA following roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines. 

Russia has publicly accused Deep State actors and Big Pharma of manufacturing the Covid pandemic to take over the world. They listed Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Soros, of being the main “Ideologists” behind the plot.

Our governments "gave trillions to a virus that doesn't exist". Ezra

Bill Gates Just Release Malaria Mosquitoes

In this age after the coming of Heaven, even Kim from the Global Repository admits, "you cannot exist with the old paradigm of power and control." But the world will not transform over night. We have to transform it. Our daily love and investment will manifest that new reality. 

A big transition will happen in the next weeks. Now we gonna get burst of abundant energy directly from the Creator, Kim says. Because the flow of energy has changed, the evil spirits can no longer feed on our energy. 

As Whiplash wrote:

"You are all going to get the Truth on Terrorism, Big Pharma, Red Cross Trafficking,  World Wars and how it's all Bottle Up at UBS/Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse offices in Britain, Netherlands, France and Belgium, have been contacted by law enforcement officials as part of an investigation. Swiss Banks have funded Terrorism & Deep State Horrors forever. "

Video: Ricardo Bossi gives the following warning:


Despicable crimes of those of the highest levels of power will come out, Ricardo said. For decades we have been deceived by those we have trusted. Be united. They cannot defeat millions when standing together. 

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