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Satanic Practices Turned into Vast Capitalist Enterprise - CIG NEWS

Satanic Practices Turned into 
Vast Capitalist Enterprise

CIG Report / 15 August 2022

The battle between good and evil is complete, we have won, and we have a very bright future ahead of us. The change starts with us. So, we have to learn the truth, no matter how painful. We have to spread the truth, no matter how opposed.

In the previous CIG-Report I told you about Nicola Tesla's secret laboratory, and the ban on the Catholic Church in Canada, because of Satanic ritual abuse of 500 thousand children. But let's go deeper into revealing the Monsters behind this problem. It's not only the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches that got invaded by this Satanic Cabal. 

What Fulford reported is shocking, "monotheistic religions are mostly controlled by groups of people who themselves do not believe in God. Instead, these families think of monotheism as a tool to control their subject peoples. These people worshiped a goat-faced, forked-tailed god known to us as Seth, or Satan. They are the ones who are facing the loss of their power." 

Underground DUMBS War: Cleanout Missions in full swing. Stage 4 has began. Call up of all branches of the US Military. 

The last report from the Global Repository confirms the same. "The Deep State, or more specifically the Illuminati, the Dragon Families and the Order of the Black Sun are gone in a full blown panic, realizing they are no longer in power." They can no longer control the narrative, instead the truth is coming out. 

Governments & Hospitals Involved in this Evil Practice 

Do you know how many children are kidnapped each year? How many each minute? Watch this video. See how even governments and hospitals are involved in the horrible practice of child trafficking. 

"This trafficking is a lot bigger and a lot more involved politically than we care to look at... The Media won't cover... everyone is afraid... some big, very influential people, that are involved." 

God's immense pain is expressed in this documentary. Knowing and spreading this truth is a huge step towards solving this problem and liberating God's heart. Running away from this painful truth is running away from God. 

This is a spiritual battle, it goes back thousands of years. Bible warned the Israelites to stop the practice of sacrificing children to Moloch. This practice continued for centuries and is even more prevalent today, expended into a vast network of capitalist enterprise. See, SYSTEM WAS CRACKED

You're not going crazy. The world has been crazy for a very long time. It's that you are just starting to notice it all at once. The most important thing is figuring out who's truly behind it all.

To connect with these spiritual creatures, they perform different ceremonies. The most powerful and evil beings can only be contacted through human or animal sacrifices, they themselves claim. As the Divine Principle explains, only by making good or evil conditions you can allow the good or the evil spirit world to work. 

True, for any normal person is not easy to fathom such horrific doings as Child sacrifice to get high torturing and drinking the child's adrenalized blood. But True Father send Archbishop Millingo to give us a speech at UTS about the practice of Satanic rituals underground Vatican. Yet, he himself and so many other Catholics are so wonderful people, who feel deep pain about that and want to restore the church. 

"The majority of the kidnappings of the kids happen a week before each satanic Holliday"

As Satanic ritual survivors testify, only for Easter Satanists sacrifice 666 thousand children. They have hunting parties for the elite every month. And that's in number of big castles and huge private properties. Pope Ratzinger was caught participating, which was the reason for his removal.  In one of the articles I give links to the official court cases and testimonies.

"People don’t understand how organized it is. There’s a satanic calendar. “Grand Climaxes” happen four times a year. Those are major festivals… Christmas… Easter… We’re talking major rituals. The September “Marriage to the Beast” ceremony. The majority of the kidnappings of the kids happen a week before. Each satanic Holliday requires a specific sacrifice." These Little Ones

The real question is, "How many are born and grown with that tradition". That's when you will start realizing why millions of children disappear each year. The estimate is that on each 240 houses, one house does Satanic ritual sacrifices. 

Each Coven needs numerous children only for their major satanic rituals. Global Repository recently reported of tracing and eliminating 2 thousand Covens. In their words, 'not even human... possessed by demons." SATAN WAS DEFEATED

So when True Father was saying that he cannot sleep knowing that millions are going to Hell every day, now we can grasp how serious that is. I remember Father's words, that when he learned the truth it was so shocking and painful, that he wished not to have known. But to solve the problem we have to experience that pain of God.

