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CIG AWAKENING: Isn't that our Responsibility


We are the ones to save the world and finally liberate God's Heart

By YuliUTS / 20 Feb. 2021 / CIG NEWS

We all know, no politicians can solve the problems, much less the military power can build the ideal world. Only true love and true families can transform the world. It is our own portion of responsibility. Yet, the institution of the family is under complete attack now. Guess by who? 
Biden pushing law for boys to enter girls dressing rooms? WHAT CRAZY MEMBER should SUPPORT THAT
Some members are so confused as to believe Biden will solve the problems. Really? Should the leaders be blamed for not educating them in Father's words? Or are Cabal creatures already crawling in the movement and gradually taking higher positions of influence, as it was already done with most other churches and organizations? For what ignorance is to make them support pedophilia, communism and the transgender promoting Dems?
Biden is now mobilizing war on Christianity and faith, by declaring them ideological enemy (1)
Literally, they are expanding the war on terrorism domestically. Now if you are not happy with the lockdowns, you're considered a threat. If you don't agree with transgender and abortions, you have radical terrorist views. 

As parents, you may face all kind of charges if you disagree with your kids to be educated in homo, be-sex and free sex, from earliest possible age. The faith and moral values of Cristians need to be suppressed and persecuted by all means. And legal actions are pushed for the legalization of pedophilia. If you protest, you may find out to be categorized as terrorist. So, welcome to Biden's era. 

COMMENT: "I can't believe how many members and mainly second gents are on Biden's side. My question is to them, if you believe in God, how come you support someone who is pro abortion and openly against the nuclear family? Just look at the videos about him being inappropriate towards kids. Blows my mind!" 

Why Schools Push Liberal Narrative
So many things are taught in Schools to push liberal narrative (Humanism, selfishness, free sex, transgender). Who will stop this horrible attack on God centered values? Who is to bring ideological victory, if not us?

Our only option now is to pray to God and focus on fulfilling our HTM responsibility. Yet, what happens if we cannot save even our own kids from this free sex culture? 
What is easier, than brainwash our youth with transgender values and free sex idols? Wake up, our own rug is burning. Our own children are the prey. 
Are we winning this ideological war? Who else is to win that Cultural War that perverts our children? Pay attention: Who controls the Education? What values they promote? 

Are we really fulfilling our Tribal Messiah responsibility if we don't educate our own members and children in the culture of purity, fidelity and true family values?

Satanic Subversion in Churches and Organizations 

If the satanic culture is quickly invading our own families and our own global movement, what will happen with our world foundation after a generation or two? If once implanted Cabal operatives clime to take control on the higher level of our leadership, what will become of us?

All organizations and churches that started with very good and sincere ideals, gradually turned out with the up top 1% controlling them, being overtaken by the Cabal. Oh, they have so many manipulative ways to achieve that. The Satanic Cabal perfected their ways of subversion. 

We are talking, thousands of years of experience. It will take me a Workshop to explain it to you. And I see their power growing in some western countries like UK and probably many others. It reached the point where if you mention what's Principle, you will be immediately attacked and suppressed. 

Milingo was telling us about the Satanism in Vatican. When you learn how they infiltrate gradually, you know that your church will be there sooner or later too. NO ESCAPE. That's not changing the fact that more than 90% of those churches are good people.

Father Moon warned us about these (See CSG). It's a slow but sure process. If we don't localize these people they slowly grow around like weeds. They are swift manipulators, Father explained, and will quickly frame anyone who could expose or block their ways. Yet, Father stressed, they are great in getting your trust. Soon they position themselves in decision making comities and even among the leadership. To prevent that, Father often changed leader's positions.

Working in tandem they quickly mobilize the operation 'Mocking Bird' to silence any real member who stand in their way. They are constantly active in keeping the negative, so that values can be steered in the Cabal set direction (politically and morally). And members will be afraid to talk of and discuss more serious topics. 

