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Just as the earth's boundaries between nations will be erased, so will the invisible boundaries in the spirit world begin to be erased None of this was about Covid. That's just a flu. Operation Warp Speed is a global military operation.

By YuliUTS / 15 March. 2021 / Unification Research

The Expected Quantum Future

With the physical removal of the satanic forces from the face of the earth come many spiritual and physical changes. With the new vibrations of the Earth, you will be freed from the shackles of forced labor. The disclosure of the new tech will completely transform production, transport, medicine and education. The struggle for survival will no longer exist. Life will become so easy. See, SIGNS THAT GOD'S KINGDOM IS COMING

Unfortunately, many people will be confused and will not know what to do with the freedom they have dreamed of so much - they are so used to their routine, settled life.

Every school in the world will be connected with the Quantum Education System. When we get the Quantum Education System it will do away with the wrong agendas in education overnight. Here is what education should be:

"The unselfish way of life is to think beyond ourselves and our family and live for the greater purpose of the nation and the world." Sun Myung Moon

We are all God's children, Mother Moon said, and together we can build a beautiful future filled with hope. Your days ahead will be blessed, she said. Your future will be bright and beautiful. Our mission is to absolutely join her and live as one big family having the same common vision and goals in order to watch Heavenly Fathers in Cheon Il Guk nation as a Family under God.

"Quantum lip is not a simple advance. It is a real jump. It will be the end of unfair wages. It will be the end of the disease industry. It will be the end of criminal organizations and inefficient education systems... Abundance will finally manifest on this earth." Audio

Yes, a great future is coming, so don't be confused by the external chaos and military manoeuvres. They are all helping God's providence. If you follow my articles you'll have more clarity on what's actually happening behind the scene. 


"All eyes on the USA what happens here will set in motion for the rest of the world."

Pres. Trump is returning into office probably until 4th of July, according to Robert David Steele. General Flynn confirmed, the steel of the election will not go unpunished. 

If you didn't get it yet, this is a WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE FROM THE RULING BLOODLINES. Why is the Military, Missing in Action Flag over the White House? Who is missing in action? It has multiple meanings, Juan O Savin explains. When vote was proven to be fraud and court could not prevent that what's left? Military is obligated to prevent foreign power to come in control, so it is responsible only to the rightful president. (1) This explains why Trump is still flying with the AF1, while Biden is a 'president' in a TV studio. 

What happens next? Military has to arrest those people who work with the foreign power and compromise our security. As the senator of California said in front of TV, "What you're watching in Washington is a Hollywood movie right now." 

Reportedly Trump's recent visit to Switzerland and his coming to the White House on March 3-4, had to do with the changing of the financial system. So I would like to report few positive expectations from that change. But first, get the picture of the real situation, the real consequences of the Fall, which we should be victorious over:

"How will we liberate God? God is restrained from loving all people; we are responsible to find a realm of liberation in which God can freely love all of humankind. Since we were corrupted through the Fall, we must liberate God by becoming children who are victorious over the Fall." Sun Myung Moon

The Physical Side of the Liberation Efforts

This sis the map of the last week explosions in Island. We live in a time of war between good and evil. 

One of the ways to follow the development of that war is to observe the map of the underground explosions. How strange, they all happen to be 10 km underground. That's where the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) are located. (2)

We see recent big operations in Greece (Base was floated with water), Island (Base was floated with lava). The air-born explosions are actually taking Cabal space-ships that try to escape the earth. (See)

Here is the map of the last week military operations in Greece. 

Again explosions are mostly on 10 km underground. Bellow I will show the map of the world military activities, so show you how global this operation is. (2)

Human Trafficking

What do you think these underground tunnels were used for? Drugs, child and human trafficking and production of Adrenochrome. It was reported that one third of the federal government was involved in child sex trafficking. 

Why do you think the refugee children crossing the border from Mexico are now being sold in auctions to the elite? They were kept in cages, under Obama's administration, abused at the border and send with containers to DC. These kids where groomed in sexual activities even with their brothers and sisters. (3)

What do you think Evergreen Ship containers were trafficking? (See) Children and Adrenochrome. Who needed this supply (See)?
Trafficked Children Rescued From Evergreen: Over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of shipping containers in the Suez Canal by US Navy Seals. Sources say that children were still being rescued and bodies discovered in Evergreen’s 18,000+ containers. (3)

Explain That

Look at these photos. Do you know how are they connected to the pedophile Fall of Man and the history of Satanic control? 

Why such a change in a year? Do you know what was keeping them young? Why did Trump stop their supply? 

