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How to Help God and Liberate your Ancestors

How to Help God and Liberate your Ancestors
Internal Guidance: Y.UTS

I’m wondering if you could give me some sort of spiritual reading/guidance? I want to become a better person, but it’s not always easy to figure out what my biggest character flaws are, and so what I should change or improve in myself.. help me figure out what character flaw needs my attention - the thing that I should work on the most to become a better person.

I left STF before you came, but I’ve heard much about you from the STF members of that year. I’ve also read some articles on your blog and I find them very interesting, and sometimes a bit overwhelming because I am reminded of how little I know about the universe. It encourages me to learn more. Anyways, I want to thank you for your blog and say to keep up the good work!

It's a good question! Anytime you need something specific, just write me. But when I look spiritually things look a bit different. At different moments different spirits may influence our character. Therefore, learn not to identify yourself with the bad moments.

Your original nature is wonderful and so shining. You are vary unique daughter of God. But there are numerous of ancestors we have that need some help with growing and overcoming their bad habits. To grow, God allows them to influence you in a bad way for a certain period. In this time of cooperation-resurrection, your character will start resembling their state of mind. You'll notice certain attitudes and problems that are not natural for you. (That may happen even when you are in responsible position for someone; his or her ancestral problems may come upon you, so that you can help them grow.) This is how returning resurrection works.

In such occasions it's vary important to pray for them, repent ask such situations to be solved on world scale. Don't just pray for yourself and your ancestors, but for liberating the world and God's heart, by having no one stay in such hell anymore. 

This spirits may not be able to repent themselves, so if you are very sincere in front of God and repent as if all such sins are your own guild and responsibility, you'll succeed to liberate their hearts from the self-centered pity and connect them to God's heart and sacrificial, altruistic attitude. 

Once their situation is liberated you will again feel freedom and joy in your heart (means they are also free). You may notice God's and their gratitude, because many good things will happen to you. 

However, there are numerous of other situations in the spirit world that can only be resolved through a person on earth. Thus, God will give you a period of rest and burden you again to liberate other painful situations in the spirit world.

IF YOU GROW STRONG IN FAITH and resolve quickly and gladly (as DP says) such situations, God will be able to depend on you to resolve a lot of problems even from the area you live... So spiritually you will become a kind of Messiah; bringing liberation wherever you go.

But if you see every such burden as your own nature you'll gradually get stuck and thus unable to liberate these spirits. God will not be able to relay on you, since he sees that this is destroying you. In fact, when I look spiritually, I see people suffering for years, even for a life-time with some problems, that for me will take minutes or a day to indemnify and liberate. I showed them at STF how much the situation and the character of a member changes once the spirits causing the problem are liberated. Suddenly their beautiful original nature shows up. It's amazing to observe.

Returning Resurrection of Evil Spirits
The Divine Principle explanation the Returning Resurrection of Spirits Who Abide Outside Paradise
"Let us examine the returning resurrection of evil spirits.. Even evil spirits are able to receive the merit of the age by returning to the earth." 

"Example.. a person living on earth.. to graduate from his current sphere of benefit to a higher sphere of benefit. He cannot graduate to the new sphere of benefit unless he first makes some condition of indemnity to remove the sins of the past. In the case of graduating from the family sphere to the clan sphere, a person must pay the debt of sin both for himself and for the ancestors of his clan. Heaven allows evil spirits to torment him as punishment for this sin. If he willingly endures the suffering given by the evil spirits and overcomes it, he will have successfully paid the indemnity through this condition and thus be entitled to enter the higher sphere of benefit at the clan level. The evil spirits who have tormented him receive a corresponding benefit. This is the way.. the providence of restoration expands its sphere of benefit from the family level to the clan level, the national level, and the world level. Whenever humanity is to graduate to a higher level, the person leading the providence must make a condition of indemnity to resolve the sins which he or his forefathers have committed."

"The works of evil spirits may help an earthly person fulfill indemnity conditions to purge his sin in two different ways
  • First, the spirit may trouble the earthly person directly
  • Second, the evil spirit may descend to.. another person.. and work through this person to attack him
In either case, if the earthly person gratefully and willingly suffers the work of the evil spirit, he will make the indemnity condition to purge his and his ancestors' sin. This sin will then be resolved, and he will enter the higher sphere of benefit.. Thus, the works of the evil spirit will have cast judgment on the person for his sin on behalf of Heaven. Consequently, the spirit will receive the same benefit as the earthly person; he, too, will enter the higher sphere of benefit."

"From the standpoint of mission, the physical self of the person concurrently serves as the physical self of the spirit.. These spirits will descend to these people and assist them in order to complete the spirits' own unfinished work."

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