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Testimony from the Spirit World of President Kim of Sun Moon University

Let's live in True Love; Life for the sake of others
I don't think words and imagination can help realize, how horrible and painful place most of us will end up in the spirit world. Visiting the spirit world many times, I prefer not to describe vividly the horror I experienced in the low realms. The environment there overtakes you and controls you with no chance of escape.

How did I end up to see such places in the spirit world? I asked God! I wanted to know what's there... wanted to help those who end up in Hell.

The first time an angel blocked my way and said I'll not return if I cross the line. After some struggle, he saw I'm serious and will not give up, so he blessed me with some special gift.

It's true, each time I went to Hell I needed some recovery time afterwords. But for that God gave me the experiences of mind and body unity, so I can feel the ideal state and be charged enough to go over the pain.
"When the spirit mind sprouts up in us, our body experiences joy and everything follows it. Everything starts to unite automatically. Our biggest problem has been the separation of our mind and body. However, when spiritual energy comes into our body and creates the origin of our spirit mind, our mind and body become one naturally." CSG, The Spirit World
With years of training became easier and easier to dive in lower and lower places without being overwhelmed. I'm talking about the ability to sense deeper and deeper the hearts of others, yet be strong, not to be controlled by the emotions. I learned lots of spiritual principles, of how spirits influence us, how we can help and resurrect them; how problems and sicknesses come, and how to overcome them. Important lessons, for all of us.

I hope this testimony from the spirit world will help many live a true life while on earth, reaching the highest joy in heaven, together with our True Parents. I felt this should be spread, because we all need to reflect on our lives. We are family and our heart is not to leave anyone suffer in such painful place. What bad to pray for a person even if it's false alarm that he needs help. What is bad if we live better life, recognizing the seriousness of the situation awaiting us in the spirit world?

Testimony of President Kim
This is the former President Kim of Sun Moon University.

"When you ask forgiveness, you will be elevated to the higher spiritual realm." For that reason, I have honestly confessed to you, confronting my sense of shame and pride. Our life in the spirit world is eternal. Life on earth is but a moment. 

(Translated from the Japanese Church page, used by DMN at Cheong Pyong)

There are so many things for which I need to repent from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to apologize to the director of church ministry, Houng Chong.

How are you? Brothers and Sisters!

In the spiritual world, I, Kim, have come to recognize my deeply sinful nature, and I would like to report my current situation clearly and honestly, and I seek forgiveness from the spiritual world and want to be rescued.

Dear brothers and sisters, you should never come to the spiritual realm where I live. ln this place, there is no chance to see True Father, and in this place, your heart is full of pain. It is a terrible place where every experience is harder than anything people may go through while on earth.

There is no positive give-and-take such as people who live in beautiful, higher spiritual realms can experience. The place I live in is full of mold. There is an enormous number of insects crawling around. Here, everyone, wherever they are cut their bodies and pull out their hair. We can not even imagine what it must be like to have a shower or take a bath. People here cannot imagine the freedom of being able to pray or attend any church service or activity.

Especially, most of the people around me are crying sorrowfully, with faces contorted. Quite a number of people give up and fall into despair. I sometimes see some of our church members here who are in the same miserable situation as I am.

Brothers and sisters!
You may wonder what kind of sins I committed to be sent to such a place, don't you?

When I was on earth. I committed the following crimes:
(1) The crime that it was thoughtless of others and talked about them;
(2) The crime that I insulted someone's personality;
(3) The crime that I ignored my partner;
(4) The crime that I was excessively and unreasonably narrow-minded;
(5) The crime that I was arrogant;
(6) The crime that I have selfish nature;
(7) The crime that I used logic and reason to abuse people's emotions
(8) The crime that I did not offer money and did not use money for public purposes as I was extremely cheap

There are so many more shortcomings which I cannot share about at this time. I did not know how to escape from my shame and pain. I could not think of anything special, and was not wise enough to figure a way out.