Video: Trump announcing the war on Human Trafficking. The determination to end this horrific problem. The greatest war the world has ever seen. See, LIBERATE OUR CHILDREN

The Ruling Elite is Under Dark Spiritual Control 

The majority of government is involved of covering it up

In this regard the last Fulford report asks the question, "How much evidence is there that the senior leadership of planet Earth is not human?" Humanity was never free. Evil spiritual powers dominated us. And those on top were involved in many satanic rituals to unleash those powers on earth. 

"It's war between Satan and God. Millions of Satanists have infiltrated the good in all countries, in all departments important for the system (State Security, Police, Hospital, Offices and Finances)" Situation Update

Fulford writes, "there is a lot of evidence that something alien is involved in the highest levels of government on this planet." Some other-dimensional, spiritual force that does not understand the Four Realms of Heart and the importance of family. 

Example: Hospitals today are confused who gives birth to the babies, men or women? So they just call them 'Birthing People." It's all intentional propaganda carried out by the rich elite pedophiles. 

Why do you think all the elite was flying to Epstein's Pedo-Island? Why did Epstein invest heavily into Ukraine's Bio-Labs? Why did Russian military find thousands of children in cages under these Bio-Labs? The more you research the more you find out how deep and vast is this Satanic web controlling humanity. And did you know:

Watergate was about Pedo-Gate: "In 1972, the burglars sought "the Book" which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, and such."

In Recent News: A Hollywood actress, Anne Heche, mysteriously dies just weeks before her movie about Sex Trafficking is released to the public. Surveillance video shows, she looked just fine after the car accident, but was forced in the ambulance against her will. 

Control of Money gives them control over Governments, Media and People

How powerful these Satanists really are? - Fulford asks. ''They control the mega-corporations, most Western politicians and central banks. 700 people control 90% of transnational corporations. One person will usually sit on the board of several corporations, but they are all part of the same family group. They are engaged in a multi-year, multi-generational project to undermine democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the press.'' And you find that the money of debt are a central part of their system of control. 

Video: What is the Deep State? They always sought control over information, money and government. Fact: Money are created by Private Banks, not by government. Money give them control over Government, which gives them control over people. All agencies are controlled by this Global Criminal Organization acting as a hidden government behind the elected government. Three levels of society; (1) Top level - Powerful people without any scruples (Corrupt Bankers and Industry titans), (2) Middle Level - Educated Criminals (Corrupt Politicians, Media, Professors, Lawyers, Doctors), (3) Bottom Level - Useful Idiots (Self-serving, blindly following the agenda of the upper levels, without questioning) See all 15 Episodes 

70 000 armed IRS’s Police Force

IRS spends millions on weapons, ammunition, gear to weaponize agency against Taxpayers. Fascism in action: FBI now arresting Conservatives over social media posts.

I've been reporting regularly about the fight with this evil and the victories of the good guys with my CIG Updates. If you think that's not concerning you, you are wrong. This evil system is all over us. Reducing our God given freedoms from every direction. Illegally taxing us for everything. 

Human history was a financial slavery designed to block our spiritual development and keep us stuck in the material needs. Now IRS wants to higher 70 000 armed new employs. Armed! To act as police. But the Deep State is broke. Their agendas are failing. When they called the Treasury Department saying, "For this bill we are looking for money to higher 87 thousand new employs." They answered, "We don't have any money." 

Delta Forces Seize IRS Weapon Shipment: On Monday morning they intercepted an 18-wheeler packed with pistols and bound for the Internal Revenue Service in D.C. This was hours after Kabula Harris’s tie-breaking vote on the regime’s climate, health, and tax bill that empowered the IRS to hire and arm 87,000 new agents—to the tune of $80 billion.  

They didn't even wait until the bill is passed and made law. According to the manifest, the trailer held 23,500 crated Sig Saur P229s and 160,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition, ostensibly intended for the IRS’s enhanced police force. The IRS is an enemy of the people, and those pistols…why would they need them? Think about that? - the source said.

