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Nelson Mandela: Message from the Spirit World

Nelson Mandela
Message from the Spirit World

Presentation of Pastor Betty Tatalski, founder of the Temple of Versatility in the the Program, Step Beyond Time.

Nelson Mandela appeared to a spiritualist after his death. He said Rev. Moon was the first person who welcomed him in the spirit world. This happened on Friday evening, the day before Nelson Mandela was buried. One of the best spiritualists in the United States was visited by the spirit of Nelson Mandela. He had a sense of humor, she said.

Mandela told the spiritualist, "The first person who came to meet me in the spiritual world was the Reverend Moon." Then he explains how he led him to God directly. "We have been friends with Dr. Sun Myung Moon for so long," Mandela exclaimed, "we have so many things in common, and we were both in jail for trying to help people." Dr. Moon made incredible efforts for peace and inter-religious reconciliation.

"Many humanitarians and moral leaders here in the spiritual world are working with Rev. Moon", Mandela explained and began to list; "Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and many UN leaders who are already in the spiritual world. Many more are coming and joining every day." Mandela speaks of a number of historical figures who now support Reverend Moon's efforts for world peace continuing in the spiritual world.

"President Lincoln leads the group of US Presidents. 2014 is the year of the Spirit," he explained. Multiply 2014 and it makes 7 - the number of the spirit. In that year Rev. Moon is mobilizing all the good spirit world to prepare to descend and work with on the earth from 2015, for bringing God's Ideal as soon as possible. "This will be an opportunity for the people on earth to work in unity with us, who are on the other side. For me it is a blessing to work With this great man, Dr. Moon, who has lived his life for others," ends Mandela's message.

The message was made through the renown Christine Fadeset, Paul Reddy is the spiritualist. Nelson Mandela died on December 5 at the age of 95. Mandela spends 27 years in prison. Since its release in 1990, Nelson Mandela has been negotiating with the government, leading to the establishment of multiracial democracy in the country in 1994. As President, Mandela emphasizes the nation's reconciliation and pursues a policy of combating poverty and inequality in the country.

More than just a religious leader, Moon founded and supported dozens of organizations to advance international understanding and build lasting peace in the world. He is one of the key figures in bringing the end of the totalitarian communism in a peaceful way. Even Nostradamus prophesied about Moon as the Peacemaker of our time.

Message from Jesus about Rev. Moon
Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha - striking similarity to Rev. Moon
Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart

Master Sun Myung Moon is the Ambassador of Heaven, sent with revelation to all the mankind in the present age. To spread this new revelation, Teacher Moon gives thousands of speeches throughout his life. He speaks to the leaders of religions, scholars and politicians. It goes beyond the barriers of religion, race, and nationality. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

His words have touched and changed the lives of millions. They cause an inner, spiritual revolution; Revolution of Conscience, Revolution of Heart and Revolution of Love and have the power to change the whole world. Through it, God reveals to us that family is the building block of society where love develops, and that the whole world must unite as a universal family centered on God as our Parent. Read, The Blessing Overcomes Historic Boundaries

2014 True Father (Rev. Moon) was preparing the spirit world for working with the earth... In 2015 (3rd anniversary of CIG) it started. Something like mass Resurrection and mass education. Much of the chaos and turbulence on earth is because of that, but spirit world has to be restored quickly, so that the bright, peaceful future will be settled forever.

Building peace among nations

From the twentieth century, worldwide consciousness that international cooperation and a global approach were essential to creating world peace have steadily increased, resulting in the formation of bodies such as the League of Nations after World War I, and the United Nations after World War II. Feeling that a stronger focus was needed on solutions to the moral and spiritual problems underlying the obstacles to world peace, Rev. Moon has created several vehicles toward world peace, the most recent of which is the Universal Peace Federation. 

