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Testimony of Rev. Won-Pil Kim from the Spirit World

"The spirit world is a world of intuition where within a week you can surpass the knowledge of any scholar.. By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related interconnections." CSG, The Nature of the Spirit World

Testimony of Rev. Won-Pil Kim
We should live with the hope that one day, True Parents and their children will live happily together forever
(Testimony translated from the Japanese Church page)

This is Won Pil Kim. I live in the highest spiritual realm. I live here together with my wife where we can meet True Father often and listen to God's commanding voice. Here, we don't have the four seasons. Every part of creation is displayed in beauty and harmony. The beauty of the environment here cannot be compared with anything we have seen on earth. This is a place of total happiness and beauty unencumbered by the four seasons.

True Father is very busy and does not rest. His main concern and worry is the situation regarding True Mother and their sons. I want to entreat you, especially those of you in the 36 couple families, and the leaders who serve True Mother directly, helping True Mother and True children.

Their directions should be one with True Father's directions. We should live with the hope that one day, True Parents and their children will live happily together forever.

Because I am at the highest spiritual realm, I cannot help but see True Father worry.

Brothers and sisters, we should show our sincerity and heart to support True Parents and True Children


"It was during our 21 day Registration Workshop. I suddenly woke up and saw everyone sitting and seem like praying. I had no time to analyze what I saw. I just panicked that I was late. So, I immediately made my bed and went to wash my face. When I came back to the room, I saw everyone still sleeping. So, I look at the time! It was 3 or 4 a.m. Then, that's when I analyze what I saw. What I saw were ladies, almost in uniform position, with long hair, facing the wall (so not facing me). They're seated like in a prayer position. So, I thought, it must be the angels assigned to us during the workshop". Leila

"This visit at Cheong Pyong (2017) was the best. I was in the big Prayer Holl, kneeling, when I lifted my head and saw True Mother coming out spiritually from the wall in the far back. She approached me, becoming bigger and bigger. "I have to change your head", she said stopping in front of me. Than I saw how my head became united with Father's head. Obviously she brought True Father to help me overcome the limitations of my physical mind. The next day I experienced the same, just this time, both Father and Mother came out and stood at the center of the room. Father was teaching a lecture with loud voice, but I could'n understand. He was teaching the spirits connected to me, my ancestors and my spiritual mind." Vassil

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  1. Thank you for sharing Y.UTS. I am really sensing that the spiritual world is trying to reveal to us many things to help us with the issues of schism. We need to be alert at all time. And please brothers and sisters, if you received a message from spirit world, please share them, be it in dreams or visions.


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