Create Food Shortages: Corporations forced not to send their products

To survive these elites now want to create world shortages and world war. No one seems to be able to find where Pelosi is since yesterday. Nancy Pelosi was running around making these promises, in order to cause these shortages. Yes, that's their goal. Make shortages, rise prices and taxes, and push us to the corner. But that also takes a lot of money. They promise big money to these corporations to comply with this evil plan. It's coasting all of these corporations money. The majority of these 700 billion dollars was to go to companies like Black Rock... all of these corporations that are forced not to send their products. 

"If they can control the food supply, the weather and the financial grid, we are back to slavery. Most people cannot fathom that they want to make 8 billion people into slaves. But that's what we are dealing with." C.A.Fitts

The citizens of most countries are now close to open rebellion as their leadership continues to try to destroy them with hormone disrupting and cancer causing chemicals, unnatural living conditions and more. This all has to end. 

As we saw, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan failed, since the old Chinese woman, giving orders to the military, was dead, as Kimberly announced. Their deal was called off, no gold for Nancy and she will not become the next leader of the world. Now the question is, will she be brought to justice for trying to make a world war between China and Taiwan. 

Full Movie: Shadow Government - Contractors behind all the operations in the world Media and Politics. People who's names never come out. Immense global criminal enterprise. 

Medical Tyranny & Big-Pharma Running People's Lives

Pharmaceutical products kill more people than wars do. Genetic experiment that no one knows the horrible possible outcomes.

After trying to kill us with Lab-created virus and Gene-altering vaccines, "now CDC admitted it was wrong to downplay natural immunity and to promote asymptomatic testing."

As Kerry Cassidy explained, "It's people's fault. The people don't know. Their unknowingness, and their love for their doctors, their hospitals, and their horrible medical treatments. It's been a Medical Tyranny, Big-Pharma, completely running these people's lives.'' 

Breaking News: PCR test was not really for testing. It's part of Cloning Technology. That's how it is patented. While the mRNA is all about gene modification, which is illegal. 

In 2015 experiment with mRNA medical products all 200 thousand participants had their hearts stopped. All sorts of heart problems started appearance after 2 years. Now only 5 of them are alive. That's why this big push on vaccinating everyone with the mRNA experimental injection. That's why we saw numerous athletes dropping like flies, pilots who can no longer fly - having heart problems. 

The Covid Vaccines: "No trials on humans. Almost no trials with animals. No testing for safety. No tests to see how it effects the body, the liver, the overish. Did not prevent the infection, did not stop the transmissions. Total failure." Systematic, intentional cover up of facts, lies and manipulation. Why? 

As Zbigniew Brezezinski elaborated in 2008, "Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people." They can do it with viruses created in their Bio-Labs, with Food Shortages, with Terrorists, sponsored and trained by them, or manipulated Wars, which were always a 'theater' just to reduce the population. Meanwhile keeping us asleep with their fake news and puppet political actors. When someone deviates from the script and tells the truth, he is outcasted or killed. 

As the Ex-Illuminati revealed, "the Illuminati are searching for a virus that will wipe out a country in a matter of days." And looks like they found it:  

Weapons research scientist says, "Word Government weaponized 5G and radiation for vaxxed." "The kill rate has increased, but that's not it. It's building nano antenna in the body. It's an attempt of these dark forces to replace God's creation and control humans through what has been injected in them." We the People

The Chinese Communist Party covered up that 5G was the cause of the initial outbreak in Wuhan. It occurred immediately after 10,000 5G transmission towers were activated in the city. Frequency and chemistry were also used in the Weather Warfare. 

Video: Weather Warfare - Climate Engineering and Weather Manipulation - how they modify the weather? Why they lie, that it is result of climate change? Why are they blocking the sun? Why are they poisoning us?

