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SYSTEM WAS CRACKED: Couldn't fix a broken system

Unification Update July 15

The war between good and evil is reaching its final faze. Events are moving in accelerated rate around the world. Georgia Stones and Vatican Obelisk both destroyed. Celebs revealed as Satanists. Green Energy scam revealed. Italy and Estonia Prime Ministers both resigned their positions. 

We have started to see some of the Satanic symbols being destroyed. This all happens at the same time Boris Johnson and Abe were removed, and the SUPREME COURT OVERTURNED BIDEN'S ELECTION, that I described in my previous report. 

This all shows that while humanity elevates spiritually, the Satanic world is crumbling. Once the spiritual conditions are set, there are consequent physical changes. There are reasons this war is being carried out secretly.

This revolution is not Televised

If you still didn't get it, this is a war with the Satanic Rothschild fake monetary system of slavery. It's the end of the Deep State fiat currency system as 3.2 billion people move to gold/asset-backed currency of the Global Currency Reset headed by the BRICS nations of Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Now Saudi Arabia is joining. Turkey, Egypt and KSA to join BRICS soon, wrote Egypt Independent. 

"Everyone who touches Zelensky resigns: Boris Johnson, Mario Draghi, the PM of Estonia, the President of Sri Lanka and more." We see the fall of Sri Lanka, Lebanon was in a Media Blackout as a Military Operation arrested Deep State generals. Meanwhile, Zelensky’s Top Officials Turn On Him In Support Of Russia. They didn't like him turning the country into a proxy state - a criminal state, for international criminals to launder money and launder weapons and everything else as a puppet of the Deep State.

US Defense Documents prove that US Labs in Ukraine were gathering DNA specifically from Russian Ancestry to create a Bio Weapon designed to wipe out only Russians. 

"International Military Tribunals are to take place in Mariupol Donezk Republic. People will finally learn that their government is helping those who deliberately kill and torture the Russian people in the Donbass, Ukraine." Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Clintons were all involved in the bio-weapon labs in Ukraine and will be tried for that in a Military Court."

If you are real Unificationist, you know that we are responsible to end the Satanic Sovereignty and liberate God's suffering Heart. 

It's part of our teachings - how Satanic worshiping was common before Abraham / infiltrated the chosen people in the OTA / infiltrated Christianity in the NTA / and took 80% control through Humanism and Communism in our days. If the Lord of the Second Advent didn't stop that, the world will be already totally under Satan's dominion. See Secular Humanism and the Key Role of Rev. Moon in Ending Communism.

DP clearly explains how Satan worked through both Nazism and Communism / striving to get world dominion / and our days through the Left Cultural Marxism - Materialism and the Free Sex culture. The same Satanic force is behind all these evils. See, REV. MOON: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

"Many in our governments worship Satan. The 13 bloodline families that run the world are witches and warlocks that worship Satan. They have all system around the world to control people through blackmail and the system of money." Situation Update

The Principle explains that they were under the spiritual control of Lucifer. So yes, there was Conspiracy - DP explains it / After the Fall Lucifer took dominion over humanity and it was always a meticulously organized conspiracy against God. His evil spirits worked in each person - at all time. Altering each thought, each feeling - to reverse everything against God. A global network of control was established under Lucifer's minions. 

For decades countries have been infiltrated by the Deep State Central Banking System. Those who did not join the system and give control over their wealth to the Elites were attacked. Wars were created in their countries using False Flag Operations. 

Since evil spirits work through the Physical Mind against the Spiritual Mind, you can see how all Satanic ideologies are product of the Physical Mind and carry the footprint of the Four Fallen Natures. See, Free your Spirit Mind

Since the Fall was Lucifer's pedophile act of seducing sexually Eve while she was still young and immature, we can trace how throughout the history all Satanic worshiping was rooted in the same act of Ritual Child Rape / Child Sacrifice / Adrenalized blood drinking (which is their Satanic drug). 

It is our teaching, that the same practice of Satanic worshiping took place in the Holy of Holiest by the Jewish priests. Many Kings in Israel also started practicing it. God had to punish them, which led to the Divided Kingdom and later to the Exile. In the parallel of history the same happened within Christianity. Satanic worshiping entered the highest ranks. 

Well known global leaders were kidnapping children on a regular basis for the purpose of holding pedophile parties that included human sacrifice.

The International Court of Justice gathered abundance of evidence of mass genocide of children by the global elite Child Sacrifice Cult. Members were said to include Popes Ratzinger and Francis, Queen Elizabeth and many other prominent global leaders.  See more

I was in UTS when True Father brought Archbishop Millingo to talk to us of how Satanism is practiced in Vatican undergrounds by many of the Cardinals. Mell Gipson who witnessed such practices within the Hollywood, made a movie about these satanic practices by the Incas. I was watching his video testimony, but of course it was removed. Read what he explained in short. 

You can be sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It becomes even worse when you find out that the elite controlling this world is deeply involved in these practices. We are talking the top billionaires being pedophiles and yes, organizing satanic rituals. Remember, Human hunting parties were taking place in Belgium, and millions went on the streets protesting. Check the court cases and the testimonies. 

Now we can understand why free sex and homosexuality are propagated so much. You can study the history of how it overtook Europe. See History of Canaanite Satanism

Yes, Satanism didn't just magically vanish. It expanded. It infiltrated governments and institutions. It was strategically planning and striving to take over the world. It is behind the relentless push of free sex, homosexuality and transgender. 

"Please understand that the 'News' are made up stories, created to program your minds into thinking whatever they need, when indeed, it is the exact opposite. They keep us under control and fear, so we cannot live in peace and harmony." 

And yes, the god they worship, Baal or whatever name they call it, is depicted as Transgender god. The idea of transgender is to pervert everything that God loves. That's why many Satanists change the sex of their children from very early age. 