Think, how difficult it was for True Father to expand his foundation, preventing this to happen. You understand how important Formula Course was, to prevent such agents to invade the movement. God's power must really have protected and guided us to raise such incredible global foundation. 


Final Victory of the Forces of Light

What just happened in the last few weeks; US, Russia, China and India paid off their national depth to the Central Banksters. Than they issued a subpoena and now those criminals are not getting the money. Trump bankrupted all these criminals and now is crashing down the Big-Pharma and releasing 6000 patents, that will revolutionize the earth, among them free energy. (2) 

They have 'sonic healing', to eliminate every existing disease. Starvation ends. Water can be obtained from air. Travel can become so fast and cheep. Who was blocking all this until now? The satanic Cabal, that was feeding on world's misery. All this struggle between God and Satan, described in the Principle, turns out to be more real than we could imagine. 

As you know from our previous reports, the final victory of the Forces of Light over the Forces of Darkness has already taken place on a spiritual level. (see, OPERATION GAME OVER) The most important obstacle remains the hierarchical structure of the Dark Forces, created on Earth by analogy with the same structures in the spiritual plane.

And if on the spiritual plane this structure has already practically disintegrated due to the joint efforts of the Higher Powers of the restored ancestors, centered on True Father's guidance, on the physical plane it still continues to exist by inertia.

At first glance, it may seem that everything in the world is sliding down on track with the protégés of the deep state - still pushing their interests in all areas of your life: political, financial, social, following their clear program to fully digitize the population.

Don't think for one second nothing has happened, because plenty has happened. Many of these criminals are "already dead others in custody, but the public needs this public confirmation. The reveal to the public of what has happened is key. I'm pretty certain China knows by now that isn't Biden," wrote insider. 

CCP will be removed from power in China. The Alliance has 3 weeks to clean up the Communist Party and preparing for the transition. In March will be the entrance of the new president and in April the new Quantum Financial System will be announced. Biden is not president of anything. He has no power. European nations are bankrupted. All governments will be changed. Soon everyone of the criminal system will go to prison. The funds are prepared for the prosperity of all humanity. It will be free of slavery, free of the hands of the Banksters. 

We are surrounded by manipulation and subversion. Methods used by the Cabal for centuries to dominate. Their rags are filled with sociopaths and scrupulous manipulators implanted in all areas of life. TIME TO EXPOSE THEM
Every effort is made now by the Alliance (Q - Military Operation) to save the victims of the shipwrecked humanity. Many who say the evilness of the Cabal from inside are now helping expose it. Even in Hollywood! The new movie, "I care a lot", is showing the criminal misuse of elderly people through the senior housing system. This is just a small piece of what is to come. All will be uncovered. Q was waking us up, to recognize the corruption in this swamp. 

SantaSurfing wrote, "Q isn't some wackey made up group. They are a real group of concerned patriots within the NSA. They saw all the dirty shit that was going on for decades and decided to strike at the opportune time. 2016 install of Trump was that perfect timing." We can only hope they are sincere, God loving people, who will open the way for the liberation of humanity. 

Rev. Moon has done this revolution already in the spirit world. Based on this work of liberation that has happened in the spiritual realms, the divine high-vibrational energy on earth has reached that critical mass that will finally displace all the representatives of the Forces of Darkness from it.

Please make some effort to understand how the Satanic Cabal was dominating our world. From the creators of the documentary series Fall of The Cabal, now bring you The Sequel. In this 17 part series, the Cabal is fully exposed.

Implanted Cabal Among Us

You have to understand that not only the health system and the hospitals, but Cabal operatives are implanted in mostly all institutions, organizations and churches. They always try to guarantee at least 60% influence. Because of their subversive techniques and luck of empathy, they efficiently clime the lather of every organization and after time can be found at the top levels of leading them.
"Enemies come in by subversion from treasonous traitors"
COMMENT: When I tried to converse with one brother about it, it always ended in him attacking my character and person.