Weather Manipulation, not Climate Change

But we also learn that all the weather anomalies are also man-made, exactly with the purpose of pushing such crazy solutions and taxing us even more, limiting our freedoms completely or have the right to imprison or kill us. It's not a joke. 

"The HAARP machine is real. It was developed back in the 1980’s. This machine has capability of creating any natural disaster that the Illuminati wish to create. Hurricane Katrina was a product of the HAARP machine. The Hurricane was used as a diversion while engineers were sent down to prepare for the gulf oil spill. The oil spill was used as an agent to implant microbodies into the brains of the children in the area. The affected are now subject to government control whenever these microbodies are activated. The earthquake in Haiti and others, all are products of the HAARP. Not all of the events are relevant or important, some are just tests, some are even mistakes." Ex-Illuminati

Now this absolute Psychopaths, are pushing the narrative of solving the food shortage by eating our dead people. In fact researchers found, Human fetal cells in the food you buy: Yes, aborted fetal cells were used as flavoring on all processed products you buy. That's why promotion of abortion was so big. 40 million children are aborted each year. They used them as flavor enhancers. They are also making a push on liquifying dead bodies to fertilize the farmland. 

Controlled Media, Not Allowed to Turn Away from the Script

Military Intel: Shinzo had given all details to the White Hat Military before his (staged) death. So, did Shinzo sing? Why did so many Prime Ministers got taken down at the same time? Or was he placed in Witness Protection by the White Hats? 

''If we look at the history of Japan and the 250-year ban on Christianity, whose missionaries tried hard to stop the horrible pedophilic practices of Buddhist monks,'' maybe we can understand why they decided to frame the Unification Church. All a staged negative propaganda of the media, to get the attention away from the politicians caught involved in sexual crimes. Meanwhile, ''the real assassin is already out of the picture, even his act is being justified,'' writes UCANEWS.

Now that many got injured by the Covid Vaccines the Media narrative turns against Trump to blame him for pushing it.

Video: Kimberly Goguen exposes what was Jared Kushner’s and Juan O’ Savin’s role in the raid on Mar-a-Lago. (Why is she not allowing her videos to be spread? Why only through payed subscription, while claiming she will give the money to restore the world?) 

I replaced it with video about Jan 6

Mar-a-Lago Raid: is Trump Alive

The White Hats say, this is part of the Movie. Everything in the safe was already disclosed. It's part of the bad guys hanging themselves. Even if Trump is arrested, don't be surprised. 

"The FBI raid is connected to Durham investigation. Not to help Durham but to stop him. Because Durham is on the trail of the corrupt FBI and the corrupt Justice Officials. This is the biggest scandal since the assassination of Kennedy and M.L. King. They have been spying on presidents and people." Situation Update, 14:40

Trump also made many promises to the Cabal, but didn't fulfill them. Realizing that, they ordered the raid. He promised them money, promised to be their new Pindar, to save them. But nothing was fulfilled. Actually he took the Pindar chair in his home. Which is another reason for the raid. Sitting on this chair makes the newly selected Illuminati leader be possessed with high demons and thus be their chief. The so called, White Hats, behind Trump say they are doing it to frame the bad guys. But Global Repository says, stop lying to the people. 

UNN News: "There are now 7 to 13 law firms around the world that are set to release information on the whole Trump family upon Ivana's death. Call it a 'Death Switch." It's all downhill from there." 

Kimberly Goguen warned them, "pretending a dead guy is still alive to collect money is not an operation." And she pointed the operations of the GR that eliminated the Cabal leaders that showed to receive Lucifer's instructions at several regular events. Make a decision, she said, those opportunities will not last forever. At this point, the best you can hope is survival. So choose wisely. 

If you expect the leaders of this world to change, first the agencies should change, Kimberly explained. Every politician is run by agency people. The agencies on their side receive directions from Covens who are in spiritual connection with the evil spirit world. The top of the whole structure of control was directly under Lucifer, who stepped out of his position in 1999, and now everything is collapsing. See,  LUCIFER LOST HIS POSITION.