Universal Peace Federation (UPF), inaugurated September 12, 2005, is dedicated to bringing about world peace through inter-religious cooperation, harnessing the power of government and non-government organizations, and providing the spiritual, educational and moral foundations effectively to address the world's problems. One of the most central projects of UPF is Ambassadors for Peace, made up of leaders at all levels of society committed to the establishment of an ideal world to grow from the establishment of God-centered families. UPF has been described and given the mission from Reverend Moon to function as the "Abel United Nations." (Drawn from the Biblical record of Cain and Abel, which is central in Unification teachings on "restoration.") 

Women's Federation for World Peace, founded 1992, is a women's movement with three goals: True families, a sound moral society, and world peace based on women's spirit of true love. WFWP sponsors sistership ceremonies connecting women from different countries, and service projects in branches all around the world. 

Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, founded in 2004, seeks to bring together people from all corners of the world who share common origins in the Mongolian steppes of Asia, to share common values and ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values.

Rev. Moon with Mikhael and Raisa Gorbachev, 1994
Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, inaugurated in 1991 to become the umbrella organization for the vast world of inter-religious activity undertaken by Reverend Moon from the earliest moments of his public ministry. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace extended its outreach through a great many organizations built around unique concepts and constituencies. Religious Youth Service, and religious sports activity for young people, New Ecumenical Research Association for religious scholars, Council for the World's Religions for religious leaders and religious professionals, and others. 

Federation for World Peace, inaugurated 1991, was the precursor to the Inter-Religious International Federation for World Peace. Following Rev. Moon's first meeting with President Mikhail Gorbachov and Raisa Gorbachov in Moscow in 1990, the Federation for World Peace was inaugurated to bring together society leaders, including current and former heads of state, to discuss solutions for world problems and routes to peace. The inaugural meeting in August 1991, was attended by twenty five current and former heads of state, along with 1000 representatives of governments, non-governmental organizations and grassroots organizations from more than seventy nations. 

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, founded 1996, works for the moral regeneration of the family, encouraging people to actively invest in activities to strengthen their families, including participation the Blessing. 

Summit Council for World Peace, from 1987, was the precursor to the Federation for World Peace, a forum for former heads of state, sitting heads of government, and other outstanding international figures. 

International Federation for Victory Over Communism was founded in 1968, after Rev. Moon systematically developed his ideological critique and counterproposal to communism in the 1960s. IFVOC conducted educational programs and rallies in Korea, Japan, and around the world in the 1970s and 1980s. As early as 1972, Rev. Moon declared that communism would begin to decline around 1977, and would be "thoroughly discredited" ten years later. In 1984, he called for a conference to be titled "The End of Communism." The idea was nearly unbelievable at the time, but within five years, the Berlin Wall came down, and communism began its decline. At that point, Reverend Moon articulated his position as "Headwing," combining the left and right wings. Rev. Moon had personal meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev (1990) and Kim Il Sung (1991), advocating that they open their countries to all religions and to the world market.

World Peace Center in Pyongyang, inaugurated 2007
CAUSA was founded in 1980, as part of a multi-faceted effort to combat communism. Working primarily in Central and South America, CAUSA conducted conferences, educational programs, and social service projects during the 1980s designed to strengthen the social fabric to better resist communist influences. In North America and Europe, CAUSA held International Security Council conferences to expose the threats of the Soviet Union and its allies during the cold war period. In the U.S., American Leadership Conferences were held to educate state legislators, mayors, and city councilmen affirming the existence of God and rejecting atheistic communism. 

The International Highway Project was first proposed in 1981. The project envisions a highway that will link the countries of all corners of the world, and includes a tunnel to connect Japan with the Asian continent through Korea, and the Bering Strait Tunnel, connecting Asia with North America.
Federations of Island, Peninsular and Continental Nations for World Peace are sister organizations that seek to strengthen the natural bonds among nations sharing common geographical configurations and challenges. 

Citizen's Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland was founded in 1987, to work for the reunification of North and South Korea.

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