Recently, Dr. Sang Hun Lee came to visit me from the highest spiritual realm and explained to me deeply, step-by-step, what the top spiritual realm was like. Finally, Dr. Lee said "With sincere devotion and material offering (for the sake of fulfilling God's will and for public purpose) from my
descendants. when you ask forgiveness, you will be elevated to the higher spiritual realm." For that reason, I have honestly confessed to you, confronting my sense of shame and pride.

Our life in the spirit world is eternal. Life on earth is but a moment. But, I took for granted my precious life on earth. I had lived filled with deep arrogance on earth.

Brothers and sisters, you should never, ever end up where I am. The shame and pain you feel here has no comparison on earth.

All brothers and sisters should live moral lives. Please come to the spiritual world after living well in gentleness and modesty.

My dear family! Please liberate me from this shameful and painful environment! Then, my descendants can live in peace.

I pray unceasingly that you will offer your money and possessions for public use to fulfill God's Will.
I will confess all the crimes and sins which I have committed on earth and ask for God's forgiveness.

Then, I believe someday I will be able to move to the higher spiritual realm.

Brothers and sisters, I sincerely beg you to help my family and me.
May 4th, 2016


This brother already has grown up in the spirit world, for sure. But we should pray everyone from these suffering realms to see God's light and be able to grow through the guidance of the Absolutely Good spirit world.

I've been stuck in similar places and took me weeks to grow above. But I had body. Even Middle Spirit world feels like hell for most of us. And yes, around 50% of our members end up in the Middle Spirit World. There are so many external signs when we are connected to hell. We should all check our lives. 

The joy in the highest resonance of heart. is so amazing. I can see spiritually the situation of the people and the spirits around them. I can recognize immediately prepared people with high level ancestors. Yet, it's very painful for me, to observe H2 dragging SC down on this evil road.

Christians are much easier pray for Satan in the Middle spirit world, Unificationists are in way better position, no matter their level. That's obvious from this testimony. Many Unificationist will recognize their sin and have a chance to repent and grow. That's very rare in these realms. They usually blame their own low state on others (like SC), thus have no chance of escape, and are drugged further down by evil angels, swaying them to do evil and eagerly harm others, believing this is the right cause. But this brings only destruction.
If members who committed the following crimes, ended in hell, we should know that the spiritual principles are the same for TC - they are universal.

(1) The crime of being thoughtless of others and talked about them;
(2) The crime of insulting someone's personality;
(3) The crime of disrespecting his parents or partner;
(4) The crime of being excessively and unreasonably narrow-minded;
(5) The crime of being arrogant;
(6) The crime of having selfish nature;
(7) The crime of using logic and reason to abuse people's emotions
(8) The crime of not offering money and not use money for public purposes
We should remember that once Hyung Jin ends in the spirit world, he will see TPs being one and he will be embraced and forgiven by them. As Won Pil Kim wrote from the spirit world, "True Father is very busy" in the spirit world and "His main concern and worry is the situation regarding True Mother and their sons.. We should live with the hope that one day, True Parents and their children will live happily together forever." Read MY DREAM with Mother and Hyungjin to understand the spiritual background of that situation.

DMN once looked upon the whole European members, gathered for liberation in Poland, and said, that the way we are now, no one will even enter the spirit world, but majority will stay as stuck spirits in the physical world - which is evil spirits." Dr. Lee also gave us many warnings and pleaded we start living for the sake of others, and for the sake of the providence. 

When I look in the spirit world, I see that around 30% of our members end in Paradise level and 7% even above that. This is really great. In comparison, most Christian churches less than 10% enter Paradise and 0% above. This are the best Christian churches that I checked, the others are much worse. But think about the atheists, where less than 1% have the chance to reach Paradise level. How pity is God's situation, looking at his children. How serious we have to be in restoring quickly this world. 

I admire those brothers and sisters who live sacrificial life of Witnessing and Tribal-Messiahship..  working to build the Ideal World of Peace. They are my pride. They are our hope; the hope of the world. They are the ones loving Father. The rest of us will mostly end up in the same painful reality. Especially if we are involved in gossiping, intrigues, criticism and accusations.