The Trump raid, what were they really looking for? Number one, proof he is dead. So Kimberly is asking, will the agency people running the Trump show continue to lie to the people? When will they reveal that he is no longer alive? 

"Trump too is a member of the Black Sun and participated in the many rituals of the secret society." About Trump saving babies, UNN announced, "He has actually done just the opposite in his rituals."

My question is, ''If Trump tricked the Cabal, is he really on the good side?'' Is he really dead or that's part of protecting his life? Is all that just another optics of truth, we are still to see. In fact, it doesn't matter. We all know that not Trump, but the Military behind him is leading the operation. So the fight of the good forces for the liberation of humanity still continues. See, REV. MOON: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

Comment: But now we find, the Warrant for the Raid was signed by a Judge who was hanging out with Epstein. And as Pres. Trump said, "We have it all! Patriots, we caught every evil, corrupt politician and anyone else who was involved in criminal activity." 

New Input: A Judge shut down the FBI investigation into Trump on Tuesday 6 Sept. and will hand over all documents to a Special Master. The FBI took a top-secret list containing the names of VIP pedophiles during the raid on Trump's estate. Imagine where will that lead. 

Remember this video documentary - NSA has it all on all of these people. They all had to capitulate in front of Trump. The major corporations, all the media companies and all other puppets, they show them all the documents they have on them. "You play with team-Trump or all of it will be declassed. Each one of you will be opened up to the masses as a child murderer." So, they all capitulated. 

"With every event we see more of what's going on behind the vail."

Former US Military Man Proves Donald Trump Is Still President Legally. Video / All is optics and theater to bring down the Satanic Corrupt system. With every event we see more of what's going on behind the vail. So this Military operation was successful. We learned how corrupt these Cabals are and how deep this evil goes. 

My Reply to a question about the validity of this horrific facts about pedophilia and child sacrifice:

"Trust me, Disclosure of all this evil is good. Avoiding the painful truth with fake arguments is evil. God's Heart is finally to be liberated from this endless pain. I'm all in tears writing this. I feel God's pain. I feel it. I want to liberate my Heavenly Parent. Sorry! It will take you time to learn the whole picture. You have wonderful heart. 

True, our hearts get overwhelmed by immense pain by learning of God's and humanity's miserable situation. But that's the only way out. As Father said, all who were searching for God were running the opposite way. Because they were running away from the pain. But I cannot escape. I see it spiritually."

Global Repository just reported that all the 9 apocalyptic horsemen  were taken down, together with their puppets sent to activate the destruction of humanity. She listed the locations of the operations and the plagues they intended to unleash. 

Obvious Signs of where things are going

That is the end of private Central Banking. The Global Financial System is collapsing. 

What we see for sure, is (1) Humanity waking up and exposing the evil ideologies and methods of the Satanic System. (2) The wave of countries stepping out of the Rothschild Fiat Money and moving to the Gold Standard. (3) One by one countries exiting the control of the Crown - Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc. (4) And now, starting with Canada and Nicaragua, upcoming wave of banning the Catholic Church - because of the millions of children raped and killed in Satanic rituals. 

As the Divine Principle explains, the Fall was Lucifer's pedophile act of seducing sexually Eve. Thus since the very beginning of the human history, humanity was under the spiritual control of these fallen angels - other dimensional beings, who can only work on earth when they invade spiritually and use human beings on earth, for they themselves have no physical body. It's a spiritual principle that spirits, no matter good or evil, can only exert their work when someone on earth requests that and makes corresponding conditions. 

For thousands of years Satanists did sacrifices so the demonic powers can give them the power to make money from nothing and keep the sheep blind. When auditors check the books of the central banks, they discover that the banks have been lied to the people, the debt and everything they have done is completely against their charter, making everything null and void.

