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True Father Visited me Spiritually

True Father Visited me Spiritually

"It was like the prayer was no longer coming out of my brain, but out of my inner self - directly from my heart."

By Rev. Y.UTS | Unification Family Therapy 

Here is my spiritual experience with Father and short overview on how science helps us make the spiritual essences understandable. I pray, that testimony will inspire you to live in love and above, spreading the Culture of Heart in your own surrounding.
"True love lets us feel even the energy by which our cells multiply. The world filled with God's love is like that.. it is a world of enchantment where al our cells are dancing and we feel as if we are flying on the couds on a bright spring day." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.263
We experience the world through our five senses. The eyes sense the rainbow spectrum - sense of sight  430 to 770 THz; We have the range of hearing - 20 to 20,000 Hz.; Touch, taste and smell - they all have a vibrational range of perception. Anything that is above or bellow this range, our physical mind does not consider to be data. But what if we calm down our Physical Mind and ascend beyond, to the five spiritual senses?
"The spirit world is a world of intuition where, within a week, you can surpass the knowledge of any intellectual.. By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related connections. Only through the heart of love will you understand..." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG
When in 2015 God asked me to allow him to open my spiritual senses for 100 days, I realized that same like in the spirit world, any information we request comes immediately. If we are not prepared, God will set on our way all the necessary experiences until we come to the point where we can understand.

It is very important to always pray and understand God's view on each matter, for the rational knowledge of our physical brain is so limited in seeing the spiritual perspective. That's why Swedenborg wrote:
"Without revelation from the Divine, we cannot know anything about eternal life or even about God, and even less about love for God and faith in God. . . . So there must of necessity be some revelation that makes it possible for us to know."  (New Jerusalem §249)


It was during the morning prayer. I felt tired and decided to lean my head comfortably, but concentrate on praying even stronger. Suddenly I realized that my body fell asleep but I was in a straight posture above it, still praying.

The next moment I realized that someone was sitting right in front of me. I lifted my head and saw Father in lotus position, just a meter in front. It was absolutely real. He was in a brown jacket, similar to the one he had at his visit in Russia.

I had no time to be further curious of external details since my attention was drawn to his words. The first thought came, "Why is he talking as if he is the sinful person like me." But then my whole being just started following the experience effected from his words. I could see and experience what he was saying, the very way he is experiencing it.

Father was explaining how from my low sinful state I can open my conscience, at the center of my heart and connect with God. It was overwhelming. It seemed so beautiful and natural. It felt like the most natural state. Like if I was always like that. There was some innate connection straight to God's heart and my inner self could naturally communicate with him, while my physical mind was only a silent listener.

Boom.. and the experience was over. I wake up, still feeling the overwhelming sensations, yet realizing that I cannot even explain physically what did Father just teach me. Back in my physical body, it didn't feel natural. My mind couldn't even make sense or find words for it.

I remember in this day I had difficult area in FR. But I said, "Father I will keep praying, non stop, until I open this channel with You." It was after an hour of steady, mentally painful and exhausting efforts, that the shift happened. I was in front of the door with some clients, when my heart opened and I began crying. It was like the prayer was no longer coming out of my brain, but out of my inner self - directly from my heart. I was just listening and could not stop the tears in my eyes. It was so fascinating, so beautiful.
"Then the spirit world will naturally teach in advance the wise ones concerned about the future of the world. They will understand through spiritual waves what will happen. Those who reach the highest position will see but one goal at the end." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG
Took years of more experiences, while I rationally realized the difference between my physical mind and my spiritual inner mind, connected to God. These were years of struggling to find means to calm down my brain and allow my spirit to lead me; a state when every answer comes instantly; a state when things happen with ease, like a magic and every prayer moves the physical world and brings actual results. I used that while working with STF, to show them how easy problems can be solved, results can be increased, the atmosphere can be changed, the obstacles removed. Once you understand the spiritual principles and have the connection to God, everything is possible.