Late 2019 early 2020 was when thousands of celebrities had their supplies cut off. 

Please study what Adrenochrom is. Adrenalized blood from tortured and raped children, usually age 3 to 9. That's what kept many stars and politicians vital, powerful and young looking. 

Why was it sold openly in Amazon and Alibaba? Why was it so expensive? Why it is so addictive? Why it was practiced in all ancient satanic civilizations? Who else is involved in our days?

Ancient Satanic Practice

Are you aware that this is an ancient Satanic practice? This is ancient sculpture of the practice of harvesting adrenochrom from human beings. 

Do you understand now, why in all ages Satanists were practicing rape, ritual murder and blood drinking? 

Do you know the statistics? There are 4 million registered Satanists in the US alone. What about their world wide network? Why and how the top ruling elite is connected with them? The security organizations? (4) Bankgsters? (5)

Once you grasp the seriousness and reality of the satanic involvement in the fabric of our society, it is more than clear why God cannot resolve it. Only we, humanity, can stand up against this evil, stop it, and make the change. But who has the power to do it, without being killed?

Why the System Should Change

In many countries, the politics has become synonymous with the dirtiest and most criminal acts against people, and politicians are often the biggest corrupt officials, using power to achieve their own selfish ends, but not in the interests of the people.

As Father Moon told us, we have to take responsibility to solve the problems in the world and establish the culture of true love and true families. 
"God cannot liberate human beings until they themselves establish the conditions for their liberation, because it was they who committed sin." Sun Myung Moon
Can politicians bring the solution? Politics has turned from a state body that protects the interests of the people into its opposite - into a structure of power, control and suppression of the human will. All different political parties, no matter how beautiful their slogans are, in reality just express their struggle for power. Just look at their corruption and lies. Can God find the conditions to work through them?


Population Reduction Plans

Modern Population reduction plans are a consequence of Secret Agreement between demonic spirits and the Cabal, dating back over 1000 years. These agreements require large scale of human sacrifice to meet ongoing quotas. 

The Cabal acts as the Planetary Managers on behalf of Lucifer. They answer only to their Overlords - these demonic (other-dimentional) spiritual beings. The Cabal planes their moves decades in advance to fulfill the agreement. In return the Cabal minions get power and control. Humans get untold suffering. 

Throughout all ages these Satanists used human sacrifices in their occult ceremonies, harvesting Adrenochrome. Young children were used for sex, draining blood, used as food and for obtaining young slaves. That's why they needed these underground facilities. 

Look at the mass activity blowing those DUMBS. This are the military activities in Alaska. 

The Present Situation

Live a little longer and your mind will be blown

JUST IN: Court actions are taken by 8,500 nurses and doctors against WHO and the governments for the false pandemic. Special broadcast on 30 of March in UK, said, "we are happy to be free again." What? Be free to meet with 6 people outside. That's like to be happy to stay in prison and be allowed go in the prison yard. This is worse than Communism. Worse than Nacizm. All for a harmless flu. These people are criminals against humanity. 

I got news for you, you are about to be told a whole bunch of stuff that you thought was true but was false. Mentally prepare for it. It's coming. You've been lied to for decades. Truth will seem strange.

"There's a long list of those alive you thought were dead. You'll see."

Dark Outpost: "Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy faked their deaths in an incredible plan with the help of Donald Trump to take down the Satanic cabal. Now they are coming out of hiding and will testify at the military tribunals this fall.

You can either believe or not believe, but the best is yet to come. Operations are still underway. It's the only reason the movie hasn't finished. It does end. Masks do come off. All lies will be revealed. Justice will be made public. No more games or secrets. In the meantime, don't get the jab.

"It's a massive, global operation; 2.5 million arrests."

And here are the maps of the underground explosions where the war is held for the Deep Underground Military Bases, where the Deep State is still hiding. Reports of numerous kids being liberated. 

The maps of underground explosions reveals the war is blocking the escape ways from the Deep State underground bases and than destroying them. Antartica is being surrounded, so big war is expected for the underground bases there. 

Game Over: The Level Playing Field

One thing is clear to us who are awake, that evil is made to look extremely attractive. As Rev. Moon explained, the worse Satan is not the one you recognize as evil, but the one who looks so attractive and misleads you. Their evil was always disguised under seemingly noble and wonderful agendas. We can see so many examples; the Communism, abortion, free sex, selfishness, Humanism and even the Vaccination. "Help the poor", while they were actually exploiting and killing them.  
ALL wars are... bankster wars..arming and suppling both sides in all wars.. Video

The Operation to Expose the Vaccine Crime

If a virus is patented, it means it is man created. So why is this virus patented? Isn't that a biological weapon? Does it not make them guilty of genocide. The same people invest in creating viruses and the toxic medicine, which is supposed to heal us. Is it really?