I have explained in number of articles, why the Fed and Central Banks should not be in charge of the financial system, and  how that was part of the Luciferin pyramid of slavery control on humanity. I hope you already understood how Rev. Moon's spiritual victory of Subjugating Lucifer led to the imminent collapse of this evil sovereignty. See, REV. MOON: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

Events started to bring down the CCP Communist Regime and their banks. Yes, China begins collapsing the Communist Regime through the banks and the civil unrest. After that the new Gold backed system will be in full effect throughout China. / Situation Update

Just remember, since 2012 we are already in the Age After the Coming of CIG (the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity) The shift is happening on all levels in accordance with God's Plan. Sooner or later, eventually everyone will join that direction. It is a Divine Plan. There is no way around it. We are all heading in the same direction. God Wins! 

Whole World was under the Crown Maritime Law

Many members do not grasp the enormacy of these events. Today we find the Federal Government telling the doctors how to doctor, the teachers, how to teach, the builders how to build. This control grew up like a spiderweb, like mold that rottens everything. Now the powers allowing this Satanic control of the earth are being removed. 

"The foreign-owned IRS (US Inc. IRS) was privately owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankers, while the US Court system answered not to the citizens, but to the Crown Bar of England," Judy Byington explained. It started with George Washington when he capitulated to the King of England under threat of wealthy aristocrats. US Inc. are now losing the Taxpayer dollar. 

''The whole world has been under the English Justice System. (MARITIME LAW, CROWN, GOLD FRINGE ON US FLAG) The removal/arrest of the 9 Supreme Court Justices will trigger the Event. The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD.''

Yes, the Satanic Sovereignty is collapsing. Not only the Khazarian Bankers, the Crown, Vatican, 9/11, and the Jesuits (Black Pope) are being exposed, but we see much deeper cleaning process. Remember, Cleanout Missions began August 2, 2021 when Orlando Disney World was flooded, destroying their underground Adrenochrome Pedo world. And now Disney is facing a huge backlash for sexualizing children. 

Talking about all these Jewish bankers and owners of all media and corporations; "Israel is a grand puppet state of the Illuminati. They will do absolutely everything that Illuminati wants them to do without even thinking once," The Ex-Illuminati revealed. 

Yet, as I explained, the recent decision of the Supreme Court basically knocked out 80% of the Federal Government. Every government agency that have been making up tyrannical rules and regulations without the consent of the people. The Deep State was controlling us with their millions of legislations that don't even go through Congress. Now this is all collapsing. The13 Secret Militaries, giving them protection, are also gone. See, SUPREME COURT OVERTURNED BIDEN'S ELECTION

"An ancient system of turning humans into domestic animals is being overthrown. We are heading into uncharted waters and a new era or a new era of history.'' Fulford

Time to take Ownership 

Will God destroy evil? Let me tell you, True Love has the power to eliminate all evil, as naturally as the light disperses all darkness. At the end, God will win, Truth will win, Good will win. 

We no longer need these secret or alien spiritual controllers to decide how we live and what we do. We the people should be free to decide our own future. Only in freedom we can take responsibility and grow spiritually, the Principle of Creation explains. To develop our heart and conscience we need to create true and loving families. See, PRINCIPLES OF GROWTH: DEVELOP YOUR HEART

"I believe, together we can build God's Family." Hak Ja Han Moon

Since family is the school of love, family is the foundation of creating God's ideal world of true love and peace. This is the key revelation Rev. and Mrs. Moon gave to humanity. And I urge you, members or non-members, to start studying the Divine Principle carefully, and learn how to apply these principles in your daily life. 

VideoIn the light of these events you will come to appreciate even more what True Mother Moon is doing for World Peace and spreading the Culture of Heart. Building the world of true love and the Culture of Heart by Uniting world leaders, all Faiths and all Races to fulfill God's Ideal for humanity. Next CIG UPDATE



  1. Thank you very much Yulian
    I especially like this reflection you made:
    "Avoiding the painful truth with fake arguments is evil. God's Heart is finally to be liberated from this endless pain."
    We should liberate our Heavenly Parent knowing the truth and his pain, feeling it we can do it, no matter how painful it is. The sincerity of the heart leads us to search for the truth, to be authentic and to unmask the false.

  2. ...looking forward to it! Capitalism, as we know it, will pass away, as will communism.


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