How wonderful are True Parents. They know our level, yet they still work with us and appoint us as leaders. Just because that's the only way for our restoration; doing mission, sacrificing. Father was training this way even his children, despite their mistakes.



  1. I'm sure this is true, very subtle is fallen nature and hard to rid oneself of

    1. Mr. Kim's situation, if actual, presents a feasible conclusion for too many religious folk who may believe in salvation but, never practice the sacrificial life required in their faith. Divine Principle and the strict moral & ethical code it presents is unbending and is quite unforgiving. It's a painful truth when digested to the bone. I pray for Mr. Kim, all others, including myself and fellows who know True Parents.

    2. I heard the same story before from Dae Mo Nim. I go to CP almost everyday since 2008.. this sound very familiar. You can't go wrong. He is asking his family to follow True Parents direction to liberate and bless 420 generations..

  2. Wow, even if it was not true, it is still a great reminder of our responsibilities.

    1. Not a testimony to like but certainly one to reflect on.

    2. Yes, if it is a true testimony from spw or not, it can remind us to be better, do better, repent and go forward. God is love after all.

    3. I'm sure many of us are in the same boat

    4. The Old Testament is full of stories of people doing evil simply because we need to know that God works even though we make mistakes and even in those mistakes we have hope.

  3. I get a strong feeling at CP about sin. It is so painful, so as soon as I do something wrong there, I have to repent. The atmosphere there is kind of like the spirit world to me.

    I don't doubt what you are saying, Yulian. Most of us have much work to do to grow our spirit and heart. We think that just because we believe in DP and know who True Parents are, and we got blessed, and made some conditions that we belong in spw right next to True Parents living in the KOH. I really don't think so.....

    Anyway, we are pioneers and thank God we do know True Parents and DP and we have the Blessing. We are a few steps ahead of the game, but have lots of work to do!

  4. I had a dream with my son in it. He was strong with huge muscles. On earth he was a skinny guy. I touched his arm and said: Derek, you are so handsome and strong!! He said: It is because I am fighting evil.

    A sister that is spiritually open gave me a reading and she discribed what my son and other BC's are doing in the spw. It was very interesting.

  5. Thanks Yulian. I believe you. I once had visions on heaven and hell in a dream. In the dream I was walking on road in a desolate land when the road split in a Y shape and I had to make a decision which way I go. Right at the at the center of the V there appeared a rock I went to it as I got to the rock, the rock moved and a stair case appeared. I went in and followed the stairs all the way down. Finally there appeared the sky. The next thing I find myself wrapped in a white cloth like cloud entity that was floating me down.. as this white entity floating me down a loose bad spirit suddenly cane across my way and as it saw me it gave a frightening scream, like human do when they encounter a ghost. This bad spirit self was terrified from the white entity that was wrapped around me. The white entity brought me all the way down till we reached the surface. Abd there where I was landed it looked a dark muddy looking environment where we came across a home with children beating each other with sticks and a mother who was trying to stop them fighting. The entity took me further abd there I saw terrifying things. The Mudd was darker and deeper. There was an animal tied to a tree abd everything looked horribly grey with no vegetation and no greens. I believe this is what hell looked like.

    Heaven vision
    In the dream I was walking by the side of a hill looked like a mountain. Something prompted me to go the this particular spot. As I got there e huge rock appeared and felt like a secret door and I was somehow ordered to push the rock so I did. The rock open a hull way, so I followed it and at the of the hull way there appeared a huge door, so I opened that door as well and as I opened it, I find myself floating totally naked in this multi color, rainbow color like, hands stretched straight with my head faced down and rest of my body straight and moving forward. As I got to the end, a round window appeared. I landed slowly like in slow motion abd stood on my feet and looked outside that window, and I saw the most beautiful lavish green garden I ever saw. It was like a new garden that human had dwelled in the greys was so green and trees were young and healthy and no human or animals. I guess I just had a glimpse of Heaven.

  6. Thank you all for these very meaningful and heartfelt postings


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