We live in vibrational universe of love and the heart is the core of our essence as children of God. The spiritual is at the core of the physical reality. The physical reality is only it's external expression. So they are not really separated. We ascend and relate with God by going inside to the core of our heart and speed up to higher spiritual vibrations (faster then where the physical world vibrates). At that level everything is love.
"The air in the spirit world is love. Love is the essence of life. In that world, you do not just breathe through your nostrils but also through the top of your head and through all your cells."  Rev. Moon; CSG p.409
What I have experienced is, that in this state, the light is coming out of my center. The eternal, spiritual heart pulsates with constant vibes of vibrations coming out. When we think, in words or images, it vibrates and this goes through our structure and out into the world. When it reaches a sufficient amplitude to create the world around you, creating patterns of every emotion, every thought you have, because you are in absolute unity with God.
"Because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters." CSG, p. 54 
Every person has certain vibrational energy around himself (Aura). This energy reflects the combined informational field of all your cells (connected to your ancestors), Father explained. If we life tuned to God's Heart and Love, these vibrations are fused into the whole of our being. Thus, whatever we think, feel and acct is being recorded as a part of our self-made identity. And we should develop as a Divine beings totally immersed in God's love.
"Only when a person reaches perfection and is totally immersed in the love of God while on earth can he fully delight in the love of God as a spirit after his death." DP Creation p.49
Fear and love are just interpretation of the vibration, but everything is love in it's essence, just on different scale. See the chart of the Heart Resonance. When you become comfortable in these greater levels of energy, you can project your consciences out of your body and into the external world, which begins to respond to you. You begin to become an owner of the creation.


Having the connection to this core is a wonderful experience; We become a real owner of the creation and can actually make weather change in that state; change temperature, move clouds. We have a magnetic presence out here and in the external world. It's not just believe, it's energy that have impact on the physical world when you fuse your energy with your heart. As Rev. Moon says:
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness."  Rev. Moon On Spiritual Help
Science already understands the heart is 10 thousand times stronger magnetically then your brain. The source is there. Our connection with God starts from there. This is only one of my spiritual experiences with Father, where he was teaching me to connect to God. Read, OUR EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY TO GOD'S HEART

I always asked God, "God, I don't see any reason to be loved. I don't even love myself. Why do you keep doing these things for me?" But such things happened always when I had a sincere, heartistic discussion with Him. I could not but quickly realize, God is not only listening very carefully, but he can move the universe to show me he does.

Yes, it is an actual parent-child relationship, just as Rev. Moon explains it. And there is no higher evidence for the victory of the True Parents, then the way they are helping us to restore ourselves and leading us to build the World of Love and Peace.
"The new era is beginning in which the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is substantially spreading out before your very eyes, and when there is no longer the need to distinguish between the True Parents who work as the embodiment of God and the incorporeal God Himself." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 1.6.2009

I was never interested in spiritual experience and I didn't ever considered them giving me worth or growth... but they show me where I have to be and to what I have to strive. So they made me suffer and sacrifice more. And here is the best part, once our Spirit Mind matures and takes over, it's not interested at all in pride and arrogance, just in how to help others and liberate God.

When I look spiritually, everything we do and achieve is because there are millions of spirits helping us and it's all God's love. Being able to sense spiritually and know how the spirit world works, makes me feel even more sorrow. Thinking in my mind, "If only I could help them.. once they learn these principles they will be more successful". But so often I couldn't help, even though God was asking me desperately to interfere and prevent some people fall. He was telling me what will happen and when I did nothing it really happened as He told me. The pain was unbearable. The only thing you feel at the end is God's pain and the desire to liberate him.

You know that having good FR results out of team is more difficult, because the atmosphere is not that high. But if your heart is right, God will move the universe to make you have results. Spirits will do anything for you if you're really investing and resurrecting them. OF COURSE, FAILED PEOPLE CAN ONLY TEACH YOU FAILURE and EXUSESS: But members who really grew through FR, are vary capable in Business later on and thus free to use it for a greater purpose; THAT'S TRUE LOVE - THAT'S FATHER'S MODEL
"If you have such a heart of love, when you determine, “I must accomplish this,” God will already be supporting you even before you ask, “Heavenly Father, please be with me.” Feeling His support, you will say, “Tank you, God!”" CSG, p. 54
How do I help members have better FR results? I simply tell them how the Principle works? Not in theory, but in practice. Of course, that requires personal experiences and success. But who gave it to me? God! Jesus said in a spiritual message that we need 20 to 30 spiritual experiences a month so that we can grow properly and fast enough. But he lamented, that even when they prepare everything we are not interested. So our attitude is the problem. How to teach that to the young members?

At the most part it is enough to just correct few of their wrong concepts; for example: "results don't matter" is excuse philosophy. They are all that matters - they show your character and how much God approved the way you do things. They are your offering to God. So results matter. We strive to become good children of our Heavenly Parent, who bring good results. If you think, "If I succeed I'll be arrogant", that's also a wrong concept. Showing you think of yourself, not of building God's Kingdom. My spirit thinks, "How can I ever rest if God's ideal is still not achieved? Please God, teach me to have even higher results so I can liberate your heart." So it's mostly about experiencing and teaching God's Heart. All we need to know and connect to is God's heart. 

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