ANSWER: Yes, this is MANIPULATIVE TECHNIQUE - they don't argue with facts, for they cannot. FACTS WILL ONLY DISPROVE THEM (If they are very good in such manipulation - they could be Implanted Cabal members - as we found and exposed such in my country.)
Mocking Bird attack: They will not only attack your personality, they will destroy you in the eyes of all around,  to the point that you'll even doubt yourself. For that they use in tandem, and steer powerful manipulative gossips, to distort everyone's perception about you.
Using Labeling: They will destroy the facts, not by evidence, but by using 'Labels', which people are programmed to accept as something evil and false. Manipulative, emotional attack, that aims not to bring the truth out, but prevent any facts or evidence to uncover the truth. 
The Cabal has implanted people in every church and organization. They are very active in such manipulation control (in line with the Cabal narrative) NORMAL REASON DOES NOT WORK WITH THEM. They quickly unite with other secret Cabal members to FRAME YOU and destroy your personality. So you cannot oppose again in the future.

COMMENT: Now that makes sense to me.

Ever wonder, why in some of our churches people are afraid to even dare discuss any topic that is against the Cabal narrative? 

It's called 'Conditioning'. With strong manipulative reactions, they condition the majority to keep silent about certain topics and not dare express certain opinions. I observed them numerous times doing it in our church. Powerful manipulative technique. Powerful evil spirits behind these subversive tricks, help "establish their dominance or superiority; even one incident of such behavior can condition or train victims to avoid upsetting, confronting or contradicting the manipulator."
  • An emotional manipulator is the picture of a willing helper.
  • Emotional manipulators are excellent Guilt mongers.
  • If you have a headache they will have a brain tumor!
  • Have no sense of accountability, no empathy!
  • The ability to impact the emotional climate of those around them.
This way they clime, while suppressing the real good members. In the end, such churches become more and more dysfunctional, for everyone is afraid to express an opinion. That's the situation in UK. Terrible! So many in the so called 'Committees', use these nasty techniques (made me feel God's pain each time I see it):

Shaming: Manipulators can make one feel ashamed for even daring to challenge them. It is an effective way to foster a sense of inadequacy in the victim. Shaming, Diversion, Minimization, are just some of their ways of manipulation. (See)
"Because of the indirect nature of manipulation, it’s not easy to defend yourself against it."

"Firing question after question without giving a chance to disclosure is intimidation - dirty manipulative technique."
What happens if you are unable to distinguish and block them. They can manipulate meetings, leaders' decisions, make our organization work for them, not for the providence. 

Know the Power of Your Spirit

"Just let's watch this amazing month and not forget that the victory in this war of Good and Evil depends on you and me - on the people of the planet, not on Trump. We exclude any fear and negativity, radiate Light and Love." Charlie Ward

And make sure to remember the power of your spirit and the power of true love:

"True love can conquer even Hell... With the limitless power of true love, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on Earth." Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon



  1. Yes, you are right. How many 2d gen. are going astray? How many are real members following the tradition of TP? How many left the UC? I do not want to criticize no one, but we all UC members need to wake up and see our reality... Otherwise CIG will be only a dream. CIG will not come alone, we need to do it.

    1. Giving True Love for the Benefit of others is the only personal responsibility to Create the Ideal World with our Heavenly Parent to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

    2. The Mormon missionary 18 month witnessing has been their most successful program to expand and educate their church. We should learn from the Mormons.

  2. Biden is not president of anything. Just actor playing Biden in the Amazon studio. A TV show!


    BREAKING: South Carolina House passes a ban on nearly all abortions, joining states with similar measures.

    BREAKING: New York State Senate Democrats are moving to strip Gov. Cuomo of his emergency powers - NYT. His senior killing scheme was exposed.

    Russia declared total independence from the Central Banksters.

    Explosions all over the world. Chasing the Cabal in underground tunnels.

    And so much more!


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