See old photos and videos of Royal families groomed as Transgender from childhood. In our days it's even easier with hormonal pills. And now they push it on society ideologically, through pills and even in the food, without asking us. 

"Everything you see on TV is all programed, not some of it. All the "witnesses and family members" you see in their scripts are payed Crises Actors. A Crises Cast made by professional filmmakers specially trained in disaster management to make it look real." See from 58 min

Satanism is behind the push of abortions and the wild spread of child trafficking and organ harvesting. It's all interconnected. This is a global and very well organized network. And as David Steel said, "Pedophilia is how they recruits and controls people."

What did change in 1999? Read, LUCIFER REPENTED: SATAN HAS RETURNED TO THE ORIGINAL CREATION. This UPDATE was very important - explaining how important levels of the Satanic pyramid were removed; What providential changes happened after 2012 and how this war between God and Satan is waged now. I will first explain how the external good forces are trying to fix this and end with how True Parents are restoring the world. 

The Good Guys fighting Satanism externally

The system was cracked to high hell. We couldn't fix a broken system. So what the White Hats did was trying to collapse and expose this system, meanwhile awaking humanity to how these Satanists work. Everything they are trying now, everything is back fired - it's all failing. 

Covid narrative - Crumbling
Vaccine narrative - Crumbling
Lockdown narratives - Crumbling
Fauci's Reputation - Crumbling
Big Pharma's Credibility - Crumbling
Faith in Medical Field - Crumbling
Stock Market - Crumbling
Banking System - Crumbling
Russian Collusion - Crumbling
Ukraine Corruption - Crumbling
Hollywood - Crumbling
Fake News - Crumbling

The cabal pillars have been taken out by the White Hats. The roof HAS TO collapse on Biden, NOT President Trump. At the same time Governments all around the world are falling apart. It's a good reason they all have to be removed. They were serving their Satanic puppet musters. 

The families ruling the earth spreading their control throughout the earth through placed puppets like Soros, Gates, Zuckeberg. See how they were doing the same in the past with the Steam Boat revolution, the Railroads. Their hand was behind the trade, slavery, colonization and all wars. The hidden rulers turning the world into a big Corporation. See Video

Here is one of the latest Situation Updates:

The Musters of Lie and Evil Can no longer Hide

While we observe these external maneuvers, what we notice and support is the exposure of all the satanic ideologies and those behind their creation. Wherever we turn, World Wars, Medical Fascism, Indoctrinating Education, Corrupt Banking system, we find the same players behind - all deeply rooted in the Satanic lines we described above. We have to get to the foundation - the root of the problems. 

Rockefeller influenced the world to remove all the natural remedies from practice and from the books, so as to cash in on the patented pharmaceuticals. They were able to remove and demonize natural cures as something 'primitive'. They altered our history and education. See, REV. MOON'S FIGHT TO SUBJUGATE THE OUR DAY SATANIC INFILTRATION

"Anyone seeking to prove the existence of conspiracies needs look no further than the origin of our present central bank. This is a very well documented conspiracy." (Video)

We cannot but notice what's common among all central influencers in these areas. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Darwin, Hitler, Marx, Stalin... all Khazarian Jews. Don't confuse them with real Jews, which they pretend to be. Khazaria was destroyed because of their open practice of Satanism (Child sacrifice and adrenalized blood drinking). They spread throughout Europe, pretending to be Jews. 

Human trafficking (Slave Trade), money from nothing, corrupting leaders and society through Free Sex, are some of their main trade marks. Yes, the ideological propaganda of Humanism, Nazism, Marxism, Free Sex, Transgender, all came from their Satanic believes and agendas. See, THE WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE FROM THE RULING BLOODLINES

Video: "Closed military bases were used to torture children for Adrenochrome production. In Canada, British Columbia, 35,927 children were rescued from giant Thermonuclear Blasted Underground Facility." "There are so many more we don't know about and are being used for the most terrible purposes."

Yes, all words and efforts of Rev. Sun Myung Moon were to expose the evil and falsity of these satanic teachings. All he got is a false flag operations to blame him for their own evils, that he was actually teaching against. But now we see the collapse of the system Father Moon was fighting against. God wins! Humanity will be liberated for the first time in history. 

Here is Rev. Moon's explanation as stated in the Divine PrincipleIntroduction / Principles of Creation / Fall of Man / Last Days / The Messiah - Christ / Restoration /... / Second Coming

 Satan and Fallen Humanity

"Satan is the name given to the Archangel Lucifer after he fell. When the first human ancestors fell, they bound themselves in blood ties with Lucifer. They formed a four position foundation yoked to Satan, and thus all humanity became the children of Satan. This is why Jesus said to the people, "you are of your father the devil," and called them a "brood of vipers."[47] St. Paul wrote, "not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons,"[48] indicating that no one belongs to the lineage of God. Instead, due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, human beings are of the lineage of Satan.

Had Adam and Eve reached full maturity and built a four position foundation centering on God, the world of God's sovereignty would have been established at that time. While still immature, however, they fell and formed a four position foundation centering on Satan. Consequently, this world has come under Satan's sovereignty. Hence, the Bible calls Satan "the ruler of this world" and "the god of this world."[49]

Once Satan came to dominate human beings, who were intended to be the lords of creation, he also achieved domination over everything in the universe. Accordingly, it is written, "the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. . . . We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail together until now."[50] These verses describe the agony of the creation under the domination of Satan as it longs for the appearance of unfallen people who have perfected their original nature; it yearns for the day when they will vanquish Satan and rule it in love."


  1. Yulian, it is exciting to see that many Unificationists have reached the conclusions you talk about here.

  2. Thank you very much Yulian, your articles are really great, they show the overview in depth. You know how to interconnect everything.


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