People have to wake up that Vaccines were never about keeping you healthy. Same people who produced the virus used them to make billions of profit. But it goes beyond money. Study their ideology (Eugenics) and you'll understand. 

The time of truth; Do you believe in God or in Big Pharma? As Unificationists we should "reject the world view that we are all perpetually diseased unless we inject ourselves with endless toxic injections from the day we are born."

Latest report is, ten European nations have halted the AstraZeneca covid vaccine due to shocking reports of serious blood clots forming in people after they are vaccinated. (6) Coincidence - Astra Ze Neca, means "Weapon that kills"?

IMPORTANT: Officially you have 99.99% chance to survive this virus, but only 90% chance to survive the vaccination. THIS IS THEIR OWN OFFICIAL DATA. How can vaccines be less effective, than not vaccination? Because they admit that it will cause 10% death it. Actually is way bigger damage they cause.

THE DIFFERENCE IS that either you'll not catch the virus, or you already have antibodies. But the Vaccine for sure gonna kill 5-10% of those who take it, or best case just paralyze them, cause bad allergy, fertility or number of other problems. That increases the percent to 30-60% of those vaccinated.

Many horrible side effects, that may appear years later. But the part you don't realizes, vaccines are designed to block your spirituality. Causing that to your children is a heavenly crime

They Cannot Hide Any Longer

In Australia, the nation’s health minister Greg Hunt has been hospitalized just one day after taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Bill Gates just scored $3.5 billion in covid bailout money for one of his non-profit groups, proving that the covid “stimulus” is nothing more than stealing from the poor (taxpayers) and giving to the rich. At the same time, Microsoft is now expanding its business with the world’s leading genocide nation, communist China.

"Mass murdering six million Jews isn’t enough for IBM, it seems. Now they’re targeting six billion human beings with deadly vaccines that install a kind of “operating system” into the human body, hijacking the body’s cells to produce alien proteins via mRNA “software code” that isn’t even human." (7)

In the past, IBM was partnering with the Third Reich to provide computational machines for tracking Jews for extermination. Now, IBM is partnering with mRNA vaccine developer Moderna to provide its computational platforms and machines to enforce vaccine compliance.

"In fact, there is no prominent tech company that has any morals, ethics or humanity remaining whatsoever. They’re all about the profit and the control over humanity, and if they have to watch while six billion human beings are mass murdered." (3)

Too Many Coincidences

"The Chinese Biology Laboratory in Wuhan is part of Glaxosmithkline, which (accidentally) belongs to Pfizer!" The one who makes the vaccines for the virus, which (accidentally) was released in the biological laboratory in Wuhan and (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauchi who (accidentally) advertises the vaccines!

"GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the financial department of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA!

"Coincidentally, Soros owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German alliance, which (accidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, which (accidentally) is a Black Rock shareholder who (accidentally) controls the central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital.

Black Rock is also (accidentally) the main shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (accidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (who - remember? He sells a miracle vaccine) and (it happened) is now the first sponsor of the WHO!

Now you understand how a dead bat sold on a wet market in China has infected the ENTIRE PLANET! "


God’s Liberation and the Salvation of Humanity

"The True Parents (Rev. & Mrs Moon) have indeed come as the substance of truth and are fulfilling the sacred task of restoration. True Father has devoted his entire life for the sake of God’s liberation and the salvation of humanity according to the heavenly will. He has revealed the truth about God, humanity, the world, history, the spirit world, the identity of Satan, and all the heavenly secrets. Some 500 volumes of True Father’s speeches have thus far been published." The Heavenly Bible


  1. Thank you Y.UTS! You are a voice crying in a wilderness of skeptics and victims of the all powerful mass media that has hi-jacked people’s ability to think clearly. Blind obedience has been used by “false gods” many times in human history— now is no different.

  2. I've been studying history again for a year to better understand the history of recovery. And, yes, it turns out that there was a group of people who, through certain actions, connected themselves to the evil spiritual world (fallen angels) and were influenced by them. The most interesting thing is that these people were in the central events of our history and stood up against God's chosen people. So, the events in our world reflect the struggle of good and evil spiritual forces and nothing is by chance. It's not for nothing in principle that Satan is always trying to get ahead of God. And he acts through puppets on the ground.


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