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The Power of Thinking: Anti-stress Therapy

The Silva Method power of the mind The Silva Mind Method mental visualization methods

Avoid Negative Thinking

The power of thinking: Anti-stress therapy
By YuliUTS | Unification Family Therapy

Different people react differently to the challenges in life. It's amazing how some people even subjected to extreme stress can be relaxed, happy and satisfied, while others, even in the absence of stressors are filled with anxiety, stress and depression.

It turns out that stress depends on mechanisms within us, more than from outside. That difference in our mindset was determined very early in our lives. Positive or negative thought patterns where copied from our parents. Words and attitudes which parents exhibited in life; the attitude, the response to different situations, all this got absorbed in the childhood and formed largely our character, personality and worldview.

It turns out that stress depends on mechanisms within us, more than from outside.

First you must understand that our thinking is a very powerful force. Our daily thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. Our attitude to the world, every choice we make, our character, personality - all this is a product of our thinking. Our thoughts create different ideas and cause different feelings and emotions; different resonance of heart.

The ideas, that we keep in our minds, have visible impact on our health. Our mind can make us ill, but may also heal us. Positive visualizations bring desirable outcome, negative images in our minds lead to negative consequences. This is revealed by Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Method of visualisation, now popular worldwide.

Complaint as a Habit

Do you catch yourself often complaining and criticizing things and people around you? Those who complain about almost everything, will always find a reason to do it, because subconsciously, it's the way they are accustomed. In fact it is the way they look for love and intimacy. They create friendship when sharing their bad feelings with others.

Marriage is the recipe for a healthy life
Free Your Spiritual Mind
How one learns this vicious habit - to complain or criticize? Quite simply, when parents had personal problems they shared their worries and emotions. They did it in very intimate moments. There was special heartistic bound formed.

Let say the mother united with her child in search of understanding and sympathy for her own problems. This gradually becomes the main scenario in which this child will search love and intimacy the rest of it's life. It will be done by finding a common base to cooperate in gossip against others.

Yes, that's why gossiping is so much spread and so influential. In these moments they will feel fulfilled and useful. This very behavior destroys their own spirit and their relationships with others.

This negativity leads them only into deeper and deeper pessimism, depression, fear, intrigues, worries or resentments. This psychological deviation is observed with drug addicts and those with tendency to suicide. It's all about the false love with which we were nurtured and which distorted our hearts.

We feel as we think

We feel as we think. Therefore, do not think negatively. Our biggest enemy are we ourselves. One of the greatest psychologists of our time said: 

"You thoughts are real and in fact they are the only source of your feelings. We can say that your thoughts are your feelings ... The reason why at some point you feel angry, but in another not, is because you replaced those thoughts with others. The new thoughts are the cause of these feelings." Elis

In other words, if you think you are pathetic, you will feel sad, but if you think about things you like about someone, you feel love for him, etc. Those who constantly focus and think about things that are wrong about, will always feel disgusted, disappointed, angry, offended, etc. and those that focus on good and permanent opportunities around them, will be met with very bright and pleasant feelings.

Over the years these thoughts and feelings will be expressed on our view on the overall quality of our lives. You will become what you yourself have created.

Internal sentences - be positive

Why sometimes we are nervous? As we continue to rotate in mind a particular type of sentences and thoughts, we gradually become filled with anxiety. "Oh, I will make mistake ...", " I will not succeed ...", "I will fail ..." Of course, if these things happen it will be bad, but in fact, precisely because we continue to repeat such catastrophic sentences, we almost immediately started to feel the nervousness and anxiety.

Human emotions and feelings not just magically spring from nowhere. They do not appear mysteriously from our unconscious needs and physical desires. Rather, they almost always stem directly from the ideas, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Top priorities in life

There are three main goals in life: (1) to develop the character and heart, (2) to build a loving family full of true love, and (3) to develop creative and technical skills to dominate nature with love. This is fundamental lesson that we learn from the Unification philosophy.

Joy is the purpose of our lives, but joy comes in the relationships... with accomplishments and overcoming... Use your energy to manifest True Love, and let that be the priority in your life ...

"True love is when we give without expecting to receive. In the process of our creation God invested 100% of everything he owned. He invested all of himself because he wants the object of His love to be better then Him. Living for the sake of others means to give 100% of ourselves until there is nothing that we could give. Only then the love of God will fill the gap." Sun Myung Moon
What ultimately matters is not our knowledge but the sincerity of our hearts in loving God and the people ... We learn most when investing our hearts in people, fully and unconditionally ...

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The Silva Method power of the mind The Silva Mind Method mental visualization methods


  1. Recently I’ve read the book “Anger” by the famous Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. After reading his book, I better understood the son of rev. Moon, who become a Buddhist before realizing that his parents are actually have an important messianic role. In his book Thich Nhat Hanh explains, that our ability to love ourselves and experience positive thoughts is very important. It is actually more important than love others, since we are others are part of one. And if we cannot establish mind-body unity, with our own body and love ourselves we will not be able to love others. In the same way we have to embrace our anger as our child. It is neither good nor bad. He is saying that we need garbage to make compost. Without it we cannot have nourishment to produce flowers. It is all in our head. It is neither good nor bad. We have to change our thinking to transform the negative energy of anger and other negativity into a positive, productive force.

  2. Peace Loving Global Citizen
    Here you can find more information about Rev. Moon and his work to unify religions.

    Fundamentally, to be angry is to suffer. Anger is a handbook not only for transforming anger but for living each moment beautifully. And truly Rev. Moon is the master of that, being the most persecuted religious leader in our recent history, yet being able to transform anger into love, even in the hearts of his enemies.

    Comparison between Thich Nhat Hanh and Rev. Sun Myung Moon

    Why Buddhism and no other religion could bring that revolution of heart for thousands of years. Even if we read Thich Nhat Hanh we can distinguish some http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giffundamental gaps in understanding. Most religious teachings told us to be concerned about ourselves, love ourselves first; yet, this is absolute reversal of the universal principles. We exist for others and our value and happiness depend on how much we can live for others, as Rev. Moon teaches.

    Rev. Moon revealed with his life and teachings one more secret to peace. Never count how much you have invested for others, just "give, forget that you have given and give again." This principle is the key to unconditionhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifal love and happiness.

    If you count how much you have given, your heart is never free to experience happines even if others return to you, since you already presume they are obligated. But when we "give and forget", our heart is free to experience the utmost happines even from the small return.

    This principle is obvious if we observe the relationship of a mother and a small baby. The mother can toil day and night tirelessly, yet the simple smile of her child will make her feel enormous joy.

    If you never failed you never lived - purpose of life

  4. This is a great post, I liked your blog and added your feed.

    Laws of thinking

  5. Wonderful! I have to print it and read it all over again....

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